My New Life with Eric


By Greetz

I really loved how my boy was taking shape. I couldn't believe my luck when I met him in the train about a year ago now. He used to be quite a nice intelligent and ambitious guy. Now all he wanted was to please me. In fact that was about all he could. I had dumbed him down so much he sometimes seemed like an eight year old. His writing was horrible, one spelling mistake after another and I had made sure he could not count beyond twelve. I thought it would be a nice touch to make it twelve instead of ten. That way he could keep track of his reps in the gym.

The collection of photos I have of him are fantastic! I commissioned a professional photographer to take regular pictures of him. Posed pictures and pictures of him in 'the wild' so to say. I had taken up the idea to have them published in a nice limited edition book. I figured they would fetch a good price on some of the ultra fetish sites on the net. The first picture was boy in the first week I took over his life, boy was still a man at that time. I had boy photographed in boy's suit and tie. Boy looked like a real cool business dude. Young, powerful and ambitious. As my conditioning was taking over his consciousness and later still parts of his unconsciousness, boy really started to LOOK dumber too. I just loved the detail shots of his tattooed biceps and shoulders, the detail shots of his plucked and pierced eyebrows and of course the ultra horny pictures of him looking like the ultimate dumb bodybuilder sticking out his pierced tongue while offering his PA-ed dick to the camera. It was almost impossible to think they were the same person if you hadn't seen all the other stages in between. My muscle boy sure turned out the way I wanted him to!

The pictures of him in the wild were exciting too, but also a bit depressing. They were shots of him hanging around in malls, parking lots, bored senseless. Pictures of him on the building site I had him enrol as a labourer. All he was capable of was carrying stuff and getting loads of sand and stuff in a wheelbarrow from point a to b. He looked hot in his torn workman's pants, steel nosed boots and filthy torn (formerly) white t-shirt that showed off his tattoos on the spots it was soaked with his sweat. The pictures of him cruising for customers when I had him into the playing field believing, or rather knowing, he was a male prostitute who sucked cock for next to nothing. Those were the more depressing pictures. I really didn't like my boy go through that kind of stuff too much. His expression on those pictures was more morose than dumb. In all of the pictures though, he had a cigarette dangling from his lips. Those lips were a different story altogether. I had his lips enhanced with the latest kind of silicone. They were much fuller now and perpetually inviting to any cock.

At one point I had given him the post hypnotic suggestion that whenever he would see himself in the mirror he'd see himself though his own eyes, he'd be able to return to his old self. I had set up a small room with mirrored walls in the apartment next to mine (I'll get to that a bit later) and had a few video cameras shoot the scene that occurred when I send boy into that room. You could see the shock and horror on his face. He tried to remove his piercings and even tried to remove his tattoos with a wet finger. It was so fascinating how his initial shock and horror turned into unlimited fascination. It was obvious he loved the way he looked. He flexed all his muscles and looked at himself from every angle he possibly could. And sure enough he started playing with his dick. I'm sure it was larger that he remembered as I had instructed boy to apply a pumping device every other day. Applying more vacuum suction to his dick every week. Though an extremely slow process his dick had gotten a bit larger and thicker in the end.

He played with is dick like a madman fascinated by his own image like Narcissus on steroids. He was insatiable. My biggest surprise came when he started licking his own cum off the mirrors every time his dick had exploded. I really don't know where that came from, perhaps it was a post hypnotic suggestion that lingered in his brain somewhere and had miraculously surfaced during his moments of ultimate ecstasy. I decided to let boy relive that love for his looks in his every day life. He sure was aware of his great looks, but in a charming shy way

After about half a year into his new life I decided to move boy in with me permanently. Not in my apartment of course but in the smaller apartment next to me. I was able to buy it of the woman who used to live there when her husband died and she wanted to move to the country. The mirrored room is now boy's private gym. His gains have so much improved since he works out at the private gym. Though he still has to go to the other gym once a week if only to suffer the humiliation he gets from the guys who work out there. There is also a typical boys room, an eight year old's room that is. With toys, nice childish bedcovers on the bunk beds and silly posters on the walls (jean-claude van damme, T2, Honda's, etc.). This is where he takes his friends.

The other rooms in boy's apartment are the typical rooms for a slave boy. Just concrete nothing much else. He sleeps in his cage and shits in a 'hole in the floor'. Whenever he's in his slave rooms or when he's scared or very nervous in public he pisses his pants forgetting to go to the little boys room. This provides him with an endless supply of humiliating moments, especially as he drinks at least three litres of water a day. When he's in his boy's room, working out, in my apartment or under special instruction, he will remember to go to the little boys room.. As there were some times when I'd let him remember his former self he felt really bad about the situation and about me having done all that to him. So I decided to let him simply forget about his former self permanently. As far as he would ever know, now and in the future, he has always been a dumb fuck boy with a obsession for gaining lean muscle mass. The only jobs he's ever had were jobs for uneducated thugs at building sites, garbage processing plants and the like.

That is before I 'rescued' him from that life. He's now my personal muscle slave, he does everything and anything I ask of him. Always smiling and always thankful for being allowed to please me. During the day, when I'm out, he does all the house duties wearing only his leather harness. I really wonder what the postman thinks every time he has to deliver a package and sees this muscle stud wearing nothing but a few leather bands open the door and sign for the package. I sometimes have private parties where unlimited sex is the goal. I always have a nice role for boy, he's always the centrepiece of the room. Sometimes I have him dressed up in ridiculous clothes, sometimes a perfect naked Greek statue and other times I have him work out. At one point in the evening he will always present himself to everyone who doesn't seem to be interested in him. Of course everybody simply wants to fuck muscle boy but if you pretend you're absolutely not interested boy will beg you to have your dick in inside him, sometimes even two.

I do have to admit that I have had a lot of fun with my dumb muscle boy. But of course everything has to end. I had to travel again to take care of family business around the world. Not that my relatives suddenly approved of me but they needed my expertise to get some international deals done. So I had to start travelling around the world and basically live in hotels and out of suitcases. I wasn't really looking forward to it but I knew it would provide me with loads of new opportunities. I thought it might be a fun idea to have boy travel with me as my bodyguard looking all mean, tough and professional during the day and return to his muscular slut boy self during the night or on command. It would have been fun, but just not very practical.

I had to make a decision for boy, I could make him forget all about me and leave him to his own, very diminished, devices but that would be too cruel even for me, he could get his old personality back and keep the body, that would be okay I guess, but in the end I decided that he would remember me as the person who saved him from the homeless life in the gutter he was leading as a man whore, the person who inspired him to start working out and was to thank for his fantastic physique, the one who introduced him to that erotic gay porn flic studio in Berlin where he is now one of the dumbest but also most popular star in their muscle worship/s&m series. That way I could still enjoy him every now and then, just make sure to be visiting his shooting location a few times a year, he'd have a pleasant memory of me and he'd be happy about his new life and of course I would get a nice percentage of every film he is in as I sort of 'licensed' him to that studio.

I did visit boy on location several times, every time he was so delirious about seeing me again. I was pleased to see that he had made some friends in the industry. He loved to show me the clandestine videos he and his colleagues shot at some after work sex parties. He was going to get his own muscle worship video, he was really moving up and I was getting more money from the studio than I had anticipated. Boy never knew of course and why should he. He was happy as long as he could work out, get fucked senseless and be treated like the eight year old he really was. Every time we said goodbye I blew some cigar smoke in his face which always made him come immediately.

I do miss him sometimes but I'm sure I'll find another subject for some new experiments. •

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