Transformation of Kyle, The

The Morning After


By Ikaika

Kyle woke up Saturday morning, and felt dampness on the bed. His underwear was filled with sticky, milky white cum, as he had ejaculated to many wet dreams in the night.

Wow! he thought, That must have been a pretty wild dream last night.

He tried to recall what he was dreaming of, but try as he might, he could not remember anything. What he could remember, however, brought a wide grin to his face. Brock. A studly, model was interested in him. He was actually interested in him! AND, they were going out, together, again! He didn't know what he did to deserve Brock in his life, but he welcomed it just the same.

Kyle pulled off the sheets from the bed, and walked to the bathroom. As he relieved himself, his hands felt the bush of hair in the pubic region. Wouldn't it be nice to have smooth skin there for a change? he thought. Actually, wouldn't it be nice to have a smooth body? He asked himself as his penis began to stir.

Kyle's piss slowed to a tinkle, and he absent-mindedly grabbed his razor before jumping into the shower. The stream of water coming from the showerhead invigorated Kyle. He began to lather himself up. When he his body was all nice and soapy, he turned off the water and began to shave off his body hair.

Kyle started at his chest. He moaned as the cold razor grazed the skin. His nipples poked out as he slowly, and carefully ran the blade around them. Wouldn't they look good pierced? he thought to himself as he tightly pinched his right nipple. He moaned in sheer ecstasy as the razor glided down each ripple, each curve, each deep ridge of his well developed abdominal and trunk.

Next, Kyle ran the blade up, down and around the bulges of his biceps. The feeling of the razor moving down his arms sent shivers up and down Kyle's spine. After taking care to shave off all the knuckles, Kyle moved to his underarms and legs.

Kyle led the metal edge along his toned calves, and up and around his thighs. It will feel so good to have a shaved body, Kyle thought to himself as he finished shaving his legs. He made sure to eradicate the hair on his butt and around the butt crack. Luckily for Kyle, he didn't have any back hair. Now it was time to shave his balls and cock. Kyle forcefully pulled on his ball sack, and gently ran the razor over the offending hair. (This was a considerable task, not only for the large size of Kyle's ball sack, but also because of Kyle's sizable erection that kept getting in the way.) This caused his already engorged cock to strain in size, looking almost purple.

At last, Kyle got to the bush of hair over the penis. Kyle let out an animalistic grunt as he slid the cold steel blade over his nether region. As the last of the hair disappeared, an image of Brock came into his mind, and ribbons of semen erupted from Kyle's dick--more than ever before--spraying his chest and abs with the milky white substance. Kyle rubbed the cum all over his newly shaven body, and licked his fingers clean. He remained there, lying in the tub, completely exhausted.


Some time after Kyle had passed out in the bathtub, he rose and stepped out onto the tiled bathroom floor. He toweled off and discarded the used towel on to the floor. He walked back into his room, naked, and received a small but pleasant surprise--There was a stranger in his bedroom, as naked as he was, staring back at Kyle. Kyle's hands immediately covered his private parts and the stranger mimicked his actions.

"What are you doing here?" Kyle asked, as the stranger mouthed the same words. That's strange, Kyle thought, he mouthed the words, but I didn't hear him say anything. Kyle approached the stranger and as he drew near, he realized that this was no stranger, but his mirror image reflected on his mirrored closet doors.

But I don't... It's not possible... That's not... Kyle thought to himself.

It was as if Kyle was looking at himself for the first time. Kyle had never noticed how handsome he was in that boy-next-door kind of way. He recognized his boyish face, not as the plain, if not ugly mug that he had always seen, but as the charming face it truly was. For once in his life, Kyle realized that the face in the mirror, with its enchanting green eyes; high, strong cheekbones; and dimpled chin was, in fact, his own. Kyle smirked and saw the dimples around his mouth were cute and added to his boyish charm. He frowned, and the mirror showed a face that could melt even the coldest heart. He winked with a slight smile, and saw an expression that no one could deny was one that could send any guy, straight or gay, into a sexual frenzy.

Kyle flexed his biceps in the mirror and realized that he was the proud owner of a wonderful, smooth, defined body. He explored his torso, feeling his pectoral muscles, tweaking his nipples unconsciously. He once again thought about getting them pierced. He ran his fingers down his abdominals, taking in the feeling of each ridge, each ripple on his abdomen.

Kyle gazed down at his legs and saw toned elegance. He looked at his calves, and while they were not completely diamond-shaped, he reveled in the power of the deep crevice that defined the calf muscle. He journeyed upward, feeling the muscles in his thighs. He turned around and noticed that he had a perky bubble butt that could only be accentuated, never hidden, in a pair of jeans. He turned around once more and stared at his ball sack and dick. He was fully erect and at 8 inches +, discovered that it wasn't the small, tiny prick he had thought it was. It was a thick and veiny missile that could cause some major damage as he plowed some dude's ass.

Whoa, thought Kyle, Where did that thought come from? I've never been a top in all my life.

But you've always wanted to be one, haven't you? asked another voice. It was a deeper, darker voice that instantly made Kyle's spine (amongst other things) tingle.

No, I haven't, Kyle thought.

Yes you have, the voice replied, and if you need any more proof, it seems your dick is straining to tell you something else.

But... But... Kyle's thoughts rambled. But the voice within remained silent.

The voice had one thing right though--Kyle was extremely horny. Images of Brock once again began to dance in Kyle's head as he masturbated. Thoughts of Brock, nipple piercings and smooth men flowed through Kyle's head as torrents of cum once again erupted from his love tool.

In the back of Kyle's mind, however, a dark figure in a leather jacket laughed a cold, hollow laugh. •

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