Transformation of Kyle, The

The Transformation Begins


By Ikaika

Author's Note: I do apologize in advance if I have described the process of getting tattooed and pierced incorrectly. I have tried to research the process, but unfortunately, never being pierced or tattooed myself, I do not know if I have accurately described tattooing and piercing. If I have, I'm sorry and will fix it in future postings, should Kyle decide to get other tattoos. Thank you for your patience!

Kyle loved the attention he was getting on the street. The double takes, prolonged glances and even pick-ups were something that he reveled in. He had decided to show off his body rather than hide it (as he normally did), so he wore a pristine wife beater, taunt against his body, showing off his physique. The tight black jeans he wore fit snugly against his ass, proudly displaying his lower body's assets. He took out a pack of cigarettes, just purchased from a corner drug store, extracted one from the red and white box, lit it, and slowly took a drag. He exhaled expertly, blowing smoke out in one continuous stream from the left corner of his mouth.

He continued down the sidewalk, the cigarette dangling from the right corner of his mouth, still receiving longing stares from people who passed him. As he passed by a gym, he paused, and looked inside. The gym was mostly empty but there were a few men inside. Men doing curls, their biceps popping out of their arms. Men benching, their gorgeous pectoral muscles bulging under the straining weight. The men in the gym were total gym bunnies. They were a sight to behold. Their muscular bodies glistened with sweat. Their paper-thin skin showed off not only their generous musculature, but also showed off their remarkable vascularity. Kyle thought of Brock, and a sudden longing over came him. I want to be like them, Kyle thought. I want their bodies. I want to be a complete muscle boy. Kyle extinguished his cigarette and flicked it onto the street. He entered the gym and signed up for a membership. Then he shed his wife beater in the locker room and had the first (of many to come) workout of his new life.


It was an invigorating work out, and Kyle was having an endorphin rush with the pump he was now feeling. Kyle pushed his body to the limits as he ran four miles on a treadmill and worked out various parts of the body using free weights. He even got some tips (and a phone number) from one of the gym's trainers. Kyle walked out of the shower, and toweled off using a towel he had borrowed from the gym's front desk. He stopped in front of his locker, and hesitated to put on his wife beater. Let's put this body on display, he thought.

Kyle exited the gym, sans his undershirt, and received another phone number (this time from the girl at the front desk he had borrowed the towel from), as he walked out into the street. He strutted down the sidewalk, proudly showing off his assets (and I don't just mean the ones above the waist), and let his feet take him where they wanted to go.


Kyle's feet abruptly stopped moving. He looked around to see where his feet had taken him. It wasn't the safest part of town, he knew that much, but from past experiences, he also knew that it was gay-friendly. He looked up at the faded, dilapidated sign that loomed overhead. Painful Pleasure Piercing and Tattoo Studio the sign read. Kyle only paused a moment, before he entered.

In his past life, the life he had lead before Brock, he would never have dared enter a place like this one. But that was the past, this was now, and Kyle was living in the moment. The walls were covered from ceiling to floor with flash. Various pictures showed the tattoo artist's and piercer's work. One particular picture intrigued Kyle the most. It showed a well-developed torso, with both nipples pierced with very thick rings, and a Chinese character tattooed on the right of the chest. That voice in the back of Kyle's head spoke, "You want that."

"I want that," Kyle echoed. And he knew it. He really wanted that done to him, exactly as it was done in the picture.

"A fine choice," said the tall Asian man Kyle hadn't noticed before. "That, my friend," he continued, "is the Chinese character for strength. I think that it, along with the piercings would suit you just fine."

"I'm... I Mean..." Kyle started to mumble. Deep from somewhere within Kyle psyche, however, something took control and said, "I'll take it." The voice that escaped was defiantly his, but it was darker, deeper, and little harsher and gravely.

"And may I say," the Asian man said, "it will be a fine compliment to your body."

The Asian man, who's name Kyle later learned was Darren, led Kyle to a pristine back room. Had Kyle not know that this was a piercing/tattoo studio, he would have sworn that he was in a hospital operating room. Darren took Kyle to a chair that looked remarkably like it had once been in a dentist's office. Kyle lay back as Darren went to prepare the implements he would need.

The outline of the kanji (Chinese character) was laid out on Kyle's chest. Darren picked up his instrument and warned Kyle that it might sting. Kyle was about to tell Darren to stop, he didn't want to go through with this, but the voice in the back of his head came out of his mouth once again and said, "Do your worst."

A sharp pain permeated Kyle's body as the needle touched his skin. The pain quickly faded, and Kyle began to enjoy the stabbing/stinging sensation that his chest was feeling. A small groan escaped Kyle's throat. Darren had heard that groan a hundred times before. It was the groan that his studio was named after. It was the groan of one experiencing Painful Pleasure.

Darren paused midway through to check up on Kyle. He admired the raw sexuality that his kid emulated. It was like some sort of sexual aura. As he looked downward, Darren noticed Kyle's cock was hard, and he chuckled to himself, Looks like someone is really enjoying himself. Darren finished up Kyle's tattoo, and pulled the dentist's chair upright.

"Done?" Kyle asked.

"Done," Darren said, "But you don't get to see it until it's ALL done."

"Ok," Kyle replied.

Darren went over to a side table to get his piercing equipment ready. He returned with something that looked like a clamp, two 12 g rings and some swabs sitting next to a container of antibacterial liquid. Darren took his time, inserting the swab into the dark liquid, making sure that it was completely coated. He then placed the swab on Kyle's left nipple. Kyle shivered as he felt the cold, moist cotton ball against his skin. I can't believe I'm doing this, Kyle thought.

"Believe it kid," the dark voice said. "Believe it, and enjoy it. There are only a few things more sensual than getting your nipples pierced. It's so erooooooo"

The voice was drowned out as Kyle cried in complete rapture. While Kyle had been involved in conversation with himself, he felt the sharp pain entering through his skin, through his nipple, and out the other side. The sensations going through Kyle's head were too enumerable to describe. It was as if something was pinching and squeezing the nipple at the same time. At the same time, it felt as if his whole body was tingling. Lastly, and the most prevalent of all the other feelings, was the primal, sexual feeling. It was like having an orgasm in his nipple. Kyle let out a purely animalistic, carnal cry.

"Easy Kyle," Darren said.

"Is it always like that?" Kyle asked, his heart racing, blood pounding, hands and forehead sweating.


"Oh my fucking God! Hurry up! Let's do that again!" Kyle said like a little kid.

Darren took his time on the second piercing. Seeing the type of reaction Kyle had made him smile inwardly. It brought back happy memories of days gone by. The last one had been to test out Kyle's style, and he had great style. Now, Darren was going to give Kyle the agonizing ecstasy that he so desperately wanted.

Once again, Kyle shook with anticipation as Darren cleaned the right nipple. Darren worked that nipple, teasing Kyle around the areola. Darren then took the clamp, unscrewed the ball, and very slowly pierced Kyle's right nipple. Darren felt Kyle tense up as the needle entered Kyle. He heard the soft moans that resonated from deep within Kyle's throat. The right side was hurting a lot more than the left side, but Kyle was taking pleasure in the excruciating agony that was concentrated in his nipple. Darren could hear Kyle struggling with the pain, but he could feel Kyle's cock straining his jeans, and knew that Kyle was enjoying this. Millimeter by millimeter, Darren pushed the nipple ring in. Kyle was still gripping onto the armrests, veins standing out on his forearms from the tension that he was using. "Oh God! Oh God!" Kyle exclaimed. Darren finally, in one last rapid motion, drove the piercing through the nipple. "Oh Brock!" Kyle cried out as he felt a small amount of moisture develop in the crotch of his jeans. Darren unsuccessfully tried to hide his amusement in the whole situation.

As Kyle stood up, Darren looked at his completed work in awe. He knew that there were people who didn't match their body modifications. He knew that on some, piercings and tattoos were just accessories that for lack of a better term, were just there on a person--just a decoration on a body. He knew that on some, they did nothing to augment a person's appearance. Kyle was not amongst these people. Kyle's body, his persona, his jene sais quois just oozed male sexuality. It evoked that male prowess--a certain animal magnetism that could not be denied. Although Kyle's body was definitely enhanced by the new body mods, it was more like a piece of the picture had been completed. The new features added to Kyle's very maleness.

Kyle lighted a cigarette as he noticed Darren's lingering view. He smiled inwardly at the effect he was having on Darren. "So, what's the verdict?" Kyle asked, the expression on his face showing one of both amusement and row sexual prowess.

"I think," Darren replied,"...I think that it's remarkable... absolutely remarkable. And, I think that I need a few pictures. Do you mind?"


Forty-five minutes later, Kyle was in front of his mirrored closet doors, admiring his new tat and nipple rings. Darren had ended taking half a roll of pictures, and giving Kyle a substantial discount, and an offer for anything else that he wanted in the future--a belly button piercing, a tribal armband, a PA. Kyle briefly considered this proposition, but decided to wait on it for a while. (That voice in the back of his head had remained silent at all of this.)

Kyle's manhood stirred. It seemed to have developed a life of its own. Kyle looked at himself in the mirror and it got even harder. It was Kyle's own narcissism that was turning him on. He took the dick into his hands and began to stroke it.

Kyle reached for the lube he kept on the nearby nightstand, and squeezed out a generous amount on his hands. Grasping his rock-hard penis, he stroked its length. Slick with the lube, Kyle's hands glided up and down the veiny surface. He felt the smoothness of his body, imagining what it would be like if Brock was there. He tugged at his nipple rings, knowing that he shouldn't, but unable to resist the temptation to do so. The erotic rush of pain rocked his body, almost sending Kyle into the throws of orgasm. Up and down, up and down his fingers smoothly moved up and down his shaft. Kyle closed his eyes and immediately, Brock's handsome face cam into view. Handsome, rugged Brock Evans. Brock, who made Kyle feel like no one else ever had. Brock who made him so horny. Brock, Brock, Brock. Kyle's finger slid down his sweat drenched abdominal muscles. His touch lingered on his innie belly button for a moment. Kyle suddenly screamed, releasing torrents of sticky, white cum over the mirror's surface. He cleaned up his spunk with his fingers, and tasted his discharge. The salty-sweet taste lingered in his mouth until he went to bed a few hours later. •

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