Big-and-Tall, The



Jay and Pablo were still going at it, armwrestling like two young bulls, Jay's bulked up 325lbs of solid muscle working hard against Pablo's 200lbs of unnaturally strong landscaper arm. Their armwrestling match had lasted nearly thirty minutes, going back and forth, back and forth. Both men were drenched in sweat, their faces and arms nearly purple with strain and pump. Jay's arm looked more like a muscular thigh than an arm, and Pablo's arm muscles were popping out like steel cables. Neither man would cave. They were nose to nose now, and staring into each other's eyes, trying to psych the other one out. Suddenly, Pablo leaned in and put his lips right onto Jay's, and Jay didn't stop him. Their lips locked, then opened, and their tongues began to wrestle. They could taste each other's salty sweat as they gnawed roughly on their lips, sucking and tugging. They snorted for air through their noses as they worked on each other's mouths, and still continued to armwrestle. They pressed their faces harder together, and Jay began to lose himself in the dark, hot mouth of his mexican opponent. Pablo sensed the break in Jay's concentration and used it to his advantage. He pushed down hard on Jay's arm, and brought Jay's hand to a fraction of an inch off the desktop. But Jay was not that easy to pin. He broke off the kiss, and reared back, glaring at his opponent.

"You little son of a bitch cheater," Jay growled, holding steady against the intense crushing power of the smaller man's arm and shoulder.

"Not my fault if you can't concentrate, fat man," snarled Pablo, leaning into Jay's arm with full force.

"I will fuckin destroy you," said Jay, and he pushed against Pablo with all his might. And then it happened. That surge that he had felt the first time he lifted with Jeb, and was able to muscle out the 405 on the bench. It roared up from deep inside him, from his very soul, and notched up his strength exponentially. Suddenly, the pressure of Pablo's powerful arm felt like nothing to Jay. He held his hand at a fraction of an inch from being pinned, and smiled.

"Push a little harder there, boy," said Jay. "In fact, why not use both arms?"

Jay felt so strong that he could have taken on a squandron of marines, let alone one powerful lawn boy. He began to crush down on Pablo's hand with his thick fingers, just enough to make Pablo wince. Suddenly, Jay was in charge, and he knew it, and now Pablo knew it. He could sense the change, and so he took Jay up on his offer, and put his left hand over his right, and pushed. Jay held his hand an eighth of an inch from the desktop, and chuckled deeply. Now he was also jacking himself, he was so turned on by his new power. Slowly he began to push up against Pablo's two arms. He was barely straining, and Pablo's arms moved upward, slowly and steadily, despite the fact that Pablo was now leaning his whole weight into Jay's hand.

"Feel my power, boy," said Jay, as he pushed Pablo's arm up to the starting position, and then down toward the desktop. Pablo couldn't believe the strength of the man across from him. No one had ever pinned him in armwrestling, or beaten him in any feat of strength. Even as a child, he had been tremendously strong. But now, he felt like a child himself, helpless against this much, much stronger man.

Jay slammed Pablo's hands down, and pinned them there, just hard enough to hurt a little. Then he lifted them up, and slammed them again. And again. Then he let go of Pablo, and raised his huge arm into a victory flex. He squeezed the bicep tight, and it rose and rose, full and ponderously huge. Jay stared at his own arm, his eyes glazing over as he relished his new power. "Fuck yehhh," he said. Then he looked up at Pablo, hunger in his eyes. Pablo sensed it was time to get out, and jumped over the desk and headed for the door. But Jay was faster, and grabbed Pablo by the arm, flinging him across the room, a little too hard. Pablo slammed into the opposite wall with a loud thud. The pictures on the wall fell to the ground with a crash. Jay literally didn't know his own strength yet, and hadn't meant to throw Pablo so hard. Pablo looked a little dazed, but there was fire in his eyes.

"I've taken down bigger men than you, feon," he said, his lips curled. He stripped his shirt off and tossed it aside, ready for a fight. Jay took a step back at the sight of Pablo's upper body. He was like etched steel. Every fiber of muscle stood out like an anatomy chart, and he was snaked with veins coursing up and down his arms and upper chest. He had an eight pack of abs that looked like flattened cobblestone. Jay looked at them in awe, and couldn't help but say "Whoa".

"Yeh, I get that reaction a lot," sneered Pablo, "but wait till you see them flexed."

They're not flexed?, thought Jay, but then Pablo crunched down on his impressive ab muscles, and out popped eight laser-cut diamonds of gut muscle. Pablo put his hands behind his head, then flexed out one side of his abs, then the other, controlling the muscle with absolute precision.

"You can't hurt these, hijo de puta," said Pablo.

Jay was pretty sure that his mother had just been insulted somehow.

"No?" he said. Then he made a fist, and smashed it down into Jeb's solid mahogany desk, smashing a hole thru the top. "Let me try," he said to Pablo's challenge. Pablo swallowed hard, but stepped toward Jay, unwilling to back down. Jay smiled, drew back his arm, and slammed his fist into Pablo's diamond-hard abs. Pablo flew back into the wall from the force of the blow, but this time he smiled back at Jay and said "Nada."

Jay got so pissed off, that he lowered his shoulder and charged into Pablo, hitting him with his massive delt at gut height. There was a huge crash as they both plowed through the wall and fell into the living room on the other side. Jeb's trophy case fell over, shattering everywhere. Jay and Pablo grappled around in the plaster and dust, but it didn't take long for Jay's superior strength and weight advantage to land him on top. He pinned Pablo's shoulders down, and held them down with ease. He leaned into Pablo's ear and growled,"I'm gonna ride you into next week."

"Fuck you, lepero," hissed Pablo.

"Oh, no no no….just the opposite, my mexican friend," said Jay, as he ripped off Pablo's pants. "Well, looky there, no underwear, it's my lucky day." Jay stripped out of his shorts and stroked himself to full hardness. His cock seemed to have grown in size and girth to match the rest of him. He was holding Pablo down with one arm, and he rubbed his cockhead on Pablo's brown satiny skin, leaving a trail of pre-cum up and down Pablo's musclebody. Pablo did not seem to be fighting as hard as he might, and in fact, had sprouted quite a solid hard-on himself.

"Ah, yeh, lawn boy," said Jay, "you're liking this too, aren't ya. Why don't ya reach up and feel this big back of mine." Pablo reached up and layed his hands on Jay's back. His back had always been his best body part, and now it was monstrous and thick, solid as granite, a hulking, steaming mass of musclepower. Pablo groaned at the feel of it.

"Yehhh," said Jay, as he reached down and lifted Pablo's legs into the air, and pinned Pablo's ankles down to his ears. Jay rubbed his cockhead up and down Pablo's crack, lubing the area with copious pre. "Tell me how much you want it, boy," said Jay. "Beg Daddy to pop your hot tamale with his muscle."

"Do it," moaned Pablo, his strong fingers digging into Jay's powerful back.

"Beg me," ordered Jay.

"Fuck you," hissed Pablo.

Jay bore down with all his weight and strength, crushing Pablo's legs to the floor. Pablo groaned, but wouldn't beg. Their faces were nose to nose again, and they glared at each other. Then they kissed. And kissed.....deep and hard and long. Jay slowly entered Pablo, slipping his cockhead into Pablo's tight honeypot. Pablo's powerful sphincter clamped around Jay's rockhard cock, and milked it as Jay slid in and out, strong manly strokes inside his muscle buddy. Pablo arched his back into Jay's power thrusts. Jay buried himself to the root, over and over, then held himself inside Pablo, grinding into him, then began bucking into him hard, slowly at first, but picking up speed. Pablo pushed into each buck, and soon they were going at it like a well-oiled piston machine, pumping and pumping, sweating and glistening, two young powerful bucks made into one. This went on and on and on, until Jay couldn't hold back anymore, unitl he had to unload inside Pablo, to spew his huge load like the horned up bull he was. His jiz seemed to roar up out of him, from his toes and his soul, building up until it exploded into Pablo. Both men roared with pleasure, and Pablo came at the same time, spewing his paste all over Jay's expansive gorilla back. Jay stayed inside him till he was totally drained, then rolled over next to him. They fell asleep in each other's arms, amidst the dust and rubble of their battles. •

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