Big-and-Tall, The

Pablo's session with Jeb



After a couple hours of fooling around upstairs, Jeb felt like rassling. He asked the boys to decide which one of them wanted to start cleaning up the rubble in the living room, and Jay volunteered. Jeb and Pablo headed down to the basement, where Jeb had one big room set up with mats and padding on the walls. Jeb and Pablo had gone at it before, but it had been about six months, and Jeb was eager to see how much strength Pablo had gained in that time. He loved tossing the smaller guy around, pushing Pablo's strength and endurance to the limit. He loved letting Pablo get him into a hold, and then muscling his way out of it whenever he chose. Despite the fact that he had several time Pablo's strength, he always got an insane pump from the workout, and would get a hardon just from the flush of blood engorging his every muscle. Pablo, for his part, knew that Jeb was just toying with him most of the time, and ached for the day when he and Jeb could go at if full out, no holds barred by either of them. For now, though, he enjoyed testing himself against Jeb's superior power, seeing if he was any stronger than the last time they wrestled. He always was, but it was not yet enough to gain any advantage over his powerful opponent. He, too, would get a unbelievable pump, way beyond what he got from lifting weights, and the rush was so intense, the euphoria so deep, that when they were done, despite gasping for breath and being completely drenched in sweat, he would cum just from the sensation of his own super tight muscle. Today's workout started out pretty much the same as the others. Pablo and Jeb locked up and grappled, applying one hold after another, then breaking up, and locking up again. Jeb was letting Pablo slap on hold after hold, trying to get a sense of how much Pablo's strength had progressed, which he was finding out, was significantly. The pressure of Pablo's headlocks and leg scissors had increased dramatically since they last grappled together. Still, Jeb had no trouble reversing every hold and manuevering Pablo into any position he wanted. Every now and then, just to make sure Pablo knew who was boss, Jeb would pin him down with one big arm, and count to three with the other. Then he'd help Pablo up, and start all over again. Sometimes Pablo felt like he was going to puke his guts out, he would be so exhausted. Jeb never seemed to get tired or winded tossing the smaller man around, and Pablo would never admit his fatigue. After an hour of intense rassling around, Jeb started getting off on his own strength. He had pinned Pablo to the mat several times, and was so horned up that his cock was about to rip right out of his skin-tight black singlet. He pinned Pablo over and over, getting off on how easy it was for him to take down the tough mexican kid. Then he pinned Pablo up against the wall with one arm, sliding him up and down with his arm out straight. Then he held Pablo on the wall, and slowly flexed up his other arm, swelling the bicep up huge. "So much power, boy," he said, as he admired his own arm. Then he lifted Pablo onto his shoulder and walked around the room, bouncing the kid up and down, until he stopped at the center of the room, where he began to squat. Deep slow squats. Pablo's two hundred pound musclebody was nothing for Jeb to squat, but he loved showing and feeling his own strength, and squatted the kid over 100 times, until his legs were swollen with blood. Then he lifted Pablo straight overhead, and pinned him against the low basement ceiling. He pressed him into the ceiling over and over, until his huge delts were swollen and tight as drums. Then he lowered Pablo down to the mat. Pablo sat looking up at his mentor. Jeb pulled up the legs of his singlet, exposing his monster thighs, purple with pump. He put his hands on his hips and flexed his thighs hard. The freakish muscle popped out like etched balloons, and Jeb made the thick ropes of quad muscles writhe and ripple at his command. "You like that, boy?" said Jeb. Pablo couldn't take his eyes off the sight. Jeb's legs were amazing, and he'd never seen them look so huge. He turned one leg, and arched his foot up, causing his massive calf muscle to pop out thick and full. Jeb had enormous calves, out of proportion to even his huge body. He had to wear his workboots unlaced, or his calves would either snap the laces or bust the leather apart. Now, he flexed the monstrous muscle inches away from Pablo's face. "Touch it," ordered Jeb. Pablo reached out, his hand shaking, and laid his hand on Jeb's big lower leg. Jeb flexed even harder, and his calf bulged bigger and hard as nails under Pablo's fingers. "fuckk," said Pablo. He'd never felt Jeb so huge and strong. "That's right, boy, feel my power," said Jeb. "Now take both hands and work your way up this huge leg." Pablo, on his knees, laid both hands on Jeb's calf, then moved them up to above his knees, his fingers splaying over the tree trunk quad. Pablo was dizzy from the feel of power under his hands. Jeb's singlet began to tear at the crotch as his cock ripped its way out and flopped out in front of Pablo's face. "Feed off me, boy," said Jeb. Pablo did as he was told, and took the big man into his mouth. Jeb grabbed Pablo's ears and guided him up and down. Jeb had gone three days without a shower, and reeked of sweat and manfunk. Pablo almost shot just from the aroma. Jeb facefucked him long and hard. "I got a huge load of paste for you, bud, gonna make you huge," groaned Jeb as he approached climax. Pablo could almost hear the musclejiz rushing up Jeb's cock as he milked him, and he swallowed every drop with gusto, dreaming of becoming as big or bigger than this man he was servicing. Jeb pulled Pablo off his meat, and sat down next to him. He rolled him down onto the mat, and held him in his big arms. For Pablo, it was like being held by a huge gorilla. In fact, Jeb smelled like a gorilla, and Pablo loved it, nuzzling his face into Jeb's deep masculine armpit and breathing his funky musk. "After this, boot camp outta be no problem for me," said Pablo. "What?" asked Jeb. "Boot camp. Didn't I tell you...I enlisted into the Marines last week." "What?" said Jeb, sitting up slowly. "Yeh, I signed up last week, and leave for boot camp by the end of the month." Jeb stood up, and took Pablo's jaw in his big hand. He slowly lifted him by his jaw till he was standing too. "Tell me you're kidding around, boy," said Jeb. "Noo, man, itth the truth," he mumbled through his clenched mouth. Jeb lifted Pablo off the ground by his jaw and held him high. "And you didn't think to talk to me about it first, you stupid little shit?" growled Jeb darkly. "I wath gonna tell you," gurgled Pablo, dangling. Jeb's face had grown dangerously red, and he grabbed Pablo's crotch with his other hand, hoisted him overhead, and hurled him across the room, crashing him horizontally into the padded wall. He hit the wall with such force that he heard the cinder block behind the padding crumble. He landed on the ground with a thump, the wind knocked out of him. Jeb stripped out of his singlet and lumbered over to him, stark naked. "Get the fuck up so I can kick the crap outta you," snarled Jeb. Pablo stood up, shaken. Jeb grabbed him and tossed him clear across the room, slamming him high on the wall, and again, with such force that the cinder block crumbled behind the pads. A normal man would have broken several bones, but Pablo was muscled up enough to avoid that. Still, he felt like he'd just been slammed by a truck, and Jeb was on his way toward him again, huffing like a locomotive. Jeb grabbed him off the floor, and slammed him into a headlock. He jerked him up hard, and yanked him back and forth like a ragdoll. Jeb's massive forearm was at least twice the thickness of an average powerlifter, and his powerful hold cut off Pablo's windpipe. "I should break you in two, you stupid fuck, what the hell were you thinking," said Jeb. "Jebbb, can'tbreath...." gurgled Pablo as Jeb wrenched his neck back and forth. "Fuckin stupid, stupid," said Jeb, as he sank to his knees, still holding Pablo, who was growing limp. Jeb released some of the pressure of the hold as his anger subsided. He had gone temporarily insane at the thought of losing the kid. He leaned his face into Pablo's thick black hair, and breathed the boy in. Pablo was able to breath again, and was catching his breath. He leaned back against Jeb's big chest as he realized he was not going to die. "You're a good kid, Pablo," said Jeb. "You'll make a hell of a Marine. •

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