Pictures of Dorian's Gays, The


By John

Our "picture perfect" muscle model, Kevin, has painted himself into a corner and doesn't even know it. If you have to be the meat in a sandwich, maybe it's best to be stuffed between two rivaling muscle giants … or, is it?

The following story is part of an ongoing tale. Elements contained in this chapter are related to those in other chapters and readers may wish to explore the other chapters. This is a tale involving nudity, muscle growth and gay male sex. If these types of activities offend you, please do not choose to read it. Respectfully offered comments are always appreciated.

Chapter 6

It was moving in on 8PM as Jeff started out toward Kevin's house.

After their first encounter, Jeff had been afforded the benefit of "milking" the newest member of the muscle flock at the painting posing sessions. As a result, he was all too familiar with the young man's body and felt he had developed a good handle on what and how to stimulate this wonderful new play-toy. Sure, Kevin wasn't as big as any of the rest of them … yet … but Jeff knew there was something special there to be had.

Besides, Mr. Chronos had told Jeff that, with the newest line of steroids and growth drugs that were about to come out, Kevin would become the biggest and most amazing muscle stud of all of them. There was no way Jeff was going to pass up this opportunity for any reason. He had worked hard to try to build on Kevin's confidence and Dorian had encouraged him to develop as much trust as possible. After all, it would be a real pity if Kevin wouldn't come around and accept his obvious future.

The path brought Jeff in site of Michael's place and a significant level of emotional discomfort entered the mind of the walking compilation of honed muscle. Jeff knew what he had signed on for those twenty years ago but it was just hard to accept that his time in the limelight was now over and the baton was being turned over to this next generation of muscle definition.

Jeff reaffirmed to himself that, like Steve, he was going to partake of every new drug and additive that Mr. Chronos presented to them so that he would become bigger and better than Michael could ever imagine. Look at Steve, he had managed to grow to be as big as Mike in just the last few months and, recently, had been making remarkable gains.

Of course, ever since the issue with Dan ten years ago, Steve had gotten all sorts of advantages. Jeff had thought that, considering his relationship with Dan, Steve should have been the last one to get this close to Mr. Chronos. Maybe it was their common European heritage that kept them together. All Jeff knew was that if something new was on the horizon, Steve got the advantage of having it first and getting the most. They were all anxious to understand just how it was that, suddenly, Steve's cock had also kicked into the growth process to the point where, at it's rate of expansion, that, too, would soon pass the inhuman capacities of Michael's. Sure, all of them had experienced some ongoing benefits, but nothing like that of Steve - and Mike.

Shifting gears, a small smile crossed Jeff's face as he went past Michael's knowing that he was apparently not alone in his growing dislike for Mike. Kevin had, since just after arriving here, made clear his distaste for the ultimate muscle giant. From bits and pieces of comments during the painting sessions, one could gather that Kevin held a deep contempt for Michael's overt sexual methods in luring Kevin here to his trapped destiny. Kevin seemed unaware that, through these comments, his deep-rooted reluctance to accept the life direction being offered to him was made apparent. Jeff hoped that this stubborn young man would come around soon. It would be such a shame to loose him to his own resistance to growth possibilities.

As he passed by Mike's house, Jeff's mind raced back to the beginning of Kevin's painting session earlier today. The boy had arrived excited and ready. Dorian was not yet there but seeing Kevin fully aroused got Jeff going immediately as he rushed over to greet his young charge. The boy's muscular body trembled as it was enveloped in the longing embrace of the "recently deceased" Mr. Olympia. Jeff remembered how much he loved the feel of the emotionally vibrating muscles covering the young body as they twitched spasmodically under his skin.

Jeff enjoyed surrounding the fresh new body with his own significantly larger muscle mass and combining his warmest hugs with spastic contact flexing. Intermittent flexion turned a simple hug into sensory overload as thickly ballooned muscles pounded into instant hardness as if to create a full body massage from a full body. Pecs pummeled into pecs. Radiating lats flared and consumed voids. Waist-sized biceps and triceps threatened to crush with love. Uncaring thighs entrapped tender groins in heated prisons.

It wasn't long before both of them were fully aroused with all their precious muscles in the glory of fully pumped growth. Hands explored previously discovered volumes of muscle as if they were experiencing it for the first erotic time. Lust conquered all as Kevin found himself face to groin with to fullness of Jeff's manmade ruler. Jeff was all the more excited at the musky smell emulating from the excited newcomer - unaware that Kevin still sported the remnants of his most recent encounter with Bob, Mark and, mostly, Steve and his prodigious member

Kevin seemed to enjoy the handling he got from Jeff, and that was all Jeff needed to know - for now.

The studio was filled with the brilliant light that Mr. Chronos converted almost magically into his life-like renditions of the pre- drug musclegods. The sunlight dripped fully off of the two great musclemen and they moved together in their collected massiveness and off to the side of the room where they usually performed their mutual admiration. Jeff had already set the bucket in place to collect Kevin's magic painting transforming elixir. He knew that Dorian would still be about 15 or 20 minutes. Since the vital cum had to be fresh and used within a couple of hours in the painting, this left time for some much loved foreplay with the boy before he had to deliver the goods into the lucky, waiting container.

Kevin saw the array of toys and, from his encounters with Jeff in the last few days, he knew what the muscle giant wanted. Kevin took sadistic pleasure when they got to play this way and the erotic stimulation made him all the more productive in his ejaculations.

Jeff started, as usual with his own special posing routine for Kevin. His body shown fully pumped and prepped. Kevin loaded up the barbell mounted in the waiting Smith rack with 630 pounds in heavy clanging plates as Jeff stepped into position with his hands securely grasping the steel weight bar on either side of his bulging trapezius muscles behind his neck. Kevin stepped up behind the excited giant with the leather straps and excitedly corded one around each wrist so as to bind to throbbing mound of muscle to the bar at each hand.

As he did this, Kevin let his own hardened upper body rub deeply into the captured broad, thick back. Jeff responded immediately by forcing his boulder sized shoulder muscles down as low and hard as possible. The moons of muscle formed long arcs of linear craters as the various strands separated into their individual ropes. The resulting flex brought the entire array of bulging back muscles to scored hardness as they fought back against the pressure of the full young pecs attacking them. Kevin tensed hard in return and looked down at the amazingly deep double valley formed between his pecs and the even thicker sets of impenetrable back muscles resisting them.

Shoving his hips forward, Kevin's cock slid resistingly up over the crest of the invisible rocks that served as the top of Jeff's ass and pointed upward resting the crown in the deep valley at the small of Jeff's lower back.

Peering into the cavernous shadow between them, Kevin could see the tip of his aroused manhood looking back at him. Jeff crunched again, hard and fast and sent a spasm of back muscle cording suddenly so thick that Kevin's pecs were bounced away from the resulting angered, petrified muscle. This provided Kevin with an unobstructed view of the writhing muscle machine before him. Snake after snake of voluminous muscle piled on top of and around one another as the lats formed into broad tubular bands and fanned ever wider from the impossibly small waistband.

From only about a foot across at the base, the two sweeps of ribbed erecting muscles literally flew outward and upward until the tips of the mighty fans were a full four feet apart. The traps refused to permit the hundreds of pounds of applied weight resting on them to even dimple the glowing muscle supporting it. Kevin's hands reached out to the upper flair of each of the ham-thick side muscles and fully embraced as much as possible (which wasn't much at all) within his outstretched digits. Fingers slipped from mounded snake to mounded snake ever downward and inward until they, finally, found the very bottom of the inverted crescents.

Sweat covered palms traced over the short distance to the racks of impressively strong lower back muscle that bumped along in the harsh light forming a fully dimensional inverted "Christmas tree" that appeared to have been driven into the top of the platformed gluteal masses by their own formidable strength. The domed marvels were more massive than those aesthetically sculpted ones that graced the backsides of Mark and Bob but they surrendered nothing in sheer desirability.

Knowing that they would soon be the subject of the coming gratification procedure, Kevin caressed each doomed plated sphincter protector and marveled in the solidity of these gluteal monsters. Just for fun, he tried to force his exploring hands in between these granited slabs and met with the usual unfathomable resistance. Sensing the desire, Jeff relaxed just long enough for the begging hands to dive down to the base of the clifted sides. Then the muscle- trained regemortice set in again with painful results on the unprotected fingers.

Kevin challenged the resistance by tensing his fingers and attempting to push the clenched masses of desire apart. The strong fingers were forced by the bulges of muscle into the shallows created between the lumped striations that had become a signature of the award-winning muscleman. Kevin's own significantly sized biceps, triceps and forearms formed into responding cut hardness as the fingers fought their valiant battle against the protective posterior globes.

After a moment or two, Kevin was prepared to surrender victory to the entrapping masses. With an unseen smile, Jeff released his conquering hold and Kevin quickly removed his hands taking them immediately all the way up to the protrusions that Jeff called his trapezius muscles.

Instead of enjoying the inviting pleasure they offered, Kevin quickly shot back to the securing straps and wound them around bar and wrists a couple more times making sure that the giant was completed secured to the metal tube. That would teach Jeff to toy with Kevin's hands that way again!

With a last, longing glance at the rear muscle spread before him, Kevin moved widely around to the front. The 27" arms stood full and readied. They twitched between semi-hard and fully rigid as they awaited the oncoming invasion the body knew was imminent. From this view, the shoulders appeared more like speared basketballs as they arched like looming hills over and in front of the weight bar. Kevin's hands traced their still-divided contours as he reveled in their heated excitement.

Pecs stretched endlessly from one wide shoulder to the next separated only by the sharp cleft between their own attention grabbing hugeness. Hands tripped lightly, almost ticklish, as they found and provoked the broad nipples to pointed resplendence. The full 65" circumference of the upper part of the crucified muscle formed was exaggerated by the smallness of the tight, 31" muscular waist. The body bespoke the power of muscle to conquer at all odds.

The trunk-like 38" upper legs were poised and ready for the coming onslaught against their inhuman capacity. The same piling of angular snakes visible on the back defined the inner and outer upper thighs as two giant pythons crawled vertically between them on each leg and disappeared behind the twin lined teardrops above the knees. The lower legs were as widely spaced as the heavily muscled body would allow yet the two calf muscles zoomed out so sharply at each other leaving only a few inches between their combined masses.

As if to signal that everything was ready, the other metal pole, the one attached to Jeff at the groin, bounded up and down a few times in anxious anticipation. Kevin stepped closer as the fleshy tube beckoned him and, reaching forward, petted the begging lust animal in long, reassuring strokes. It responded like a gleeful puppy by pushing it's excited head up against Kevin's living hand. Out of fear of causing a premature reaction, Kevin stepped away and over to the waiting array of toys.

None of the assembled dildos were less than the 12" length of the real thing that Jeff sported. Kevin selected the third largest, a wrist-thick 15" flesh colored giant. He showed it to his captive who merely shook his head and suggested that they go for broke today. Kevin returned a questioning look but was assured that it was time to move to the limit. Turning back to the array, the boy removed the heaviest of the objects - an 18"long x 3 ½" wide black lacquered threatening instrument. Jeff nodded his acceptance.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about each of these playthings was the coil of thick, industrial spring that extended a couple of feet beyond the base of each one. Kevin greased up the elected torture device and returned to the heaving, secured muscleman. Jeff's eyes widened in a combination of glee and fear as Kevin showed him his challenge for today up close. Kneeling on the floor in front of Jeff, Kevin fastened the bottom of the spring assembly to a plate directly below the muscled mountain.

Kevin's arousal was enhanced as he noticed the sweat that was dripping profusely off of the poised demigod as he positioned the crown head of the menacing latex tool directly in contact with the sphincter opening that had, to this point been so well guarded by the luscious rectal cheeks. Turning over and laying back, Kevin placed his head on the floor directly in front of the coiled metal so that his face was immediately below the heavy hanging testicles. He really liked the resulting view.

From where he was, juicy male sacs dangled above his salivating mouth and his eyes were privy to the scene of their fullness topped by the broadness of the extended male measuring rod. It pumped and flared as the pounding heart turned the excitement to visible throbs in the imposing human tool. The crease running the length of the bottom of the ample head wound its way into a shadowed smile below the flaring crown. The bulge of the usually tender delivery tube along the bottom of the shaft appeared to have achieved a solidity consistent with the rest of the protruding organ.

Above and beyond were the two massive flatly-rounded pectorals. These heavily fleshed mounds heaved all the more fully as the time involved supporting the heavy weights while the remainder of the setup had taken place had caused the giant to become anxiously aroused. Light reflected off of the two aroused down-pointing nipples as flicks of sweat were tossed off of their vibrating endpoints by the quaking pectoral muscle. From Kevin's angle the considerable male breast meat was visually overwhelmed by the foreshortened domed thickness of the unbelievable latissimus volumes.

Kevin was also able to focus on the beauty of the soon-to-be assaulted gluteal globes. They stood there armed and ready to face the challenge. Based on Kevin's recent experience with Jeff ass muscles, he could not imagine these mighty masses falling to a simple piece of formed plastic, no matter what the size of the attacker.

With a simple "OK" the field of muscle that filled Kevin's range of vision began to grow - or so it seemed - as all of the sharply defined massiveness moved downward toward his face in it's first forced squat. At first, the powerful spring was no match against the ass cheeks and their years of strength building reps. Then, as the applied pressure within the spring was increased the muscle fought harder and harder against the coiled metal and mounted plastic. The moving rear cheeks striated themselves in both directions as they automatically endeavored to perform their assigned task to protect the giant's love-hole from invasion.

Ultimately, the ringed shadow surrounding the flesh opening became visible as the cheeks began to separate. The ring began to darken as it was both pushed inward and stretched simultaneously. Kevin watched as the ebony attacker's gargantuan head began to push in to the channel opening Kevin witnessed as the body of muscle above him visibly hardened to a stone-like appearance as it all entered into the invasion resistance movement.

The lats rippled in waves of solidarity followed by the hanging triceps. Then the abs undulated like waves moving to shore as they tried to apply external pressure internally so as to refuse room into the internal organs being invaded.

As the hardened mass of muscle continued down, ever closer to Kevin's face, the 4" wide extruded head unfeelingly insisted on entry. The sphincter skin stretched red as all the muscle began to yield to the contradiction of weighted gravity and upward pressure. Suddenly, with a corresponding scream from the victimized god, the ring of opening muscle snapped back from the head's widest girth as it clamped around the slightly narrower column of the shined thick awaiting shaft.

This moment of conquering entry always sent shivers of erotic excitement throughout Kevin's body and down into his groin. The site of this extraordinary fabricated monster succeeding over the glory of the muscle it challenged nearly caused Kevin to ejaculate on the spot but he didn't went to miss the rest of the show. Using all the physical control left to him, Kevin talked his demanding cock and balls into holding out for just a bit longer.

Jeff did not stop in his pursuit of the perfect rep. All that was left now was for his amazing body to absorb a foot and a half of unforgiving molded material! He continued to force his way down as the pressurized object penetrated ever further. Inch by inch it worked it's way in and forced acceptance by the violated tunnel as Jeff's cock and balls danced in painful sensual excitement.

The coiled spring forced more and more of the thick black assaulter into the tearful man as pure physics took over the puncturing activity. He had taken the 15" instrument before, but this was 20% longer and over and inch bigger in circumference. He continued more slowly on the weighted downward drive. Kevin's awe was endless as less and less of the black column remained visible.

Finally, two things told Jeff that he had been fully conquered. First, he felt the ring of the compressed spring at the bottom of his magnificent ass muscles signaling complete immersion of the ebony giant. His guts were filled beyond any previous level of imagination. He dared not loose his balance in fear of endangering the already shifted internal arrangements within his body. His astounding muscle had been created and formed to resist any challenge offered from the outside - not from the inside.

Second, and even more joyfully, he felt the teasing and lapping of Kevin's well-trained tongue on his jiggling, excited testicles. The boy had an amazing talent and knew just how sensitive his distended globes of joy-juice could be when appropriately stimulated. The warm wetness he felt on the outside of each sac served to further heat the internal liquid gyrations occurring within them.

After a perfect but sensually painful two-count, using all his considerable leg strength, Jeff reversed the motion and began forcing his body upward. The colossal leg muscles snapped into chiseled hardness as they undertook the double demand of lifting the weighted body and forcing the release of the taunting tool. Having been through this before, Kevin instinctively reached over his head with both arms and grasped the tightly coiled spring hard as his own biceps became springs of resisting muscle assisting the forced removal of most of the length of the intruding tube. The sheer size of the embedded object required the use of more strength than was expected by the boy at first.

Kevin could hear as the resultant internal vacuum sucked the inside flesh lining against the fabricated tubular material. When the full length of all but the expansive head had extracted itself, Kevin released his muscled hold so that the mushroomed cap remained within the victimized muscle giant.

As with any good set, Jeff began to repeat the downward phase for the second rep as the column of blackened imitation penis reinserted itself with no less intensity. This time, he remained lowered for a full three count giving more pleasure for Kevin's tongue to perform it's erotically stimulating service on the increasing agitated balls. Jeff's cock reacted by seeking to attain a level of hardness equal to that of the manmade penatraiter.

An additional second was added at the bottom of each succeeding rep. By the eighth rep, Jeff's entire massiveness was palpating with overly stimulated breathing. Kevin's own cock was reacting to the excitement from the show of human-built strength and non-human conquest. The ninth rep proved to be all that Jeff could handle on this set as his cock cannonized itself to eject the first of many, many volleys. As soon as Kevin noted the coming eruption, he jumped into action and was ready to catch the first issuance of yet another partaking of muscle-juice into his gaping mouth today.

Jeff's extraordinary body could no longer be contained as the spasms from his own ejaculations shuttered his muscles beyond rock and literally ripped the binding straps apart freeing the bound muscle to explode to it's most gigantic proportions for a visually erotic instant.

The resultant issuance of liquid warmth filled Kevin quickly as it shot endlessly from the heaving fountain sculpture. Recognizing his own cues as he reacted to the final images of muscle before him, Kevin grabbed the waiting pail and began his own flowing cascade of cum turning the bottom of the pail into silky whiteness.

That had all been a good 6 hours ago and Jeff figured, as he walked up to the front door of the house, that Kevin should be good and ready for a "night-cap" by now. Even though no lights were on, Jeff rang the bell. When, after close to a minute, there was no answer, Jeff both rang the bell again and knocked. Still no response. After the third attempt, Jeff became angrily frustrated.

Kevin had become reputed to be pretty much of a homebody. They all knew that, regardless of what he was beginning to profess, he was still probably not completely sold on this idea of crossing over to the "druggy" side of their culture. The kid wanted muscle, that was for sure. He had one hell of a beginning, that was obvious. He made no attempt to hide how much he enjoyed the view, feel and sensations experienced from his new fellow muscle-growth buddies.

Oh well, it would come with time, Jeff thought to himself as he turned to head back to his unit. And when the time came he, Jeff, was going to be sure that Kevin partnered with him! If Jeff was expected to give up all the glories of the "real world" that had been his for the past decade, then the least that Mr. Chronos could do was to make sure that Kevin was his boy! He had earned that right.

On the way back, Jeff noticed that the lights were on in Mike's bedroom and on this warm summer evening, the window was cracked open. Figuring he might be in for a possible show of his own, Jeff crept around and peered up over the bottom sill.

There was the heir-apparent himself all right. Nude and hard - completely hard! Mike's taut left arm caressed the astounding several inch thickness of the striated right breast as his right hand gave equal service to a cock head that more matched the size of the dildo that had found its way into Jeff's ass earlier today. Shit! That sucker was beyond big! And every part of the posing muscular body was equally proportioned to the gigantic male member.

The valley in the horseshoe shaped triceps alone was a good 3" to 4" deep. The coiled muscle wound insanely around the shadowed depth from corded front tendon up and around the football sized belly below the bulbous shoulder over to the back part of the elbow. Every part of the mighty triceps jumped and twitched invincibly as the hand fought to contain whatever small amount it could of the human totem pole that could no longer just be thought of as a cock.

The half hidden massive bicep buried itself into the side of the carved moon-sized pec thrusting it forward several inches beyond the man's chin. A wave of undulating muscle flowed outward as the movement of the hand, translated through the biceps and triceps, activated different muscled parts of the triple-E sized tit in the action.

Just as Jeff was about to release his own cock in its demand for attention resulting from the display, another naked body stepped into the bedroom and up to the alter of muscle awaiting it. Of all people, it was Kevin!

In his shock, Jeff only caught bits of the whispered conversation as the muscle boy and the muscle god came together in an embrace of naked muscle melding into muscle.

"…only three days…painting will be done…it's all set…I promise…stop worrying…he's got it under control…it's set at the house…soon, honey, soon…"

Anger overcame any desire on the part of the peeping dejected silhouette of muscle. There was no way this stupid little shit of a kid and this arrogant muscle-title claims-jumper were going to get the best of Jeff. Whatever they were planning, they'd better just forget it. Kevin was going to be his - or belong to no one!

Shoving his deflated instrument back into his loosened pants, Jeff turned with no more interest in the pending muscle and lust show and headed directly up to the main house.

Steve was nowhere to be seen. Dorian was up and in the study. •

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