Pictures of Dorian's Gays, The


By John

The following story is part of an ongoing tale. Elements contained in this chapter are related to those in other chapters and readers may wish to explore the other chapters. This is a tale involving nudity, muscle growth and gay male sex. If these types of activities offend you, please do not choose to read it.

Bob, formally Robert, had been selected to become the first black man in the entourage by Mr. Chronos in 1972 and would be 56 in a couple of months. Mark's enlistment went back to 1954 and he was approaching 73. Both men, like the others, still looked to be in their mid- twenties. Both men, like the others, were veritable muscle-gods. Unlike the others, these two lived together in the same house. According to them, it was an almost instant connection when Bob first arrived.

Bodybuilding was not even thought of as a "career opportunity" when Mark was young. Everything he knew about it growing up he had read in the ads at the back of comic books. He had always been aware of his sexual persuasion and had drifted into "performance muscle" when he was discovered by a European movie producer named Dorian Chronos. Several years of making gladiator movies in Italy sure beat the preceding years he had spent struggling as an accountant in a small Midwest town. Now, he had the benefits of both, all the muscle he wanted plus he did most of the "behind the scenes" bookkeeping for Mr. Chronos - and both endeavors were set to pay dividends for life. Plus he had Bob!

Bob's free-spirited personality was exactly the opposite of Mark's when he joined the training camp in the early 70's. Bob's talent was his creative visioning. Offered any set of circumstances, he could dream up a viable scheme, plot or solution. Bob never let the reality of the moment get in the way of the goal and never, never lost hope. He always said his skills came from having to grow up black in the America of the 1960's. Yet, it was the combination of extreme differences that bonded them together. Long nights of arguing over free-love, stay-at-home motherhood, and racism grew quickly into mutual respect and, then, actual love.

Today they were in the gym later than usual because they had been up late at their own little "pot party" the night before. This seemed only natural to them since they had been teenagers during the generations that often partook in these and other experimental experiences. It had also given them a chance to get together with Steve over a number of things and to celebrate what would have been Dan's 63rd birthday.

Though they seemed to be just about everywhere all the time, Kevin had not had a chance to run in to Mark or Bob too much due to his always busy schedule. Today, their late workout put them at the gym at about the same time Kevin arrived. They always seemed friendly and somewhat curious in spite of their more isolated routines.

"Hey, boy, how's the posing coming? Your paintings should be pretty far along by now. When is the great unveiling party?" Bob shouted out as they walked in to the gym. "We're always ready for a good party! It'll sure be nice when you can join in with us on all the fun."

"I'm not much of a party guy." Kevin responded with a friendly demeanor. "But, I guess we have a little over a week to go. Today will be the fourth session on the second painting."

"How's the old "cum machine" holding up for Mr. Chronos paint concoction?" Mark added with a little laugh. "Still supplying all the juice he needs?"

"Un-huh." Kevin responded a bit shyly. "That hasn't been much of a problem. You know, it just seems a little strange and all."

"Don't worry, it's fine. We've all been through it …and a lot more … here." Bob responded reassuringly. "And don't think we're falling for the `shy little boy' crap from you either. You put on quite a show with Jeff there last week and our presence didn't seem to bother you too much then! Have you two been keeping at it since then? You guys seemed pretty chummy."

"As you know, I see him over this painting thing. That, alone, keeps me pretty tied up right now." Kevin replied a bit more guarded.

"How's Mike handling that. Weren't you two `good friends' before coming here? After his visit to you, he couldn't stop talking about how much he hoped you would come here. God, we had you two hooked up from the get-go." Bob pushed forward.

"Oh, no, he was just a guy that I had seen a few times at the gym where I used to work out ten years ago." Kevin reacted quickly. "Then, right after I started he must have come here. I didn't ever really know him at all."

"Well, he sure seemed to act like there was something there." Bob went on. "You should have seen him before you came. All he could talk about was the night at the old gym with you and how much…"

"I told you, there's nothing there!" Kevin interrupted curtly. "If you don't mind, I need to get my workout in before going back for my next painting session."

"Sure, sure, kid. Sorry, we didn't mean to pry." Mark stepped into the conversation. "Forgive us. Bob can be a lot more forward than most people. We didn't mean anything by it; just trying to get to know you a little better. See, we've been together here for thirty years now. It's been pretty special for us, and still is, we just hope you may be as lucky as us. The other guys seem to like you a lot and, for what little we know of you, you seem like a great kid."

"Yea, I guess I'm just becoming an `old fart' like Mark and it's beginning to show. Forgive me Kevin." Bob laughed with an outstretched hand.

"It's OK! I apologize, too." Kevin said as he accepted the offer of forgiveness from yet another hand attached to an amazingly muscled forearm. "I guess I've been under more stress than I realize with all these changes and weird discoveries all coming at me so fast."

"Well, we're all here to help you kid. Don't be afraid to call on any of us. We've all been through it before." Mark reassured Kevin with the placement of his own muscle supported hand on Kevin's shoulder.

Just then, the large frame that belonged to Steve entered the gym and moved directly back to a flat bench with a quick "Hello" in German, a wave and a smile.

"Thanks, right now, I better get going on my work out." Kevin concluded. "That's still hard work for me - I don't have the advantage of all the enhancers you guys can have."

"You got a good start Kevin. Don't worry, you'll catch up in no time." Mark added loud enough for Steve to hear, too. "We're the two smallest here, by our own choice, but you'll probably outpace Steve over there, and Mike, before you know it - especially under the right guidance."

Then, Mark closed in on Kevin and added in a low whisper, "And don't worry about Steve just because he has lived in the main house with Dorian for the past decade. We know he can be depended upon when we really need him to be."

Kevin quietly filed away that curious comment in his mind for future consideration. He simply smiled back at the two men and moved over to a nearby squat machine. Legs were the order of the day for him, that was all he wanted to focus upon right now. Of all the body parts, legs were his least favorite so, of course, he worked harder at them than anything else and the results showed.

Bob and Mark were getting set for a good arm workout, so they went off to another part of the gym and immediately took off their sweat shirts.

Steve was still wearing his sweatshirt which, though it was supposed to be loose, was already stretched to it's limit as his warm-up sets of bench presses had pumped size enhancing blood into his huge male- muscled breasts.

Kevin had learned that it was not unusual at for the guys to work out wearing next to nothing. After all, they were all astoundingly developed men who loved the bodies that had been created for and by them. None of them had anything to hide in the male equipment department either. Kevin guessed that both Bob and Mark were pretty evenly matched there and Steve clearly challenged Mike in the cock department just as he did with the amount of muscle he carried. On the day they had all shared ring-side seats at the Kevin and Jeff show, their spent tools were still pretty hard when Kevin re-noticed them.

Kevin noted today that, while Mark and Bob may be the smallest of the long-timers, each of these colossal muscle men carried a good 70 or 80 pounds of additional muscle on their almost 6' frames than he did. The results were two fabulously sculpted huge-but-lean bodies. The only difference was in the color of each beautifully wrapped package. He watched through his first set of squats as these giants each grabbed a pair of 100 pound dumbbells with which to do their warm-up sets of biceps curls. Kevin loaded his squat rack to 450 pounds for his second burning set of squats as the two long-time lovers moved up to 110 and then 120 pound dumbbells.

Steve finally got up off the bench and removed his shirt as all of his amazing chest meat and back muscle literally spilled solidly into view above the minuscule 31" waist. Even though it was about be become Michael's turn in the public limelight, it was Steve who held the record for the most accumulated muscle in this camp. He had, after all, been here the longest - going on 60 years now according to Mr. Chronos.

Steve, the others had said, was constantly in pursuit of more and more size and would take anything and everything Mr. Chronos offered. Kevin swore that Steve's chest must have grown a good 3" or 4" since his arrival alone. The result was a physical body almost beyond description and a painting, Kevin remembered, almost as distorted as that of Mr. Chronos, himself. As much as Kevin dreamed of looking like Steve, he could not bring himself to image accomplishing this at the physical expense demonstrated in the paintings.

By the beginning of their fourth sets of curls, both Mark's and Bob's biceps had exploded into giant proportions as heavy veins were pushed and pull around under the too tight skin by the rhythmic extensions and contractions. After the fourth sets, they moved on to bent bar curls. The heavily loaded metal bar was no match against the writhing muscle that challenge it. The voluminous muscles sharpened and glistened as sweat began to cover the exposed flesh that moved to attain the full 26" circumference that each man proclaimed.

Both men wore only gray shorts that showed no tell-tale lines of any undergarments as they proceeded further into their workout.. Kevin was doing his normal leg routine and, try as he might to stay focused, could not avoid relishing the view of the twin monsters of muscle as they pushed already overly-large muscle to higher levels.

Steve was still off in his corner, facing away from the rest of them doing incline flies. His chest heaved mightily like two inflated domes visible above his thickly muscled shoulder caps as the arms moved repeatedly outward and then upward. Struggle as he might at the top of the movement, after a few reps, the enlarged volumes of pec meat refused to allow the hands to come together without bending at the elbow joints. He grunted only slightly now and again as he fought to reverse the movement of the 200 pound dumbbells from downward to up using only the marvelous strength contained in the mountainous chest muscles.

Kevin's attention moved back and forth between the two muscle shows before him as his crotch continued applauding both displays.

Mark and Bob took turns as they moved onto the preacher bench that sat only a few feet in front of where Kevin was now doing leg extensions. The men seemed to be enjoying the view of Kevin's not-too- shabby upper leg muscles contorting into bulbous cords of muscle with each lockout at the top of his movements. The work forced the hardened muscle in Kevin's inner thighs to push his own ample fabric- covered cock and balls into a high mound directly in front of their faces.

Kevin, at the same time, witnessed the astounding images of the fat fully-rounded balling of Bob's and Mark's engorged mind-blowing biceps as the enormously heavy weight forced the volume of the biceps forward against the arm-rest of the machine. Shadowed veins and deeply cut striations taunted the young viewer. Kevin's package responded even more by slowly protruding further and further with each of his leg movements.

Noting the response, Mark and Bob took turns standing behind their partner and placing their hands onto other's biceps as they contracted through each frightfully beautiful movement. Kevin could see clearly that, even with the pressure being applied by a correspondingly muscular arm, the owner's biceps were so rock hard that they refused giving permission to damage their cherished pumped volumes. Mark started opening his covering fingers during Bob's upward movement and pinching the rope sized veins causing them to jut out even more. On Bob's last set, Mark leaned over and licked the rigid ball seductively with his tongue. Kevin dared not stand up from the extension machine without it becoming apparent that his cock was now in control of his flimsy shorts.

As if to save Kevin from his own devices, the two men moved back a bit to one of the cable machines and began to work their triceps. As with the biceps warm-up, it only took a couple of sets of rope pushdowns for the horseshoe of muscles to become as largely pronounced as their brothers on the front of the arms. Roped springs of muscle cut their way through the skin running the length of the triceps to define the totality of each of the darkly etched heads with each succeeding set of push-downs. The upper back muscles on each side of the rear of the upper arm mass took on its own sharp definition as the massive backs absorbed a secondary benefit from this portion of the workout. The two guys started to rearrange the set-up so that they could do overhead triceps rope extensions.

Steve was now set to do cable chest crunches in the cable machine next to Mark and Bob. Kevin took advantage of this repositioning to move quickly to the leg curl machine behind and between both cable set-ups. Here he had a great view of all three men as they continued. Bob and Mark faced each other as they went through their sets of extensions. The heavily bellied triceps flared out on each of them and came into huge crisp sharpness as the arms straightened out almost pointing to one another. Each man locked his gaze in on that of his partner. With the second set Kevin watched as the shorts each man was wearing moved out largely and quickly in their own response to each other. By the fourth set, there was no way to deny that they each sported fully engaged erections.

Steve's pecs were virtually impossible to believe as they cut themselves into razor-sharp ribbons of muscled fibers with each crunch. They had to be at least two inches thicker in the middle than Jeff's and projected a very, very solid five to six inches out over the rocklike abdominal area. Each mound shuttered and quaked deliciously as each hand forced over two-hundred and fifty pounds of resistance into the depth of each muscle with every rep. Sweat dripped lovingly off of each nipple as it was channeled to their hardened protrusions by the meandering fan of veins that feed the demanding monsters.

All three soaked, glowing musclemen finished their last sets simultaneously.

"You guys are ready, no?" Steve shot over to Mark and Bob in his heavy accented English with a glance at their tented shorts.

"Sure are!" both men shouted excitedly at the same time. "It's been a while, this ought to be fun.!

"OK, then we get started now." Steve smiled back.

"Hey kid, you're in for a real treat today." Bob tossed to Kevin. "This'll be our way of returning the favor of your show with Jeff from last week."

Kevin returned a curious look as Bob and Mark quickly flipped off their shorts. Indeed, neither was wearing anything else and both heavily heated cocks sprang up and down in excitement as they followed the larger muscle-machine back over to a nearby flat bench. Both of the men seemed pretty equally endowed with a good 13" of fat, hard meat rigidly leading the way as they went by Kevin. Then, for the first time, he caught site of two of the most perfectly sculpted asses he had ever laid eyes upon. His gaze moved back and forth between both sets of undulating cheeks as they tightened and stretched their ridged muscles in the hypnotic rhythm of their walk.

The strength of the gluteal meat was evident in both men by the fact that their butts never looked full relaxed in any part of the movement. Deep side dimples remained visibly surrounded by laddered striations that appeared strong enough to climb. The upper parts of each ass separated widely and sharply as the "Christmas Tree" of the lower back muscles invaded their fullness. Not an ounce of loose flesh was visible in the connecting turns of the lower ass muscle into the backs of the upper legs. Kevin found himself wanting to leap from his machine and dive head-first into the inviting depths created in the middle by the enticingly rubbing masses.

All three men approached the flat bench and then, turning, beckoned Kevin to join them. Ignoring his own hard-on, Kevin jumped up and moved over to the foot of the bench where they had pointed. Bob stepped around a pulled Kevin's shorts off exposing his not- insignificant excited 10" tool. Bob briefly stroked it gently along the top as if he were petting it and smiled at the younger man. Kevin's cock responded by wagging up and down like a good, happy puppy.

Kevin's mouth fell open as Bob then unveiled Steve's cock. Kevin could see that it was already writhing with anticipated excitement as the gargantuan head seemed to, first, crawl down Steve's upper leg. Then, when it was over a foot long, it began to thicken past the 2" wide point and move up and away from the expansive leg mass. Soon, 14" of semi-erect cock arced out from the groin revealing two balls the size of Florida juice oranges. Kevin's gaze was transfixed.

At first he did not notice as Mark and Bob secured two bottles of oils from and adjacent shelf. They poured generous amounts into their hands and each began the process of massaging Steve's pecs into glowing glory. The massive amounts of meat moved heavily in their hands and spilled out solidly between their widely spaced fingers. Clearly they had done this before and were enjoying doing it again very much. Oil ran generously down each side of the abdominal muscles and the men fondled the stiff washboards to a matching glow like the pecs. Cupped hands simultaneously tweaked the large brown nipples to full arousal as Kevin stood aghast as the globed pecs stood out fully and broadly over the large hands cupped beneath them.

Four hands strongly caressed the two giant 31" arms that had been pumped hard under the heavy demands of the earlier chest workout. Finally, huge amounts of oil were applied to a pair of forearms that would have served as upper arms for almost any other bodybuilder. Kevin guessed that the upper part of the forearms must have be 24" in circumference when fully flexed.

By the time they were done, Kevin found himself staring straight on at the hot flaring head of a fully erect 15" long by 3" wide monster organ. Kevin could see the blood pounding through the giant instrument of torturous pleasure as the head pumped up and down a couple inches in it's raw powered excitement. A thick network of veins appeared to anchor this pile-driver of meat like steel reinforcing rods to the groin at the broad, solid root. Just like the man of muscle in front of him, his cock looked strong enough for Kevin to stand on without affecting it.

The intimidating tool moved down and away as Steve sat on the end on the flat bench and then launched itself into an upright pylon as he laid back on the bench. Letting his arms go wide and pushing his hands almost down to the ground, Steve's pecs, fully stretched, still carried thick arches across each side of his upper torso. The huge volumes of lat meat hung heavily well beyond each side of the supporting metal bench. Again, the arms moved up and down several times offering Kevin a new show of the pectoral's strength and thickness as they were pinched together between the ham-sized biceps and triceps.

The glistening tower of muscle brought his arms rapidly together and apart quickly several times bringing the mighty chest into fully pumped glory once again. After a couple of these weightless flies, Steve announced that he was ready and lowered his arms widely one last time. Kevin was caught by surprise as Bob tossed his bottle of oils and told him to do Steve's cock.

Having missed the catch, Kevin was even more surprised when he turned back from picking up the bottle. Steve had brought both forearms up vertical to the floor with his upper arms still outstretched. Kevin had, of course, expected that Bob and Mark were going to get a bar and load it up for Steve. However, instead both men were straddling the broadly muscled forearms. It was only then that Kevin, shockingly, surmised what they were going to do!

Each of the 320 pound "little" musclemen grabbed each of their marvelous ass cheeks with their hands and pulled them as far apart as possible. Then, gently at first, they positioned their respective sphincter holes over the waiting fists. Kevin's mouth opening shock continued as he witnessed Steve's fingers reach up and begin the process of slowly invading the waiting love tunnels. The heavily oiled digits danced playfully under each fabulously carved posterior and then, one finger at a time, slowly opened the muscle ringed doors.

Both men groaned with delight as the fourth finger rounded it's way inside and the thumb closed in right behind. Then they, too, disappeared into the hot yearning caverns with louder responding groans of passion. Kevin swore he heard the "plop" as the knuckles popped the muscles that guarded the gateway point as sounds of clear painful ecstasy emanated from both men. All too quickly, the rest of the hand and the first 4 to 5 inches of the narrow part of the forearms were gone. The resulting reaction by the two lovers was a simultaneous display of muscle undulation stimulated by sensations of pure eroticism up and down the beautifully defined cheeks of ass muscles as they merged with the heavily muscled forearms

Then, without warning, both men squatted suddenly until two-thirds of the mighty leading arm muscle was within them. They forced themselves down harder with wincing pain as, maybe, another inch of the rapidly widening muscled invaders penetrated. At this point, it was clear that the opened orifices had permitted as much girth inside as they would allow willingly. Kevin's shock turned to disbelief as the gargantuan arms suddenly turned to sharpened muscle-rock and began to move upward. The heaving chest exploded into a million strands of steel as it absorbed the challenge of lifting over 600 pounds of living impaled weight.

Groans turned into screams of mixed delight and sheer pain as the feet of the trapped slabs of breathing beef left the floor. The overworked chest crimsoned itself from striated rock to diamond hardness under the heated pressure. All three involved cocks responded by matching themselves to the look of the chest hardness and bouncing in gonad driven pumping rhythm. The forearms forced their way in, perhaps, another inch until the impalement formed a complete weld of muscle between the connected body parts. At the top of the movement, the protrusions of the tensely striated chests of the two riders smashed together as hard as any two steel dumbbells as two supremely rigid cocks crashed into rock hard lower abs. The resulting confrontation of steeled body parts to steeled body parts only increased the overall stimulation for all involved - including Kevin.

Kevin's gaze drifted down to the amazing pectoral mountains on the German Alpine giant that now stood so high as to deserve to be named. This brought the unyielding flagpole that was Steve's cock back into full view, too. Remembering the bottle, Kevin dumped a large amount of oil into his hands and attempted to wrap both of them around the flared crown. The amount of heat within its hardness was the first thing Kevin noticed. Then, as his hands moved down the unending length of the arm-thick pole, he, again, astounded himself in the sensation of the hardness of this amazing tool. The rigidity was so complete that his hands bumped heavily across a series of veins that had no space left in which to move and just stood there in rigid glory and pumping with their own hardness as blood enriched flesh consumed every micro-millimeter of space.

Steve groaned loudly under the feel of Kevin's hands attempting to manipulate his enraged cock while his chest screamed for more focus on it's need for strength. He was in his own form of heaven - as were Bob and Mark. By the third rep, the three working musclemen were equally engaged in contracting every ounce of strength out of every muscle on their inhumanly muscled bodies while heated juices stirred to readiness in their testicles. Shivers of density inducing muscle quaking flowed across and around the embedded bodies threatening to expand all the staggering muscles beyond the limits of the thinly defining skin.

Kevin felt the first rush of fulfillment as Steve's cock hardened suddenly and forcefully to the point where, even with all his considerable strength, Kevin would not have been able to move it from it's reinforced vertical position. The sense of the impending eruption rumbled from deep within the solidified monster and moved outward as dense vibrations into Kevin's hands. The rumbling intensified as the hot love lava gathered at the base and heated with explosive power. Then it shot!

It was not a load of cum, it was a fountain of cum! The thick stream would have traveled several feet into the air had it not been for Kevin's quick reactions. His open mouth caught what his face did not get as thick cum splashed painfully hard into him as he continued to stroke the throbbing 15" column. The second flow started even before the first on had ended and was delivered out from the shaft with equal force. By the time of the third eruption, Kevin was able to get his opened lips secured over the slitted end of the belching chimney. His mouth could not fully devour the extraordinarily large crimsoned head, but was able to get a good solid grip over it as he lapped up the remaining white showering.

Bob and Mark came almost at the same time sending long tubular spurts of liquid white arcing across the air at each other as the volleys splashed first on the lower abdomen of the two living weights and then downward creating the effect of snowcapped mountains on the vibrating pecs of the anal invader.

One last rep and all three men collapsed into a pile with the two "smaller" men laying in their own cum on top of the larger giant's hot, quivering pecs. Bob looked over at Kevin's as of yet unleashed rigid tool and said. "I think you may want to take that thing over to the art studio before it goes off here and ruins your chance at a posing session today.

Reluctantly, Kevin finished one last long lick of the still rigid pole he had been enjoying and headed off with his own cock stiffly refusing to go down until it got it's own milking. •

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