Pictures of Dorian's Gays, The


By John

Time to find out what our friend Kevin decides to do. Respectfully offered comments are always appreciated. The following story is part of an ongoing tale. Elements contained in this chapter are related to those in other chapters and readers may wish to explore the other chapters. This is a tale involving nudity, muscle growth and gay male sex. If these types of activities offend you, please do not choose to read it.

The debate had raged inside of Kevin's mind all day at work and through dinner at home. Usually he would have gone to the gym straight from work - but not today. Kevin had attacked his job with even more concentration than usual and didn't even pause for a break other than a quick lunch off in a corner by himself. Even the construction job superintendent had noticed how hard Kevin was working and reluctantly suggested that he slow down a bit.

Just like at the gym, a lot of the other masons on the job couldn't help but enjoy the view as Kevin hauled one heavy wheelbarrow after another over to the wall on which he was working and marveled as his hard, huge muscles glowed and budged in the shirtless bib overalls that were his summer trademark uniform.

As his body got pumped and pushed by the work to occupy more space, shirts never really lasted long so he had just stopped wearing them. Even the overalls which were intended to be baggy on an "average" worker were only overly loose fitting around the waist so he had taken to tying a bit of rope around the midsection. The result only accentuated the incredible taper of his enormous upper body and made his already oversized stone-like musculature appear even larger.

Kevin liked his work a lot and was especially happy to be in a job where, in effect, he got a constant workout all day long. He had never missed a day of work and couldn't remember the last time his body didn't have a work or workout induced pump that brought and kept his fantastic muscles as big and hard as humanly possible. He had never needed nor considered taking any kind of drugs or stimulants, his work and work ethic took the place of any need in that area

He also loved the attention he got from other crew members and from passers-by who would often be so taken by the image of muscle upon which they had stumbled that they stopped dead in their tracks. Occasionally, when he caught site of this, Kevin would purposely tense and stretch at the same time to give the viewers the rare treat of seeing just how big and defined this body of meat really was. Audible gasps as the images of pure, raw muscle exploded right in front of their eyes were not unusual at all.

There had even been a number of times when some hot looking guy would catch a glimpse of the muscle monster and Kevin, in turn, during his initial muscle show could see that there was more than just curious interest being shown. A few times this had led to some "innocent" conversation and had, on occasion, turned into a pretty good night, too.

There was no doubt that Kevin loved the feel of his own muscle and loved to feel its hardness and strength. His two hands, a good pump and a large mirror were all that Kevin really needed in order to get the desired result of a 10" hard-on whose stiffness matched the solidity of the rest of the muscle on his huge, sculpted body. It was just as much fun and equally erotic to Kevin for him to have some handsome stranger relishing the feel and quivering as he fondled the unbelievable muscle presented to him.

As warm, sweating hands traced the rigid peaks and crevasses of the severely hard flesh, it was never long before the veins that danced along his solid 10" erection were as pronounced and pulsing as the ones that wrapped around and into the feeding frenzy of blood shooting through his mighty arms, pecs, lats, legs and forearms. Swooning was a good word for the result usually experienced by the lucky participating stranger.

Kevin was particularly fond of having them stand behind him as he pumped and flexed his back and chest while minimizing the volume around his tightly etched waist. He would have them reach around at his waist and move their hands higher and higher so that they could use all their senses to experience the vastness of the muscle covering his upper body. Soon the entire arms of the participant would be involved as they tried to encircle the broad, sharp back and reach all the way around to man-handle the mountainous pecs and stimulate the erotic areas around his nipples.

The result of Kevin flexing his pecs, lats and back simultaneously into unbelievable hardness was to draw the body of the other closer into him as it clung onto the expanding rock-like statue. Kevin would feel it as the other cock was pulled into contact with his ridged glutes and would relax them just enough to let the man's rigid staff slide in between the clefted rear domes of posterior muscle. Then Kevin would flex the ass muscles tight once again trapping the protruding man-flesh painfully within.

Using a control of muscle that he had honed over time, Kevin would massage the impaled rod and sense the growing ecstasy as he increased the rhythm. Using his own hands, Kevin would lead the victim's hands to begin to service his own demanding tool as he would, then, continue the sensual muscle fondling himself in ways that he had come to know affected him the most.

Once or twice he had actually managed to bring his partner to orgasm at the same time that his cannon fired its first explosive charge. Kevin's hand always got there in time to catch as much of the hot, rich cream erupting from his own milk machine as possible and relished the feel of the other body writhing and spreading its slippery liquid over the small of his hot lower back and ass as he drank of his own manhood from his wet cupped hands.

Eventually, these pleasurable memories from the past gave way to the dilemma of the day. In today's world you just couldn't afford to trust the suggestions of a total stranger without having a series of suspicions. Yet, the images of the Michael who had unknowingly inspired him to actively pursue bodybuilding to its most glorious of limits kept pulling at Kevin as he finished the evening's dishes.

The club would be closing in half and hour. It was too late to even think of going there to do any kind of workout. So why even think of going at all? But, then again, there was the possibility to see the long lost image that had been the concept of perfect muscle to an impressionable teenage boy a decade ago.

Now, almost a half an hour later, Kevin sat in his car in a stall opposite the gym entrance. He could see the front door through the rearview mirror. There were no other cars present in the lot, only a mid-sized van. Kevin couldn't see any movement in the front of the gym but all the lights were still on. Finally he figured "What the hell"! He had come this far, it wouldn't hurt to walk in. The worse that would happen was that there would be nothing to see and no one to meet.

At first it was quiet as he entered the building. After a few seconds, Kevin heard the familiar clang of one of the weight bars on the arms of one of the pieces of equipment in the main weight room. He walked back toward the noise and, with a final deep breath, flung his shoulders proudly back and stepped into the room.

Laying prone on the flat-bench across the room was a single man. No, not a man - a mountain! Even reclined on the bench, the bulges of muscle attached to what appeared to be a human frame were unfathomable if not actually seen!

The involuntary gasp that issued from Kevin's mouth caught the ear of the other as the hands that were grasping each side of the overloaded weight bar resting on the stanchions released themselves as a head turned and lifted trying to peek above the unbelievable thickness of pec muscle to see from where the interrupting noise had come.

Unsuccessful in its first attempt to see over itself, the mass began to rise slowly. Kevin quickly became aware that he was in the presence of a human creature the likes of which had never been seen in public before. As the face finally moved into view about half way up to the vertical, he could see that it was, indeed, the face that had inspired the translation of endless tons of weight movement into muscle on the, then, small body of a teenager.

It was Michael's face! It was Michael! The face was the same - exactly the same as Kevin remembered it. But, only the face was the same, the body, the incredible memory of a body was totally different. What was once the body of an inspiring bodybuilder 10 years ago was now a vessel of gargantuan muscle - beautiful, bountiful muscle that covered every inch and, yet, did it while actually enhancing the beauty of the human male form.

Michael stood. Kevin gasped again - even louder!

"You must be Kevin." it said simply, "Pleased to met you."

Kevin stood speechless and dumbfounded. This wasn't right, it was usually Kevin who had this result on others, not the other way around.

"Mr. Chronos asked me to come talk to you." Michael went on without waiting for any other reply. "and, based on what those tight clothes already promise, I can understand why. I'm Michael."

A hand moved forward from one side of the muscle giant. Kevin instinctively reached back to meet it. The hand was warm, friendly and, obviously, strong in its clasp.

"Hi." Was all that Kevin could manage to get out of his mouth as his jaw stayed open responding to the vision before him just as so many other jaws had responded to Kevin in the past.

"You know, I used to work out right here at this gym a long time ago." Michael went on. "It's kind-a nice to be home - even if it is just for this evening."

Kevin tried to share a small smile as no words were still forthcoming.

"It's OK, kid, I guess I sort of expected this kind of reaction from you. Please don't feel frightened or anything. I promise, I'm only here to talk with you like Mr. Chronos asked. Any time you want to leave or want me to go, just say so and we'll call it a night. OK?" Michael said reassuringly.

Kevin nodded his understanding and, actually, did feel much more comforted at the sound of the words but there was no way he could bring himself to move away from this image of muscle before him right now as he continued to stand there transfixed.

Finally Kevin stuttered his first full sentence as he continued to stare with disbelief at the mound of muscle. "H-h-how did you get so big?, I mean, look at you! You're amazing! You were big, but I never remember you being nearly this big! A-a-and what does all of this have to d-d-do with me - and Mr. Chronos?"

"Have we met?" asked the giant curiously.

"No, not really, you worked out here for the first couple of months that I was here." Kevin explained. "But that was 10 years ago. And now, look at your body! B-b-but your face is the same as I remember it; j-j-just like Mr. Chronos'!"

"Yea, that's kind-a the way it is kid. That's what I'm here to tell you about. What you see is all the result of my working under the, uh, direction of Mr. Chronos. You see he takes people like me and like you sort-a under his wing and helps you, uh, maximize your potential. What you see here is the result of some10 years of special training and enhancement opportunity." The muscle-god responded while, almost automatically lifting up one arm into a bicep pose.

Kevin gasped loudly for the third time! The arm the amazing arm turned steel hard right before Kevin's eyes as it rose slowly and forcefully into a series of metal-like peaks. Veins simultaneously caressed and bound the unbelievable muscle masses of biceps and triceps together as they corded themselves into coils of strength with no apparent limits. The triceps wound themselves into hardened springs spiraling from elbow to lats in a full half-moon of muscle. The front part of the biceps, alone, was the size of Kevin's whole biceps muscle. It broke itself down into bundles that stretched and bowed out forward fully between the forearm and the front of the shoulder. The second mound of the gigantic ball of upper arm muscle split sharply away from the frontal lobe as it formed a mound so high that, in another climate, it was in danger of becoming snow-capped.

"This is some result, huh!" Michael said cocking his head toward the side of the unbelievable amount of dense beef. "Go ahead, it feels much like it looks. Go ahead! It ain't often someone offers you 31" of solid upper arm!"

Kevin reached out, pensively at first, and then, as his one hand questioningly passed the thought of unfathomable warm, pulsing, hardness into Kevin's mind, it pawed more determinedly. Then the other hand joined in to see if this thing was, indeed, as awesome as the first hand said it was. He felt the deep, sharp ridges separating each bundle and cord and could even feel the beat of the blood coursing through the cabled veins that, while numerous, added to the beauty and strength of this vision of muscle accomplishment.

Then the other arm came up to assume the mirrored position far away on the other side of the behemoth of muscle in between them. The chest, even stretched across the full width of the torso formed into two perfectly curved, breathtaking vertical hills blocking the visual passage between the two mountains of arms. As Kevin reached across to experience the sensual flavor of both upper arms at one time, his head was forced against the middle of the pectoral hills. They were as warm and hard to his cheeks as the arms were to his hands. As his face hugged the valley of the cleavage, Kevin could see and feel the divisions of muscle fibers that defined these equally strong male meat-breasts.

The smell of the musky sweat covering the hard-worked body only added all the more to the eroticism Kevin was feeling. Sensing this, Michael tensed his pecs while still holding the double biceps display. The masses of chest meat turned stone hard and pushed Kevin's head a full three inches away from the center valley bottom between them as the muscled hills became a series of smaller hills crossing horizontally from the center valley to the base of the biceps mountain ranges. Lifting his feet off of the floor, Kevin hung suspended, just as he had in yesterday's display for Dorian, like a mountain climber clinging singularly to the rock before him. Just like the real counterpart mountains, this human rock held fast and totally unyielding to the 255 pound force acting upon it.

Kevin suddenly realized that the lower portion of his body was beginning to shift outward and away from the muscle mountain from which he dangled. His own strong sex muscle reacted to the sensations he was experiencing as it pushed out against the equally solid legs. He quickly let go and caught himself up on his own feet. Kevin stepped back immediately and did his best to hide the cause for his sudden release.

The giant issued a friendly laugh.

"Don't worry, kid, I kind-a expected that response." He said glancing toward the tell-tale tenting at Kevin's midsection. "Plus, I gotta tell you, your muscle against mine felt pretty god-damned good. It feels like you've got some pretty good muscle there yourself."

"I'm sorry." Kevin still offered. "Forgive my asking, but, with a body like yours, how come we haven't seen you in any of the competitions. There's no way anyone, not even the reigning Mr. Olympia, could stand a chance next to you."

"Fair enough and, to be quite honest, I expect to be out in the public competitions very soon. That's why I have been training and preparing for almost a decade now. I imagine that the current Mr. `O' will be history pretty soon. Look, let's take care of business first." Michael moved on. "Dorian, Mr. Chronos, just wanted me to meet you and to let you know that he thinks he can do the same thing with you that he has done with me. In fact, if past experience means anything, he'll have you bigger than me in no time. That's what he wants. That's what he has done for me."

"What's the catch!" Kevin responded with a new-found sense of conviction. "There's always a catch."

"Yep, there's a catch. You're right." answered Michael openly. "You train under the direction of Mr. Chronos, and only at his place. Like me, you train just with those of us there and you don't go out into the public until he says so."

"And" Michael added "It's a 10-year renewable contract! But, what you see are the guaranteed results. Plus, I can tell you, you will want for nothing at Dorian's. The guy is loaded beyond belief and provides everything for you. It ain't the `perfect world' but if its muscle you want, its the only place to be. All you have to do is grow all the muscle you can."

"Ten years! That's a whole god-damned life time!" Kevin reacted. "And who are these `others' you mentioned."

"Well, if you join us, there will be six of us - plus Dorian and his personal staff." Michael continued. "He's a handsome man, to be sure, but he's not a bodybuilder like the rest of us. Look, it was a hard decision for me, too and, to be honest, I took a little while to adjust. But, now, well, just look at my results! How could I have passed this up.? You're looking at about 400 pounds of prime muscle!"

Michael hit the double-bi pose again and every muscle re-erupted across, around, through and in his entire body. Kevin's still excited state of sexual arousal took control once again at the sight of the sheer volume of perfected muscle before him. His loosened cotton pants ripped away from the front of his waist as his steel-hard 10"cock pushed itself into view just below the now-extended stretched waistband. For the first time Kevin noticed the taper of the enormous upper body on Michael to a waist no larger than his own. My God, Michael's chest must be way more than double his waist size!

And, then, Kevin noticed that there was a mound moving forward in front of Michael's custom-sized loose cotton training pants that promised to put Kevin's to shame. Michael tensed extra-hard one more time so that the division between muscled human and sculpture blurred and then brought both magnificent arms down so that his hands partially covered the rising of his own appendage.

"Plus, I kind-a think we may get along pretty well, too." Michael added in with surprising, obvious openness to Kevin. "Look, here's a ticket for a flight next Tuesday, first-class, of course. I'm going to leave it here with the request from Mr. Chronos that you take advantage of this opportunity. Bring what you need, he'll take care of the rest. Now, if you don't mind, I'm kinda interested in seeing what brought Dorian to you in the first place and your friend there (pointing to the still aroused cock) seems to want a little help right now - and we're alone until we lock up."

Kevin almost couldn't believe it! This paragon of muscle, the dream- man of his past was actually asking to service him! Kevin did not resist as Michael stepped in closer, reached down and starting lifting Kevin's tight tee-shirt up and over his head. As his upper body came into view, Michael smiled approvingly. Though Kevin's muscles were so much smaller, he was still quite a sight, even for this god-like muscleman. Here he was, finally, some new muscle to be had and Kevin felt like being had right now. There was no way Kevin wanted to end this part of the dream.

Michael's hands moved slowly and deliberately down the length of Kevin's arms as he dropped the shirt to the floor. He paused to take in Kevin's own 22" of bulging biceps and triceps. Kevin did his best to flex as hard as he could as the hot strong hands dug into his resisting, corded flesh. Eventually, the surveying hands wandered onto the protrusions of the inviting pecs. Michael cupped one in each hand and lifted from below as the heavy muscular volumes spilled over the top of his hands and then stiffened into their own rigidity under Kevin's flexing reaction.

The hands moved to the outside of each breasted mass and spent a scintillating amount of time ensuring that each of the wonderful, large nipples attained their own state of solid arousal before moving down over the washboard of rippling abdominal muscles by way of the crisp obliques.

Kevin pushed his own pants down off of his mid-section to the top of his upper legs finally exposing his throbbing member and large testicles to full view. Michael again smiled with an air of approval as he brought one hand to rest heavily on top of the hard, pointing tool and the other around to the twin globes of Kevin's hard, muscle- dimpled, defined posterior.

He pulled Kevin closer to him as he knelt down in front of the exposed muscleman. Lifting up one of his own amazing arms again, Michael placed Kevin's manhood on the joint between the forearm and the bicep. Then, slowly but forcibly, he began to flex his bicep and move his forearm up to the vertical position.

Kevin was speechless as Michael proceeded to capture his cock between the two sections of bulging arm muscles and then began to both flex and rock the arm at the same time. Michael was going to masturbate Kevin with his biceps! Kevin couldn't believe how awesome this was and how amazingly good it felt!

As the pressure on his dick grew to the point of ecstatic pain, Kevin reached down and tried to grab chunks of the giant's upper trapezius muscles and began to knead them as the sexual sensations increased within his embedded cock. Looking down, he watched as the bright flared head of his own cock full of trapped, hardening blood appeared and disappeared from behind the friction producing flexed rocking arm. Then he felt the other strong hand as it proceeded to force the contents of his testicles around between the messaging fingers.

Kevin's mind drifted into a whole new universe of pleasure as he could literally feel the fibers and strength of this man's amazing biceps pumping and crushing around his intensely heated, fully inflated tool. He sent pulsing, pumping signals back through his passionately aroused cock. The hardened muscle smothered it more and more with each stroke. The rhythm of the pulsing slabs of meat became mutual and then increased in pace as each part of each muscular body reacted to the other.

Kevin yelled out in unbelievable pleasure as he watched the first huge load of cum shoot out of the screaming crimson head from behind the hot hard flexed arm of passion and land large on the seat of the flat bench a few feet behind it. Then came the equally powerful second and third and fourth volley creating a sea of white man-milk on the adjacent vinyl.

When he was finally done, Michael released the sore spent prisoner and, without a pause, turned, leaned forward to the bench proceeded to lap up the still warm juices, licking the bench surface clean.

Wiping his face with a handy towel, he leaned into Kevin's face and, as the kiss ended, he whispered "I hope you decide to come, too, its' pretty important to me now."

As he walked out the door and turned toward the van, he called back to Kevin "Be sure to lock up as you leave." •

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