Pictures of Dorian's Gays, The


By John

I hope you enjoy this new story. This is the first of 10 chapters. I would like to thank a couple of good friends who have enoucraged me to post again. The following story is part of an ongoing tale. Elements contained in this chapter are related to those in other chapters and readers may wish to explore the other chapters. This is a tale involving nudity, muscle growth and gay male sex. If these types of activities offend you, please do not choose to read it. Respectfully offered comments are always appreciated.

Kevin remembered the face instantly. A man about 35 years old stood across the gym behind the check-in counter talking to the Assistant Manager. It was not a face Kevin would have ever forgotten, but it was one he had not thought of in almost 10 years. He was 14 going on 15 then and had only been working out for a few months. In fact, the last time he saw it was the last day the Michael worked out at this club. And, there was something odd about the face, too but Kevin couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Back then, Michael was the biggest and best built guy working out in the whole club. Everyone knew who he was and, in fact, though Michael didn't have any idea who Kevin was at the time, he had been Kevin's inspiration. Kevin had made a point of coming in to work out when he knew Michael would be in the gym. Everyone came to see Michael go through his routine; straight, gay, guys, girls all watching as his perfectly sculpted body took on and conquered every weight and machine in the room.

Kevin was no exception. Michael had to have been in his mid-twenties then. About the same age Kevin was now, and Kevin had been a young, impressionable teenager. Kevin remembered how he used to try to maneuver his workout so that he would be only one or two stations away from whatever Michael was doing. Not too close, not too far. Just close enough to be able to see how whatever huge muscle Michael was working flexed and glowed unimaginably huge and hard with each heavy forced rep. Even now, after all these years, the images of the pulsing muscles on Michael, turned red hot with blood and prism sharp from years of pushing for size, came back clear and vivid in Kevin's mind.

Just the thought sent unexpected quivers into Kevin's groin as he, today, went through his own form of self-induced torture against the same heavy weights that had once turned Michael from a mere man into a teenage boy's vision of invincible manliness.

Now, a decade later, it was Kevin who had become the object of foremost attention in the gym when he came to work out. As sweat continued to pour through his thin skin and turned the glory of his own accomplishments in muscle sharp with the watery glow covering his just-legally clothed body, Kevin knew that there were those here today who were positioning themselves to marvel in the spectacle that was his body.

And the man from the past at the counter was no exception. Kevin had noticed how he kept looking over as he continued his conversation with the manager.

Kevin decided to give this guy the show that he obviously wanted to see. Moving over to the cable machine, Kevin slowly drew out the pin on one side and made a point of exaggerating his bending motion, almost into a "moon-pose" as he reset the pin near the bottom of the stack. He went over to the other post and did the same thing. Stepping into the center of the machine, he reached up to the wide- grip chinning bar overhead with each arm and bent his lower legs back so that he just hung there. The very, very skimpy muscle shirt let his viewer get a good glimpse of Kevin's flaring "V" shape as his lats burst out to each side and dove into his trim 30" waist.

Kevin's arms tensed slowly as he began to pull himself upward. His biceps ballooned to their full 22" as he drew his chin closer to the bar above him. The hour he had already spent at the gym had pumped most of his perfect muscles full. Veins danced across the biceps and the meat swelled into solid definition as his upper arms became parallel to the floor. The biceps rose up and split into their double-lined peaks. A similar web of crisp veins were pushed visibly to the surface of the voluminous crescents of lat muscles as the ribbed lines of their volumes assumed the brunt of the burden of carrying all 255 pounds of dense meat and bone upward to where his head was completely above the upper horizontal chinning bar.

A wide space formed between the bottom of the way-too-short excuse for a shirt and the top of the way-too-tight shorts just above the crotch. Even fully stretched, his abdominal muscles still carried clear convex curvatures and fell into sharply defined lines between each pair. For all his weight and size, Kevin carried no signs of a drug-induced bulging midsection. It was small, tight and hard - all the time. Drugs were not something he desired. Genetics had given him a unique gift and he used it to the max.

Hard, pointed nipples pinched each side of the sleeveless jersey as the massive, rounded chest pushed up against the fabric that now stretched much too tightly and began to tear around the 55" of unyielding upper body muscle. A deep dark shadow forming a dark line of cleavage hinted at the thickness of the pec-meat under the tearing cloth.

Kevin held himself at the top of the pull-up for what seemed like an eternity. His strength showed no sign of giving in to the enormous demands of gravity on his heavily sculpted body. Crunching his abs just a bit, Kevin offered the final flaunting of this act to the now gazing guest visitor from the past. As he did this, his pelvis rotated forward slightly revealing the very full, overly large mound at the front of the shorts that even the strength of the material could not hold back. It was Kevin's way of saying "Yes, you get all this muscle and so much more!"

He let himself down with the same control he had used when he began the pull-up. As the oversized muscles stretched out to their full length again, they held their thickness. The "V" of the back became a "C" turned on its side as the lats showed their full bulbous glory. Letting his feet back down on the floor, Kevin released the bar and looked forward as his mammoth arms came down toward each side. The mass of honed muscle would not permit the arms to hang vertically.

The man was no longer talking to the manager, he was just watching Kevin. No attempt was being made by him to even disguise the direct visual contact. Kevin smile wryly to himself and reached out for "act two".

Each hand grasped one of the steel handles on either side of the cable machine. Standing fully erect with the hands held up about even with his navel, Kevin locked each arm perfectly straight as he brought both hands together in front of his body. As he did this, and with his hands below the bottom of his chest, the pecs began to fulfill the promise they had offered at the top of the pull-up. Each mound formed into a deep dense large half ball of muscle.

Then, as the hands came closer together , the balls split into a series of razor sharp rounded horizontal shadowed lines as the solid fibrous muscles turned into stepped rocks. The trench between the two mounds became a valley whose depth could only be fathomed by looking at the inverted curved "V" shaped shadow on top of the lowest point of the tattered shirt fabric below. Once the hands were touching and could go no further, Kevin gave one last, long clench as fiber crossing veins were forced into the skin from within the unforgiving density of the human meat below.

Even though he felt as if his pecs were going to be ripped right off of his amazing body by the massive amount of weight working against them, Kevin would not permit himself to show any sign of strain on his face as he let the weight perform a perfect, slow negative rep across his blood engorged chest. The striations remained sharp and clear through the entire stretching motion. Then, as the weights were just about to rejoin the few that had not been part of this demonstration, Kevin smiled openly and began to bend each lower arm back toward him.

The biceps sprung into instant action as he moved into a spread-eagle curl. The masses rounded into full balls and split, first once across the front middle of each belly and, then, as they grew ever higher, yet again as the smaller, upper peak pushed the mass of hardened muscle ever higher. The hands moved closer to the side of each ear until the thickness of the forearm muscle blocked the hardened bicep balls from bringing the hands any closer to his head.

By now, most of those in the gym had stopped their own pitiful weightlifting endeavors and just stared in awe at the wonder before them. Several of the men had had to leave the workout room out of fear as cocks reacted to the vision before them. Kevin had taped his arms at a solid 22" just yesterday but now even he would have to swear that they were probably pushed over that mark in their current dazzling display of human accomplishment.

The return movement was as slow and controlled as the others had been. The veins that had become so prominent during the contraction phase of the movement, remained pumping and hard on the surface even as the muscle gave back some space for them.

The show being over, Kevin simply picked up his towel without a second glance toward the front desk and headed off to the locker room. Many eyes followed as the monolithic muscle star headed off without a final bow to his adoring fans.

The remnants of what he called a shirt was so wet and clinging that Kevin simply ripped the remaining fabric from his upper torso as he entered the locker room and tossed it in one of the waste cans as he passed. He gave himself a side glance in the mirrors as he passed the length of counters along one wall on his way to his locker. He was fully pumped and it showed. Kevin literally glowed with spectacular naturally earned strength and vitality. He slowed his pace a bit as he clenched his fist on the mirrored side of his body and constricted his chest muscles at the same time. The meat of the back, arms and pecs sprang back into action once again as they inflated sharply and cut themselves into an uncountable number of ridged lines and separations.

Kevin looked huge as all 255 pounds of defined meat on his 5'-10" frame seemed to fill the passing mirrors. The main ball of the chest stood out almost 3" beyond the front peak of the rounded bent bicep beside it. The triceps arched back full and half-moon round as the inflated lats pushed back against them. The waist was still as small and tight as ever and the swinging leg muscles made sure that the bulge in the tight shorts stayed way out in front of their massiveness.

One last crunch as he twisted his upper body slightly toward the last of the mirrors made Kevin feel as powerful on the inside as he looked on the outside. He turned down into the adjacent bay of lockers, opened his, and yanked off of the shorts in one fluid motion. Finally freed, the ample cock bounced up forming a long soft arch over the oversized testicles. Kevin was gifted genetically in more ways than one. The semi-soft piece of maleness laid almost 7" long and over an inch across as the larger head bounced playfully at the end off the top of his balls as Kevin strode into a nearby shower and yanked the curtain shut behind him.

Warm water caressed his body and the wet, slippery soap let his hands languish over the hardness of the only-slightly yielding hot muscle meat under the smooth tight skin. Kevin had enjoyed the show just as much himself as he liked to believe the gazing guest did. His muscles were enough to impress anyone, and that included Kevin himself. He loved the feel of their pumped, primed hardness. He lingered over the movement of the massive parts of maleness as his strong hands lifted the thickness of the pecs and lats and triceps while he showered.

The thoughts of the image of himself in the mirrors as he passed and those of the images he must have left the viewers with during the unexpected muscle-show excited him. His cock began to respond to the combination of the thoughts and sensations of his own muscle self- fondling. It had been at least three days since his last release and his cock wanted to be serviced. Before too long, the head was point obstinately back at the hard spray of water from the shower nozzle.

Kevin turned the water on full force and stepped back just enough so that the rigidly pointing 10" monster was subjected to the heaviest of the water pressure attack. Needles of water stabbed at the bright red crown and pelted the rock-like shaft as they tried to beat the man-spear into submission. Kevin let the water continue the erotic assault on his manhood as his hands kneaded and attacked the other hard volumes of the muscle meat on his body that had been won through years of gravity defeating efforts.

The heat of the sharp water gave way to the heat of the physical passion. Kevin could feel the internal vibration of the creams stirring inside his gonads as lust took control of his mind and body. It would not be long now, he could feel the flow of heat from his crotch into the steel-like projectile shaft.

And it wasn't long! The force of the first volley of cum flew thick, hard and white up against the driving current of water for several inches. As the second shot erupted with equal force, it was met by the first as it was thrown back onto the still pulsing hard cock head. The rigid pole pumped several more loads as the water forced the cream to turn the head a translucent white. With one hand he wrapped the thumb and forefinger around the top of the shaft and lifted off a large globule of the man-serum. He loved the taste of his own salted sweetness and licked his hand clean. Then he was able to get one more tasting before the force of the shower had re-cleaned the still hard rod.

Suddenly the curtain was flung back and the voice of the assistant manager startled Kevin with its sudden unexpected intrusion.

"Sorry, Kevin, but there's a guy here who needs to meet you right now".

With that, the face of the visitor from the past became visible over the shoulder of the assistant manager.

"Just who the hell do you think you are to just barge into my shower!" Shouted the shocked muscle man.

"I'm the Owner of this club, Kevin, and" with a stare down to the shiny, still rigid cock he continued "I wouldn't call what you are doing right now something that falls within our accepted rules or policies."

"Don't tell me you've been watching the showers regularly, too!" retorted the embarrassed man.

"Oh, yes, you'd be surprised how much trouble we could get in to if we didn't make sure that everything was prim and proper in our operation." Responded the owner. "Come on out now. It's OK, I just need to talk to you for a moment."

Kevin grabbed his towel off the hook and tried to fling it around his wet waist but the prodigiously hard cock caught the cloth and insisted on remaining exposed.

"It's OK, don't worry about the towel. Frankly, with a body and member like yours, it's a pity to cover it up with anything." Reassured the man.

Ignoring the towel, Kevin went right for the first question that came to mind as his cock began to undergo its return to a semi-flaccid state.

"If you're the owner, how come I never see you here?"

"I own a lot of things Kevin. To me this is just another piece of the portfolio." He responded. "None-the-less, this is an important piece to me. And you are an important part of that piece. By the way, my name is Dorian, Dorian Chronos."

A hand came out and Kevin responded by shaking it more out of a reflex action than anything. He cast his eyes up and down the aisle. There didn't seem to be anyone else around.

"Don't worry, its just the three of us and my assistant will be leaving now to make sure we aren't disturbed for a few minutes if that is all right with you?" Mr. Chronos asked.

The assistant manager gave a reassuring nod to Kevin. Having known him to be an honorable man for all these years, Kevin nodded back toward Mr. Chronos and the assistant turned and walked out of the locker room. There was a discernible click as the door was locked from the outside.

"What is it you want?" Kevin asked as his second question.

"I want to help you. I want to help you in your quest to grow bigger and stronger than you can ever have imagined." Dorian responded.

"If your some kind of pusher, I don't do drugs!" Kevin reacted with instant defensiveness. "What you see I'm proud of all 255 pounds, and I did it the hard way."

"Don't get too reactive, Kevin, all I am asking is for you to let me show you how I have helped others make the gains they only dreamed about. The assistant manager has told me about you and, someone like you, with your natural talents and unflinching drive comes along very rarely. I like to help people like you. It's been a long time since anyone with your potential has been here and I just want to let you see what is possible. If you have no interest after that, then so be it. Just ask yourself if you can walk away from a promise of enduring muscle well beyond your current accomplishments."

"You mean Michael, don't you?" Kevin shot back. He noted a brief glimpse of surprise in the eyes of Mr. Chronos.

"Yes, Michael was the last one like you here. I didn't realize you knew him, Kevin."

"I didn't. I just knew of him." Kevin responded.

"Well, if you will come by my place, maybe you would finally like to meet him. In fact, I want make a point of having him available. You can see what he has accomplished and, maybe, that will help you understand that my offer is real."

"I don't think that's a good idea." Kevin said assertively.

Without showing any sign of giving up, Dorian placed his second offer on the table.

"I understand your feelings, Kevin." He responded. "Tell you what, you be in the gym tomorrow at closing time. I will send Michael here. If you don't want to here anything else after you see him tomorrow then that's that. If you don't want any part of it anyway, then you just have to not be here at closing tomorrow.

With that, the visitor turned to leave. He knocked on the door and Kevin heard the click as the lock was undone. Just as Dorian's hand reached the knob, Kevin figured out what had been troubling him about Mr. Chronos.

"You haven't changed!' He blurted out.

"Huh," responded Dorian stopping where he was.

"You look as if you haven't aged in the ten years since I saw you on the last day Michael worked out here."

"Well," retorted the owner, "I guess I have just had the good fortune to have the right kind of genetics to help me along, too.

With that he left. After a few more minutes, the naked muscleman tried to shake his head clear. It was all as if it had been a dream, but it had been real. He changed quickly and headed out as fast as he could.

As he left, Kevin thought to himself that maybe tomorrow would be a good day to take off from working out. •

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