Testos Four

More Tests for Eric


By Aaron Strong

We awoke this morning, day two of our trip to Testos Four, and dressed into our uniforms. After a leisurely breakfast (I couldn't believe how much food Ensign Armstrong consumed!), we returned to the lab area and resumed some strength tests. I wanted to do a few more tests on Eric's leg strength, which I had determined (with yesterday's tests) to be far beyond what could seemingly be possible for a human man.

I had Eric strip down to his posing trunks once again, and told him to put on a pair of athletic shoes. I replicated a leg-press machine which I calibrated to handle weights exceeding 5,000 pounds. I decided to replicate the actual weights, rather than use the computer to simulate the resistance, mainly because I wanted to see those powerful columns of muscle actually move the mass.

Eric sat down in the leg-press machine. His back leaned backwards at a 45 degree angle, and his legs were positioned to press upward against the foot pad at a 45 degree angle, leaving his body in a sitting 90 degree angle. His head was against the wall.

His legs were the hugest masses of striated muscle I could ever remember seeing. The twin blocks of granite looked surreal as they mushroomed down from his 29 inch waist. His upper body was no less astounding as he sat in the machine, readying himself for the strength test.

"Let's start with 2,000 pounds," I said.

"Aye sir," he said. He took two large breaths and easily pumped out ten reps. No problem.

I increased the weight to 3,000 pounds, and the computer replicated the additional steel. The machine looked massive because the metal required to make 3,000 pounds took up a huge amount of room. Eric pressed out ten reps easily.

"Eric, what is your one-rep maximum?" I asked.

He paused for a second, then said "I have pressed out just under 5,000 pounds, sir. My goal is to reach 5,000," he said.

"Well, let's see if we can get you to that goal this morning," I grinned.

"Aye sir," he smiled back. He had an aire of confidence that just blew me away. In his mind, there was no question that he would be able to reach his goal.

I entered the new weight into the computer, and more weight materialized on the machine. The huge mound of steel seemed to take up the whole room! The computer display read 5,000 pounds.

"O.K., ensign. Whenever you're ready," I said.

Eric said nothing. He closed his eyes and concentrated for a few seconds. Then he took four or five very deep breaths, his ballooning chest rising and falling. He tightened his grip on his hand rests and his arms bulged with freaky lumps of muscle. He flexed his bent legs a few times, rippling the huge meat which comprised his quads. Then he closed his eyes again, took one more deep breath, and began to press. His face turned red. His legs grew. His arms tightened. He moved the weight up an inch. Then another. His white shoes compressed under the weight.

He blew out all of his air, then gasped in another breath. He moved it another inch. Then he blew it out again, pressing up the weight another inch or two. His legs quivered. His hands turned white as he squeezed the grip. The blood vessels on his arms stuck out like narrow ropes sitting on top of the muscles. He started panting uncontrollably. He moved his head to one side, then to the other, pushing, pressing, panting. The weight moved extremely slowly, forcing the huge ensign to use all of his strength against it. It seemed impossible, but he WAS moving it! His powerful legs rippled with waves of screaming muscle, fighting against the steel.

Uncontrollably, I started cumming in my pants as I watched the Hercules push unheard-of poundages of iron.

His forehead beaded up with tiny dots of sweat. Still he pressed harder. The striated muscles of his quads rippled and bulged as they strained against the unbelievable weight. 5,000 pounds! Two and a half tons! The metal creaked as it moved.

The weight moved up farther, now about half way to the top of his rep. "Aaaahhhhhhr!" Eric yelled. The huge pile of steel moved farther. "Psssshhhhh, pshhhhhhhhhhspt, pssssshhhhspt!" he panted. Finally, the 5,000 pounds of weight moved more. Eric extended his legs until they were straight. He locked his knees for just a second, panting violently. Then he slowly bent them, lowering the weight in a controlled, laborious decent. The iron creaked and moaned again.

I pressed on my jerking penis, milking the last of my juice out of my rock-hard testicles.

His legs buckled slightly as he lowered the weight, but he regained control and brought the weight all the way down slowly, enjoying all the muscle-building benefits of the negative rep.

"Five thousand pounds, ensign!" I said. "Unbelievable!"

Eric smiled as he wiped the sweat from his red face. His whole body was wet. He removed his feet from the pad, spreading his legs wide so he could extend them. His massive columns of leg muscle were spread-eagle, up in the air, resting his feet on the weights, inviting a fantastic view of his crotch and genitals, which were covered in a small dark-blue posing strap. His meat and balls were barely contained by the thin fabric, and their outline was erotically obvious. The ensign breathed hard as he cooled down. His mammoth quads were pumped to their fullest size. A detailed network of blood vessels nourished his legs, and fed my eyes with a muscle show to end all muscle shows.

He wiped his body down with a towel, and I allowed my eyes to feast on the view.

"According to my research, ensign, that effort was a human record." I said. "No man, even another PBS, has ever leg-pressed over 4,500 pounds!"

He grinned, then flexed his biceps, showing off his strength like a little boy bragging.

"Ensign, I would like to have you do a few more reps, with a lower weight," I said. "I want to do a tactile test on you. I would like to feel your quads and hamstrings while you do some leg presses. I can use the information I gather to determine the effect your muscles might have on the Testones when they feel them."

The ensign smiled and reassumed the leg-press position. I lowered the weight to 3,000 pounds and allowed him to cool down for a few more minutes. While he cooled, I removed my clothes. My milk-stained briefs stuck to my cock hair as I pulled the fabric down. I was now totally nude. My cock had quickly recovered from my orgasm, and had already become semi- erect again. "This will allow us to measure your effect on me as I feel your muscles," I smiled.

Eric smiled back. "Sir, do you want me to remove my trunks as well? So we can determine any residual effect on myself?"

"Why, yes ensign. That's a good idea," I said.

The ensign reached down and effortlessly tore the fabric from his waist. He bucked his hips just a bit and pulled his trunks out from under his butt and threw them to the side. We were both nude. Ensign Armstrong's cock was also semi erect, and getting harder.

I bent down and put one hand on Eric's quad and the other hand underneath, on his hamstring. The hot mass of muscle was mind-boggling. My hands couldn't comprehend what they were feeling. My cock grew to full erection, precum dribbled down the head.

I nodded to Eric, and he began pressing. His legs hardened, and my hands felt the muscles turn to mounds of granite. He pressed up the weight, moving it easily. His muscles moved under my fingers in a symphony of power and grace. He smiled as he saw my face go white. My hands trembled as they experienced the awesome power. Immediately, my cock began to spew long strings of milk onto Eric's abs. He lifted one hand and slowly wrapped his fingers around my dancing cock and squeezed down on it, forcing more cum onto his muscular torso, while he finished extending his legs. Slowly, while he milked me, he lowered the weight, his legs tantalizing my hands once again. I squirted harder, closing my eyes and opening my mouth in uncontrollable satisfaction. Eric pressed again, lifting the weight, rippling his legs. He repeated fifteen slow reps, pushing on my cock, while I filled his abs with glistening semen. He grinned a sly grin while he emptied my body of fluid and strength. I was at his mercy. He was totally in control of me as he demonstrated his supreme strength.

He finished his reps and relaxed his legs once again, extending them up over the footplate.

I looked down at his fully-erect cock. It snaked up past his navel, resting on his washboard, which was slimy with my milk. The thick meat throbbed with his every heartbeat. It called to me for stimulation, inviting my fingers to touch it. Eric could see what I was thinking, and he smiled.

I grabbed his balls and squeezed them. They were huge, yet loose in his sacs. I toyed with them, moving them around in his scrotum, pulling and tugging them, pushing and squeezing them. The tennis balls were hard as rocks. There was no hair, just warm, soft skin covering two huge nuts. My hand found its way onto his cock, and I began to tease it, pulling the skin away from the steel meat underneath. I tickled it and pressed on the bulbous ridge that ran its length. Soon my fingers were caressing the pre-cum drenched helmet. I ran my fingertip around the ridge of the cut, giving the ensign a scintillating tease. He closed his eyes and froze.

"Ensign, I would like to you do some more reps, but this time I want to test your concentration," I said. "Let's go for fifteen more reps, but wait until I say go."

"Aye sir," he said.

I moved one arm over his torso and placed it on the far side of him, supporting my hand next to him. Then I pressed my close hand next to the near side of his waist and moved my feet onto the wall behind him, doing a handstand, with my feet on the wall and my hands on the outsides of his waist. My large, muscular arms easily supported my weight. I spread my legs slightly and lowered my body just a bit. My erect cock met his face, as his met my face. I slowly started kissing his throbbing penis, while I forced my stiff member into his mouth. It was a handstand 69.

Eric moaned as my member filled his oral cavity. Immediately he began to suck it, treating it to sensual pleasures with his muscular tongue. I inserted his cock into my mouth and did the same for him, spinning my tongue slowly around his helmet and extending it down the side of his rod. His dick was so huge and thick that I nearly had to unlock my jawbone in order to contain it. I moved my mouth lower and nearly gagged on the meat. It was so warm, so hard.

We both moaned as we ate each other. My arms were bent, but my triceps easily handled my body weight. I was grateful for my muscular conditioning, along with the Testone testosterone in my body, which increased my arm strength to be what the average human man's legs would possess. I slowly lowered and lifted my body, moving my mouth up and down on the ensign's cock, and likewise moving my cock in and out of his mouth.

We sucked and tickled each other for a few minutes. Then I lifted my head and said "Now, ensign." Immediately, I placed my mouth back on his dick and resumed the meal.

Eric moved his feet onto the pad, nearly crushing my head between his gargantuan quads. But he kept his feet spread far enough apart so that it wouldn't hurt me. I felt the hard muscle ripple against my ears, bulging to press hard against the sides of my head. The weight started moving as his legs extended. I continued sucking. He continued sucking. I could feel his body tighten as he forced the weight up. His mouth clamped around my cock as he strained. His quads moved up, folding my ears up as his massive legs moved. Then, he extended his legs all the way, and my earlobes flopped down as his quads moved off my head. We both continued sucking. My cock was filling with tingling semen again as I experienced his awesome strength.

I began to empty my jizz into his mouth. He moaned, keeping his legs extended as his mouth milked me. I worked his cock harder, stimulating his rod with advanced Testone techniques.

Eric slowly lowered the weight, crushing my head once again. But it was so pleasurable! My head became enveloped in his power, tightly contained between his huge, warm quads, and I shot my semen hard into his mouth. Eric pushed up again, and extended his legs for the second rep.

On the fifth rep, his cock became unbelievably hard and his helmet ballooned and became a solid rock. I could tell he was going to blow. He lowered the rep and paused. He moaned. I was still squirting into this mouth, my milky semen slowly slithering down his throat, his muscular neck bulging with each swallow.

Eric started his sixth rep. His cock head hardened. He moaned loudly. As he got to the top of the rep his penis exploded with a volley of pulses, filling my mouth with his semen. The tart, almost acidy milk burst from his hole, quickly ballooning my cheeks. It fizzed inside my mouth, filling me with effervescent sperm. I couldn't contain it all, no matter how hard I swallowed (and I was gulping ferociously). The excess began to dribble from my lips and coat the sides of his cock. Eric groaned loudly and tightened his lips around my cock. He sucked HARD, nearly painfully.

His whole body jerked violently.

Finally, he began to lower the weight again. His cock kept throbbing. Mine had long finished. He pushed out five or six more reps as he completed his orgasm. His power was astounding. I couldn't believe that a man could do this while ejaculating!

He rested the weight and I finished swallowing the last of his sperm. I slowly straightened my arms and his stiff rod popped out of my mouth and slapped against his abs. I moved out of the handstand and sat next to my muscular ensign. We both breathed hard. He nursed his penis, forcing every last drop out his hole with his fingers.

"You passed that test with flying colors, ensign," I said. "That you could continue your reps while ejaculating is nothing short of phenomenal."

"Thank you, sir," he said. "I am happy to demonstrate my strength for you whenever you wish, sir."

We basked in the afterglow for a few minutes.

Then, a signal sounded. "Incoming communication, sir," Eric immediately noted. "Shall I go to the cockpit and answer it?"

"No, ensign," I said as I got up. "I'll get it."

I walked to the cockpit without getting dressed. The panel told me it was a video transmission, so I quickly programmed the computer to simulate a uniform on my body for the video picture.

"Starbase 444 to shuttle Aurora. Come in, please," the speaker announced.

"This is the Aurora. Commander Mitchell here," I answered. The screen lit with the image of Admiral Newman. He was a young, muscular man. Some thought he was too young to be an admiral, but I always enjoyed talking to him, and looking at him. He and I had developed a friendship. His thick neck turned me on as his image, a head shot, filled my screen.

"Commander, it's good to see you," he said.

"Likewise, admiral."

"Raexis, I have a little change of plans for you," he said.


"Well, it seems that the doctor who genetically engineered your Ensign Armstrong has contacted us," the admiral said. "When he found out that Armstrong was going to represent humans on Testos Four, the doctor wanted to see me."

"What about?" I asked.

"It's a long story, but I'll do my best to make it short and sweet. When Armstrong was three years old, the doctor– his name is Dr. Adam Gaylord– he came up with a new genetic formula for an improved, stronger PBS. He incubated and grew the new baby, raising him secretly as his own son. Apparently, Dr. Gaylord took his son to Vulcan and raised him there, keeping him secluded, and training him in strength and discipline. According to Dr. Gaylord, this son of his is 25% stronger than Ensign Armstrong. In addition, his son was engineered with some additional pheromones and physical traits that Starfleet believes will prove to be quite amazing to the Testones."

"Stronger than Armstrong?" I said. "Sir, I find that difficult to believe. I have just completed some tests on Armstrong, and the results are nothing short of astounding!"

"Be that as it may," the admiral said, "I have met Dr. Gaylord's son and have run a few of my own tests this morning. If you think Armstrong is astounding, wait until you meet this kid!"


"As I said, he is three years younger than Armstrong, so that makes him only 18 years old," Newman said. "And I think you'll be a little surprised at his stature. He is every bit as big as Ensign Armstrong."

"But why did Dr. Gaylord keep this guy a secret?"

"Evidently he didn't want to expose his boy to the obvious distractions of being such a specimen. You know, the constant tests and endless interviews with the media. Besides, he felt that the added discipline of being raised among Vulcans would give his son a big advantage over people raised in a strictly human culture."

"I see," I said. Admiral Newman could see my hesitation and reluctance. I had become extremely obsessed with Eric, and I was unwilling to admit that someone could best him, in any area. Especially physical strength.

"Raexis, I know you have probably developed a special relationship with Ensign Armstrong, even in this short amount of time. I know that when I met him, I found him to be quite... well, quite... compelling."

"That's correct, sir," I said.

"But I want you to give this boy a chance. Let him come on board, with Dr. Gaylord. Do some of your own tests on the way to Testos Four. If he doesn't measure up to your standards, then Ensign Armstrong can continue with the mission. But if he ends up being as good as his father insists he is, then I want him to be the one to go. And I want to be clear here. I want only ONE of them to go on this mission. I don't want a diplomatic mess on my hands. We agreed to present only one PBS to the Testones at this time. I don't know how they will react if we send them two."

"I understand, sir," I said.

"Commander, you have my full confidence here. The final decision will rest with you," he said.

"Yes sir. Thank you sir."

"Good," he smiled. "The doctor's shuttle left this Starbase a few minutes ago. They're heading to rendezvous with you at full warp. Here are the coordinates." The computer confirmed the coordinates as the admiral transmitted them. "You should rendezvous with them in about two hours."

"Aye sir," I responded.

"Good luck, Raexis," Admiral Newman said. The screen darkened and the transmission ended.

I closed the channel and walked back to the lab/crew quarters. My stomach leapt with lust as I laid eyes on Eric once again. His body was intoxicating. Eric was doing some one-arm handstand pushups. I watched him. He switched arms and pumped his body up and down, pressing out 25 easy reps. "I wanted to keep my arms pumped," he said as he stood up. "What was the communication about sir?" He could sense something was wrong.

I explained everything to him. I tried to measure his response, especially when I mentioned that this kid was supposed to be 25% stronger than he was. The ensign was hard to read. I couldn't tell if he was intrigued, or intimidate, or puzzled.

"I kind of expected something like this from him," Eric said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Oh. Nothing sir."

"Do you know Dr. Gaylord very well?" I asked.

"Well, sir," Eric said. "He visited my home on Earth regularly while I was growing up. He was a great man. He's the one I told you about earlier, who said my blood might be white with testosterone and semen." He grinned a little. "I have great respect for him."

"Tell me, ensign," I queried. "Did Dr. Gaylord ever help you deal with your need to expire your semen?"

Eric grinned just a bit and said "Well, yes sir. In fact he... he first showed me some masturbation techniques, when I was eight years old."


"I matured at a pretty fast rate. When I was ten, I weighed 160 pounds and was just under 5 feet 7 inches. I remember when the doctor came and examined me on my eighth birthday. He looked very closely at my genitals, which were by then showing development more close to a 15 year-old. He kept holding on to them. I remember that his hand felt very good. It made my penis tingle. I had never felt that before. After he held and touched it for a few minutes I had a very stiff erection." The corners of Eric's mouth turned up just a bit as he reminisced.

"He pressed on it," Eric continued. "And that felt VERY good. I remember grabbing onto his wrist and holding his hand there, making him touch it more. His hand was very strong, and his fingers were muscular. He pushed on it, and with his other hand he started to touch my testicles. He liked to squeeze them pretty hard. I remember looking into his eyes while he did it. He seemed to enjoy feeling how hard my nuts were. Our eyes kinda locked onto each other. He could tell that I liked what he was doing. After a few minutes I began to squirt. It felt SO good. He had an amazing touch."

Eric moved his hands onto his growing cock (he was still naked, as was I). "Like this," he said. He began to lightly press the tips of his fingers against his now erect cock. "Even now, I love to use this pressing method sometimes." He continued to press, rocking his extended fingers. He brought his other hand to his balls and began crushing them with his grip. His forearm bulged with muscle as his fingers grinded his rocks. His body tightened into slabs of rock. He closed his eyes briefly, and soon his cock throbbed with bursts of cum. The milk sprayed into the air and landed a few yards away. His muscles rippled as he milked himself.

My cock rose into the air and I began to ejaculate at this tremendous sight. Eric's sensuality and virility was overwhelming. His muscular body was irresistible.

We both shot our loads together, then ordered the computer to clean up the mess.

"After that first visit," Eric said as he licked his finger, "Dr. Gaylord always made sure to masturbate me whenever he visited. I came to look forward to his visits. He always treated me to a new technique on each visit. I even fucked him a few times. As I got older, into my teens, my parents took me to Vulcan for our visits. I got pretty acquainted with his laboratory there. He had lots of computer equipment and exercise stuff there."

We changed into our uniforms and prepared for the arrival of our guests.

At the appointed time, we rendezvoused with Dr. Gaylord's ship. The shuttles docked together. I touched the door controls and it opened. On the other side stood Dr. Gaylord. He was about 6 feet 2 inches. He looked to be in his 50's, and he had white/silver hair. But he was in great shape. He was alone.

"Dr. Gaylord, I am Commander Raexis Mitchell. Welcome aboard," I said.

We shook hands and then I said. "I believe you know Ensign Armstrong."

"Eric," Gaylord smiled. The two shook hands. Eric's face was friendly, but I could tell he was hesitant. Eric's grip dwarfed the doctor's hand. "Just as strong as ever, I see." The doctor said as he grasped Eric's grip with both hands. His eyes checked out Eric's body. "Eric, you look much... quite a bit actually... well, larger... than when I last examined you." His eyes showed surprise.

"Yes, sir," Eric answered. "I've been working out." Eric smiled a huge, dimpled grin, and the three of us laughed.

"Sir," I said. "Is your son coming aboard?"

"Yes, of course," he said. "He's coming. He's getting dressed. Didn't want to make a bad first impression. You know how teenagers can be." The doctor laughed loudly.

Just then, the door was darkened with a fucking huge figure.

"Gentlemen," Dr. Gaylord said. "This is my son, Thor." •

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