Testos Four

Ensign Armstrong meets Thor


By Aaron Strong

Thor took a few steps forward and his body was immersed in light. He was about the same height as Eric, and looked to be slightly thicker and more muscular. His neck was fucking huge! He had a blonde flattop, but his other features were nearly identical to Eric. He wore a loose- fitting, short-sleved white shirt that buttoned down the front, and black pants that hugged his gargantuan quads. His face had a stoic expression, emotionless. If anyone could intimidate my huge ensign, it would be this guy. He was scary, he was so big. And his serious expression put both of us at unease. However, in spite of his intimidating appearance, I was incredibly attracted to Thor. One of my first thoughts was what it might be like to be in bed with this guy. He was overwhelmingly attractive, powerful and gorgeous.

"Thor is the same height as Eric, but he weighs 500 pounds of solid muscle," Dr. Gaylord began. "I call him my quarter-ton unit." Gaylord smiled, but his humor was lost on us. Thor remained motionless, almost like an android, waiting for instructions. His eyes were fixed straight ahead. "I used the same genetics for Thor as I used for Eric," Gaylord continued. "Except for a few minor adjustments. That's why the two men look so similar. But I think you'll find that Thor is stronger than Eric, and more desirable to those Testones of yours, commander. His muscle density is markedly higher than Eric's, making him vastly more powerful than Eric."

Thor glanced briefly at Eric, hardly acknowledging his presence, then he resumed his straight-ahead gaze.

"Thor, this is Commander Mitchell," Gaylord said. Thor glanced at me and nodded his head. He extended his hand and we shook. His hand was very warm and hard. He was gentle with me, though.

"And this is Ensign Eric Armstrong," Gaylord said. "Eric, meet your 'little' brother," Gaylord grinned. Thor moved toward Eric and the two began to shake hands. Immediately, the handshake turned into a contest. Even through the two men's shirt fabric, I could see their arms tighten. Their faces hardened. They stared at each other as they squeezed their grips into two inhuman vises. Thor was magnificently huge and thick. Eric was impenetrably hard and solid. I couldn't imagine the amount of power that must have been concentrated on those two locked hands! They continued the death-grip handshake. Eric began to show a tinge of pain on his face. Thor's face remained stone.

Eric cringed and I heard him barely whisper under his breath, "What the..."

Eric's free hand began to shake just a bit, and his face tightened further. Thor seemed to clamp down harder.

Then, Thor suddenly exerted a huge amount of effort, and he grimaced as he SQUEEZED HARD. Eric's knees buckled slightly and he brought his free hand up to help with the grip. His face contorted into a painful knot. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing! Eric was struggling! It was Eric's two hands on Thor's one. Eric weakened. He made a slight sound and sunk down farther as Thor crushed his muscular hand.

"Thor, let's save that for later," Gaylord interrupted.

Thor obeyed, and relented. Immediately, Eric removed his left hand and stood up straight. With his right hand Eric clamped down on Thor's relaxed hand, twisting his grip to crack Thor's hand. Thor yelped slightly and sank to his knees. It was an unfair move on Eric's part, but the point was well made.

"Ensign." I said. Eric released Thor and the two stood tall again, each man staring down the other.

"Commander Mitchell, I suggest we begin some of the tests I know you want to perform. It appears that the two boys are eager as well," Gaylord said.

"Yes," I answered. "Let's get this over with." I secured the door and Gaylord remote-programmed his shuttle to separate from the Aurora. Then he programmed his shuttle to follow ours to Testos Four. We resumed course and the four of us moved into the crew quarter's/lab/exercise area.

As we entered the area, Thor looked around the room. He first spotted the huge mass of weights on the leg-press machine. He made no reaction when he read the amount of weight on the machine. He moved over to the bar which Eric had bent earlier. It was a twisted mess, lying on the floor. Thor picked it up. Immediately he began to work on it, his massive hands slowly wrapping around it. He began to straighten it. His body began to bulge as he exerted his strength. Eric and I both knew that it would be more difficult to unbend the bar than it was for Eric to bend it in the first place.

Thor grimaced, but the bar began to cooperate with his steel-beam arms. Slowly, methodically, those iron biceps and triceps forced the metal bar to straighten. Within a few minutes, both Eric and I were sporting rock- hard cocks under our uniforms as we witnessed Thor's wild demonstration of strength.

Thor finished his work and sat the bar back down. He walked over to Eric, and stood uncomfortably close, breathing heavily on Eric's face. The two men's thick pectorals nearly touched. "Watching someone stronger than yourself always give you a woody?" he asked the ensign.

Eric didn't respond.

Thor sat down in the leg press machine and instructed the computer to make the weight at 6,000 pounds. "That weight is not possible with this configuration," the computer responded. Thor made some modifications to the program, and the computer replicated the weight. The readout now said "6,000 pounds."

Thor took a few deep breaths and pressed the weight up slowly. His pants ripped under the expansion of his legs. Eric and I watched with big eyes. Thor panted hard. He slowly lowered the weight, but it crashed down at the end, the monster unable to control it. Thor stood up and walked over to Eric again. "That's what a REAL man can do," he sneered.

"Thor," Gaylord interrupted again, "Why don't you give the Commander what he wants?" Gaylord smiled a sly grin, and Thor turned away from his foe and walked toward me.

He stood very close to me, just like he had to Eric. His chest rose and fell with each deep breath. It seemed to bulge right in front of my face. Thor looked down at me and smiled. Without looking away from me he said to his father, "I know what he wants."

Thor unbuttoned the top three buttons of his shirt. His cleavage was so fucking deep! His tan skin was perfectly smooth and tight. It covered his pec muscles like thin paper. I was overcome by his presence. His face was wrought in stone, yet it was absolutely gorgeous. His thick neck was truly intimidating, yet powerfully graceful. And that blonde hair! My cock throbbed, waiting for release. My heart pounded hard in my chest. Thor unbuttoned another button, slowly. He grinned just slightly as he revealed more of his chest to me. Uncontrollably, I found my hands move up to help him unbutton the rest. It was if my hands were doing his bidding.

He untucked his shirt.

My right hand moved inside his shirt, and I began to caress his fucking huge pec. It was very, very warm. My hand shook. I couldn't hear anything because my heart was pounding so loudly! His pectoral muscles were as hard as rock. I slowly explored the outer cliff of his pec, feeling the underside of the huge muscle. His mind forced my left hand onto his crotch, where it was met by a huge, hard cylinder. My hand moved up and down it, and Thor smiled as I stimulated him through his pants. I began to cum in my uniform. My right hand moved to his nipple, as my body jerked. I pulled on the nipple. It poked out very far. I whimpered as he mind-milked me. He lifted his right arm and the fabric ripped as he flexed his biceps. My hand moved from his cock up to his biceps and began to squeeze the iron beam. My orgasm intensified. Without an ounce of self-control, I began to take Thor's shirt all the way off. I whimpered loudly as his upper body was exposed to my lusting eyes.

I ran my hands all over him. And he posed for me. For what seemed like hours, yet must have been only a few minutes, I felt each striated muscle, each bulging rock on his upper body. And he flexed for me. I stood on my tiptoes and tried to kiss his mouth. He bent forward and filled my mouth with his tongue, forcing more semen from my hurting cock. My nuts churned out more cum than I had thought was possible. I began to weaken. My whole body ached to stop the orgasm, but I couldn't. Thor was somehow controlling me. Or maybe it was just that he was too much of a man for me. Whatever the reason, I began to moan in pain.

"Make it... st... stop!" I begged. Thor just smiled.

Seeing my desperation, Eric moved in to help me. He came up behind Thor and placed his strong hand on Thor's gargantuan shoulder. "Let him go," Eric ordered.

Thor turned his head around and gave Eric a look of disgust. "Who's going to make me?" he said.

Eric said nothing. He moved his hand down Thor's muscle-clad deltoid and onto his huge arm. Thor's arms were a lesson in vascularity and size. I couldn't tell, between painful jerks, whether Eric was intimidated by Thor's arms, or if he was just sizing up the competition. Regardless, Eric's hand remained on Thor's bulging arm for a few seconds. Then, Eric tightened his fingers around the huge biceps muscle and began to pull Thor back. Thor's concentration was broken, and immediately, my orgasm stopped. I fell to the floor, exhausted.

Thor turned to Eric. "No one stops me!" he spat. Thor grasped Eric's uniform shirt by the collar and with one swift motion he ripped it open from top to bottom.

Eric grabbed Thor's wrists to prevent him from doing more damage, but Thor moved his arms where he wanted. Eric struggled in vain as Thor undressed the ensign, first removing his shirt all the way, then ripping off his pants.

The two men stood face to face, both totally naked. Their eyes locked in steel stairs, each man intimidating the other with his flinchless glare.

"Gentlemen, let us step back for a moment," Gaylord interrupted. "Why not show your physical development to Commander Mitchell. I think it will be very helpful to him."

The two giants breathed hard as their eyes remained locked. It was Eric who was first to move. He could tell that his 30 inch steel-girded arms outgunned Thor's 28 inch arms. Slowly, Eric raised one arm and pumped it into an insanely huge ball of peaked muscle. The individual heads of muscle fibers danced right in front of Thor's face. Eric raised his other arm and grinned slightly as he showed off his superior arm development. If Thor's muscle density made his muscles more powerful than Eric's, then they had better be pretty DAMN dense! Eric extended one arm and his biceps lengthened. Thor knew he couldn't compete, so he left his huge arms at his sides. Eric retracted his biceps and tightened it again, the huge, pulsing grapefruit mushrooming to the size of a soccer ball.

Thor looked down at his legs and began to flex them. His quads looked to be larger than Eric's. As the muscles rippled, Eric dropped his arms in awe. Thor continued to flex and tighten his massive legs, bulging his striated quads. Eric's cock began to rise as he witnessed this demonstration of pure muscle.

Thor, seeing the effect he was having on his older brother, shoved his gargantuan, lean leg in between Eric's legs and flexed it some more. Eric didn't move. He really didn't know what to do. The move was humiliating, yet Eric found himself hopelessly overcome by Thor's flexing leg! Eric stood there and allowed his cock to reach full erection. Thor tightened and relaxed his leg in a slow, erotic rhythm, as Eric's sperm-churning balls rested on the moving muscle. Eric's precum pushed up out of the top of his dick and began to dribble down the sides of his huge cock. Thor's left hand gently moved over Eric's hard cock, his fingertips slowly dancing up and off his helmet. Eric leaned back slightly and grabbed his own butt, nearly swooning from Thor's magical touch. Eric squeezed his legs together, wrapping them around his brother's huge leg, as if to invite Thor to repeat the tease. Thor didn't oblige. He froze his eyes on Eric's, and the two men again joined in a battle of wills; Thor forcing his massive leg between Eric's, and Eric attempting to resist the irresistible sensation of muscle and pleasure.

Finally, Eric closed his eyes, drew in a deep breath and spread his legs. He pulled back slowly. Thor grinned at the effect he had had. Eric, undaunted, moved into a most-muscular pose. His traps bulged into two mountains. Thor, who had a thicker neck than Eric, likewise struck a most muscular. Thor's neck swelled. The two men faced each other, their bodies tightened into two granite mounds of flexing mass. Who would blink? Eric.

The ensign relaxed his pose. His eyes nearly bugged out at Thor's neck and trap development. Eric's hands moved onto Thor's enormous traps. His fingers attempted to penetrate Thor's neck and shoulders, but the huge mounds of granite didn't budge. Eric's hands trembled as they sank down Thor's neck and traps and onto his enormous deltoids.

But Eric wasn't done. He removed his hands from the rock spheres and assumed a side chest pose. Thor immediately relaxed, and directed his attention to Eric's huge man-boobs. Here, too, Thor was nowhere near Eric's league. Eric's mighty chest swelled with unreal muscle power. The cleavage deepened and deepened. Eric's large nipples faced the floor, their direction determined by the oversized mass of muscle pushing them downward. Eric could see that Thor was getting aroused. Ah, perhaps a huge chest was Thor's weakness?

Eric relaxed his chest and Thor almost looked dejected. Eric relaxed his arms to his sides and slowly began to dance his pecs for his younger brother. The symmetry of Eric's body was astounding, with no body part too small or too big- yet ALL of them ENORMOUS! Eric moved closer to Thor. Thor's huge penis began to tighten, his eyes lustily locked on Eric's chest. Eric danced his pecs again. Thor's cock was now at full mast, and dripping. Eric reached down and took Thor's hand and placed it on his own left pec. Slowly, he began to move the steel-hard muscle under Thor's fingers. Thor's cock bristled, the waves of pleasure rolling off Eric's massive pec, onto Thor's hand and down his fucking ripped arm, onto his torso, down his cut abs, and out onto his throbbing cock. Thor, his legs weak-kneed, snuggled next to Eric's flexing body. He began to pinch Eric's huge tit. He twisted it. He moved his mouth to Eric's left nipple and began sucking and biting it while he teased Eric's other tit with his fingers. Eric flexed more, although he had to admit to himself that Thor's reaction was turning him on to no end. It appeared that the two men might loose themselves in lust for each other.

I could hear moans coming from the musclemen. Eric continued to dance his pecs, while Thor tasted the warm, pulsing meat.

"Gentlemen," Dr. Gaylord said. His timing was unreal. This was just getting interesting. "I think it's time we saw which of you is actually stronger." He paused a moment and the two men separated. They stood side-by side, each with raging, dripping hardons sticking up into the air, each man's superhuman body glistening with the first signs of sweat. "Thor." Gaylord's voice took on a military bark. "Rape him."

Eric froze.

Thor's head turned slowly to look at Eric, a slight grin erupting on the blond man's face as their eyes met. Thor's eyes showed lust and power. Eric's showed a slight look of trepidation.

Eric quickly turned to face Thor, and the two men immediately began to grapple, their muscular arms slapping together, rippling with mounds of iron. They grunted, their throats straining with each breath. Their legs tightened as they spread for stability. Each man's body moved with such force that the ship seemed to shake as they fought. The struggle intensified. Their breathing deepened. Their cocks soon dropped as their attention moved from lust to survival.

Thor took on the offensive role as Eric tried to evade him. Thor reached down and grabbed Eric's leg. The two men fell against the wall. Eric pushed back and Thor's grip was lost. Thor came at Eric again, his head down. He head butted Eric's abs and straightened his back, lifting the huge ensign off the floor. Eric pounded his arms downward against the colossal slabs of beef on Thor's back, to no avail. Thor's fucking huge legs rippled as he walked around with Eric bent over his shoulders. Eric flailed his arms, pounding his steel beams into Thor's back. Finally, Eric tightened his abs and thrust his knees against Thor's chest and knocked him off-balance. Thor fell backwards and the two were on the floor.

Eric mounted Thor and tried to hold him down. Thor thrust his knee into Eric's crotch and Eric buckled, falling to the side. Thor stood up, and Eric followed. Both men panted hard. They dove at each other again, their muscular bodies hugging in a battle of power.

Finally, the two men locked hands, their fingers intertwining. They raised their hands above their heads and began forcing each other lower. Thor's mighty legs were unstoppable, so he remained higher. But Eric's unmatched arms were relentless as they overpowered Thor's grasp. Eric moved the arms down, so they were now fighting with the backs of their hands against the front of their quads. Eric tightened his massive arms, and they bulged into two hydraulic lifts, powering Thor off the ground, forcing his wrists backwards. Thor cried out in agony as Eric's obviously superior arm-strength raised Thor even higher, in an insane twist on the arm- curl. The peaks of Eric's arms were so pronounced that it looked like there was no skin covering them. Eric's teeth were clenched tightly, the blood vessels sticking out of his neck.

I began to ejaculate. Eric's arms showed no mercy, holding Thor's wrists backwards. The blond giant was helpless.

Eric began to tire, and he slowly lowered his brother so Thor's toes could touch the ground. As soon as they did, Thor balanced himself and kicked Eric backwards. They both fell to the floor again and began fighting for position.

They groaned as they struggled. Finally, Eric found himself pinned down by his younger brother. Thor hovered above Eric's face, their huge arms splayed wide. He opened his mouth and a slow drop of spit descended from his lips and fell onto Eric's nose. Eric bucked his hips and tried to wriggle out of the hold, but he couldn't. He tightened his mighty arms and raised his hands into the air a few inches. His face contorted. Thor looked aghast as Eric began to muscle his way out of the pin. Thor leaned forward in an attempt to put Eric down. Eric didn't give up. Thor pushed harder, panting, hissing. Eric was amazing! Finally, Eric, tired from holding Thor in the air, relented. His shoulders dropped back, his hands hit the floor with a thud. He panted for a second. It wasn't over yet. He flexed his legs and tried to force Thor's legs off, but the quads that a few hours earlier were pushing 5,000 pounds found themselves helpless against the mighty mass that was now holding them still. Thor's legs spread wide and forced Eric's close together, holding them tight.

"Now it's time for me to show you what kind of cunt you really are, ensign," Thor grinned.

I winced. It was so unreal to see my ensign at the mercy of this monster. But the monster was so HOT! I was torn as I witnessed this brutal contest.

Thor lowered his face and began to kiss Eric. Eric seemed to stop squirming. Either Thor was able to quiet Eric with his mind, or Eric was just overcome with Thor's virility. I suspect it was a bit of both. Eric laid still as Thor frenched him. Thor moved his tongue out of Eric's mouth and inserted it up one of Eric's nostrils. Eric's back arched as Thor enjoyed humiliating his older, but apparently weaker muscle brother.

"You are going to submit to me, ensign," Thor whispered loudly. "You'll beg me to have sex with you. You will enjoy the sensation of feeling my rock-hard rip your ass to shreds."

Then, Thor turned Eric over and stood him up. Thor's erection was at it fullest. Thor grasped Eric by the shoulders and Eric began to struggle, but he was exhausted. Quickly, Thor turned Eric around and forced him into a full-nelson. He wrapped his mammoth arms under Eric's and brought them forward and bent his hands behind Eric's head. Eric moaned in pain, his huge arms spreading out straight to his sides. The two musclemen struggled. It was nearly a half-ton of muscle standing there, warring against each other.

"I don't know who is going to enjoy this more, me or you," Thor whispered loudly into Eric's ear.

Eric's cock began to grow as Thor tightened his iron-lock grip. Eric's fantasy was coming true, although he never envisioned it to be like this. He didn't like the feeling of helplessness, now that he had no choice. But Thor's massive muscles and overpowering strength was impossible for Eric to resist. And Eric's dick was now at full erection.

Thor's steel-hard, pre-cum-drenched dick began to part Eric's glutes. Eric tightened them, but Thor's rod forced its way between them. As Thor's helmet met Eric's sphincter, Eric involuntarily relaxed, his whole body (save his cock) going limp. Immediately, Thor's penis plunged deeply up Eric's ass, sending pleasure throughout both of their bodies.

"Like dick, ensign?" Thor hissed. He bucked his hips and moved his huge meat up farther. Eric cried out in pain. Thor moved again, pushing himself higher inside the ensign. Both men moaned.

It was difficult to determine which one was doing the moaning. They both were. Thor lifted Eric off the floor just a bit as he pushed his cock farther up Eric's ass. Eric's dick waved high in the air. It glistened with his precum. It was as tight and stiff as I had ever seen it.

Thor maintained the full-nelson grip on Eric, lifting the ensign every couple of seconds in order to ratchet himself farther and farther up Eric's ass. Eric seemed to be overwhelmed with pleasure and pain, moaning loudly. His huge cock bounced in the air with each flex of Thor's huge body.

As Thor's cock seated itself as far up as possible, Thor began to ejaculate. He smiled a terrifying smile and bit his lower lip. He winced and yelled. Thor's orgasm was intense. He jerked hard, his muscles tightening and forcing Eric's huge arms to flail in the air with each jerking ejaculation. His warm semen poured into Eric's ass. About fifteen seconds into Thor's orgasm, Eric began to squirt hard shots of milk, his erect cock bouncing with each jerk

The two men jerked in a concert of orgasmic juices as Eric spewed long, slimy ropes of semen into the air, his muscular body tightening and relaxing with each ejaculation. Eric's abs looked surreal as they seemed to loose the skin and ripple with fully-exposed muscle. Eric tried to force his arms downward in an attempt to touch himself, but his fucking triceps were so huge that Thor's bulging biceps kept his hands up too high. So, Eric's dick had to express his milk alone. I could see his balls move with each ejaculation as they manufactured more and more sperm. Thor kept lifting and lowering Eric as the two completed their joint sexual fantasies, each huge man groaning uncontrollably.

I began to shoot my load again. I looked over at Dr. Gaylord, and noticed that he was pushing on his own crotch, presumably also enjoying the scene in his own way.

After the climax was fully completed, Thor lowered Eric. He removed his still-stiff cock very slowly from Eric's ass. The two men panted as they recovered. They each placed their hands on their knees and panted.

Eventually, Eric turned and said "Thanks, Thor. You do pretty good fuck work."

Thor looked incredulous. "Pretty good?" He laughed. "You bitch. You wouldn't know a real man if you fell on top of him!"

"Well, I just wanted to thank you for a good ride before I taught you a lesson or two," Eric smiled.

Thor laughed loudly. "YOU, teach ME? Why, I just made you my BOY! You're nothing but a little dick wrapper to me!"

Eric moved close to Thor. Very close. He said softly, "Listen Thorboy. NO ONE fucks me unless I want them to." Eric moved his hand onto Thor's arm. "And believe me. I WANTED you to." He squeezed Thor's bulging arm and continued, "No one has ever had the balls to manhandle me like you just did. No one ever thought they could do that to me. So I wanted to let you give it your best. It was the fulfillment of a fantasy for me. But, unfortunately, it was only a partial fulfillment. I still have yet to meet someone who can REALLY overpower me," Eric said.

Thor pushed Eric's hand down in disgust. "You idiot! I just proved to you how strong I am! You keep talking like that and I'll just have to break your back, you little piece of shit!"

"All you proved, Thor," Eric continued, "is that you like to fuck muscle."

Eric turned to Dr. Gaylord and said. "Sorry doctor, but I'm afraid your experiment with Thor is a failure, and in a moment I'll prove it. You see, when I visited you on Vulcan a few years ago, I found your computer files on Thor. Your password was pretty easy to break. I have been keeping track of Thor's progress ever since. I know all of his stats. I know exactly how strong he is. And over the years, I made sure that I kept well ahead of him in strength and ability."

"That's impossible," Dr. Gaylord scoffed. "Thor is superior to you , genetically."

"Actually, he may have a few genetic advantages," Eric said. "But genetics aren't everything. To build a true powerhouse of strength, it also takes a lot of hard work. I just worked harder, and made sure my strength exceeded Thor's." Eric turned and faced Thor and said, "The problem with being genetically superior, and KNOWING it, is that you get lazy."

"But your records don't even come close to matching Thor's," Gaylord protested. "You can't do leg presses with nearly the weight Thor can! You're insane!" Gaylord laughed.

"In order to maintain my advantage, I don't keep my REAL stats in my published computer files. They are known only to me," Eric said. "And besides, as Commander Mitchell will note, Thor reached orgasm first during our little encounter– a weakness in the eyes of the Testones."

Eric moved over to Thor, who by now had lost his erection. Eric bent down slightly, grabbed Thor's legs and flopped the blond muscleman on the floor. The two began wrestling again, but this time, Eric easily mounted his younger brother. "If you thought you just enjoyed that orgasm, wait until you see what I have in store for you, baby bro," Eric said as held Thor's shoulders down. Thor struggled. The two men fought for a second. Thor brought his mighty legs up and kicked against Eric, but those massive, muscular legs met a wall of power. Eric's torso didn't budge.

"Father! This is not logical! You gave me genetic advantage over Eric! What is happening?" Thor babbled as he struggled.

Eric took Thor's left leg and held it tight in both hands. His powerful grip tightened and Thor's unreal muscularity began to dent with Eric's fingers. Thor froze in pain.

"I could break your leg with a single twist if I wanted," Eric said through clenched teeth. His huge arms bulged as they held Thor's leg still. The triceps formed a powerful mound of muscle, and they wiggled as Eric adjusted his grip on Thor's leg. Thor's eyes were wide as he held still in Eric's grasp.

Eric released Thor's leg. The muscle was pink where Eric's hand print had damaged the skin. For a moment, Thor struggled again, but Eric quickly locked the blonde’s arms behind his back and whipped him over onto his stomach. It was unreal, the deftness with which Eric manipulated this half-ton of steel-hard muscle. Eric placed Thor's hands behind his butt and picked Thor up by the wrists, nearly ripping Thor's shoulders out of his sockets. Thor wailed and flailed his legs, but Eric lifted Thor like he was a handbag. Eric's legs seemed to grow to meet the challenge of walking Thor's frame across the room. The two reached a table, and Eric tossed Thor onto it, then quickly turned Thor over onto his back. Thor nearly fainted from the pain as his shoulders recovered from the stress.

Thor pushed Eric away with his legs. Eric immediately jumped onto the table and pounded Thor's muscled abs with his powerful arm, his fist nearly breaking Thor's ribs. Thor opened his mouth and gasped as the air was knocked out of him. Eric jumped off the table and moved his face next to Thor's.

"Now, little brother," Eric smiled. "You need to remain very still. If you don't, I'll break a rib or two with the next punch."

Eric moved to the foot of the table and pulled Thor so that his butt hung over the edge. "Yes," Eric smiled. "Just the right level for fucking."

Thor raised his legs again and tried to kick Eric away. With lighting reflexes, Eric's massive arms met Thor's legs in midair. The four limbs froze in a muscle battle. Thor's legs rippled with power. Eric's huge arms bulged with strength. Eric moved back just a bit as Thor's power prevailed. Eric's face squirmed. He pushed out a huge breath, then inhaled again. He began to straighten his arms, and Thor's leg's moved back! Eric's arms were overpowering Thor's legs!

The two men struggled. Finally, Eric squeezed Thor's legs up farther... and farther; ultimately shoving Thor's quads up against his torso. Thor somehow found new strength and he snapped his legs up, straightening them quickly. Eric flew off Thor's legs and landed on the floor. Thor stood up. Eric jumped up and landed a HARD blow against Thor's torso. A loud CRACKing sound was immediately followed by Thor falling to the ground. Two of Thor's ribs were cracked.

Eric picked Thor up and placed him back on the fucking table, his legs spread wide and into the air. Thor could barely breathe.

As if he were changing a baby's diapers, Eric easily spread Thor's legs apart farther, exposing his brother's asshole.

Eric's cock was limp. He held onto Thor's thick calves and moved his dick so that it brushed Thor's sphincter. Quickly, Eric's penis began to grow. Within a minute, Eric was bending and straightening his legs, erotically rubbing his long cock across Thor's asshole. Thor moaned. Eric's helmet glistened with precum. He nudged Thor's balls with it. Thor began to sprout an erection.

"Fuck," Eric whispered. "You are the HOTTEST guy I have ever met. I'm going to enjoy this very much."

Thor's breathing was shallow and painful.

Soon, the two men were both erect. Eric's iron-hard rod was beginning to pry Thor's asshole open. Thor's legs flexed against Eric's arms, and the two men struggled slightly as Eric forced his way in. Eric closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure. He enjoyed the sensation of penetrating Thor so much, that he pulled all the way out and slowly did it again. And again. And again. Each time, Thor's legs rippled with muscular force, trying to prevent the insertion. And each time, Eric's powerful arms successfully kept the legs splayed wide.

Finally, Eric shoved all the way up. Then he held it still. Thor bucked his hips to try to squirm away, but this just gave Eric a great ride. Eric commanded Thor to do it again. Thor didn't move. Eric's thick fingers began to dig into Thor's calves. Thor whimpered as his muscle dented in. Eric's huge hands closed farther, clamping down on Thor's thick legs. Finally, Thor could stand the vise-grip no longer and he reluctantly bucked his hips, sending a shock wave of pain throughout his broken ribcage, and a shock wave of pleasure up Eric's rock-hard cock. Eric groaned. "Again." Thor obeyed. "Again."

Each time Thor tightened his abs and contracted his muscular torso to buck his hips, Eric's huge cock stirred inside Thor's abdomen. This repeated sensation began to get to Thor, and soon Thor couldn't help but move to repeat the feeling, in spite of the pain. The huge member stirred Thor's rectum, pleasuring him like he had never been pleasured. Thor's cock dripped with precum. Eric's whole muscular body was extremely tight. He looked like he was on the brink of a huge orgasm.

But he resisted, moving his muscular cock around inside Thor, tormenting Thor with fucking pleasure.

Eric began to squeeze and rub Thor's huge genitals. His muscular fingers kneaded Thor's nuts, rolling them around in the sacs. Thor's cock was a massive roll of solid meat. Eric lightly held it and gently pushed downward on it. The helmet swelled as precum squirted out. Thor moaned, and Eric did it again. Eric pulled his cock out of Thor's ass and bent over. His long tongue began to lick Thor's cock like it was a lollipop. Thor moaned for more. Eric slowly began to kiss and suck on Thor's helmet. Thor closed his eyes. Slowly, Eric inserted the oversized meat into his mouth, taking his time, enjoying every sweet centimeter of meat. He soon had his mouth full, and he sucked gently, while rolling Thor's balls with his fingers.

Eric's other hand moved onto Thor's torso and up onto Thor's chest. He began to pinch Thor's nipples while he sucked his cock.

Finally, Eric stood up and slowly, painfully reinserted his cock inside Thor's waiting ass. He shoved it up HARD at the end, and Thor winced. Eric placed his hand on Thor's cock again and resumed masturbating him. Thor moaned and groaned, turning his head from side to side.

Within minutes, Thor's huge cock began to shoot huge streams of cum into the air and onto his face and chest. He wailed with pleasure and pain, his broken ribs rubbing with each violent jerk. Moments later, as Eric realized it was now safe, the ensign began to ejaculate. His muscles rippled as he violently pounded his cock tightly inside Thor's ass, depositing his milk inside.

"Fuuuuckin' Shiiiiiit!" Eric hollered. He humped hard, ramming himself up Thor. His tight body rippled with striated muscles.

When they were done, Eric used the medical kit on Thor and healed his ribcage. Not totally convinced, Dr. Gaylord insisted that they do some more strength tests. Eric beat Thor in every test, including the leg press in which he lifted 6,500 pounds three times.

Dejected, yet consumed with lust for his bigger and stronger brother, Thor accepted defeat. Dr. Gaylord and his son left our shuttle and returned to their starbase. •

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