Testos Four

Trong and Sturdis


By Aaron Strong

Sturdis' huge frame moved into the room. Trong, still kneeling, looked up at Sturdis, Pexton's cum dripping off his nose and lips. He tried to hide a smirk as he wiped the cum from his face. He missed a little of it, and it remained on the corner of his mouth. Sturdis stood next to the two men, his huge, muscular body towering over Pexton's. Trong was still on his knees. Sturdis looked down at the two men and said "You should be ashamed! Wait until Jark finds out!"

Trong slowly stood up. It was like a giant rising out of the ground. His body seemed to grow and grow. Soon he was standing all the way up. His massive hulk towered over Sturdis at least a foot. His mass was probably 25% larger than Sturdis'. His teenage musculature was so incredibly striated and lean! Trong's huge body was the most intimidating sight that Sturdis had ever encountered. He was so incredibly huge! Sturdis nearly began to pee.

"I don't think Jark is going to find out anything, Sturdis," Trong said.

"Well, if you think you can keep me quiet about this, you have another thing coming," Sturdis protested as he looked up at Trong.

"What would it take to buy your silence, my muscular friend?" Trong said.

Sturdis didn't answer. He tightened his mighty muscles and his body became ripped and lean.

Trong smiled. "Well, I can see you're going to need some persuasion," he said. Trong placed both of his hands on Sturdis' thick traps. He squeezed them, and Sturdis winced slightly, trying not to show any pain. Trong smiled. He pushed down on Sturdis' traps. Sturdis locked his knees and tightened his huge, muscular legs. Pexton watched with interest. It was obvious that Trong out gunned and out muscled Sturdis, but Pexton wondered how ANYONE could prevail against Sturdis' fucking powerful legs.

Sturdis' legs bulged as Trong pushed down harder. Trong's massive arms rippled with strength. Pexton's cock stiffened as the muscle contest grew more interesting. Trong pushed down harder. Sturdis' legs began to quiver slightly. His face began to show the strain. Trong grinned and tightened the grip on Sturdis' traps. His thick, long fingers began to penetrate the iron lumps on top of Sturdis' shoulders. Sturdis' neck bulged. His face strained. Trong's powerful arms flexed. Sturdis' legs began to buckle. His knees bent slightly and his lock was gone. His colossal glutes began to twitch as they powerfully pushed against the force of Trong's arms on his shoulders. Sturdis began to move lower. He breathed harder. Trong just smiled. He seemed to be exerting no energy at all.

Sturdis face was flushed as he fought. His head moved lower, his knees were nearly half bent. His legs wobbled.

Pexton sat on the bed and pushed down on his cock. It was such an intense scene of domination.

Sturdis brought his hands up and gripped Trong's forearms. His fingers were unable to penetrate the striated mass of lean, thick forearm muscle. He winced his face and squinted his eyes as he tightened his grip. His biceps bulged to exaggerated proportions as he fought, forming an unreal peak. His legs continued to buckle.

Then, in a blinding-fast move of strength and skill, Sturdis bent low, to the left, and pulled HARD on Trong's left forearm. Trong bolted forward, falling onto Sturdis' back. Sturdis continued pulling, forcing Trong to flip head-over-heels over Sturdis' back. Trong flipped hard and the room shook as his back hit the floor. Trong laid there, stunned.

Sturdis quickly pounced on top of Trong, planting his ass on top of Trong's barreling chest, his cock draping onto Trong's face. Trong, still dazed, was too surprised to immediately react. Sturdis wrapped his massive legs around Trong's neck and began to squeeze. Trong's neck bulged as Sturdis' gargantuan legs began to crush it.

Quickly, Trong brought his arms up and tried to pull Sturdis back. He placed his hands on Sturdis' shoulders, pulling back, his massive arms straining to get the older Testone off his neck.

Sturdis held strong, squeezing Trong's neck with all his might. Sturdis' legs began to ripple as they crushed Trong's neck. Trong gasped as he struggled to stay conscious. He kept trying to readjust his grip on Sturdis' shoulders, desperately pulling and fighting. Instead of being pulled back, Sturdis leaned forward, forcing Trong's mighty arms to loose any hope of a grip. Trong's arms flailed in the air and he started to hit Sturdis' back with his fists. And the legs kept tightening around Trong's neck.

Sturdis' mighty balls and cock laid on Trong's chin and face, which was beginning to turn a darker color. Trong gasped for more air. Then, Trong opened his mouth wide and bit down on Sturdis' left tennis-ball sized testicle. Sturdis yelled in agony, but his leg vise didn't let up. Trong bit again, his teeth sinking only slightly into the leathery, hairless sac. Sturdis redoubled the pressure on Trong's neck.

Trong's mighty body began to twitch. It tightened. Slowly, Trong began to raise his feet into the air. He pushed his arms against the floor and lifted his lower body higher. It was a painfully slow process, Trong's body quivering with strength. Finally Trong's legs moved high enough against Sturdis' back so he could wrap his legs around Sturdis' neck. Trong pulled Sturdis' head back and Sturdis yelled. With a mighty pull, Trong yanked Sturdis backwards, all the way down. Both men were now flat. Sturdis was on top of Trong, his mighty legs still wrapped around Trong's neck. But now, Trong's even more huge, rippling legs were wrapped around Sturdis' head, pulling it back onto the floor.

The two men continued their joint leg-lock, each man brutally punishing the other with insanely powerful crushing. Trong's muscles rippled against Sturdis' neck and head. Each powerful fiber moved, grinding Sturdis- sending him into unbelievable agony.

Sturdis yelled in pain. Trong's colossal legs pulled Sturdis' neck back, pummeling his head and neck with unbearable grinding squeezes. Trong pushed with one arm, and the two men rolled over. Now, Trong was on top, and the two were facing downward. Trong buried his face in Sturdis' ass, finding his huge genitals. He began to bite hard, while continuing his leg lock. Sturdis wailed, his body writhing and wriggling.

Finally, nearly unconscious from the stress on his neck, Sturdis relented. He spread his legs wide, releasing Trong. Trong then did likewise. The two men began to grapple for a superior position. With the larger Trong on top, it wasn't difficult to see who had the advantage. Trong twisted himself around, while Sturdis did everything he could to fight off the huge teenager. Muscle fought against muscle. The two men grunted and moaned, both expiring loud bursts of air as they struggled. Each man's huge arms buckled and wiggled as they applied pressure against each other.

Trong positioned himself and pinned both of Sturdis' hands down. He spread his legs wide, muscling Sturdis' legs close together, pinning them still. His muscular butt rippled as it worked in concert with his Herculean quads and hamstrings, forcing Sturdis to remain motionless. He smiled down at the hugely muscular man, enjoying the domination. Sturdis spit up at Trong, moistening his face.

Trong didn't react. He held Sturdis still.

Sturdis began to feel Trong's cock stiffen. It was pressing against Sturdis' abs, and growing harder and harder. Trong smiled a devious smile as he became excited. He was going to enjoy this.

Sturdis' heart began to race. He knew he must do anything to prevent this. He knew he must report Trong's sexual infidelity to the proper authorities. Trong should not be allowed to get away with this. He should not be allowed to do this to Jark.

Sturdis began to squirm. His gigantic arms bulged as they fought against the force of Trong's superior biceps and triceps. Trong's back rippled in response, keeping Sturdis in check. Sturdis struggled again, actually lifting Trong's left hand up a few inches. Trong gritted his teeth and with a slight grunt, forced Sturdis' hand back down.

Trong smiled more, his intimidating grin scaring the shit out of Sturdis. His eyes gleamed with thoughts of the conquest. His cock grew harder and harder, snaking its way up Sturdis' brickwork.

Then, Sturdis called upon all of his strength and rammed one leg up into Trong's crotch, pounding his quad against Trong's balls. Trong lost all of his air. Sturdis quickly twisted to the right and pulled his hands from Trong's grasp. Trong doubled over, grabbing his balls. Sturdis scurried away, breaking free, standing up.

Trong quickly recovered and looked up at Sturdis with a combination of hatred and determination. The look didn't sit well with Sturdis, who spread his legs and assumed an attack stance.

What Trong didn't know about Sturdis was that the older Testone was a captain of Testos Four's elite Military Brigade. This small group of men is highly trained in self defense and martial-like arts. Unknown to Trong, Sturdis was not going to be a pushover, just because he was smaller than Trong.

Trong moved forward and the two men grasped hands, interlocking their fingers. Trong towered over Sturdis. Their hands raised in the air. They began to push against each other. Sturdis' mighty arms were no match for Trong's behemoths, and quickly Trong had Sturdis down on his knees. Trong pushed hard, and Sturdis whimpered. The two men fought hard, their rippling, lean muscles tensing and hardening. Trong's forearms grew huge and taut, and he muscled Sturdis lower with such brut force that Pexton nearly began to cum. Sturdis groaned and let out a loud rush of air, panting for any strength he had left. It looked hopeless.

But then, Sturdis quickly shifted his weight, falling to his right. He pulled Trong down, flipping him over his back, just like he had done before. He rolled Trong and gave him an excruciating elbow jab to the back, knocking the wind out of him.

Sturdis quickly grabbed a length of rope which was being used in a wall decoration. He worked like a madman, against the clock. Within seconds, he had Trong's wrists tied behind his back. Trong was regaining his strength, so Sturdis gave him another back jab, knocking him back to the floor. Immediately, Sturdis bound Trong's feet.

Pexton watched silently, shocked and stunned. He decided that he wouldn't intervene. As it was, Pexton would not be guilty of any crime. It was Trong who had been unfaithful. As a matter of fact, Pexton would be seen as a virile studman, bedding Trong. But if the governor were to try to aid Trong while Sturdis tried to hold him under arrest, Pexton could be ruined.

Sturdis' skill had served him well. He had Trong bound by the hands and feet. The giant was helpless. Sturdis rolled Trong over onto his back and sat on top of him. The ropes grinded Trong's wrists as his tailbone pushed them into the floor. Sturdis bounced his weight on top of Trong's abs, and Trong winced in pain as the ropes burned on his wrists and his tailbone.

Trong's body tightened as he struggled to break free. His traps grew, his triceps bulged and hardened. Sweat began to bead on his forehead. He closed his eyes. His face turned red.

Sturdis stood up, hoping against hope that the ropes would hold. Trong's huge legs rippled. He bent his knees and wriggled around on the floor. Sturdis gasped as the huge man struggled against the tight ropes. The display of muscularity was overwhelming. The scene of this hugest of Testones wriggling and writhing on the floor was unbelievable! The ropes strained against Trong. They were actually a combination of rope and steel cable. And the more Trong sweated, the more moisture they absorbed, and became that much stronger.

Pexton's erection stiffened. Sturdis nearly began to sprout one, but he was so terrified at the possibility of Trong breaking free that his sexual drive was squelched.

Finally, Trong stopped fighting. He rested on his back. The ropes could not be broken. His muscles were pumped to their fullest. Sturdis was awestruck.

Sturdis moved closer, relieved, yet still apprehensive. He grasped Trong's boulder-like shoulders. Pexton watched in disbelief as Sturdis' muscular arms lifted Trong up, standing the muscular teenager upright. Trong's expression was almost like that of a little boy who had just been caught steeling. His hair was disheveled, and his body glistened with sweat. His huge chest pouted out, nearly touching Sturdis' face.

Sturdis moved his face up, close to Trong's. "You will PAY for what you've done to Jark," he sneered. Trong didn't respond. Sturdis spit into Trong's face, paying him back for the earlier offense. Trong's traps bulged as he struggled once more against the ropes. Then he relaxed.

Sturdis moved closer and began to press Trong against the wall. Their bodies pushed tightly. "It was unfortunate for YOU that I was the one to discover your crime," Sturdis growled. "As a captain of the Military Brigade, I will NOT be overcome by some young KID like YOU. No matter HOW big you are." Trong remained silent as his huge body was pressed tightly against the wall. "Trong, I arrest you for the crime of unfaithfulness to your newlywed husband, Jark." Sturdis nuzzled up hard against Trong's huge body, pressing him hard.

Trong stood motionless for a minute. Then he slowly began to slink down the wall, his face fighting to keep back tears. His lower lip quivered as his knees buckled. Sturdis moved back slightly, and let the lad drop to his knees.

"Please, Sturdis," Trong began to beg. "My father is a very prominent man on the Drack continent. If I am arrested for this, his political career will be ruined!" Trong tried to maintain his composure, but it was obvious that he was distraught.

Almost instinctively, Sturdis moved to comfort the young man. He placed his hand on Trong's messed-up hair "I'm sorry, kid," he said. "But I really have no choice. You should have considered the consequences."

Trong's head nuzzled Sturdis' side as he fought back the tears. Then, his cheek brushed against Sturdis' semi-limp cock. Trong stuck out his tongue and licked it, ever-so softly.

Sturdis pulled back. "Geeeeez kid! You are one SEX craved kitten, aren't you!" he exclaimed. "You're making advances to the WRONG guy, boy!" Trong leaned forward and tried to wrap his lips around Sturdis' mushroom. Sturdis pulled back, and Trong's pouty lips closed as Sturdis' limp cock slipped out. Then Sturdis bent down on his knees next to Trong, his face stern with new anger. With a quick snap, Sturdis pounded his fist into Trong's abs. Trong flinched just a bit. Sturdis hit him again. It sounded like a bat hitting a watermelon. THWACK! Then again THWACK! Trong's abs rippled with muscles. Sturdis' fist remained strong. THWACK! Trong began to wince. THWACK! Trong began to bend forward, his face turning a light shade of green. THWACK! After about ten more hits, Trong began to vomit. He doubled over in agony.

Sturdis ceased. "Don't EVER try to do that to me again.!" he hissed.

Trong moaned for a while. Finally he regained his composure, licking the vomit from his chin. He looked ashamed for his latest advance. He momentarily strained against the ropes which bound his hands behind his back. His feet were tightly bound at the ankles, with the soles of his feet pushing against the wall. The two men faced each other, both on their knees.

"Kid, you're going to regret ever landing that tongue of yours on my cock," Sturdis breathed. Trong's huge, bound body loomed over Sturdis'. "You want some sex... then I'll give you some sex!" Sturdis snickered. He leaned up toward Trong's sweaty face and said "You ever been Dry Milked?"

Trong didn't respond, but Pexton, watching from the bed, bristled. He knew that the members of the Military Brigade were not only highly trained in martial arts and strength maneuvers, but the governor was very familiar with the legends that surrounded this group of super-powerful Testones. Rumor has it that the Brigade is highly trained in sexual torture methods; procedures that are forbidden within the general populace, because of their terrible effects on the victim. Dry Milking was a procedure that involved sexually torturing the victim until his testicles were totally milked dry. The balls actually turn rock solid, as every ounce of fluid is forced from within. It was an excruciating process that left most victims unable to ejaculate for weeks afterward, and if the torturer was especially effective, it might even leave the victim dry for life.

Sturdis gently grabbed one of Trong's balls. It filled Sturdis' huge hand. Sturdis nearly gasped as his hand experienced its size, hardness and weight. He thought to himself that this testicle alone could probably power a large Testone power plant and light a whole city. He began to slowly roll it around in his hand, stretching the hairless sac back and forth. His fingers kneaded the hard coconut, gently massaging the scrotum. Trong's cock began to rise, next to Sturdis' fingers. Sturdis smiled just a bit. It had been quite a long time since he had had to torture someone like this, and he had to admit to himself that he was really going to enjoy breaking this huge, mega-muscular kid. He tickled Trong in the sensitive spot, behind the balls. Trong sucked in a deep breath of air. His face showed fear, and at the same time, pleasure. Sturdis loved it. Trong continued to rock Trong's huge nut back and forth in his hand. The skin of the sac began to sweat. Sturdis massaged slowly. Just one nut. In one muscular hand. The Brigade technique was very effective. Within a few minutes, Trong's huge cock was fully extended into the air. Sturdis was amazed at its size and thickness.

Sturdis brought his other hand up and began to squeeze Trong's other ball. The mighty dick pressed against Trong's abs. Trong breathed hard, closing his eyes. Sturdis smiled, knowing that no matter how hard Trong resisted, he wouldn't be able to withstand the technique of THIS Brigade captain. Sturdis began to wriggle his fingers in the ancient technique, rolling and crushing the balls, gripping them tightly, forcing them to manufacture more semen.

Precum began to drip from the tip of Trong's penis.

Sturdis squeezed harder. His muscular hands began to crush Trong's rocks, grinding them with powerful, locking grips. Trong opened his eyes. The pain was increasing, and it turned him on all the more. Sturdis' biceps bulged hugely as his hands gripped and then released Trong's balls. Open and closed. Tight, then loose. Pounding force, then relaxing.

Sturdis bent over and began the main part of the torture. His captain's tongue had been trained to touch every possible stimulation point on a penis. This tongue should have been registered as a weapon. The scintillating massaging and touching that this tongue could give out, was like no other Testone could give.

Trong's cock stiffened immediately as Sturdis' open mouth began its descent down the shaft. Trong's eyes widened as he began to experience the fluttering, rhythmic, rubbing of the captain's tongue. Trong tightened his whole body. He had NEVER experienced anything like THIS. He dropped his head back and groaned, almost yelling. "Uuooooggghhhh!" His muscles rippled as he tried to resist.

Sturdis tightened his grip on Trong's testicles. Trong nearly went insane. The blow job and the excruciating pain of Sturdis' grip was too much! Trong had NEVER been conquered by a Testone before. To ejaculate now would be a symbolic defeat for the giant. Sturdis would be superior. Trong couldn't allow THIS! He redoubled his resistance, trying to think about something... ANYTHING!

Sturdis' relentless procedure was growing more intense. His puffy lips kneaded the shaft, his erotic tongue massaged it. He sucked lightly. Then hard. Then lightly again. His mouth seemed to be pulling the semen up from Trong's churning balls and into the shaft, from where it would soon burst forth in powerful squirts. The thick, long shaft was filling fast. The tingling sensation was unbearable. Sturdis' powerful grip was TOO HOT! His muscular hands were pulverizing Trong's impenetrable testicles. Trong was overcome with lust, with being conquered like this. He wasn't accustomed to being overcome. It was a new sensation, and he liked it. But he HAD to resist! He HAD to be undefeated!

As he continued to give Trong the blow job of his life, Sturdis' own cock began to stiffen. Trong's warm, hard meat filled Sturdis' mouth like none he had ever eaten. Sturdis concentrated on stimulating Trong and suppressing his own response, but it was difficult, even for this highly trained Brigade captain. The stiffening and relaxing response of Trong's meat began to have its effect on Sturdis. He began to lick in order to elicit this stiffening response. He tried to resist doing it, but the feeling of having that stick stiffen in his mouth was unbelievable!

Sturdis began breathing heavily. He sucked gently. He released one of Trong's balls and moved his right hand up Trong's rippling, lean torso. Slowly, Sturdis' fingers moved over the mountains of Trong's ab muscles, feeling each ridge, each bulge and valley. Then his hand moved higher. Trong bristled. Sturdis' fingers met the steel-hard mammoth overhang of Trong's chest. His hand moved to one of Trong's huge nipples and began to pinch it. Trong moaned and dropped his head back again. Sturdis' left hand crushed Trong's ball again and his mouth sucked hard. Trong was ready.

But Sturdis was getting more excited also. His cock was now at full erection. Usually, he was completely able to bring his victim into submission without risking his own orgasm, but Trong was not your average Testone. Sturdis began to groan as he sucked. His fingers pinched the huge nipple, and he tightened as he squeezed the rock-hard ball in his left hand. He HAD to concentrate. He HAD to regain control. He continued his tongue-torture and Trong responded. Unfortunately for Sturdis, Trong's HOT response of moaning and tightening his dick was bringing the captain of the Brigade closer and closer to the edge.

Sturdis brushed his shoulder against Trong's abs. They were hardened lumps of granite.

Sturdis pulled back, letting go of Trong completely. Trong's huge cock stuck high into the air and throbbed, now robbed of its stimulation. It glistened with a combination of precum and Sturdis' saliva. Sturdis grinned slightly as he looked at Trong's huge body. Trong grimaced in unreleased tension. Sturdis whispered loudly and seductively "Trong. Cum to me." He took one finger and moved it to the tip of Trong's cock. Slowly he tickled it down the shaft, drenching it in Trong's voluminous precum.

Trong remained still. His muscles were fucking huge, and Sturdis was loosing control. Both men sported full, throbbing erections; Trong's being quite a few inches longer than the captain's. Sturdis moved close again. He began to kiss Trong on the mouth. He knew he could bring Trong over the edge with his seductive tongue, wrapping itself around Trong's tongue. But instead, as soon as their mouths locked, Trong's tongue penetrated Sturdis' mouth, exploring every corner, every inch. Trong's hot flesh filled the captain's mouth. Sturdis moaned. He leaned heavily into Trong's muscular body, hopelessly consumed with lust for the huge teenager. Trong leaned his head forward and moaned as he mouthfucked the captain of the Brigade. For a minute, it was difficult to discern who was more over the edge, the torturer or the tortured. Both men moaned. Sturdis moved his hands onto Trong's huge arms. Trong flexed his triceps and they ballooned under Sturdis' fingers. He kept the huge backs of his arms hardened with his lumps of muscle, pleasuring Sturdis' fingers to no end.

Sturdis pushed his waist closer, his long, hard cock ramming against Trong's abs and erect dick. The two men were lost in passion.

Then, Sturdis pulled his hips back and stuck his dick in between Trong's massive, vein-crossed legs. Trong immediately tightened his quads and moved his rippling leg muscles up and down Sturdis' stiff rod. Sturdis started cumming. He yelled. Hard bursts of his milk squirted between Trong's legs and onto the wall behind. Sturdis yelled loudly as he grabbed onto Trong's delts and squeezed his fingers as hard as he could, making no visible dent in Trong's shoulders.

Trong smiled. Sturdis jerked uncontrollably, screaming "NOOOOOOOO!"

Sturdis' orgasm was long and hard. Trong patiently massaged Sturdis' cock between his quads, flexing and relaxing his legs to the rhythm of Sturdis' ejaculations. Sturdis' whole body tightened against Trong's musculature, and he reluctantly enjoyed the pleasure of being leg-masturbated by the huge teenager. He ran his hands up and down Trong's massive body, and Trong hardened each muscle as the fingers caressed them. Sturdis nearly went convulsive.

Finally, as his orgasm ended, Sturdis regained his composure. His face began to harden. His expression changed from sheer pleasure and lust to one of anger. He pulled his cock from between Trong's legs. He had been defeated, and now his vengeance would take over.

"You DARE to bring me to cum!" Sturdis spit. "I'll teach you to tempt a captain of the Brigade! EMPTY your balls before me you puny kid!"

Sturdis muscular fingers grasped Trong's huge testicles. He yelled as he began to crush Trong's large nuts in his hands. Trong tensed his whole body in response; he rippled with waves of pain as Sturdis punished his testicles. Trong began to yell. Both men were yelling. Sturdis increased the pressure. Trong's long cock turned red. His whole body turned red. Sturdis crushed Trong's steel balls, grinding them, rolling them, squeezing the boiling semen. Sturdis' huge biceps bulged and the blood vessels grew huge on his peaked guns. Trong's cock filled with jizz. It expanded like a pressurized cylinder ready to burst, as the semen churned out of the balls and into the shaft.

And burst it did. With a guttural growl and ear-shattering yell, Trong came. The tip of his cock opened like a hose, forcing pressurized jizz high into the air. It flew up over their heads and hit the ceiling. It burst forth like a sprinkler head that opens and closes as it disperses its fluid. Trong's mushroom head bulged, its bluish red skin stretched tighter than seemed possible, as it opened and closed the slit hole. His semen pushed forth harder than it had ever pushed. Trong groaned in agony.

Sturdis grinned an evil grin. The orgasm was only beginning. He redoubled his crushing of Trong's testicles. He would squeeze every last drop from Trong's sperm factories.

The orgasm went on forever. Pexton came. He was totally amazed. Here Trong had just spent all night with him, having orgasm after orgasm, and now he was producing so much more jizz... Pexton was overwhelmed.

Sturdis' forearms began to ache. The pressure required to perform a Dry Milking is enormous, and for Trong, the process was beginning to draw out interminably. Sturdis continued to crush Trong's balls, milking them as hard as he could, in spite of the increasing aching of his forearms. Trong began to look a little haggard as his life seemed to squirt right out of him.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Trong stopped squirting. Sturdis squeezed one last time, milking the final drop. Trong's head dropped forward; he slumped slightly. He looked exhausted.

Sturdis released Trong's balls and straightened up. He smiled into Trong's face, exerting his dominance.

Then, Sturdis whispered quietly into Trong's ear "Don't mess with this Brigade captain, Trong. You'll regret it; every time."

Trong slowly lifted his head. Sturdis drew back just a bit, surprised by the expression on Trong's face. Trong began to grin!

"Are you all through?" Trong smiled.

Sturdis didn't say anything, but he was puzzled by Trong's reaction to just having been tortured like this.

"Cuz if that's all you're going to do, I'd like to have a turn. If that's all right with you." Trong's grin grew bigger.

Sturdis pulled back a little more, his face growing incredulous.

Suddenly, Trong snapped his body forward, bumping Sturdis backward. Quickly, Trong leaned over, knocking Sturdis on his side, splaying him on the floor. Sturdis was dazed for a split second; just long enough for Trong to fall forward and lay on top of him. Trong's huge body pinned Sturdis down on his back. Sturdis squirmed and pushed up at Trong, but the giant Testone was immovable. Trong shifted his gargantuan shoulders in response to Sturdis' every move, keeping him in check.

Trong's huge legs bulged, and his ankles began to press against the ropes. "I don't think I want these on while I do this," Trong said. Immediately, the ropes snapped from his ankles and his legs enveloped Sturdis' lower body. "I think I'll leave the wrist ones on though," Trong grinned; his face touching Sturdis' face. "I want you to tell your fellow Brigade members what it was like to be raped by a teenager who had his hands tied behind his back." Trong chuckled.

Sturdis' emptied his urine and it warmed the two men's genitals. He squirmed and wriggled. But Trong's massive muscles were more than enough to keep Sturdis down. Trong's full weight rested on Sturdis, since he was unable to support himself with his arms. The poundage was incredible, pressing Sturdis hard against the floor. Trong grinned and patiently waited for Sturdis to quiet down. Sturdis' huge arms wrapped around Trong's shoulders and tightened. They rippled and grew with incredible power. The muscle fibers hardened and tensed, moving in waves. Sturdis struggled. He grunted and groaned, trying with all his might to move the huge mass of Trong's body off of him. No effect. He began to punch Trong on the shoulders, on his back, on his side. No effect.

"Careful now," Trong laughed. "You wouldn't' want me to throw up while we're in this position, would you?" He gently kissed the captain on the lips. "I can throw up at will, you know. I hope you didn't think those little fists of yours really had any effect on me." Trong's whole body jiggled just a bit as he chuckled. The reverberations rang through Sturdis' terrified body.

Sturdis grew quiet. He was still. Trong kissed him again, getting himself quite aroused. His cock stiffened. He continued kissing Sturdis. Soon he worked himself into a passionate state of arousal. Sturdis lay motionless, like an animal helplessly captured, waiting to be consumed.

Trong humped his back, spread Sturdis' legs with his own, and slowly began to press his rod on the captain's glory hole. Sturdis tightened his glutes, trying to lock the hole closed, but the steel cock was way too powerful. Trong pushed just a bit, and his penis head broke the hole open. The head moved inside, and Sturdis' hole closed tight around the spherical head, locking it in place. Trong winced and smiled as he enjoyed the sensation. Slowly, he pulled back out. Sturdis' ass muscles were powerful; more powerful than Trong had ever experienced. They struggled valiantly against the head, involuntarily resisting the outward movement. Trong's cock finally came all the way out, forcing the hole to release its catch. Sturdis' glory hole closed tight again, empty. Trong pushed again, forcing the hole open once more. Again, as soon as the bulbous head was in, Sturdis' ass muscles clamped down on it, involuntarily. Trong moaned, allowing his eyes to roll back into his head just for a second. He repeated this in-and-out torture five or six more times. Each time, Sturdis' might body tightened in anticipation and response to Trong's penetration.

With each penetration of Trong's round, large head, Sturdis moaned. The huge diameter of Trong's corona was much too large for his ass to handle comfortably. After a few minutes, the muscles of Sturdis' hole began to twitch. The twitching sensation sent waves of pleasure through Trong. Finally, Trong pushed in one last time. The hole clamped down. Trong held the position, the length of his long, thick rod still outside Sturdis' ass. Trong kissed Sturdis again. His whole body tightened. Sturdis' hands were resting on Trong's triceps, as the giant's arms were bound behind his back.

Trong breathed heavily into Sturdis' face. He grunted. Slowly, he pushed his meat in farther. The rod moved into the tight cave, nearly tearing at the wall of Sturdis' rectum.

Sturdis wailed in pain. Trong smiled. He pushed harder. He was now about halfway in. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide, keeping even pressure on his dick, sliding it in ever-so-slowly, enjoying every scintillating quiver, every wiggling reaction, every uncontrollable jerk of Sturdis' body as he slowly, methodically raped the muscular captain of the Brigade.

Finally, Trong was all the way in. Sturdis whimpered and cried in agony. Trong held still. Then, almost involuntarily, Sturdis shifted his hips. Trong groaned at the powerful sensation.

"Do it again," Trong commanded in a low, powerful voice.

Sturdis, not in a position to argue, complied with the command. Trong moaned in pleasure.


Sturdis rocked his hips very slightly, very slowly. Trong's eyes rolled back into his head again. His whole body was tight with anticipation.

"Stop." Trong ordered. Sturdis froze. Trong pressed his hips against Sturdis. His triceps bulged under the captain's grip, and Sturdis began to get aroused. Trong froze, pressing with excruciating power, against Sturdis' hips. The teenager's cock was filling with tingling, white semen, ready to release its contents at any moment.

The pressure continued. Sturdis moaned. Trong didn't relent. His cock was extremely stiff inside Sturdis; extremely hard and full.

Trong began to hump. Just a very small amount of rocking. Slowly. Easily. He gently rocked his cock, experiencing every centimeter of Sturdis' insides with his meat. The penis moved only millimeters, but its heightened state of sensitivity quickly brought it to climax. It began to pulse. Sturdis was astounded. He had assumed he had just emptied Trong's balls of every ounce of cum, and yet here he was, feeling his ass begin to fill with more milk spewing from the mighty kid's testicles! He nearly began to cry. The pain increased. Trong's movement increased. The spurting increased, bloating Sturdis.

Trong groaned very loudly. "Aaaaaarghhhhhhh!" And with one jerk of his mighty arms, the wrist ropes broke. Trong brought his huge guns up and began to crush Sturdis' huge shoulders with his muscular hands. Sturdis wailed. Trong's incredibly powerful body enveloped the captain, nearly turning each of his huge muscles to putty.

Trong jerked hard. And with each jerk, his muscles pulverized Sturdis. His jizz burst with hard, powerful shots, filling Sturdis.

The long, slow rape continued. With each passing minute, Sturdis' manhood seemed to diminish. He had been raped by a kid, who had his arms tied behind his back. Trong nuzzled Sturdis' neck as he spurt more jizz into the muscular, yet helpless, man. He held Sturdis tightly, embracing the muscular frame with passion. His mammoth biceps bulged as he held onto Sturdis' delts. He breathed hard, pressing loud, hot bursts of air with each ejaculation.

Sturdis occasionally whimpered. Trong frequently groaned with pleasure. He had overcome the most powerful Testone he had yet met.

Soon, Sturdis rock-hard dick could take no more. It began filling the space between the two men with white, milky goo.

Pexton watched in horror; in erotic bliss. Trong looked down toward his feet and caught his father-in-law's eye. "Dad..." Trong said between uncontrollable jerks. "You're... welcome to make... yourself comf... comfortable over... here."

Pexton wasted no time. Within seconds, the governor was lying on top of his son, pushing his cock inside the muscular ass. Trong's round glutes welcomed his father. Pexton began to cum even before he was all the way inside. He grabbed Trong's lats, and his fingers were treated to a feast of rock-hard, granite muscle. It was a Trong sandwich.

All three men ejaculated, each one groaning and moaning with pleasure and pain; each one's muscles hardening and relaxing, tightening and releasing; in rhythm with his own orgasm. •

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