Testos Four

Trong Does Pexton


By Aaron Strong

Trong entered the room. His father-in-law, Pexton, stood at the kitchen counter. Pexton looked up and seemed a little flustered. The two of them were alone. Jark was out of town on business.

"Pexton," Trong smiled broadly. "I wanted to talk to you." He walked toward Pexton and stood next to the counter, dwarfing his father-in- law with his muscular frame. Pexton smiled nervously and tried to keep his hands busy, making a snack. "I've wanted to talk to you ever since Jark and I got back from our honeymoon."

"Well, son," Pexton said. "I guess that would be a good thing. You know, we really haven't even been able to talk since I first met you a few months ago."

Trong smiled and looked down at the governor. "I know." He watched Pexton work for a few minutes. The silence became slightly uncomfortable, then Trong said "I just wanted to thank you for raising such a great son. Jark and I are very happy together. I can tell he has had an excellent upbringing, and I just want to express my appreciation to you." Trong moved his hand onto Pexton's shoulder and squeezed it slightly. Even with just a small squeeze, Pexton felt the enormous amount of strength in his son-in-law's hand.

Pexton nervously fiddled with the food. "Well, I am sure delighted that Jark has such a fine husband, Trong. I couldn't be happier for you two." Pexton looked up from his food, and his eyes landed on Trong's obscenely huge, thick arms. For a second, Pexton was fixated on those powerful guns.

"You know, Pexton," Trong said as he lowered his hand from Pexton's deltoid.

"Please. Call me Dad," Pexton interrupted as he came out of his trance with Trong's arms.

"O.K.," Trong said. "You know, Dad..." He paused. "I always believe that you can tell a lot about what a guy is thinking by watching what he looks at." Trong smiled just a bit and tightened the skin surrounding his mammoth biceps and triceps, as they hung at his sides. The muscles rippled, and the horseshoe of his triceps grew and bulged. He kept his arms tight like this for a minute, allowing Pexton to thoroughly enjoy the flex. Pexton nearly eliminated on the side of the counter. Pexton half choked, half cleared his throat.

"Oh really?" Pexton said, dry-mouthed. "How do you mean?"

"Well," Trong paused and smiled again. "I have noticed that ever since you met me... You seem to glance at my arms quite a lot."

Pexton's face became beet red. He turned around, placing some scraps in the sink. Trong moved behind Pexton, his gargantuan chest touching Pexton's thick back muscles.

"It's O.K., Dad," Trong said. "I'm glad you like them."

"Well," Pexton said. "They are mighty huge, I guess." He washed out the sink.

Trong moved his hands onto Pexton's traps and began to massage. Pexton's eyes rolled into his head and he tipped his neck back just a bit as his giant teenage son-in-law touched him.

"I was wondering Dad," Trong continued. "Maybe there is a way I could express my thanks to you... In a more meaningful way." He continued to massage the governor's shoulders, seductively moving his powerful fingers over the bulging traps and deltoids. Pexton's cock began to stiffen slightly, as it hung between his thick legs.

Pexton turned around just a bit and said, "Trong... I appreciate what you're trying to say..." He paused for a second, searching for words to get him out of this overwhelming temptation. "But I think that since you and Jark are in your first year of marriage, it would be best to maintain the custom of monogamy for the first year. That's the way it should be. During this first year, you should save yourself just for Jark."

Trong removed his hands from Pexton and stood there. He paused just a minute, then flexed his thick pec muscles. He grinned just a bit. "I don't think you really want that, do you?" The giant moved his fingers down to Pexton's half-stiff cock and began to touch it. It rose higher. Pexton froze. Pexton knew that if Trong really wanted him, there was nothing he could do to stop him. No matter how much Pexton resisted, he knew he would be no match for Trong's massive power and strength. And the gleam in Trong's eye said that he really WANTED the governor. And to be honest, Pexton had NO desire to refuse the biggest, most muscular teenage stud he had ever met.

Trong's muscular fingers tickled the governor's dick as it thickened and became strong, stiff and striated. Within seconds it was at full erection. Pexton's eyes closed as Trong continued to tickle his father-in-law's erection. Then, Trong made his next move. He brought his face down to Pexton's face and kissed him. It was just a short kiss. Pexton leaned up to get more, but Trong pulled back, teasing his dad. Pexton brought his hand up to Trong's arm and felt the immense, warm, rock-hard muscle. Immediately, precum began to almost pour out of his slit hole. Trong fingered the juice and rubbed it into the skin, then he moved his face down again, and inserted his huge tongue into Pexton's mouth, filling his oral cavity with hot flesh. Pexton groaned. Trong pushed down hard on Pexton's rod. Immediately, the disciplined, strong governor began to cum. Pexton's muscular body tightened as hard as steel. He grabbed Trong's arm and squeezed it HARD, yet his fingers didn't even dent the granite biceps and triceps of his son-in-law. He nearly began to convulse as he began his orgasm. His cock vibrated slowly under Trong's grip as shot after slow shot of hot, juicy cum squirted into the air. Trong kept pushing on his father-in-law's penis until the orgasm was done.

The two parted lips and smiled at each other. "See?" Trong said. "That wasn't so bad was it?"

Pexton smiled.

"What do you say, you and I go on into your room and express more of our appreciation to each other. No one has to know anything, Dad."

"What would happen if Jark found out?" Pexton asked.

Trong slowly moved his long, muscular fingers onto Pexton's firm glutes. He began to push his middle finger into Pexton's ass hole, wiggling it slowly inside. This was one huge, muscular finger! Pexton froze. The sensation was incredibly HOT. Pexton had always been attracted to Trong, ever since he first laid eyes on him. Perhaps there was a little self-interest in selecting him as his son's husband. Now that he was here, his fantasies were becoming more intense. And now it seemed that Trong was willing and able to fulfill them.

"Jark never has to know, Dad," Trong whispered into Pexton's ear as he shoved his finger farther up Pexton's ass. The giant teenager began to lift his father-in-law off the ground with one arm. He placed his other hand on Pexton's thick chest, to steady him. He squeezed Pexton's bulging pec, and began to play with his nipple, rubbing it softly with his thumb.

Pexton was out of willpower. He had had a taste of this musclehunk, and now there was nothing that could stand in his way from experiencing the whole of the Trong experience. He was overcome with lust for his new son. His mind raced with sex scenes of him and Trong.

Pexton looked at Trong and said "I guess... maybe just this once."

Trong set his new father down and removed his finger from Pexton's butt. He bent over just a bit, and in a powerful display of brut strength, picked up his muscular father-in-law and walked him to the bedroom suite, just as he had done with Jark, a month ago.

* * * * *

Trong sat Pexton on the bed and stepped about five or six feet away. "Dad, I was wondering if you would like to watch me pose... just to get us warmed up to each other," Trong grinned.

Pexton didn't verbally answer. His smile said it all. Trong began to flex his pecs first. The gargantuan muscles moved in sensual waves. Pexton's cock began to tighten again. Trong looked at it and smiled. "Glad to see you're enjoying the show, dad," he grinned.

Trong brought his hands behind his head and tightened his body into an incredible display of muscle. The skin on his abs seemed to recede into his mountainous cobblestone ab work. Pexton began to touch himself. His erect cock was as tight as it could get. Trong smiled again.

Trong held this pose while he brought himself to an erection. He bulged and flexed his abs and arms as he held the pose, all the while his mammoth dick was growing. Pexton grabbed his own balls and pulled down on them tightly. Trong kept still as his erection became full. His precum began to moisten his huge penis. Pexton lusted after the meaty member. He had never seen one bigger. His own huge cock paled in comparison to his teenage son-in-law's cock. He wanted to touch it... to taste it. He stood up and moved toward Trong. Trong brought his hands down and held Pexton back, placing his powerful palms on Pexton's huge deltoids. "Not so fast, papa," he grinned. "You'll have to wait for awhile. For now, you can look, but you can't touch." He sat Pexton back down and moved back. Pexton's heart pounded. He loved being controlled by Trong. The suspense was fantastic.

Trong resumed the torture. He hit a double biceps pose. Pexton grabbed his own huge balls again and nearly began to crush them. Trong's insanely huge arms tightened into two balls of steel. Trong smiled, knowing he was driving his new dad wild. He lengthened his arms, causing the gigantic biceps meat to extend. Then he retracted his forearms again, and his upper arms bulged larger than before.

Pexton's cock dribbled precum heavy. His mushroom head was swollen, and bulging.

Trong confidently continued the muscleshow. He accentuated each pose with his trademark grin, sending his father into fits of lust and envy.

"Now, I'm going to move close to you, dad," Trong said, smiling. "But don't move your hands. Show your new son how strong and disciplined the governor really is. I want to get very close to you, but I want you to remain still. I'll tell you when you can touch me. You have to obey and be good, or no touching."

Pexton swallowed hard. He took his hands from his balls and laid them at his side.

"Why don't you stand up, dad," Trong said. "That'll make it more fun."

Pexton immediately obeyed his son. He stood motionless, his hands at his side.

Trong stepped closer. He pressed his body into a most-muscular pose. He didn't do it too tight, just enough to make his traps swell into two mountains of iron, and his triceps to bulge into two peaks of steel. Pexton nearly began to shake. Trong stepped closer, holding the pose, smiling all the way. His Herculean cock dwarfed Pexton's as they nearly touched. Trong's was at least six inches longer than the governor's, and it was clearly substantially thicker and more striated. Trong groaned slightly as his huge body hovered over Pexton's, its musculature rippling. Pexton nearly began to choke. His arms ached to move, but he forced himself to remain still.

Trong brushed his huge sword against Pexton's. The governor bristled as his cock was overpowered by the intimidating tower of pure muscle. Trong's precum dripped and fell right into Pexton's slit hole, mingling with Pexton's precum, filling the hole to overflowing and dribbling down Pexton's shaft. Pexton closed his eyes for just a second, to maintain his sanity, then opened them again. Trong smiled a huge grin, showing his bright teeth. Pexton nearly melted.

"I can see we're going to have to do this often, dad," Trong teased. "I didn't realize how much bigger I am than you. I hope you're not too intimidated by me."

Pexton remained silent. He knew that if he spoke, he might just loose all control and begin to spurt all over his son.

Trong stepped closer, saying "Now remember. Keep those hands at your sides. You might even want to lock your elbows."

The steel giant moved closer. The two men were now touching. Pexton's face met the bulging, rippling chest of Trong. Trong's pecs must have been the largest globes of pure muscle on the planet! The huge mounds of muscle rippled right at Pexton's face. The meat bulged so much it seemed as if the skin couldn't contain it. Pexton's knees weakened as his face began to caress the muscular man-boobs. Trong teased his father, driving him crazy with his sensual, mighty chest. He kept rippling and flexing the beef, so that it manipulated the skin of Pexton's cheeks. Pexton gasped for air as he became lightheaded. Trong's nipples faced the floor, due to the thick overhang of his pec muscles. Trong moved one of his nipples so that it met Pexton's lips. Instinctively, Pexton opened his mouth and began sucking. Trong immediately pulled back. "Now dad, you have to remain still. No responding to my movements, O.K.?"

Trong moved forward again. This time Pexton's lips didn't move as they began to be teased by Trong's taut, thick, round, erect nipple. Trong moved the tip over and between Pexton's motionless lips, parting them slightly as it forced itself inside. Pexton relaxed his lips, but didn't move them. Trong's half-inch long nipple poked between his father's lips. He teased his father like this for a few minutes, flexing his pecs and various other muscles. Then he pulled back.

"I take it you are enjoying yourself, dad" Trong inquired.

Pexton didn't answer. He closed his eyes and froze.

Trong moved his hands and grasped Pexton's fists. Pexton's arms were locked in the downward position, and Trong began to arm-curl his dad. Effortlessly, Trong moved Pexton into the air, his huge guns easily contracting and bulging. Pexton's penis head met Trong's lips, and the steel giant began to caress it, kissing and licking it. Immediately, Pexton began to cum. Trong's face braved the onslaught of semen as he continued to tickle the cock with his tongue and lips. Pexton groaned as he was held high in the air. Trong ran the throbbing rod into his mouth and began to suck. Pexton moaned loudly, almost yelling. Trong's mouth filled with warm jizz, and his wide throat easily contained the effervescent milk.

Trong took Pexton's cock out of his mouth and moved his lips onto Pexton's huge balls. He began to teeth the steel spheres as Pexton ejaculated into the air. Pexton winced. Trong put one huge ball into his mouth and began to massage it firmly, with his tongue and lips. Pexton shot uncontrollably.

Before Pexton was finished with his orgasm, Trong stood him on the floor. Pexton continued to shoot his load onto his muscular, huge son. Trong kissed Pexton and pushed down on his rod, gently masturbating and frenching his new father until he was finished.

Pexton nearly collapsed in exhaustion.

"You look like you need an infusion of testosterone, dad," Trong smiled. "Maybe I could help."

Trong took both hands and placed them on Pexton's head. His powerful arms forced Pexton to move lower. Trong positioned Pexton's head so that his father's face was just inches above the his own mammoth erection. Pexton's eyes grew big as he gazed upon the beautiful organ stretching up to his face. Trong tightened it and it became more taut and bigger. Trong held Pexton's face just inches above it, torturing both himself and his dad. Pexton nearly began to drool. He licked his lips. Trong held Pexton there as long as he could-- not because Pexton was so strong, but because of his own willpower. Trong ached to have Pexton's lips suck his cock, and yet he absolutely LOVED the suspense of waiting. He moved Pexton closer, so that Pexton's tongue was able to stick out and touch it. The tip of Pexton's tongue began to wiggle madly, lashing at Trong's penis, splashing Trong's precum. It was driving them both crazy, and they both loved it. Pexton's face pushed madly forward, but his neck was no match for Trong's powerful arms. The two men fought at each other, straining... licking... flexing.

Finally, Trong could wait no longer. He flexed his arms and forced Pexton's mouth onto his penis mushroom. Pexton began sucking.

Trong's thick, warm cock was harder than any cock Pexton had ever sucked. The teenage meat seemed to be made of muscle-encased steel. It was so hard!

Pexton tasted the sweet precum. He drank it down. He moved his tongue all around the thick shaft, exploring every facet, every muscular bulge, every striated fiber, every thick blood vessel. He moved his mouth slowly, drawing out the experience as long as he could. Trong obviously enjoyed Pexton's erotic touch, as he moaned in pleasure. Pexton sucked a few hard pulls. Trong flexed his penis and, unbelievably, it seemed to stiffen more! Pexton was overwhelmed! He moved his mouth down the shaft farther, enjoying every centimeter of rock-hard muscle. Trong continued to produce a heavy amount of precum.

Pexton moved both hands onto Trong's coconut-sized testicles. He began to rub them and squeeze them. He pulled on the moist skin. He tickled Trong's sensitive spot, just below his balls. Trong moaned, and forced Pexton's head lower, his huge arms powerfully moving the governor's head where it gave him the most pleasure. Trong tilted his head back and closed his eyes. He could see where Jark had learned how to give such fantastic blow jobs. Like father, like son. But something in Pexton's technique gave Trong an even more enjoyable ride than Jark did. Trong decided right then and there that he and his father-in-law would have a long and sensual relationship. This would only be the first encounter. Fuck Jark.

Pexton sucked and licked. Trong raised onto his tiptoes and came. Pexton's mouth filled with the first shot. He began to gag on the second shot. Just like at the wedding ceremony, Trong's blasts soon overwhelmed his victim. Pexton's sinuses filled with semen, spurting out of his nose. Pexton tried to lift his head off the shaft, but Trong was out of control. His mighty arms held the governor EXACTLY where he wanted him. Trong's whole body tightened. He yelled. Pexton gasped for air as Trong's jizz spilled out of his mouth, his nose. Pexton's body became rigid, then he began flailing, trying to break free. His powerful son held him tight. He began to loose his coloring, then turn blue. Trong held Pexton there for a few minutes, yelling, jerking, flexing, ejaculating suffocating bursts of cum into the governor's mouth, filling his head with jizz.

Finally, Trong was able to regain control, and seeing what was happening, he pulled Pexton off. Pexton gasped in a huge breath of air as Trong's mighty dick shot him with white bullets. Pexton's eyes were wide as he choked and gasped. Trong grabbed himself and squeezed his muscular fingers onto his shaft, pumping the semen out of his cock. He grabbed Pexton again, jerked him around, and rammed his cock up his father's ass. The governor screamed as Trong's huge member filled his rectum. Trong let go of Pexton, causing him to be suspended in midair, being held up only by his strong, throbbing cock. Pexton yelled as Trong's cock sent shock waves of pain throughout his body. This was one fucking HUGE orgasm. Trong leaned back, flexing his quads and glutes, holding Pexton on his cock. He made his hands into fists and his arms tightened and expanded. He kept leaning back, his hands clenched next to his sides, his quads bulging. He gritted his teeth and growled. He pumped Pexton HARD, as his mammoth arms hung at his sides. His triceps and biceps bulged. He began to flex them, posing them in obscene displays of power as he fucked his father. Pexton continued to yell, begging his son to release him.

Trong refused. Fucking Pexton was the biggest orgasm he had ever had. He was going to enjoy this. He took his powerful arms and began to lift Pexton up and down on his shaft. Trong growled again. Pexton's tight ass offered just the right amount of resistance to the muscular cock. Trong pumped Pexton up and down, occasionally holding him up high, torturing his own dick with sensual, erotic delays to his orgasm. Then he would resume pumping, forcing Pexton down again. Sometimes he pushed Pexton down extremely HARD, forcing his long pipe way up inside Pexton's abdomen. Pexton would always scream in agony when Trong did this. It was painful and humiliating to be raped like this. Pexton's strong body writhed in unwilling submission to the powerful body of his son. Sometimes Trong just walked around the room, ejaculating into Pexton as he marched, growling and flexing his insanely powerful body, his mighty quads bulging with every step.

After about an hour of this, Trong slowed down. Sweat dripped from his mighty frame. Pexton was nearly unconscious, a whimpering rag doll, hanging on the powerful giant's genitals. Trong lifted his father off his cock all the way. He held him high in the air for a few seconds, flexing his muscular body. He turned Pexton around as he held him high, so that they faced each other. Pexton, nearly unconscious, looked down at his son. Trong slowly lowered Pexton down. Pexton moved onto Trong's huge muscles. Trong rippled each muscle as Pexton moved down his incredibly developed body. Pexton started to come out of his trance. He awoke to the massive muscles of Trong as his body was powerfully, seductively lowered. Trong's mouth met Pexton's, and the two kissed passionately. Trong overpowered Pexton's mouth and filled it with his hot, sweet flesh. They kissed for over two minutes, until Pexton nearly began to gag again, and Trong withdrew. Trong lowered Pexton all the way down. Pexton couldn't stand. Trong carried him to the bed and laid him there, on his back.

Trong climbed on top of his dad and resumed intercourse. He spread Pexton's legs and slowly inserted his penis again. Pexton moaned. He was awake again, yet he had no more strength.

"It's O.K., dad," Trong whispered as his cock slipped in farther. "You just go ahead and go to sleep. I'll enjoy myself a while longer, if you don't mind," Trong grinned. Pexton couldn't answer. He couldn't believe the capacity this kid had for sex. His endurance and strength were unreal!

Trong's huge body enveloped his father. His hard cock was fully encased in Pexton's ass. Trong began to hump, slowly. Pexton moaned, and smiled slightly. Trong kissed his face, and he began to ejaculate once again. Between jerks, Trong began to talk to Pexton. "Dad, you know (jerk), I've always had a thing for (shot) older men." Pexton smiled up at his teenage son. "And, well (jerk) I've wanted to have sex with you ever since (jerk) I met you." Trong's huge arms bulged with each ejaculation. Pexton moved his ands onto Trong's overdeveloped back and felt the rippling muscles grow and contract as Trong breathed and ejaculated. The muscle bulged under Pexton's adoring fingers as he felt every striated ripple of beef. Pexton squeezed Trong's lats. The meat was SO HUGE and HARD. The overwhelming power of his son's body was intoxicating to Pexton.

Trong continued to whisper. "Anyway, Dad. I want (shot) to tell you that I will always be here (jerk) to fuck you whenever you want." Trong winced his face and grunted as he pushed out an especially potent shot of cum. "You just call me, and I'll be there to service you, dad."

Pexton smiled. His ultimate fantasy had come true. He became lightheaded as his fingers enjoyed the extreme power of Trong's back, his rectum enjoyed the mighty cock, his ears enjoyed the romantic promises, his cock enjoyed the cobblestone slabs of Trong's abs, his eyes enjoyed the gorgeous face.

Pexton fell asleep to the sensation of Trong's jizz filling his abdomen. Trong gently humped his father for much of the night, pausing occasionally for an erotic muscle posing show.

* * * * *

At about 3 a.m., the two new lovers found themselves engaged in a jerk-off contest. They stood facing each other, each man flexing and posing for the other. They were both erect, both totally engrossed in lust for the other. Pexton flexed his muscular pecs, and Trong grabbed his own meat and began to pump it. Pexton did likewise. Trong moved one arm up and flexed it for his dad, and immediately Pexton began to cum, squirting all over his son. Trong quickly followed suit, cumming all over Pexton.

Trong kneeled down and began to give Pexton a blow job. Pexton moaned as Trong's lips moved down his hard shaft. Trong continued to shoot, spraying cum in between Pexton's muscular legs as he sucked and sucked. Pexton groaned, nearly yelling.

Suddenly, the door to the bedroom suite opened. In the doorway stood Sturdis. Trong immediately took his mouth off Pexton's cock, and his face was sprayed with jizz.

"Governor!" Sturdis gasped. "Trong!" He stood in the doorway, not believing his eyes. "You are violating one of our most revered traditions! Trong should only be with Jark!" •

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