Young Tony

Tony Goes to College


By Deadliftr

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The high school was finally rid of the very disruptive and uncontrollable Tony Mills, but to everyone's surprise, the city's education department was not. The city was home to a small private college that existed primarily to make sure that the sons and daughters of the city's well-to-do could boast a college degree, even if the standards at other, more highly regarded institutions prevented their admittance. Tony's foster father had attended the local school, as had both of his sons; he insisted that Tony do likewise. Actually, he didn't need to insist very much, because Tony had decided that he needed to expand his circle of "intimate" friends, and this new environment should offer lots of possibilities. What made this college especially attractive was that while its academic credentials weren't the greatest, they did support two excellent sporting teams - football and rugby, and having decided that men were his preferred choice of sex partner, Tony's mind was spinning with the possibilities that the school offered.

It had been a very good summer, physically - no, make that an exceptional summer: the rapid growth that began during the spring hadn't slowed down; it had, in fact, accelerated and instead of being short for his age, he'd caught up -- and then some. Last year's "serious," super heavy-weight bodybuilder had become a body-building monster, his bulk overshadowing even the largest "normal" human. At six foot-four, his thighs had ballooned to 38 inches, matching his very muscular, 36-inch washboard waist, his chest close to sixty, with twenty-six inch arms to match and an ass that might belong to a weight-lifting freak who'd been doing low-rep, rock-bottom squats since age 6 - and every bit of it - thighs, abs, and ass, was tight, rock-hard muscle. There was no longer anything small about Tony. He showed up on the first day of school pretty well covered up, wearing blue-jean cutoffs and a partly shredded, stretched-to-the-limit tee-shirt to match -- sleeveless, of course -- along with an attitude of arrogant superiority befitting his stature and his immunity to harm from puny weapons like hunting knives and hand guns. Even though some of the students here had known of Tony from their high-school days, very few had seen him since his transformation had begun eight months ago and were totally shocked by the suddenly gigantic scale of his musculature, as well as his overwhelming size.

It was great to be back among his peers - his young, strong, tight-bodied peers He all but leered at every student he passed in the hallways, mentally assessing their potential for future encounters. the students, in turn, stared right back. His first day of college was an incredible turn-on; whether sitting in class or walking down the hallways, all eyes were on him: the guys gawked at him with a mixture of jealousy, awe and fear, while the girls -- many of whom had gained intimate knowledge of Tony within recent months, looked upon him with unabashed desire, but mixed with a good bit of fear about being too forward with him because of his unexpectedly huge size. But he thrived on the eye-worship he was getting and frequently flexed his guns for all to enjoy, encouraging his classmates to touch and sample at will. The girls liked it especially when they traced their fingers through his abs and Tony trapped a thumb between the ridges, giving them an excuse to explore his pubic area with their fingers - an exciting region that was exposed by the low-rise shorts right down to the base of Tony's ample man-meat.

His upper pubes weren't the only region exposed. The jeans he wore were not made to accommodate such huge thighs, and in order to even get them on, Tony had needed to cut several slits in the leg material - starting with the inseam straight up into the crotch, plus three more slits along the sides clear up to the waistband so that pretty much all of Tony became visible as he walked. While eyes traveled frequently to his ass, no one was willing to touch until Tony grabbed two hands, one male, one female, and guided them through an opening and held them against his prominent glute muscle as he flexed it rock-hard for them to enjoy. "You like that, don'cha, heh,heh,heh?" he chuckled. And smiled. And so did they, and soon many braved their uncertainties and copped a feel on their own. Tony loved it all. He spent most of the day while in class stretching and flexing in very suggestive ways, watching the reactions of his peers with great pleasure. He'd never before seen so many wet spots on girls blouses or in guy's crotches.

After a week of dressing relatively modestly, Tony upped the ante. Out with the jeans, out with the bike shorts, out with the tee's. In were highly stretchable tanks and posers that conformed to every curve on Tony's massive body. They also lifted his huge endowment upward and outward so far and so prominently that it wasn't clear which stuck out more - Tony's dick or his nips. If anyone had been curious about just how much of that overly big crotch bulge was from his cock, which was now over thirteen inches hard and never less than nine, or his nuts, which were, to Tony's great pleasure, way over-sized, now they knew. And Tony was happy to show them off, especially while in class. He would often stretch out with his arms flexed up behind his neck, with his legs crossed at the ankles. Whenever he caught someone staring at his crotch, he'd flex his thighs, causing his ample nuts to bulge hugely upwards, at the same time displaying the shape, and the size, of his always semi-hard cock in yet greater relief.

"Man, this is even better than high school," he thought to himself. The student clientele here -- the guys, especially, were taking even more notice of - and interest in, his body that those immature, sexually inexperienced kids he'd been around. "This is going to be one fucking good year," he chuckled. With all the attention he was getting, he knew he needed to buy some more posers - he had no inclination to ever wear anything else again.

From the first, Tony was given a lot of leeway in terms of his behavior. As son as he was admitted, the college President alerted the faculty to his proclivities, and his distaste for reprimand. As a group, they were willing to bend because his father was an alumnus with money and because there were serious consequences to crossing Tony - such as getting your car rather badly damaged. So when Tony reduced his clothing to the point of near-nudity, his teachers let it pass - at first. But then Tony started manipulating his briefs so that they didn't cover everything that they should have, and his overt attention too his massive genitals, provoking some near-erections, irritated too many of the easily offended faculty, and so one day, in the middle of his first class of the day, a messenger appeared and announced, to the whole class, that Tony was to go straight away to see the Dean of Student Affairs, Dean Walker, who handled all disciplinary matters - something about "your rather minimal clothing," he sneered rather arrogantly as he turned to leave. Tony noticed - and remembered (real beefy guy - that'll make it more fun…), and left to introduce himself to the Dean. As Tony walked to the office, he thought happily about how he would handle - and permanently defuse the situation. He had no idea how satisfactory the visit would be.

As it turns out, the Dean was none other than the former Dean of the local high school who had been victimized by Tony's unique style of handling problems just last spring. He'd been so ashamed of being compromised so thoroughly by Tony that he was eager to leave all that behind so as not to have to face all those people who knew what had happened every day he was at work. So he sought a new job elsewhere, and found one - directing student affairs at the small college across town. He was enjoying his new job, his new responsibilities, and his relative invisibility. He found that he was good at solving students' problems - even behavioral ones. This one was going to be a snap - some brainless, over-grown farm boy/would-be jock trying to impress the girls with his probably sloppy, fat-ridden body by showing a little skin. He chuckled at the picture of clumsy immaturity that jumped into his mind.

Therefore, when his door opened and in strutted the very last person on the planet that he wanted to see - looking twice as big as he did several months ago - he very nearly pissed himself. The fear and humiliation of that day, which he'd tried so hard to erase from memory flooded back in glorious Technicolor and Surround Sound. He tried to step backwards, but his body refused to move even as it was starting to shake from the inside out.

Not being one to wait for anyone, Tony had ignored the office workers and strolled unannounced directly into the Dean's office, purposefully closing the door behind him and stopping only when his massively muscled thighs touched the edge of the desk and his somewhat aroused dick, which stretched the posers revealingly outward, knocked over some family pictures resting on the desktop. He had walked in with a self-assured smirk on his face - a look that changed first to pleasant shock when he saw the "nice new Dean," as he'd been described, and then to a huge, knowing, welcoming smile by the time he'd reached the desk. "Well, hey, Doc - didn't know you had a new job." He leaned forward a bit and looked into his eyes. "It's really good to see you again - reminds me of old times," as he strongly, pointedly, and dramatically grabbed his crotch.

Images of last year once again flooded the Dean's mind. He suddenly had no clear plan of action. His intended speech was out the window and just now, he couldn't think of anything to do. This was the former DEAN's first sight of Tony since last spring, and he stumbled backward into his chair in surprise at the sight of this new Tony - the now incredibly huge, all but naked muscle-teen who had steamrolled unbidden toward his desk.

Tony continued to stare down at the rather small, lanky Vice Principle, balled fists on his hips, waiting impatiently. After several very long seconds of silence, he asked, "So - you wanted to see me?"

Up to this point, the little man had done nothing but stare wide-eyed and open-mouthed in the general direction of Tony's chest. At the sound of the question, a modicum of awareness returned to the stunned official, and subconsciously recalling the crash of the family photographs, looked downward, where his eyes again became firmly glued on another part of Tony - his thick ten-incher standing horizontally out from Tony's body, stretching the skimpy trunks so much that most of that ten inches - all but the head, in fact, was quite open to direct view, along with the upper part of both large, round nuts underneath. Suddenly remembering the reason for this unhappy visit, the recovering authority figure cleared his throat importantly several times, and after a bit of unintelligible stammering finally managed to mumble a sentence or two about this particular student's wholly unacceptable, inappropriate, and, "if I may say so, downright scandalous" selection of clothing.

Hesitating briefly, Tony slowly, and very deliberately, leaned his frighteningly large upper body mass uncomfortably far forward, his taut pec muscles all but in the Dean's face, flexing his chest, sending ripples of muscle from side to side for the benefit of the suddenly quite uncertain-looking figure before him, saying, "Are you reprimanding me, Sir?"

"Uh-h, wel-l-ll, uh-h-h-h…" The Dean was thinking about what Tony had done to his friend's car last year, and here he was, seemingly much bigger, and much stronger than before, and he thought of his own expensive, brand new, largely unpaid-for Mazda just outside his office door and….."Well, actually, no. I was simply making an observation, ...uh-h..., Sir."

"I'm very glad to hear that." Tony straightened up; Mr. Walker relaxed a bit, but the feeling was to be short-lived. Staring down at the rather slight, still worried, waiting figure, Tony pushed his still protruding dick in the Dean's direction, gave it a good flex, making it lengthen a bit and thoroughly wet the material trying to cover the head of his cock, and said in a rather sad voice, "…but you know, I really didn't appreciate getting called out of class that way - you know how people talk…." There was utter, breathless silence from across the desk. "Can you think of any way to apologize for my embarrassment a having been called to your office? Again?"

The Dean was no longer relaxed. His eyes were suddenly pinned on Tony's rather firm manhood as his mind reviewed last year's events. His mouth dropped open but he still said nothing - he just gaped. Hearing nothing, Tony walked around the desk in a replay of his previous visit, stopping several feet away from the seated man. Mr. Walker swiveled to face him. Tony pulled his posers off of his cock and tucked them underneath this balls, forcing his whole package out even more, and then grabbed his horizontal cock with one hand, stroked and squeezed it a bit, causing a large dollop of precum to ooze out and drip to the floor. The Dean just stared, thinking about how the hard cock had filled his mouth last year, and that it was obviously somewhat bigger now even though it wasn't fully engorged. His concern was back in spades, and he was visibly shaking..

"Uh-h-h..., Sir...., I think you'd better get it in before it gets any bigger because I'd hate to rearrange your dental work by having to push my way in...." No response. Tony curled his finger toward his dick, saying "You can start by licking me clean." At first, neither man moved, but finally the Dean got up, walked two steps to Tony and then kneeled in front of him. It was then that he fully realized just how big this muscle monster was; certainly the Dean was a smaller than average man but he'd never had cause to be ashamed of his thirty-four inch chest - until now…, until coming face to face with The Thigh - the rock-hard, bulging, deeply cut mass of muscle that was Tony's upper leg that was quite obviously inches bigger than the Dean's entire chest. He suddenly began shaking even more. Tony lifted his cock upwards and at Tony's direction, the Dean leaned over and licked the entire helmet clean. The cock was enlarging. "You'd better hurry," hinted Tony as he let go of his cock and nodded down towards it, encouraging the small man to take over. "It's not getting any smaller."

And so it was with a great deal of reluctance that Mr. W. grasped the twelve-inch and still growing man-rod, pressed his open lips up against the once-again wet piss-slit and, after taking a strong, bracing breath, pushed the full cockhead past his teeth and into his suddenly full mouth, and wanting to get this over as soon as possible, immediately started to alternately squeeze down with his mouth or massage the entire cockhead with his tongue as he used his hands to squeeze and stroke the nine or more inches of shaft between his lips and Tony's groin. "Awww, yeah, Doc..., you remember, heh, heh..., yer doin' fine, Man..., awww, yeah....." Squeeze. Lick. "C'mon, Doc..., suck it for me..." Suck. Suck. Breathe out. Squeeze and suck. "Awww yeah..., Here - lemme take over." Tony begins stroking himself to full hardness, but before he even gets there, he can tell that his dickhead is pressing pretty hard again the bottom and roof of his suck-toy's mouth, which appears to be fully stretched already. It seems that our little Dean had an unusually small jaw which was already pried open to the max. "Hm-m--m, I wonder...." Stroke; flex; stroke; flex. He can tell the pressure is increasing, until finally the Dean says, "MMMM!...., MMM!.., NNN-n-n-n--n." "Whatsa matter, Man -- Can't understand you when your mouth's so full o' cock, heh, heh, heh."

Now the Dean pushes with both hands against Tony's thighs, and Tony can feel that he's trying to pull off of his cock; Tony's not holding him at all, but he can't pull off. He chuckles to himself, "Heh, heh..., I think he's stuck," and so he takes a quick step backward, and little Mr. Walker is yanked forward. "Well, well..., whad'ya know, heh, heh, heh." He stops, puts both hands on his hips and watches for several seconds as the smaller man grabs his cock with both hands and pulls as hard as he can, trying to force his teeth up and over the enormous mushroom-shaped cockhead - to no avail. This was a whole new experience for Tony and he loved it, and as he watched his unwilling cock-sucker try to get out of his predicament, he started moving slowly backwards. Mr. Walker, on the other hand, was groaning/screaming louder than ever as he was forced to "walk" forward on his knees, being literally pulled forward by pressure of the ridge of Tony's cock head against the back of his teeth. His jaw was NOT about to open any further. To add to his embarrassment, Tony hadn't locked the door on his way in, and upon hearing Mr. Walker's loud, incoherent protestations, his secretary ran in to help. Shocked into silence, she stood quite still, mouth hanging open, as her boss followed Tony on his knees, his mouth firmly attached to the massive student's huge hard-on. So far as she could tell, Tony was trying to get away and his "friend" was holding on, unwilling to let go.

Keeping his fists nonchalantly on his hips, slightly hunched over so he could keep an eye on the desperate Dean, Tony turns to the secretary with a broad, smirking smile and says, "Care to join us?" Brought to her senses, she inhales sharply as her eyes fly open even wider, quickly turns and runs out, slamming the door behind her. Tony chuckles, "Guess not, heh, heh." He looks back down at his cock, where his inactive, sexual plaything has still not recovered from the interruption. "C'mon, man--, let's get some action down there." Reluctantly, slowly, the little man with the little mouth gets back to work, stroking and squeezing with his fingers, however awkwardly, and licking and bathing with his tongue, however meekly. "That's it, Doc - but'cha gotta do it like y' mean it -squeeze me harder, man…aww yeah.. -harder.., Fuck yeah -good…, - now the tongue - all over, man.., press hard - I wanna feel it…(..Lick; slurp) aww, yeah! - Suck this fucking huge muscle dick, man… (His-s-s-s-sssss…) - OK, now up and down my slit, man." "Nnn-, unh-uhhh…khhh…, nnng.." He resisted. "Well, maybe if I help…," and so saying, he pushed his cock in a bit, up against the underside of the man's tongue, the tip of which was now pressing into the slit. "Yuh' got the idea?" He relaxed a bit, and the tongue started doing as he'd asked. "Awww, fuck yeah, Doc…, slurp up that juice, man…(The unfortunate little man was trying harder: at least he was making lots of licking, sucking, and slurping noises…), -- aww fuck, yeah…Keep it up, Doc."

For the next several minutes, the scene didn't change much: Tony, bigger than any bodybuilder, standing still, looking somewhat paternally down at the small man stuck on the end of his huge, pulsing cock, utterly relaxed with fists on hips, now and again giving a helpful flex and thrusting his pelvis forward to increase the pressure, as well as his pleasure, watching the tiny figure who was fumblingly trying to please him: a gargantuan muscle Master toying with his miniature slave. Soon his patience was gone. "Hey, Doc - you're running out of steam. You need a shot of protein; I'll take over," replacing the two small hands with one of his own and rapidly jacking himself off ("N!..., N!..., Un-uhh.., NNN!" ) -- in spite of protests from the frightened man down below -- to a small, restrained climax (Tony wasn't ready to leave just yet…). The man's mouth being so full of dick, the cum had no where to go but down, except for the part that got forced out the coughing, gagging, sputtering man's nose, shooting out over Tony's cock.

Eventually recovering, the Dean figured he'd apologized as much as was needed, but after a few quiet minutes, which Tony quite savored with closed eyes and one hand strongly grasping his still-inflated dick while the Dean kept trying to pull off the cock, expecting it to deflate rapidly--, after all those minutes the cock still would not move - it hadn't even begun to soften. Tony let him keep trying to pull off because all of that squeezing and yanking felt pretty good to his dick, but eventually informed him, "Hey, Guy -- cool it..., I got one more left in me." Mr. W's eyes flew open, "NNN!.., Ung-, Nn-n-n-n..." "Awww, yeah..., you like this huge, fuckin' dick in your mouth, right? Isn't that what you're saying? You need another taste of muscle-cum from this huge, fucking muscle dick, is that what you're trying to tell me, heh, heh, heh..., awww, fuck yeah, Doc -sure! - We got more where that came from....," he chuckles as he starts stroking once again, this time slowly, langorously, in no hurry, just..., "Awww, yeah....., c'mon, Doc..., suck this huge fuckin' muscle-pole, Man.., " (slurp; lick; suck...) "...awww yeah..."

And so for the next twenty minutes or so, Tony pleased himself, stroking and squeezing himself to a longer, thicker, and firmer erection. He watched with great amusement as each time that he thrust his dick forward and back through his tightly-clenched fist, the little head moved with him; and each time he let go and flexed his cock, the same little head bobbed up and down, more firmly attached to the head of the cock than ever before. Each time he flexed, the slave to his cock let out a small, painful yelp-as much as he could with his mouth stuffed so full, as his jaw got forced open yet farther than it should have, stretching the facial muscles beyond their normal limits. Finally, when close to blowing his second and final load, he returned both hands to his hips and told the humiliated, weakened, and very frightened little official, "O.K., Man..., your turn -- finish me off." He spent the final two minutes watching with some amusement as the inexperienced Dean, now standing up to be able to reach Tony's rigid fourteen inches that was now reaching for the ceiling, worked the quivering, receptive rod with both hands as hard as he could, moving his tongue rapidly about, even opting to running his tongue through and into the piss-slit -- ANYTHING to get through with this!

Knowing that this was going to be a much bigger explosion - certainly too much for the little man to handle if he unloaded into his mouth, Tony pushed himself into the upper end of his helper's throat as he began to shoot. True, he couldn't breathe for a while, but at least he didn't choke to death. This time Tony let himself soften and pull out of Mr. W's mouth, the exhausted man sinking to the floor once released, flopping over onto his side. Tony was now ready to go, but since this trip had been provoked by his choice of clothing, he decided, "Before I go, there's just one more thing you can do for me -- pull my posers back on--, IF you don't mind…, Sir," smirking broadly So as his final "repayment," the small, straight, meek Dean had to rise back up onto his knees, reach under Tony's massive balls, locate the relatively insubstantial strip of material - which required a good deal of rubbing and scratching of Tony's large, sensitive balls, and then pull it down and out to stretch it over the owner's impossibly large allotment of meat. It wasn't easy. The thong-like posers slipped from his fingers once or twice, and all they covered was one of Tony's balls - well, most of one, anyway. Tony "tsk, tsk'd", shook his head and said, "The cock, too, if you don't mind. After all, you brought me here because I wasn't covered up very well, right?" Without answering, Tony's "Man-in-Waiting" pulled hard on the waistband with one hand, grabbed the head of the large, still dripping cock and pushed it down under the waistband in order to complete "dressing" the massive muscle-teen standing over him - as much as he could, at least.

"'Til next time," teased Tony as he left.

And out he walked. Word quickly spread reaffirming the "Don't-Cross-Tony" policy. He effectively had carte blanche to do as he pleased, and he intended to take full advantage of it. •

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