Young Tony

Cumming in class


By Deadliftr

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By the time high school ended, Tony had managed, by making good use of the enticement possibilities that was a decided perk of being the owner of such an astounding, flagrant virility, to introduce a sizable fraction of the football team to man-sex. He saw no reason why college should be any different. It wasn't. At least as this college, the men were lots bigger, stronger, hornier, and not insignificantly - more interested. Within a month, almost half the athletes, especially the biggest ones - they being Tony's preference, were regulars with Tony, and for the first two or three hours of each day - most days, the locker room reeked more of sex rather than plain old male sweat.

Since Tony spent so much time in the locker room, not far from the gym, once in a while he would go in and treat the guys to a little display weight lifting. The way Tony's body was engineered, he didn't have to do a damn thing to build muscle - it just happened. But he did enjoy the feeling of The Pump, and nobody could achieve a pump the way Tony could. He had so many more muscle fibers than anyone else that the volume increase could be astounding. But getting there required intensity of effort, and not yet wanting to let out how strong he really was, the only alternative was lots and lots of reps.

It didn't matter which exercise he did first, so on this day, Tony started with biceps curls because the resulting inflation was so visible - the other guys really got off watching Tony do these. With an amazing - to the others - 400 lbs on the barbell, he started the set, maximizing the intensity of each rep by keeping the muscle tensed the whole time - several seconds up, flex very, very hard at the top for a full five seconds, and then a maddeningly slow 5 to 10 second negative. While Tony couldn't keep his attention on a book for two seconds, here he was the ultimate example of what focus was all about. The world was him, the bar, and his muscles.

Within ten or so reps, the veins criss-crossing his arms were enlarging, the muscle striations deepening. Before long you could see blood pulsing across his impossibly thick, swelling, twenty-six inch bicep. Tony's entire body seemed to be responding to the exercise, his skin tightening up all over, including his crotch. Within a dozen reps, Tony's now supremely rigid cock had escaped his posers and was spurting precum onto his abs with each and every upwards rep. After nearly fifteen minutes and fifty reps his biceps had swelled to twenty-eight hard and shiny, deeply striated inches - a mass of muscle to which the dozen or so onlookers paid homage by openly stroking their very hard dicks, and after fifteen minutes he was done, except for one thing: his dick was screaming for release. Putting one foot up on a bench, it took only a few strokes before a climax was his.

Not wanting to slip in his own cum, he pointed to two onlookers, and then down to his huge puddle of cum. They had their orders; it would disappear. He looked meaningfully at a third, and then down at his still hard, leaking dick, and while he lay back on a bench to rest, he was treated to a most relaxing, ten-minute dick bath. He spent the rest of the day doing one exercise after another. The best part, for Tony, was that the pump he got from each set was so fucking strong that he had to blow a fucking huge load after every single set. Between that and the inevitable ensuing suck-job, it was a day spent in heaven.

But when he wasn't in the locker room or n the gym, the main problem for Tony, as it had been in high school, was boredom. His only interests in life were muscle, sex, and generally creating havoc with each. During high school he'd stopped doing homework or taking tests, yet never got a grade below 'C.' His teachers' main goal had been to be rid of him forever, so giving Tony a flunking grade was out of the question. Since he wasn't in class to learn anything, his mind was free for other pursuits, which, once his senior-year transformation had begun, usually - make that always, amounted to finding new ways to sexually arouse himself, and everyone around him. What started out as subtle flexing and dragging of fingers across one muscle or another soon transformed into blatant cock-stroking, albeit through his well-stretched posers. Within the last week, he'd found out, somewhat by accident, that if he didn't whack off before school, then within an hour or two, his very active cum-factories would start pushing out pre-cum at the slightest flex even when Tony's cock was relatively relaxed.

So one morning he skipped his locker room release and instead attended classes. By Tony's second class, the pressure for release was strong, so Tony pulled aside his posers enough to allow his pecker and right nut freedom and fresh air, all the while keeping his bottom half out of view of the teacher. It took only a few thoughts of sex and a flex or two before the dripping began. Pretending to be listening to the droning instructor, Tony slouched back and distractedly played with himself. It wasn't long before a nice little puddle had formed in front of Tony's chair, a puddle from which a strong aroma of man-sex arose and quickly pervaded the room; the sounds of labored breathing were now audible all around him. Looking up, he saw two guys fixed firmly on Tony's thick, drooling meat and rubbing their crotches intently. "Aww fuck," he thought, chuckling to himself, "I think I'm makin' those dudes cum in their pants." He loosely encircled his still downward-pointing penis with his fingers and pretended to do some serious jacking. Just a few seconds later, both guys blew their loads. One managed to be quiet about it, but the other groaned - loudly - and earned a visit to the Dean's office and an hour's detention after school that day. Tony was quite amused by the whole business.

Next period was better - but so unfair to the horny young athletes that were present - they didn't have a chance resisting Tony's overwhelming masculinity. He was the last one to the class, stepping inside the doorway just as the bell rang. He paused only briefly, but quite long enough to make a point. He was, of course, more than ready to blow his wad, and all that mental excitement of the previous class had gotten him pumped up a bit all over - but most especially in the crotch. He was still, with great mental effort, managing to keep his cock semi-hard, but engorged with extra blood as it was, it was still long, thick, and, well---, huge, as were his nuts which had almost twelve hours worth of fresh juice to unload. Tony had picked out his largest posers today, and while they covered most of his frontal-assembly, they were stretched so tightly they might as well have been painted on for all they hid. The teardrop shape of each low-hanging ball was clearly visible, as was every detail of the thick penis that was being forcefully pressed into the valley between Tony's nuts by the pressure of the poser's fabric - fabric which was very dark - obviously wet, from the tip of the penis downward. While he stood still, a slight, unplanned dick-flex stretched his member noticeably as a significant glob of precum pushed its way through the material and dropped to the floor, after which Tony made his way to his place in the back row, smirking sagely at the gawking men as he did.

Using the same tactics as in the earlier class, he soon got all of the nearby guys' undivided attention, though somewhat against their will. Partly, cumming there in class was clearly a 'no-no' in their minds, but mostly they didn't want to admit to being aroused by another male. Again and again, Tony saw them stroke their own crotches with their eyes glued to his bulging, dripping sex tools, and then, catching themselves in the act, jerk upright in shame, glance quickly at Tony and turn away. But pretty soon, their eyes were drawn back to Tony's deliciously inviting man-meat, and the process was repeated. Three men, especially, appeared mesmerized by Tony's appearance.("Aww, fuck…, I think I'm gonna get three loads this time, heh, heh,heh.") Seeing this, Tony pulled his posers up over his cock and let it cock stiffen, so that it stretched straight out in front of him, pushing the fabric out so far that most of his rigid member was again in full view, now visibly pulsing and pushing precum through the distended fabric and onto the floor. Tony watched the three young men briefly. He could see that they were at war with themselves: they were clearly uncomfortable about having an orgasm right there in class, but they were all highly aroused. Seeing all three boys were primed, Tony leaned far back, stretched out and flexed his cock hard, causing it to rise straight up a several inches, the fabric outlining his perfect cockhead in glorious detail, as a large wad of cum caught even Tony by surprise by shooting several inches through the fabric. All three highly-sexed teens groaned involuntarily, and followed up with a chorus of not very well hidden "Un-n-n-n's", "UNGghhh's", and "Ah-h-h-h's", also earning themselves a slot in detention that day.

Tony loved every minute of it, especially the sense of male superiority he felt from being able to make these guys cum so easily, and the power he had over them. And so he kept up his act during every period of the day. Of course, he paid a price for his fun; in order to keep the precum flowing even while relaxed, Tony had to refrain from reaching orgasm himself, so by the end of the day, he was feeling pretty ornery, and he wanted - needed, to release the pressure in a big way. At the same time, he thought it unfair to punish his friends for doing something as natural and healthy as cumming, so to makes amends, of sorts, and as a way to kill two birds with one stone, he invited himself to detention.

When Tony walked in, looked briefly around, and chuckled out loud because he realized that almost everyone in detention was there because of him - it had been a banner day! He picked a chair in the front row off to one side and turned it sideways to the rest of the seats. The teacher monitoring the room, a woman, didn't dare question Tony's presence - she knew better than that. Almost immediately, Tony started to show his stuff. He began flexing and stroking, both his muscles and his dick, breathing and groaning audibly as he did. Before long, so were all of the other teens in the room. At this point, the teacher threatened additional detention as well as other punishments if this "did not stop immediately!", but to no avail. The groaning and other sounds of lust grew louder and louder, causing the teacher to try to assert herself one more time. "That is enough! There will be NO talking - or noises of any sort --during detention."

At this point, Tony stood up, turned facing his partners in lust, pulled his posers down to his ankles and started jacking seriously - holding nothing back: pelvis thrust up and out, head back with eyes closed, and continuous sounds of pleasure coming naturally from his throat. It was but a few seconds before the very loud grunts of "Unh… unnhhh…, UNNGGHHH..!" accompanied his massive orgasm, and that of thirteen other healthy, horny young men.

The teacher ran from the room, screaming for aid. But no further punishment was given; and Tony made himself some new friends that day. He also concluded that posers and tee's were the only clothes he'd ever need again.

Two days of titillating his classmates had been great fun, but by day three, Tony once again began spending lots of time in the men's locker room giving lessons in sex, Tony-style. Actually, he had it both ways: he'd spend the first half of each class slowly stroking himself, and those around him, into a state of high arousal, and then leave, spending the second half in the locker room fucking a willing friend, or two, from P.E.-class. But the best days for Tony, and for his teachers, were those when Tony spent the whole day in the locker room, making sure that none of the interested athletes were suffering for lack of sexual attention. And since that display in detention, he'd managed to refrain from cumming during class, until one day….

Tony had allowed his foster family to be away overnight, meaning he couldn't start his day with his usual three morning fucks. So he went off with only one rather unsatisfactory whack-off under his belt, and within a few minutes of the start of his third class, his cock forced its way out from the confining posers into the realm of freedom and fresh air. At such times, Tony normally just got up and left - the teachers could care less, but for some unexplainable reason, Tony asked to be excused from the room. Given the unheard of opportunity to actually say "No," to Tony, the teacher did exactly that. Initially surprised, Tony chuckled to himself, picturing what would happen next, and said, "Have it your way."

It was only a few minutes later, during a discussion of the siege of Carthage, that Tony interrupted the proceedings with some fast, heavy breathing quickly followed by and half dozen loud grunts as large cum-wads decorated the wall behind him. After a burst of applause from several of the rowdier boys, there was a long period of absolute quiet as Tony relaxed in the blissful calm of release and everyone else stared at him. Finally Tony opened eyes, his left hand still holding his cock, and said, "I did ask…."

After a bit of throat-clearing, class resumed, but several pairs of eye were focused on Tony's semi-relaxed dick which kept on draining. All it took was a brief glance plus the inviting motion of his index finger, and Tony spent the next half-hour enjoyably slouched down in his chair, eyes blissfully closed, as Johnny, a fragile twig of a boy who Tony had totally ignored before now, gave Tony's cock a thorough, cleansing tongue bath.

Tony suddenly had found a new way to avoid classroom boredom. Remembering that Johnny was in his next two classes as well, he left the room with his huge arm draped around the skinny, five-foot-two Johnny's shoulder and the small boy's hand, at Tony's encouragement, firmly wrapped around his semi-hard dick, his posers tactfully covering (most of) his balls, and guided him down the hall for period four, where Johnny the next forty-five minutes keeping Tony's cock tastefully out of view. Likewise for the following class. Johnny had no need for lunch that day, and he left school feeling very, very important.

After that, having an attendant at Tony's side throughout class became a common sight. Tony quickly squashed the few early protests and life went on, though his classmates found it exceedingly difficult to concentrate on the Pythagorean Theorem while listening to moans of sexual pleasure and the occasional slurping and gagging sounds coming from Tony's corner of the room.

Doing the Coach

As Tony's sex antics in class got bolder and more frequent, the teachers grew more and more uncomfortable, though they were afraid to take any action out of fear of what Tony's reaction might be if they tried to stop him. Eventually, because he wasn't exactly a "regular" teacher, and because of his size, the Principal assigned the football Coach the unenviable task of trying to get Tony to "cool it" in class. After appending several days trying to figure out the best approach, and then a few more screwing up his courage, he called Tony in to see him.

Rather than interrupt a regular class with his request, he sent a student to get Tony while he was in the gym finishing up his near-daily weight-lifting session. However, the coach had no idea that Tony's main goal, while training, was to pump himself into sexual overdrive. Therefore when Tony showed up pumped to the max after having just completed three or four brutally long sets of squats, curls, overhead presses and shrugs, and badly needing to relieve the pressure building up so strongly down in his crotch, his leaking dick trying hard to escape the confines of his tautly-stretched skimpy spandex briefs, the coach was visibly stunned.

Tony strolled into the office, stopped, placed his hands on his hips, looked down at the man staring blankly up at him from behind his desk and asked, "Wassup, Coach?"

For a long while, The coach was unable to speak. He knew Tony was huge, but this…? Here was this eighteen-year-old boy, if you could believe it, with the body of a very lean, hard-as-steel super-heavyweight bodybuilder, every muscle pumped into bold relief, muscle fibers and veins criss-crossing those thick forearms, those huge biceps of unheard of size, and most of all - those thighs! "Holy Fuck!" he thought to himself. But as amazing as those muscles were, his attention quickly zeroed in on Tony's yet more amazing crotch. The material was stretched so tight that it did nothing but emphasize the magnificent size and hardness of the two huge globes of manliness underneath the thick, stiff, eager-for-release delivery vehicle standing shamelessly straight out to the front, puling the waist band so far forward that at least six inches of the boy's man-meat was plainly visible to the most casual observer.

While the coach was trying unsuccessfully to remember what this mass of muscle was doing here, Tony was having thoughts of his own. Ever since he first saw him, Tony had been eyeing the coach as a possible addition to his collection of regular fuck-vehicles. He needed someone big enough to handle his power without falling apart. Sure enough, several of the athletes were definitely big and able, but they weren't always available. His brothers were big and sturdy, but the coach was bigger and meatier, stronger and even more sturdy, and besides, Tony wanted very badly to test drive his not insubstantial muscular ass. Unfortunately the coach was a faculty member, so Tony had been reluctant to act on his impulses, but suddenly, here was a golden opportunity, so he quickly decided to take full advantage of it. It was time to make his move, but at the moment, the only thing moving was the coach's mouth; however, it wasn't producing any sounds, so Tony gave a little nudge: "Uh-h.., Sir?"

"Um-m-m, yes.., well, uh-h-h…" As the coach stumbled through his disorganized presentation of the teachers' concerns, Tony just stood still, smiling knowingly down at the coach as he began suggestively fiddling with his very prominent, engorged package. The speech ended very hesitatingly with something about the "relative immaturity of the other, rather young boys in his class," after which the coach broke down; he started whimpering and said what was REALLY on his mind: "Omigod, Tony -- Look at you! You're so fucking huge..., Oh shit, Tony, how did you ever get so...., Nnnnn..., omigod, You make me want to..., oh fuck, I think I'm gonna....Unnng!" By now the coach was holding onto his cock under his shorts trying hard not to cum. He'd never been aroused by a man before and was truly ashamed, but couldn't seem to help himself, but this gave Tony just the opening he needed. After letting the man finish without interruption, Tony directed the coach's eyes down toward his crotch and moved slowly around the desk, sensuously drawing his middle finger up and down the underside of this lengthening rod as he moved.

When he got all the way round, he said, stroking more firmly, "Now that you mention it," as he reached down and rotated the chair so he was facing the coach, "I admit that you've got a few big guys on your roster…, and they are keeping me pretty happy…, " he takes a moment to do a couple full-body flexes, pushing his groin a bit farther forward each time, his hardening cock now less than a foot from the coach's face, the entire cock-shaft now visible since the briefs were stretched far out from Tony's groin and were now barely held in place by the deep ridge of the cock head, "…but I really do need a friend who's a bit bigger, a bit stronger…, and regular…, someone a lot like you." And with that last 'you,' Tony gave his cock one final hard flex, and the briefs, which had been at their limit, gave up and split, freeing the pulsing shaft which jumped straight out in front, ending up hardly and inch or two from the wide-open eyes of the now shaking coach, who watched as a large dollop of precum surged out and dropped into his lap.

The coach's reaction had thus far been based totally on Tony's astounding, manly physique, and since he was as straight as they come had had no sexual thoughts attached to the huge teen confronting him. Therefore he was totally shocked, not to mention quite embarrassed to realize, while staring at the drooling penis inches from his face and inhaling the strong, musky scent, that his own man-piece was about as hard as it ever got. This was all new territory for him; he had no clue how to react, and so he did nothing, thereby giving Tony the chance to take the initiative, which he did. With one hand firmly around his hard, throbbing cock and the other behind the coach's head, he slowly brought the two together.

Coach's mind was going a mile-a-minute: "Ohmigod…, what's he doing…? Christ! - it's so-o-o fucking huge! -- I didn't know dicks ever got that big! What am I supposed to do with..m-m-p-f-f-f! .." The tip of the huge cock was now mashed up against his mouth. "Oh shit, now what?" He soon found out. When the coach didn't make a move, Tony started moving the slick head of his dick slightly, forcing himself between the man's lips, and soon making the teeth part, and before much longer… "schloop!" .. "N-n-n-n-n-n.., Unh, un-n-g … M-m-m-m," -- and he was in.

Coach waited; Tony waited, and nothing happened. The shocked Coach had no idea what to do. He wanted to pull off, but Tony's firm grip on his head made that impossible. Soon, however, the still leaking precum pooled up and started running down Coach's throat, forcing him to gag and swallow. "Now you're gettin' the idea," encouraged Tony, " let's get those lips and that man-sized tongue into action --make love to my dick, Coach," -as he pushed the tip of his cock to the back of this throat, holding it there briefly before pulling back a little -- several times. The Coach got the picture and started licking, squeezing, and --after some encouragement, sucking. "Awww yeah, Coach.., keep it up, Man..., aww yeah."

Little by little, Tony's cock crept deeper and deeper, and in spite of repeated bouts of choking, gasping, and wheezing, the Coach's efforts grew stronger and stronger -- mostly because Tony gave him no choice in the matter: it became quickly obvious that Tony's cock was here to stay until it/he was satisfied, so the Coach figured the harder he worked, the faster he'd get it over with. He thought he was through when all of a sudden, just as he'd gotten over half of the entire pulsating rod of meat in his mouth, he unexpectedly shot his own load, but Tony just kept plugging away, getting ever deeper inside until the Coach's nose disappeared into his pubes. The Coach had kept sucking and squeezing. "Awww, fuck, yeah..., suck this fuckin' huge muscle dick, Coach..., fuck, man..., that's it...," By now the Coach is really tired and is having trouble breathing, and keeps trying to talk since there's no way to push himself off. "Mmmmmp! Mmmmffff....MMMM.. NNNNN!" "What's that, Coach? I can't hear ya, Coach... wass'at? Sorry Coach..., kinda hard to understand you with this huge fuckin' dick down your throat, heh, heh, heh...., but I'm 'bout ready myself, Sir." Thrust, out. Thrust, out. Thrust! "Unnggh! -- Splurch!" straight down his throat. He pulls out and shoots one load into his mouth, "--NNgghhh!" and let's go of the overwhelmed man's head. Choking and gagging, Coach falls back into his chair while Tony bathes him -- and his chair -- with the rest of his huge load.

When Tony opened his eyes, the Coach was in a daze, slumped down into his chair, arms and legs dangling limply downward, still breathing with difficulty. Tony chuckled, picked up his posers and tucked in his meat -- well, what he could of it, and turned to go, saying, "Looks to me like you had a hell of a good time, Coach -- maybe you'd better clean up a little in here, heh, heh." •

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