Young Tony

The Pump


By Deadliftr

The contents of this story, all its characters, locations, names and performances mentioned and described in this story are 100% fictional creations by the original author only. No aspect of the story represents any true and/or actual facts. Any resemblance of actual characters, locations, names and/or performances is accidental and unintended. Note: Billy and Sean and the whole crew spend a lot of time in the weight room. I hope I've captured some of what they felt, and made me feel as I, um-m, "studied the artistry" of those wonderfully expressive drawings. Deadlifter

Things were going well for Tony on other fronts as well. As the weeks went by, his size, strength, his hard muscularity, --and his horniness, all increase dramatically. So did his body's capacity to respond to pumping in the weight room - a direct result of the inhuman number of muscle fibers his body contained.

As Tony grew, he quickly outgrew his clothes, giving him a great excuse to try new styles. He kept experimenting, his main goal being to draw the greatest possible amount of attention to himself. He tried "sleeveless" for a while, but he thought it more impressive, and he certainly got more attention, when he wore stretch tee's so that with the slightest flex, the cloth would stretch and strain in an effort to cover up his huge biceps. He loved to sit in class and pump up by flexing; he'd just stare at his arm and watch it bulge more and more with every flex. He didn't know why his body responded so much more to flexing than anybody else's, (he didn't know anything about his much greater capillary density which allowed the possibility of much greater blood flow…; no one did. All such information died with Tony's biological father.), but it did, and he loved to show it off. He would flex harder and harder until every muscle fiber, every vein was clearly visible through the woefully inadequate amount of cloth in his boy-sized XL-shirt, straining to reach around his very un-boyish arm. One day, the kid next to him started panting at the sight. Tony licked his biceps through the shirt as he flexed again. After one strong flex, the peak began to rip right through the shirt. The kid groaned. Two more flexes. More ripping.

"Unh…unh-h…, oh shit….," said the boy.

"Awww, yeah-h-h…., fucking cum-m-m-m-m for me, Dude," crooned Tony as he popped one final strong squeeze and flex, pushing the peak - and then the entire bulge of the biceps completely through the shirt as the sleeve ripped wide open, followed quickly by --- "Oh no…,m-m-m-m.., I'm gonna - Unh! ---Unnnhhhh!…,hm-m-m-m-m-m…" "Aww, yeah," thought Tony as he smiled his best, laughing, smirking smile. And then he thought, "Man-n-n, if I can get guys to do that just by flexing, imagine what a little gym work would do…..?" So he started daily pump sessions down in the gym, finding out just how much he could do with a little iron work, and each day he wound up admiring his handiwork in the locker room afterwards. Guys would walk through and find him standing in front of the mirror, or with one knee propped up on a bench, stroking his cock lovingly with one hand as he squeezed his pec meat with the other, uttering a steady stream of self-adulatory comments: "Aww, Fuck, Yeah-h-h! Fuckin' huge, Man…" He'd start stroking his hard, rippling abs.."Oh, man… So fucking hard…" as he picked up the pace on his oversized meat…"Huge fuckin' cock…unh…unnh-h-h-h…UNNHHH!…" as he squirted all over the mirror, his muscles tensing and bulging all over, stretching the skin tighter and tighter… Aww, FUCK! … Fucking LOOK at me! …. So fucking huge…!" And with biceps pumped two inches up to 24", the chest to 49", quads to 33', and a cock to almost 12" x 10", no one could dispute it.

A day or two later, after getting his best, biggest pump yet, he was stroking himself towards what he hoped would be a fucking huge orgasm, when one of the big tackles, one who'd been starting to enjoy Tony's attentions more and more often in recent weeks, returned to the lockers from the shower. The big, naked stud stopped dead in his tracks as he watched Tony's thick, rigid, highly aroused tool begin to erupt large spurts of precum which quickly coated his whole dick as he worked himself. "Aww.. fuck, yeah…Look at me, man…,So fuckin' huge..," stroke, stroke, "..Awww.., yeah-h-h…, still getting' bigger…, fuck, yeah-h-h…" The big tackle couldn't stop himself. He moved in front of Tony, knelt down, used both hands to grab onto Tony's cock and redirect it toward his mouth, and then began licking and slurping like crazy, trying to keep up with the increasing flow as he ran his eyes in amazement over Tony's powerfully pumped body. "Omigod, Tony, just look at you!…Mmmppffff, slurp! … Aww, fuck, Tony…mmpff.., Aww, gees, Tony…, So-o-o good.., lick, slurp.., so fucking .. mmpff…, slurp. Oh shit, Tony, I think I'm almost ready to cum…"

His groans and other noises got louder and almost frantic sounding, until Tony finally said, "Awww, fuck, man…, you want it so bad, I should fuck you right here." Immediately, the tackle jumps up and braces himself against a bench, his muscle-butt high in the air and whimpers at Tony. With no hesitation at all - they've been here before - Tony was inside and doing another kind of pumping.

"Aww, yeah-h-h…, fuck me, man…," groan, grunt, "Harder, Tony.., Fuck me hard, Man…awww yeah..,NNnnn…, NNGGH!" And that fast, he was cumming, nicely decorating the locker doors in front of him. Tony kept up the pounding. "Yeah, Man - you like this fucking huge muscle dick up your ass, don'cha? .. So fuckin' huge! .. so fucking H-A-R-D! .." UNH!! … UNNHHH! "Aww, YEAH! ," he yelled out loudly as his dick began to "Splurge!" Tony immediately picked up the big, two-hundred pound tackle by his sides and began pumping him up and down on his thick, mightily engorged cock and he leaned back and just "Let'er-RIP!" So intense was Tony's pounding, and the squirting up the ass of the sturdy, lusty jock that his dick never had a chance to soften and was primed for take-off once again. "Awww, fuck, Man …, I'm gonna cum again, Tony…, aww fuck…" Tony was still shooting and so together they serenaded the locker room.."Unh…, Unnh-h-h…UNNHH!!!…" Tony was still showing off his strength, soothing his cock with the very happy athlete's ass. "Do you.." grunt, "have any idea.." Unh! .. "..what it's like to be so fucking big.." Unnhh! " fucking strong!" …thrust, thrust .. "..and have such a Huge!.." - POUND! - "..fucking.." SLAM! "muscle-dick!" SLAM! Unh! SLAM! "Unnhh-h-h-h…" Luckily, the tackle had good endurance, too, and so the next period went by very quickly.

Tony was learning more each day about how to pump up his body. He started spending more and more time in the gym, working out harder and harder with each passing day. Pretty soon his workouts were so intense, his pump was so strong, that he had to blow his load after practically every set, usually right there in the gym. He had plenty of time to enjoy himself between sets because he never had to change weights around; he had lots of volunteers. After each big set, as he stroked himself to a quick orgasm ("…Aww, fuck yeah…, so fuckin' hard.., balls so fuckin' full…, aww, yeah-h-h-h…"Splooge!"), they'd stand around in a circle ready to catch whatever muscle-cum they could and to lick Tony clean afterwards. And change weights. And so every day after school, Tony came home looking bigger and stronger, his body often pumped to unbelievable size from his all-afternoon workouts.

When he got home those nights, he wasn't just pumped -- he was stoked, he was hot, and he needed release. Badly. So he plugged the twins once each for starters before helping them with the chores, and then spent the evening hours prowling around the house, stroking his seemingly constantly-flowing cock, flexing and admiring his own body in the full-length mirrors he'd had installed all over the house. Now and then he'd stop for a long, slow brotherly suck job, or a good hard fuck; soon the house reeked of muscle and cum 24/7. Even the twins, who tried to maintain their macho/hetero attitude, couldn't resist the call of nature. As soon as they walked indoors, home from work, their dicks were at attention - especially once Tony instituted the "no clothes in the house" rule.

Some days, when Tony was upset at his brothers, he'd make them come to his room and then just sit there and watch their super-jock brother stand in front of the mirror as he flexed his muscles over and over, watching his bulges grow ever bigger while his cuts get ever deeper, and watching him blow load after load in lust after his own body. It was an awesome sight -- they'd never seen anyone so powerful, so huge. Unfortunately, Tony wouldn't let them cum, or even touch themselves until he was nearly finished himself. On the whole, such evenings were pretty painful for both horny brothers, so they tended to do whatever Tony asked of them.

One day, Tony spent the entire morning in the gym, working himself harder than ever, and afterwards, he felt fucking huge! He was working out only in his jock strap, and word soon got out so the coach had to lock the doors to keep the girls from coming in to watch. When he was done, his short-sleeve tee shirt and spandex shorts were so tight he needed help getting dressed, and once he did, he felt as stiff as a robot and was afraid to flex for fear of splitting his clothes at the seams. While walking to class, his traps felt like they were up to his ears; every muscle was pumped to the max. "Awww, fuck, yeah.., I feel like I'm gonna rip right out of this shirt! …..Hm-m-m, that gives me an idea - I think it's time for a little show."

As soon as everyone had settled down in the next class, Tony started up. Sitting straight up with his right leg outstretched, left hand on his left knee, he looked straight down at his right arm hanging down by his side, made a fist, and started slowly curling his arm upward very slowly, focusing on making every muscle fiber show itself off. By the time his forearm was horizontal, this thickness of his biceps was impressive and was putting a severe strain on the sheer cotton tee, which clung tightly around every curve of every bulge in his rock-hard muscle. He continued upward in a series of little flexes, each of which made the bulges a little bigger, the cuts a little deeper, the material trying to hold in all that muscle a little thinner, until his upper arm was level with his shoulder. Never taking his eyes off of his biceps, he started talking to it: " Aww yeah-h-h…, so fuckin' big…(flex), so fuckin' strong (flex)…,' and then with his left hand, snapped a finger against the thick, mounded peak, producing the fairly loud, deep "thunk!" of striking a firm, solid object-"…so fucking h-a-r-d." He had noticed that by this time, three guys sitting nearby, all "fuck buddies" of his, were breathing quite heavily and were rubbing their crotches very purposefully. Softly, he whispers to them, "Hey guys - watch this!" Tony starts flexing his entire upper body as he flexes his arm harder, and hears a small rip beginning. Even the guys hear it; they all start to stroke harder as they stare at Tony, who thinks to himself, "Aww, fuck, yeah…, I think I'm gonna make 'em all cum in their pants, heh, heh, heh…" He brings his arm up higher, flexes his bi yet harder, swelling the thick peak even more. A rip appears across the peak, so Tony leans over and sensuously licks this muscle through the opening; the low groaning begins. In a very low voice, Tony looks at his pals and says, "Aww yeah-h-h…, cum for me, Dudes," as he does one final hard-as-he-can, chest-trap-arm flex.

There is a sudden LOUD, sharp sound of a tee shirt explosively ripping to shreds, followed by Tony's unrestrained "Oh, Y-E-A-H!", followed immediately by three not very soft, low, male voices softly yelling, in unison, "Oh-h-h.., shit!", followed by miscellaneous unintelligible grunts and groans. "Oh, no! … uhh! … unh!.., Oh gees!…, Nnn-n-h-h-h-h-h-hh…."

The class was in stunned silence. Even Tony was quiet - quietly laughing within, that is, at the very pleasing sight of the three very wet crotches nearby ( all three had started going commando every day once they found out how good it felt ), and enjoying even more looking at the remains of his shirt. It hung in tatters, completely exposing both arms and shoulders, one trap and half of his chest. Tony went into one final body flex; he looked like a rock in human form, with wispy nothings of material hanging about that had no business being where they were. Once Tony's three "victims" were breathing normally, and once the teacher had recovered, he sent them to the Vice Principal's office for "grossly disturbing" the class. He didn't send Tony, but after several minutes, Tony decided that it was totally unfair to punish his pals for doing something so - "natural" - something over which, in his mind, they had no control, so he got up and went to their rescue.

Tony made quite a picture when he appeared, unannounced and uninvited in the Veep's office. With no more pressure to stretch the material, pieces of the shirt drooped loosely over Tony's prominent traps, one huge mound of chest muscle totally exposed, several strips of the shirt dangling like a badly-cut fringe across his pec overhang on the other side, standing out several inches from his sharply-defined ridges of abs muscle, somehow made even more visually prominent by being partially, suggestively hidden by the torn shirt. When he was flexing in class, his thighs were, quite naturally, included, and since they'd been as grossly pumped up as the rest of him by his morning workout, the same flex that produced three quick orgasms also split his shorts in several places, clear up to the waistband. The sudden freedom allowed his massive thighs to thrust his fully-charged balls well to the front, thereby pushing his almost hard dick straight out in front, precum forcing its way through the thin material as he stood there in the Vice Principal's doorway, looking huge, raw, and kind of scary, letting the small group assimilate what they were seeing.

As they stared, Tony gave his dick a good flex, generating such a surge of dick-juice that a large mass pushed its way through his shorts and dropped to the floor. Allowing himself a bit of a smirk, he asked, "Is there a problem here?"

The Vice Principal certainly didn't want Tony there, but he didn't know how to handle him, either, and so he didn't really try, though he did try to explain his position, in a rather halting, uncertain fashion: "Um-m-m…, well-l-l-l…, it seems that these, ah-h-h, gentlemen were exhibiting, um-m-m, improper behavior of a certain sort…, blah, blah.., …rather noisy…, blah, blah, disruptive…, blah, blah, blah.., rather disrespectful…, blah, blah.., requires a certain amount of punishment I would think… blah, blah, blah…."

Tony walked slowly forward until his thighs pressed up against the desk, pushing his balls and nearly hard dick straight out to the front, producing a bulge that caught the full attention of the wide-eyed and suddenly very meek Vice Principal. Tony leaned forward, bringing his palms down onto the desk, bringing himself face to face with the now quiet, unmoving, yet nervously shivering man.

"These are my friends. They did nothing wrong; they just couldn't help themselves. There will be no punishment."

The Veep wasn't about to concede that easily and slipped comfortably into American Standard Officialese: "Now see here, there are rules that must be obeyed, and they did act in a manner that uh-h-h-h…," he was taking in the girth of the two meaty forearms directly beneath the deeply cut mounds of rock-hard muscle that were Tony's upper arms; it was hard for him to think clearly… "I mean I really have to…. um-m-m-m….." the huge round globes of pec muscle filled his vision, causing him to lose his train of thought completely.

Tony didn't move a muscle - not so much as a flex. He just stared unblinkingly back at him, and waited.

"Well-l-l, perhaps.., um-m, under the circumstances, I can understand why they uh-h-h…" Tony cold see the cowed little man struggling internally to not give in, but finally, "Yes, well, that's all right then. Considering everything, you are all dismissed."

"Good. Now there's just one more thing."

The official looked up with a puzzled, wary expression on his face, waiting.

"I believe you need to apologize to me for the insult my friends suffered by being thrown out of class." With that, Tony walked around the desk, turned the VP's chair around, so the two men were facing each other, pulled off his shorts, straddled the VP's legs, and thrust his leaking cock into the seated man's face.

"N-, n-, n-, n-, no-o-o-o! You can't do that…! I mean, I certainly would never do what you…, I mean I couldn't possibly …Mm-mppf-f-f-f-f-f…, MMMMMM!!", he screamed as Tony pulled the man's face up against his cock and forced the head into the Vice Principal's reluctant mouth. The VP fought for all he was worth, with no effect; Tony doesn't even move. He waits until the struggling stops and says, "I want to feel that tongue."

A very muffled "Hmmm?????!" comes from the frightened and embarrassed man.


After a bit of hesitation, the tongue begins to slide around the slippery helmet.

"Yeah-h-h.., much better…, mm-m-m-m.., keep it up…, that's it… aww yeah-h-h-h." A few quick flexes produces a huge surge of precum, causing the VP some momentary strong choking. "Heh, heh, heh…. You can handle it…" The choking finally stops. "Yeah, see - you've got it now. Now suck it!" .… "Again." … "Harder!" Awww, yeah, keep it up, man…"

The Vice Principal keeps trying to complain and to push Tony off. "Wassa matter, Teach?" "What's that? … Gee, I'm sorry, Sir…, I can't understand you with my huge fucking dick in your mouth, Sir. What…? You want me to fuck you harder? … Is that what you said…? No Problem, Sir." And Tony proceeds to face-fuck the Veep for several more minutes until he splooges in his mouth. The Veep goes into a coughing fit, after which Tony pulls out and finishes up by firing all over the man's head and chest.

"Guess you're finished, Doc ---- for now, at least."

Tony turns to leave, but then he stops, turns, and says to his buddies, "You guys gonna thank me?" as he holds his dick suggestively."

One by one they walk up to Tony, kneel in front and take a few cleansing slurps of his continuing discharge. In each case, Tony wags the head of his cock around in the boy's mouth and then thrusts it in and out a few times before pulling him off. Smiling, he leads them away. "I think we're done here, fellas." •

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