Tim Goes Leather with Sean

By Musclebuff

BILLY SAGA PART SIX: Some of Matt's fans asked me to write another tale with Tim and Sean - so here it is - for Christmas!


Sean was bored. What's more he was as horny as hell. He hadn't gone home to the folks with his two Billy brothers so as to stay with his current snatch but, since she was a women, she felt quite OK about ditching him at the last moment because he wouldn't buy her what she wanted for Christmas.

So, as a last resort, he called Tim, knowing that he too had not gone off somewhere for the holidays. He called him in some trepidation, remembering how Tim had been the ring-leader in "educating" him along with Billy and Big Bro' those few months ago. But he was real horny and needed to do something or someone, so he called him.

"Sure, kid," said the deep AlphaTim tones, "waddaya wanna do? Fight? Fuck? What?"

"Up ta you, Tim!"

"Thinkin' of doing a new leather bar tonight - wanna go? Got any leathers?"

"Sure, and no, don't have any leathers."

But the thought of encasing his huge quads and humongous pecs in tight , sweaty black leather was already getting him hard - this was something he had not yet experienced, though he knew brother Billy has gone that way a few times with lover-Tim.

"That's OK - got plenty here - some of Billy's might even fit ya! Ha!"

The huge AlphaTim was already setting up a naughty scenario for the evening (and beyond) in his devious horny mind - something that would really celebrate his personal Holiday Mood - especially as Billy wouldn't be around to fuck with for a few days. None of this brood of sensationally huge teen muscle could go long without some powerful muscle-sex and he promised Sean (out loud) that they'd both be well-provided with same for the next few days! The new leather bar was just the place to begin the holiday fuck-fest!

When Sean arrived at Tim's macho-pad, there were a number of leather garments strewn about for him to try on. AlphaTim himself was encased in the tightest imaginable skins which revealed every striation of every muscle in his quads, jams and calves; a huge studded codpiece was snapped over his impossibly bulging dick and balls; his delts, arms and lats bust out from the low-cut black leather tank top. Two flat metal bicep rings separated the bis from the delts in the most alarmingly enticing way, accenting the huge veined size of both areas. A regular biker's cap sat at a rakish angle, Tom of Finland style, on the back of his close-cropped curly black head.

Without any other kind of greeting or familiarity, he flung a pair of well-worn chaps at Sean.

"Strip off and try these!"

Doubtfully, Sean peeled the shorts off his pelvis and struggled in to the chaps. Tim had to get behind him and pull up the waist while Sean held himself down on the chair with difficulty. Finally they were on - felt tight, very tight, but very GREAT! The huge teen quads threatened to split the seams as they bulged out obscenely through the slick thin leather. Luckily they had been well-worn in by Tim's lover, Billy who would no doubt have been quite vexed to hear how they were being stretched still further by his little bro's humungous muscle..

Felt so good in fact that Sean's big pole started to rise. Almost, but not quite, before he was able to start giving it an encouraging massage, Tim was in front of him - very close.

"Hey, stud! Y're gonna need this!"

And before Sean could react or object Tim had snapped an extremely tight leather cock strap round his root. Tim stepped back to admire the resulting engorgement of Sean's fuckpole as it rose to his pecs, bright scarlet under the pulsing snaky veins.

Tim ripped off his studded codpiece, allowing his own oh-so-thick-and- dangerously thick rod to snap out vertically into the open air. It engaged with Seans' now pearly-weeping dick for a moment, then Tim shoved them both down between each other's respective leathered thighs. A thick black bicep strap was then fastened over Seans' left bi.

"Better not give anyone the idea that you're anything but a top. Glad to see you're wearing your nipple ring on the correct side too!"

Sean couldn't resist sticking his long tongue down Tim's eager throat as they soul-kissed each other hard. Both pairs of arms went round both pairs of huge lats and hugged hard while their dicks pistoned in and out between their legs under their tight leathered crotches.

Tim grabbed hold of Sean's, wiping off the delicious pre-cum man-milk with his thumb. He joined his own with it and gave it to the almost irrepressible Sean to suck.

"Better save it up, kid - if you want a rip-roaring night. You'll be giving a few deliveries before dawn, I guess!".

Squeezing themselves into a couple of really big, really tight biker jackets, they set off on Tim's and Billy's huge Harleys, primed for the night's entertainment.

2 : At the Eagle

The Eagle Muscle-Only Bar was located on several floors of a large disused loft space in an obscure part of downtown. The well-lit entrance was patrolled by two Bear-sized monsters who informed the two well-leathered, well-muscled hero-hunks that they had enough muscle to qualify for entry - "No no-muscle leather queens or fats and fems in fancy dress allowed here. You've picked the right night!"

"Oh? How's that?"

"Tonight's Rassle-night - loser gets fucked and all that! You two should get plenny of exercise inside!"

Sean raised his eyebrows at Tim - had he known about this? Sean remembered all too well how Tim had bested him on the mat that fateful afternoon when his homophobic feelings had been removed once and for all. Tim gave him a wicked grin, slammed his gauntleted hand on Sean's big, striated butt and pushed him on ahead into the noisy bar.

The bouncers were right: the place was packed with gigantic muscle dudes, hundreds of them, all in various stages of leather undress, every stage designed to show off maximum muscle and sex-power. Sean pointed out several Famous Faces to Tim - including at least two competitors from this year's Olympia.

"Bet they won't be rasslin' -more's the pity!"

But now they could see that the Olympians were accompanied by some well-known WWF stars - all of whom looked as if they had just come from a warm-up session at the gym. Almost more interesting than those "stars" were some of the other giants present. The atmosphere was highly charged:; they soon found out why: a semi-naked muscley waiter (leather g-string) was making the rounds offering on-the-house tokes for the evening's enjoyment. They lit up and soon found their heads ready for the evening's events.

They pushed their way through to the bar. Sean (and Tim) copped many a squeeze of their codpieces, many a feel of their bis and many a slap on their butts but, in their present state of mind, these only helped to increase their sense of enjoyment and anticipation. They downed a few bottles of whatever, leaning back on the barstools in the regular Tom-ish way while Sean started to make a mental list of the guys he intended to enjoy that night.

He had no idea what Tim's intentions were, which was probably just as well, for that Gentleman was very busy hatching his plans for both of them. In fact Sean was so hyped up that he didn't notice the muttered conversation that passed between Tim and the giant barkeep. Beside and behind him.

Apart from the two Olympians, Tim and Sean were arguably the biggest guys there that night and inevitably they drew a great deal of attention in their way to and at the bar. While Tim was presenting his great hard leathered butt and spread lats to the public during his talk with the barkeep, Sean was displaying for all to see his giant musculature, naked but for his boots, chaps, codpiece (obscenely swollen) and bicep strap as he leant in that provocative way against his barstool. From this position it was easy for him to signal his interest to the five or six well-muscled dudes he had his eye on. Even now they were edging themselves away from their companions and closing in on the spectacular muscle-teen who was awaiting them.

All those dicks were desperately trying to find room as they swelled inside their leather jeans, shorts, jocks or whatever, anticipating the joys to come at Sean's hands. Whether they were tops or bottom or not made little difference when being enticed by all that mouth-watering blonde muscle.

The first guy - a six foot redhead in a master's harness and codpiece had almost made it and Sean was already squeezing his own codpiece in that direction when the Barkeep's stentorian voice boomed out over the P.A. system through the heady haze of maryjane that already infected the atmosphere.

"Time for the Games to begin, guys! There are three rings on the next level up. Register to compete at the desk at the foot of the stairs! One fall decides each heat and, when all the heats are complete, the two winners will square up in the center ring for the last three-fall bout. Then the loser gets publicly fucked! After that - let's celebrate the Holidays!"

A huge cheer went up. By now all five of Sean's favorites had reached him and he had established his claims on them all with a few nods, winks and lewd gestures. But a large Tim arm clamped itself round Sean's beefy shoulders and the move to the stairs began. Tim had removed his jacket, revealing just how big he was. The six guys, eager to wrestle with Sean, win or lose, and nervously eager to wrestle with Tim if that's the way the draw went, followed close behind.

Already the beefy clientele of the bar that night were sizing up the possibilities and no one was surprised when Tim drew one of the WWF guys and Sean the other for their first bouts. Some of those famously huge and successful pros had been present on the notorious occasion a few months before when Tim had thoroughly beaten the unbeaten WWF on the widest pay-per-View show WWF had ever staged when all inhibitions were lost in the audience as well as the WWF and TV staffs. [See "Testonic Superslam" on the MGS archive site] but they had no idea of what they were in for with Sean.

Somehow the Lucky Six fixed it with the desk that they would all get a chance to wrestle with Sean - assuming that he would beat all comers. Other were hoping that Tim would draw the 6'6" Olympic German giant as an adversary at some point. They would be disappointed, for the Olympians could not risk ill-timed in juries to face or physique at this moment in time. That was not to say, however, that they would not be joining in the subsequent festivities.

3 : Rasslin'

It would waste everyone's time if I were to describe every match of the evening. Suffice it to say that every bout took place in a ring that had been copiously oiled for maximum enjoyment and that the primary object seems to be to divest your opponent of all his clothes (such as they were) as soon as possible. In this they were enormously encouraged by the shouts of the audience.

With three bouts going simultaneously, and with three pairs of well-oiled naked muscle hunks going at each other as if their lives depended on it (or at least on their total sexual enjoyment of the occasion) there was fun to be had by all - especially when every head was well-fuelled with maryjane, actively or passively.

In one side ring there was AlphaTim hopelessly outclassing one WWF giant, in the other Sean was giving the other WWF guy hell. The center ring did not get as much attention, though the two hunkily handsome guys were equally determined and equally provocative with their moves, holds, grabs and clutches, crotch-squeezing and whatever.

(Can-Am and BG really should have been there to record all this for posterity!)

All in all, the spectators certainly got their money's worth and a great deal of what one can only call reciprocal enjoyment took place in the bleachers.

Tim was bending his naked prey in half and had a good tight grip on the guy's genitals as he pulled his dick out of the greedily sucking lips so he could whisper in the guy's ear.

"Just as well I've got plans for all my muscle-juice tonight, dude, or you'd get it shoved up your ass right here!

"Oh please - please shove it up me! Never had anyone as good as you beat me before. Fuck me, please!"

"Not a hope, pal! Have to make do with this!"

At which he hoisted the guy's butt on to his shoulder with one hand with the other still attached to his opponent'' genitals, whirled him around a few times, then gave him a few hard jerks so that the poor guy's cum erupted, showering the whole ring with his man-juice - into which deliciously oily, spunky mess Tim unceremoniously dumped him and yelled: "Next!"

Sean was not having quite such an easy time with his WWF opponent. This guy was only a couple on inches shorter than Sean (say 6'2") but, hell, was he built or what?! The dark guy with the winning smile and perfect teeth had one of the most hunky-handsome musculatures that anyone could desire. His muscle was mature, full-bellied and magnificent. His only drawback -- also a reason he was so very hunky -- was his small joints: it was difficult to imagine so much muscle erupting from such small bones.

His advantage over Sean was that he was so very experienced in the ring. A college champ, however big, has simply not had the opportunity to learn all the tricks of the trade at his age. Sean was magnificently huge in every department and he was easily able to defeat the average wrestler, but, apart from Tim, he'd never yet come up against someone like this. And really only his natural arrogance saved him from being thrashed.

The beautiful blonde and the beautiful pro (Yeah, come on, dudes! 'course they're beautiful!) circled each other like magnificent tigers. In spite of his muscular and sexual arrogance it was easy to see Sean was nervous. However, the support of the crowd - led by the Faithful Five - soon stoked him up and, when the Dark Hunk suddenly leaped at him, he was ready. Round and round, over and over they rolled, grabbing clutching, yelling. Shining, oily muscles expanded magnificently as they were stretched in joint-breaking holds and then flexed to overthrow the aggressor with mighty slams.

Dark Hunk now realized that what this kid lacked in experience was more than made up for by his size and the sheer arrogance of his muscle so, as soon as he could, he grabbed at Sean's crotch and ripped off the leather codpiece, hoping to discomfort the teen. Little did he know Sean: the proud exposure of his huge equipment seemed to explode his muscle-size ten-fold as his 18 inch dick slammed upwards into the Hunk's amazed face, temporarily blinding him with its size and its pre-cum.

Sean seized his opportunity: while Hunk was still shaking the various liquids from his eyes (sweat, oil, and cum) and recovering from the wham he received from the teen-megadick, Sean leant forward over him, ripped off the g-string, seized hold of the far-from-flaccid dick and rammed his own down the throat of the Hunk where he hard-shafted in and out while doing the same to his opponent's dick with a steel-fist.

"Time to go to sleep, dude!" yelled Sean as he stuck his monstrous horn as far as it would go down the Hunk's throat. With Sean's huge bulk lying on top his full length and thus deprived of air, the Hunk passed out at exactly the same moment as he jetted a huge charge of spunk into Sean's open and willing mouth. End of bout.

End of the first three heats in fact. The public by now had gone ecstatically wild and cum was flowing almost as freely as the beer. Sean was chaired out of his ring by his five favorites, each one clamoring to be allowed to rassle with him. Not the only kind of offer that was made, either, for all five were desperate to receive Sean's favors, in whatever way he wished.

In fact only three were lucky enough to be drawn to wrestle with him and all of course were defeated. One got to be hammered, and jerked off, by the huge and awesome AlphaTim, and the red-head managed to beat some other college guy before the finals were reached.

Now Tim's plan became obvious: in Sean's delirious assault and victories over five or six other guys, including the Handsome Hunk who loyally continued to encourage him thereafter, the huge teen had not noticed the intended pattern of the evening. Now, as the announcer was proclaiming the names of the two finalists, Sean, naked and shining with sweat oil and cum, turned and found himself facing the magnificent and devilishly grinning AlphaTim, also naked but for his chaps and a similar spunkily oily sheen on his muscles.

The public went wild at the announcement as these two huge studs faced up to each other, both naked to all intents and purposes, both with their giant, swollen, veined, hugely pumped up muscles gleaming with effort, triumph and spunk-oil.

"You wanted a good night out, dude - and it's only just beginning! And loser gets fucked!"

"Shit!" said Sean. "That'll be the day!"

"It's happened before and it can happen again - though not in the way you think, guy! Wait and see!"

"Wait and see nothing'!" yelled Sean as he launched himself at


Many sets of muscles had to separate the brawling studs. Sean tore himself out of their arms and vaulted into the center ring.

"Come and get it, dude! Come and see who's AlphaTim or AlphaSean!"

A great cheer went up as Tim leaped high up on a turnbuckle before he made a spectacular flight across the ring and crashed into Sean, bringing him to the ground. The two studs grappled and rolled, clenched on to each other's bodies as if they were inseparable. Muscle clutched muscle, limb wrapped around limb, iron dicks rammed against steel abs. Neither seemed able to get any purchase on the other.

The Barkeep stepped into the ring with a gallon jug of heated oil which he proceeded to pour over the two giant muscle hunks, locked together on the ground.

"Maybe this'll oil up the machines a bit!"

A roar from the crowd at this and, almost at once, muscle began to slip and slide against muscle and grips had to unlock. The only problem was that two thick dicks were now so well lubricated that they didn't seem to be able to stop pleasuring themselves on the other guy's abs. The barkeep soon put a stop to that: he grabbed both dicks and yanked hard.

Immediately Tim sprang to his feet.

"Wanna be AlphaSean, you punk? Hafta learn to respect yer elders before that!"

Sean leaped to his feet and treated Tim and the public to a muscle posing display which blew the mind. Each overly-pumped up muscle seems to want to explode from under the thin skin as he hit pose after pose.

"Yeah!" he yelled. "AlphaSean! AlphaSean! Wanna see muscle? BIIIIIG, BULGIN' muscle? Wanna see me fuckin' flex these bulgin' muscles? Wanna see me me fuck him?"

At this display the audience went crazy - just like that WWF TV occasion

dicks erupted, people sucked, got fucked, jerked each other off, stripped naked, screamed their guts out. Even Tim involuntarily started to massage his oily dick as he watched the highly desirable young teen parade his muscle around the ring.

Before he could do anything about it, that blonde muscle-mountain had suddenly jumped at him, wrapped his legs around the waist and forced Tim to somersault over the mountain's body (yes, Sean had learned a few tricks while rasslin' with the Dark Hunk!) crashing on to floor.

Then the fight was on. The hardest thing Sean had to contend with was the huge strength of Tim's skin-tight, leather-clad thighs clamped around his neck occasionally - the leather seemed to lend Tim additional power (but of course it did, dude!) and the powerful Tim-musk was almost too much to withstand.

The hardest thing Tim had to contend with was Sean's apparently manic behavior, hyped-up as he was by the event, the maryjane, and his fury at having been outwitted by Tim. Clearly this had become a grudge match, and the audience knew it and loved it even more for it.

Tim won the first fall with a back-breaking head hold; Sean won the next by sitting on Tim's face so that he could only breathe the non-existent air around Sean's butt hole. He gave, just as he was about to pass out - for that was not part of his plan.

Sean was now cock o' the walk again and his arrogance increased with them enormous additional swelling of his muscles. This was to be his downfall, for Tim's were abnormally swollen too and his delightfully dark mind knew just how to make use of them.

Sean didn't really have much of a chance: he was so certain that his muscles were bigger and better than Tim's, so certain that his Faithful Five would help him carry the day by stoking up the audience on his behalf, so certain he would win and so certain he would get to fuck Tim in public, that he threw all caution to the winds and went in to the last round like the proverbial bull in the china shop.

It was certainly majorly exciting for the public to see these two gods pitting themselves at each other and, certainly, Sean's magnificent bravura was an inspiration in itself - by now not a crotch in the building was dry (even the two Olympians were fucking each other silly).

The two sex objects grappled and pummeled each other for an eternity, their hugenesses glinting and glimmering in the spotlights that now highlit them alone since the other two rings were dark. Muscles tensed and strained, veins popped unbelievably. Huge dicks waved and throbbed. Eyes flashed, teeth bared, sexy vituperative threats rang across the ring in spite of the tumult from the crowd. Thick muscled bodies crashed onto the oily mat. Impossible holds were impossibly escaped from. And muscle challenged muscle as never before. In fact a good time was had by all.

Every giant attack Sean made in this round was countered by Tim with sheer strength and coolness of purpose; the calmer Tim became, the angrier Sean got. Whenever Tim got Sean on to his knees he would rub the teen's face on to his giant hairy pecs. Finally Sean attempted a flying attach from a turnbuckle with a yell to bring down the house. Tim sidestepped him and he crashed unconscious to the ground. And that was the end of that.

Even Tim was sad to see that magnificent blonde bulk lying naked, spread-eagled face down on the canvas, every ounce of arrogance finally knocked out of it.

But of course that wasn't the end of that. The best was yet to come.

There had been a silence for a moment as the Golden Glory crashed into oblivion. Then Tim flexed every great, amazing, horny, provocative muscle in his body as he struck first a most muscular pose, then a front double bicep as he placed a foot on Sean's unconscious naked butt and ROARED.

The crowd took up the roar and developed the continuous chant:

"Loser gets fucked! Loser gets fucked! Loser gets fucked"

4 : Loser gets....

Tim chose for this to take place in the well-equipped basement dungeon - into which the naked and defeated hero was born by the Faithful Five. Some hundred and fifty guys somehow squeezed themselves into an area which, though large, had never been intended to hold so many at once.

Under Tim's direction, the Barkeep had Sean strapped and spread-eagled upright to a gantry, his arms cuffed and extended up and out, his legs cuffed and extended down and out. It was a beautiful sight: even more beautiful than da Vinci would ever have imagined. One of the Five was instructed to grease up a large electrified, black man-rammer which was then stuffed up the unconscious butt-hole while Tim marched back and forth, flexing his considerable muscle with panting anticipation. A steel cocking with electrodes was then exchanged for Sean's leather number.

Sean beckoned to the biggest of the Five and had him squat down to fluff his dick (not that it needed it) while he watched the other preparations. Someone handed him a leather riding crop. At his signal the Barkeep broke an amyl capsule up Sean's nose. Sean's head immediately woke up and lifted only to see the predicament he was now in. As he opened his mouth to yell it was at once stuffed with a rubber cock-gag which was then strapped around the back of his head.

At the same time the Barkeep started to manipulate the electric controls of the butt-plug and cock ring. Sean's eyes went wide with surprise - at first with horror, then he gurgled with pleasure and he felt the "growing" effect of the electricity: the dildo seemed to be moving in and out automatically - only an illusion of course, but pleasant none the less.

As the great Sean-dick rose to its full thick height, Tim moved in close to him, stroking him provocatively with the crop across his man-tits, under the outstretched arms and down to his butt.

"Now this can either hurt or be very pleasant for us both, dude - your choice. When I've got you nice and tuned up here we're going to move you over to that sling. If you've never been fucked in one before you won't know just how great it is - so maybe you'll have a good night out yet. Your decision. Otherwise [here a sharp electric bolt was passed through the electrodes, causing the victim to spasm and groan] I might enjoy it but you might not. Got it?"

But Sean was not going to give in so easily. He started to yell through his gag and buck his huge torso, straining the muscles to try and tear away from the cuffs. Of course, it gave his audience a great thrill to see those magnificent muscles tensing and leaping about but it didn't get our Sean anything but a severe electrical reprimand and a few well-placed slashes of the riding crop on his pecs and his butt.

"Try that again, dude, and the next time this'll be on your balls!"

By now Sean was panting with difficulty and tears were running down those teen cheeks. Tim really liked Sean (as he did his brother) but this young punk needed to be tamed. He had the gag removed and, surprisingly, Sean did not start yelling obscenities at him. The electricity had subsided to a really pleasant level or cock-stim and auto-fuck and Tim helped the shining hour by squatting in front of the Magnificent Teen and sucking his dick which was rising and thickening by the second.

Tim looked up at the overpoweringly handsome sight hanging above him.

"Now, ya did agree to the 'loser gets fucked' stuff, didn't ya? Even if you didn't expect to be the loser - so how about it, dude? After all, I did promise ya a good night?"

"Guess so!" whispered Sean. Truthfully, there was something about all this he found very exciting - something about his muscles being helpless and still enjoying the stim. He could tell his dick was enjoying it like crazy, so why not go the whole hog?

"Sure, dude - let's get on with it!"

This brave pronouncement drew a hearty cheer from the crowd and this made Sean feel better already.

The guys gently disconnected him from his bonds and the electricity (though he was reluctant to lose that) and he was carried across to the spotlit sling. He settled into the black leather saddle and gripped the chains over his head while the guys placed his ankles high in the stirrups in front of him. It was a really nice picture for the public: this magnificent dark Top (bigger than any of them) facing the incredible blonde teen-physique - a top himself but now willing to play bottom for his conqueror. The more perceptive among them could tell from the expressions on both faces that a new relationship was being built before their very eyes.

Sean had never felt his butt so exposed. Tim knew this and started to knead Sean's butt gently, just to loosen him up. After a little while he gave him a few slaps with his once-again gauntleted hand. His cap was back on again too. Sean's dick was already incredibly hard: its precum lubricated his thick pecs as its head nestled between them.

"This may take a while, so I'm gonna put this back on ya." "This" was the original cockstrap (Billy's). "Think ya'll enjoy it all better with it on."

He took one glove off and gently stuck it up Sean's butt hole with a gob of lube. While he massaged this in and out, Sean's whole torso writhed in ecstasy. When he started to rub the flat of the other, leathered palm against the tip of Sean's dick, obligingly held vertical by one of the Five, he nearly went crazy and uttered words he never expected to hear coming from his own mouth.

"Shit, man! Aww fuck yeah! Fuck me dude! Aaw, yeah, FUCK me! PLEEEZE dude - FUUUUCK me!"

But Tim knew what he was doing and didn't fuck him. Instead he inserted three fingers and managed to start squeezing Sean's joy button. This sent the muscle boy into a heaven he had never known and would never forget. With this simple action Tim had won his soul for all time.

He started to yell and buck and scream to be fucked. Those bulging, spasming, leaping muscles sent the rest of the guys into paroxysms themselves. The Five, imagining, according to their personal desire, they were being fucked by, or were fucking Sean, fell on each other on the floor beneath the sling and got on with it, thus encouraging many others to do the same. The whole basement became one heaving, throbbing, yelling multi-pile of sweating, erupting muscle and dick.

Without losing hold of that joy-button, Tim managed to get to the side of the sling so that he could present his own huge dick to be sucked by his willing victim.

"Yeah, dude, give it ta me! Let me suck ya!" And suck he did, but only till Tim was ready for the main course. When he felt sufficiently and satisfyingly primed, the Barkeep rolled a prepared condom on to that huge dark dick. When Sean saw that tower glimmering in front of time he nearly came.

"FUUUUCK me, for Gawd's sake - FUUUUCK me!"

And, finally, Tim did.

"Gonna fuck ya like I've fucked both your bro's, dude!"

He slid that huge fuckpole up that willing open butt hole and gave Sean such a fuck that not even Billy had enjoyed. His first huge thrust was so massive that Sean came at once. But his dick never subsided. The huge bulk filled Sean and swelled till both thought it must burst. When it was firmly embedded to the root, Tim started the piston going. Then Jekyll became Hyde: Tim became manic with the power of his thrusts, but the harder the fuck the better Sean enjoyed it. He yelled for more.

"Harder! Faster! That all ya got, dude! Show me what you got! Gonna cum again!"


This time Tim pulled himself up by the chains, thus forcing his dick even deeper, so that he could shove his tongue down Sean's throat. At this point the muscle-teen took over. He fucked Tim's mouth with his tongue and started to buck his pelvis against Tim's dick, thus forcing the big guy to go deeper and harder and faster.

By now most of the audience were spent, even the Olympian giant. But many stalwarts were still hard at it, including most of the Famous Five who were incredibly stimulated by the action above them. And not one of those present was going to give up completely until Tim and Sean came to their final reckoning.

With his huge and powerful arms wrapped around Tim's giant bulk, Sean now controlled everything. Tim was imprisoned at one end by Sean's unrelenting lips and at the other by the insistent grip of his butt muscles. The speed and thrust of his pelvis was forcing Tim to release his load.

Finally it happened: as he roared down Sean's throat, his dick released a torrent of cum - so much that no butt could contain it. It roared like a burst river down the sides of his dick and out of the butt -hole where it dripped like a waterfall on to the faces and muscles of the Faithful Five muscle guys beneath, causing them all to cum at the same time.

"Just the beginning of our holiday, dude!" whispered Tim, "and it ain't over yet!"

It took some time for Tim to disengage from Sean: somehow neither of them wanted it to happen. When it did, Sean's world was changed for ever: the beast had certainly been tamed. But that's another story for another time.

Meanwhile a happy hundred or so guys had had the whale of a time,. Some ecstatically so: it was the best Holiday evening-out any of them had ever enjoyed. It certainly got the new Eagle off to a good start! •

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