Time Alteration Area


By mewletter

This is my first time writing a story on the web. Do comment nicely. ;P

Isn't it strange how Man defines time? We use little instruments to "measure" it or keep track on it. To me, time is really something that comes from another dimension. My prespective of it changed once I knew about the TAA; Sort for Time Alteration Area.

My uncle was a scientist working for the military. He was a brilliant man and I often saw him helping out neighbours and locals repairing machines for free when he was not working. I knew he spent almost 9 months straight each year in the military classified base not far from hometown.

And one day, he was going to change my whole life around. It was my 18th birthday and had a crash party at my rich friend's summerhouse. When the sun rose the next day, my uncle called me urgently about something. It was an emergency he said and I quickly hopped on to my car and sped to his house, hoping nothing seriously wrong happen to him.

But when I banged opened his door, I saw him sitting on the couch, smiling away, holding a piece of paper. Before I was getting mad, he said "You want to big, right?" And I was dumbfolded I guess. "I can make it happen, if you just read this contract and sign it," he continued.

I read it and it was all gibberish to me. But I was curious when it mention about "time-altering" thing. "It is part of something that will make you grow big," said my uncle, looking at where I was reading. Since I was interested to be big, and won't mind trying anything, I signed the contract.

The next day, my uncle took me to Time Alteration Area. It was built right deep below the military base he was working for, and was darn huge. "You wonder why this place is so special?" asked my uncle, as he made a quick tour of the place for me. I shook my head. "Time moves differently here, thus you can train very big at a 'short' time."


"If you train in here for a month, when you go outside, you actually find out that you really spent 6 hours in here." My uncle explained. "For short, everything here, except aging, speeds up and the body recovers even much faster." My jaw dropped. •

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