Superboy and the Crème

Schlug and Andy


By ParisPhoto

Note to readers: not much more about Superboy after this point.

Schlug had used up his savings to buy and furnish the farm. He had gone into debt with his living expenses since then. It was time to get to work. His superpowers would allow him to raise the cash he needed, for example by robbing any bank in the world. His goal was not to be a supervillain or a master criminal, but simply to get the money he needed.

The solution he found came from the press reports on Superboy's past activities. He knew that Superboy had on occasions made jewellery- grade diamonds by applying pressure with his hands and heat from his heat vision to transform ordinary coal or graphite. Schlug lacked the same level of strength and control, but he was able to produce industrial-grade diamonds, worth far less carat per carat, but still quite attractive on the market.

He sold the diamonds in street clothes in various diamond exchanges around the world, selling small quantities at each location. When he went out to collect the raw materials he wanted to remain discreet, and although he avoided situations where he might be observed, he decided it wisest to wear a disguise. The obvious choice for this type of work was Superboy's suit. He squeezed into it, the superfabric stretching to fit over his far bulkier physique. He decided to do without the cape which was too long for his shorter height.

Soon, there were reports from witnesses who had had brief glimpses of some sort of superbeing in what appeared to be Superboy's suit. Coupled with Superboy's apparent disappearance, outlandish stories began to circulate of Superboy having turned evil, having a drug habit or other nonsense.

With his physique, and especially with the fortune he now had accumulated, Schlug was able to attract or hire men that corresponded to his ideal. He slept with the top muscle escorts in the world, and with the leading bodybuilders who suddenly found themselves "gay for pay". And yet he remained dissatisfied, for the only one he really wanted was Superboy.

He was disappointed that Superboy showed no change in attitude. He remained rebellious and withdrawn. The least contact with Schlug made him shudder and struggle. Schlug had nothing to fear from the no- longer-super hero, but this behavior was far more wounding to him. Schlug could force or pay any guy in the world to be his bottom. This was not what he wanted. He wanted Superboy to love him. And if he couldn't have Superboy, if he couldn't be Superboy, he would make a Superboy.

He set up an office in a nearby university town and advertised for subjects for a "sports medicine trial". After interviewing dozens he found the one he wanted, an endomorph named Andy. Andy was of average height, barely taller than Schlug. He had a solid bone structure but reported having great difficulty putting on muscle mass despite hours of weight training and kilos of protein powders ingested. More important for Schlug, he was good looking, had pale skin, black hair and blue eyes… He hoped that the fact that the youth was late finishing puberty would help in his project.

Schlug had the young man sign the informed consent form, took some blood samples, and scheduled the first treatment for the end of the week. Andy was surprised at how quickly it went and was excited about the possibilities of this experimental anabolic treatment. This Dr. Schlug was certainly a good advertisement for his work. The bulky powerlifter look appealed to the college sophomore and Andy was eager to see more… of him. At first he would receive a weekly injection in the scientist's office while continuing his workouts at the school gym.

The results were impressive. Even Schlug was amazed at the speed of the transformation, much more rapid than his own had been. He attributed this to the youth of his subject and to the fact that he had not completed puberty and was thus still growing. Indeed, Andy did gain height as well as muscle mass. On the other hand, Schlug had attempted to modify the gene therapy so that the development of superpowers would be attenuated if not eliminated.

Every week Andy arrived eager to show his progress. He quickly stripped out of his clothes which were now always too tight, despite the stream of new clothing he bought with the stipend provided by Schlug. Schlug measured and tested him, then gave him the necessary injection.

Andy: This stuff really seems to work, Doc. It looks like you use it yourself.

Schlug: Um, that's right.

Andy: Would you mind showing me the results?

Schlug smiled gently and removed his white lab coat. His huge shoulders, chest and arms stretched the black t-shirt he wore underneath, as did his solid belly and thick lats. Andy's exposed cock bounced at the sight of the powerful physique. Schlug's black pants were stretched from the front by his heavy package and from the back by his generously padded muscle ass, and over his tree-trunk thighs the fabric looked like it would split at any moment.

Schlug slowly stripped to his white briefs, by which time the youth was unable to keep his hands off his own cock.

Andy: Boy, I hope I can get as big as you, sir.

Schlug: It looks like you're getting quite big right now…

Andy blushed and turned away. Schlug came behind the boy, now half-a- head taller than him. His belly filled the small of the muscular's youth's back, his pecs pressed against his shoulder blades, his cock snuggled just under the sweep of Andy's ass. Schlug reached under the muscleboy's armpits, lifting his muscular arms. He embraced his protégé from behind, and cupped Andy's freshly-grown pecs in his thick hands. He felt Andy's nippled harden. Their lovemaking was gentle; Andy had little experience, but he had dreamt of being manhandled by his powerful mentor for weeks and was in ecstasy.

The following sessions of Andy's treatment were similar, and their lovemaking became more and more energetic as Andy grew in size and strength. Andy continued to grow in weight and height, and Schlug was able to observe that Andy's strength was now greater than his already impressive muscle size would account for. He dreaded the day he would have to explain the reasons for this to his protégé.

Two weeks after their first sexual encounter Andy arrived particularly enthusiastic. He explained that he had entered the university powerlifting competition and had won. After a life of dreaming and working to be strong, he was thrilled beyond words to have been able to compete in, let alone to win, such a competition. He offered his medal to Schlug who refused it. Andy wanted to go further, and told Schlug that he planned to enter a bodybuilding competition in two weeks, a state-level novice contest. Schlug decided to encourage him to do so, as it might be the last such outing he would be able to make. The moment of truth would soon be there. The last injection had been difficult, the skin resisted the needle and Schlug had to force it in using superstrength. The next time he would switch to needles used in tranquilizer guns for elephants, but soon the growing superpowers of the muscleboy would make even this impossible. At that point he would have to tell Andy the truth about the treatment, if he hadn't figured it out himself.

Schlug was proud to visit Andy in the pump room at the bodybuilding contest where his workout partner was helping him get ready for his appearance on stage. He was excited by the presence of dozens of young bodybuilders getting oiled and pumped. He was most excited to see his own protégé, his creation, as it were, so big and handsome in the middle of them.

Schlug: You look great, Andy.

Andy: Gosh, thanks Doc.

Schlug: I brought you something. Here…

Andy: Posing trunks? Thanks, but I did bring trunks.

Schlug: Well, these are special. I think you'll look good in them. Red is a good color for you I think.

Andy: Yes sir, but these have belt loops on them.

Schlug: Turn them inside out and they won't show. Just put them on.

Andy was used to obeying his mentor, and he pulled down his baggies and stepped out of his boxers then pulled on the tight red briefs. They were highly elastic and molded his bubble butt and thick package.

Andy: They sure feel great. How do they look?

Schlug: Fine, just fine.

Andy: Thanks a lot, Doc!

Schlug: I'll leave you to finish preparing. You're the best one here, kid.

Schlug was proud to see Andy pumped and huge, wearing Superboy's trunks, on stage with the other young athletes. He was even prouder to see him win the heavyweight class then the overall trophy. After letting Andy enjoy his victory with his friends, they celebrated together by fucking all night in Schlug's office.

The following week Schlug decided to tell Andy the truth. There was little choice, as it would be almost impossible to pierce his skin now anyway.

Schlug: So tell me, Andy. What's your maximum on the bench press now?

Andy: At my last workout, it was 560 pounds.

Schlug: And what's the world record for your weight?

Andy: Gosh, I don't know.

Schlug: It's 485 pounds.

Andy: But that's not possible.

Schlug: You did it. You know it is.

Andy: How? It's true the transformation in my physique has been amazing, but how…?

Schlug: And you're not alone in being stronger than the average guy…

Schlug approached the strapping youth, stretched out his right arm, placed his extended index finger under Andy's chin, and without any sign of effort lifted him in the air. Andy was so surprised he couldn't react. His arms went out to balance himself while Schlug lowered him to the floor.

Andy: Holy Cow! How'd you do that? That's almost superhuman!

Schlug: You've hit the nail on the head….

Andy: Superhuman? Superboy? Superboy! You have something to do with Superboy's disappearance?

Schlug: Yes, but I can assure you that he is alive and well.

Andy: But how? And why?

Schlug: For the "how", it's a bit complicated. As to "why", it became almost inevitable. Tell me, do you want to return to your state before I met you?

Almost involuntarily Andy caressed his thick smooth pec.

Andy: Of course not!

Schlug: What would you do to keep your new muscles?

Andy: Well, just about anything!

Schlug: Even if the price was a temporary incapacitation of our young superhero?

Andy: Well…

Schlug pressed a button and the TV monitor showed the video of his first meeting with Andy. Andy saw the scrawny boy that he used to be strip naked. He looked away and saw himself in a mirror.

Andy: It would be worth it…

Schlug: I think so too. I'm afraid it will be difficult for you to continue living here if you are to continue and to progress further. You will have to request a leave of absence and settle your affairs here. I will come back for you in three days. Meet me here at 11 p.m.

When Schlug returned, he found Andy waiting with a small bag.

Andy: I guess it's time to go. Where is your car, Doc?

Schlug: Oh, we're not going by car. Hop on and hold tight…

Schlug crouched and indicated to Andy to hop on piggy back. In a flash they were out the window zooming through the moonless night to the dairy farm. Once there, Schlug recounted the story that led to the present moment. Andy was impatient and a bit apprehensive to see Superboy, the source of his new physique and his growing powers. Schlug took him to the cowbarn. Despite having been warned, Andy was still shocked at what he saw. He recognized Superboy's face and silhouette, even under the greenish latex. He was all the more suprised to see the youth's swollen balls and tits hanging from his muscular frame chained standing in the stall.

Schlug: It's time for a milking. He must be suffering. I've made him wait too long.

Schlug placed the receptacle over the hero's gonads and switched on the milking machine. Over the noise of the machinery, they could hear the moans of satisfaction. Andy stared with amazement as the glass jars filled with the white liquid. When the milking was over, Schlug told Andy to follow his lead in sucking the warm muscle milk from Superboy's breasts. Andy could almost feel the power and strength from the milk in his belly spread throughout his body. Superboy's eyes widened as he say the magnificent muscleboy who had joined his tormentor to suck him dry. As usual, he moaned from relief and from the pleasure the milking of his cock and tits gave him. •

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