Superboy and the Crème

Andy and Superboy


By ParisPhoto

Over the following weeks a pattern developped. Part of the day was spent on the farm tending to Superboy and feeding off him. Andy refused to provide Superboy's anal stimulation, for he would only engage in anything resembling sex with Sclug. Much of the rest of the day was spent in every more rugged sex between Andy and his mentor, sometimes on the farm but often in exotic locales to which Schlug flew them. The Kryptonian milk increased Andy's gains in size with more than commensurate increases in strength. For their injections, they would expose each other to kryptonite to allow the needle to penetrate. Although this daily jolt of "normality" was somewhat disturbing, an even darker cloud hung over them.

One afternoon, after a particularly hearty session of lovemaking, Andy lied on the warm sand of a desert island in Polynesia, the palm fronds sheltering him, his shoulders propped against his lover's firm round belly, his head flopping back onto Schlug's chest.

Andy: You know, sir…

Schlug: Yes, Andy?

Andy: I've been watching the news on TV and stuff…

Schlug: And?

Andy: There are an awful lot of new gangs on the loose these days in town. And it's probably only a matter of time before some supervillain arrives.

Schlug: Yes… I think I know what you're getting at…

Andy: Without Superboy around, people are in a lot of trouble.

Schlug: I know. But if we free Superboy, we end up in jail, and we will slowly but surely revert to our former selves. I can't imagine that.

Andy: Neither can I. But I see all these people getting hurt and killed and stuff.

Schlug: I have often thought that if a true supervillain arrived, I don't think I'd be able to deal with him. I might even have no choice but to release Superboy.

Andy: Would he be normal again?

Schlug: Um… I'm not sure anyone could be normal after such an experience. I am quite confident he would regain his full powers quite quickly.

Andy: But?…

Schlug: I just don't know how he would be able to concentrate. The kan-tal- ouf state is permanent. He requires regular anal stimulation, and the milk and semen production will continue unabated.

Andy: There's not much choice then…

Schlug: What do you mean?

Andy: You're going to have to protect us.

Schlug: Me? Don't talk nonsense! I'm no superhero.

Andy: Sir, you're all we've got with Superboy out of commission.

Schlug: Hush, sleep now. In an hour we must return home to milk Superboy.

This discussion accelerated Schlug's thinking on the matter. The choices were limited. Either they release Superboy, with the dreadful consequences that would ensue, or he took up crime fighting himself, a job for which he felt no talent or skill. Another option was available, but Schlug had so far refused to entertain the thought, for it would entail putting at risk his relationship and even worse, Andy's safety. Until now he had used a modified form of the DNA treatment to attenuate Andy's Kryptonian superpowers. Now there was no longer any need to do so. Andy was already noticeably bigger than Superboy, and thanks to the muscle milk he would continue to grow, while the semen treatments could be turned to giving him super strength, flight ability and so on. He decided not to tell Andy until it was necessary or became obvious.

The second alternative became necessary only a few weeks later. Andy had become having some "accidents". His developing heat vision would go off unwanted, starting several small fires on the farm. He would find himself inadvertently leaping dozens of feet of the ground while simply rising from a chair, his hearing, already acute thanks to the previous treatment regimen, allowed him to hear sounds from hundreds of miles away, which he had to learn to block out using his increased powers of concentration.

Andy asked Schlug what was happening. The scientist was obliged to tell him that he was giving Andy the option of filling in for Superboy.

Andy: Me? I'm no superhero.

Schlug: Well, you look the part, and in a few days you will feel the part too. I am not the best teacher, for I've had to learn by trial and error, but we need to begin teaching you how to use your powers.

These powers quickly equalled those of Schlug. The youth's more muscular frame enabled him to gain greater strength than his mentor, and he quickly mastered the rudiments of flight and the use of his heat rays, x-ray vision and super hearing. He remained a bit clumsy, for although while like Schlug he had gained increased brainpower from the treatments, the changes in his body and his abilities were more sudden and took longer to adapt to. Schlug wrestled with him and organized mock combats. Slowly Andy grew more self-assured. Although the supersenses and speed would probably never match those of Superboy, his larger muscle mass, 50% greater than that of the real McCoy and still growing, meant that he was at least as strong, if not stronger.

They were working to a goal, but each step made Schlug dread more reaching that goal. The power of their sex, the beauty of Andy's muscular body, their ability to fuck in the deepest ocean, on the highest mountain top, while flying through the evening air, all these precious moments would soon come to an end.

Each day the news showed the gangs growing bolder and bolder, the police less and less able to respond to their criminal activity. Schlug could tell that Andy was longing to go out there. Finally Schlug could delay no longer. One morning when Andy came from his shower he found lying on the bed the red and blue suit once worn by the supercow held prisoner in the nearby barn.

Schlug: Put it on, Andy. You have to go.

Andy: I know. I've been looking forward to this. I'm a little scared though.

As Andy stroked the suit lying on the bed, Schlug came from behind and embraced him.

Schlug: I know you'll be fine. Put it on.

Andy was not used to squeezing into the suit. He recognize the trunks as the ones Schlug had had him wear during his bodybuilding contest, and smiled as he thought of that moment a lifetime away. He adjusted his package in the tight trunks and turned to the mirror on the wall.

Andy: I… I look like… him!

Schlug came up and adjusted the cape, leaving his hand on Andy's shoulder.

Schlug: Yes, you look very much like him. The suit, of course. But what's important is that you feel like a superboy. Do you?

Andy: I don't know. Not yet. I want to do this, but I'm afraid, a little afraid at least. I wish you would come with me.

Schlug: Alright. I'll follow you and watch out for you. I don't want to get involved, but I'll observe you, at least at first.

Schlug followed Andy out into the barn yard. He was surprised to see him enter the barn. Schlug waited in the doorway and saw Andy stand in front of Superboy's stall. The normally withdrawn bound hero gasped to see Andy wearing his suit. Andy approached the latex-coated muscleboy, placed his hand on the back of his neck, and whispered.

Andy: I'll do my best to honor your colors…. Could you wish me well, despite everything?

Schlug thought he saw the faintest nod of Superboy's shorn head.

Andy joined Schlug in the barnyard where they took off together. Schlug had equipped himself with a police scanner radio and remained in the clouds above the city while Andy flew down to skim the rooftops. Soon Schlug heard a call on a break-in in a pharmaceutical warehouse on the outskirts of the city.

He warned Andy who was able to hear thanks to his superhearing. Andy was at the warehouse in seconds. He saw the black SUVs the burglars were loading with the drugs they were stealing. He waited in the night air above them for all the burglars to come out. He wasn't sure how he would handle the situation, but as it turned out, he didn't need to do much of anything. The return of Superboy to Metropolis was enough of a shock to make them drop their ill-gotten booty and surrender. In the dim light, they were unable to notice any difference in Superboy's appearance. Andy had no idea how Superboy informed the police to come and collect criminals he caught, so he instructed one of the gang to use his own cellphone to call 911. The police arrived quickly, and as Andy did not wish to hang around for awkward questions, he waved his thanks and flew away.

En route home, he met Schlug who had been observing from afar. Andy fell trembling into Schlug's arms as they hovered over the countryside.

Schlug: What's wrong? You did great, son!

Andy: I'm glad it's over. I was so worried something would go wrong. But what are you doing here anywhere?

Schlug: Just watching your baptism of fire!

Andy: I know you don't like this sort of thing. You needn't look out for me like this.

Schlug: Alright, this is the last time.

From then on, Andy went on missions alone. Criminal activity in the region declined quickly, and the public was relieved to know that Superboy was back on duty. His absence was attributed to a sort of adolescent crisis, or growing pains, a literal mpression reinforced by what appeared to be substantial growth. Superboy was obviously becoming a man, that much was apparent from the rare glimpses of the young hero.

Andy's days were busy, with treatments and training with Schlug on the farm, and crime fighting duty the rest of the time. He employed his powers sparingly, cautiously, always reluctant to abuse them. Although Schlug was disappointed to find his protégé less available for their intense sexual workouts, he was more than compensated by the knowledge that Andy now not only looked like a superhero, he had become one.

Andy gained a growing respect for Superboy's responsibilities. He could not bring himself to deal with the captive Kryptonian personally, and in particular refused to drink of his muscle milk. He did maintain the treatments, and would go talk to the bound green- coated cum slave about his experiences, but only after removing his costume, in an effort to limit the humiliation the Kryptonian might naturally feel. At first Superboy remained mute, refusing to recognize his captors. Gradually, Andy's sincerity broke through Superboy's psychological barriers, and hesitatingly gave him advice. It clearly a great effort on part of the boy to allow him to speak of these matters; the kan-ta-louf was too strong, the pleasure and pain of his transformation into a cum cow dominated his powerful mind, but his comments increased Andy's confidence in his ability to take on the duties the suit he now wore gave him.

The next few months followed the same pattern, a rhythm interrupted one day by the news Andy – and Schlug – had dreaded: the appearance of a new super-villain, or rather a super-alien. A sort of giant amoeba, which the press quickly began calling The Blob, had landed in an alien space craft of some sort. It slowly crept from its central New Jersey landing site toward populated areas, absorbing everything to be found in its path, digesting the organic material, and leaving a trail of slimy rubble behind it. The Blob appeared to resist all weapons the police and Army used against it. The surface tension needed to hold the giant creature together seemed to provide incredible resistance to penetration. Flame throwers, napalm and radiological weapons appeared ot have no effect, and although evacuation had begun, there was still too great a population nearby to risk nuclear weapons.

Andy was on site quickly, accompanied by Schlug, who had insisted on coming, more to protect Andy than to fight the creature. Andy had arranged for the area to be cleared, in particular of the media. How to handle the creature? There was no way to get a handle on it, and when they tried to lift it, it just flowed over them. Schlug found a weaker area of the surface membrane, and was able to penetrate partially, hoping to reach the nucleus of the amoeba. The membrane closed as he passed, trapping him around his waist, his powerful belly within, his muscular ass outside. The pressure increased, and he had no grip to try to pull himself one way or another. Despite the decreased vulnerability procured by the treatments, he could not resist the pressure on his abdomen long.

Andy responded quickly, first trying to tear open the membrane around the opening, but to no avail. Finally he squatted over his captive mentor's legs and simply pulled with all his might. For an instant he felt the membrane give way slightly, only to find the suction dragging Schlug deeper again. After many long minutes of desperate effort, Andy finally pulled Schlug free.

Andy needed to get him to safety, and in a matter of moments had flown him back to the farm. He put Schlug to bed, but could tell it was too late. The damage was too great, and Schlug had only a few minutes to live. Thanks to his superhearing, Andy could make out the faintest of whisper from Schlug's lips, and hear the words: Set him free…

As Andy kissed Schlug farewell, his superhearing heard the heart of his mentor, his lover, his maker, stop. He had no time to waste, and with tears flowing down his cheeks, he rushed to the cowbarn and released Superboy from his shackles. In a flash Andy ripped the green latex from the Kryptonian's flesh. As he freed Superboy, Andy explained the situation.

Andy: I know you must hate me. But you have got to help me stop this monster.

Superboy: Mmmm…. suck me. Please suck me.

Andy: Superboy! Concentrate! Here, take your trunks back. You can't go out like that. I'll be fine in your tights.

With that Andy scooped the horny hero in his arms. He had no idea how long it would take for Superboy to regain his strength, but he found it harder and harder to fend off the groping of the hero he was carrying. Despite this, they arrived quickly near the site of The Blob. Andy landed in a wooded area nearby. He tore Superboy off him and slapped his face to make him concentrate.

Andy: Make an effort. I need you! These people need you!

Superboy: Mmmm… Yes, yes. Yes, must help. Can't go out like this… Help me first…

Andy understood what Superboy meant. His dick was pushing its way out of the straining trunks, and his nipples were swollen and oozing milk. At super speed he jacked off Superboy, while planting his lips on the Kryptonian's nipples and draining them with super-suction. Momentarily relieved of his burden, Superboy found it easier to concentrate on the task at hand. He had recovered about half of his powers, and was able to fly above The Blob with Andy by his side.

Superboy: I think I have a solution. Follow my lead!

The hero flew high above The Blob and began to fly at top speed in a horizontal circle. He was joined by Andy who flew in a similar circle just below. Superboy widened his circle, creating a funnel cloud. Despite the weight of the creature, the suction created by the two superheroes was sufficient to slowly lift it from the ground. At first Andy thought Superboy intended to drown the monster in the nearby ocean, but realized that there was no guarantee that this would be effective. Following the Kryptonian's instructions, they gently rose higher and higher in the atmosphere, flying faster and faster to maintain the suction despite the thinning air. Despite the rushing wind, Andy could hear the sound of The Blob's surface membrane as it began freezing in the –50° air.

Superboy stopped suddenly and Andy imitated him. As the frozen creature began to fall, they flew far below it then rose straight up through the crystallized mass, smashing it into thousand of pieces. Fearing this would not be enough, Superboy began flying in a circle again, and the two heroes created a new funnel to keep the remains together and direct them to the mouth of an active volcano off the coast of Iceland.

As soon as they landed at the crater rim, Superboy had already pulled out his swollen cock from his trunks. His pecs were again heavy with milk. Once again, he begged Andy to relieve him. In his kant-ah-louf craze, Superboy attempted to penetrate Andy, who resisted with all his force. He had no idea whether the treatments he had received would result in kant-ah-louf for an Earthling, but did not care to take the risk. Superboy had by now recharged to full strength, and although less muscular than Andy, was still stronger. A might wrestling match took place on the erupting volcano, with Superboy becoming more and more frenzied under the effort and as his balls and pecs continued to swell, while Andy weakened with the effort of holding off the sex-crazed Kryptonian. Finally Superboy had Andy in a full nelson, pinned against the obsidian rockface, his tights pulled down over his bulging thighs. He prepared to enter his successor, with Andy dreading the damage the enraged Kryptonian would do to his ass. In a last ditch effort, Andy melted a patch of the stone in front of them, maintaining a level of heat to ensure that the obsidian would not crystallize as it cooled.

As Superboy was about to achieve relief by forcing his way through Andy's clenched buttocks, he looked up and beyond the boy's shoulder. In the shiny black surface, he could see himself. He saw his foaming mouth, his bulging eyes. In a moment of revulsion for the deed he was about to commit he pulled himself away and soared in the air.

Andy flew after him, but was slower than Superboy at full strength. He was able to track him back to the farm. When he arrived at the cow barn, he saw Superboy naked and kneeling as he closed the lead case that contained the kryptonite sample. The hero had covered himself as best he could with a fresh layer of the green latex, and obviously had exposed himself to kryptonite.

Andy carefully took the sample case from Superboy and carried the weakened Kryptonian to his bed.

Andy: What are you doing?

Superboy: I… can't be trusted. I can't… trust myself. This is best.

Andy: We can control your kan-ta-louf. We can find a way.

Superboy: I doubt it very much. In any case, for the moment, you will have to be Superboy. And now… please milk me… please! •

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