My Boy


By Richard Jasper

Our second anniversary rolled around.

"Matt, whaddya think?" Kel called.

He was in our mirror paneled playroom, posing.

"Should I go back to natural?"

I sauntered over and started massaging Kel's 24 inch biceps. At 6 ft and 300 lbs of solid muscle, he was exactly the same size I'd been when we'd met 2 years earlier.

"Natural is good," I assured him. "You're never gonna be as furry as I am, although you're already as built as I was. Besides, that stubble can be a mite irritating at times."

He chortled.

"Like you'd notice, Furrball. You could light a fucking match on your cheek."

Speaking of which, I rubbed it warily.

"Ya think.?"

"Want me to try it.?"

I squeezed him up in a big bear hug and twirled him around.

"Hey, put me down, goddammit," he bellowed. "I'm not yer fucking toy doll or something."

I grinned, and lifted him up to the ceiling.

"Just what do you propose to do about it?" I asked, them tossed him on the bed, which creaked alarmingly, no matter how many times we'd reinforced it.

He pouted.

"Well, just what the hell CAN I do about it?" he wanted to know. "You still fucking outweigh me by 90 lbs."

Which was true enough. I still wasn't quite keeping pace with Kel's growth but anyone else would have been hard pressed to tell. At 390 lbs. of rock solid muscle I was one of the biggest men on the planet and quite arguably the best built. There were other bodybuilders who had my size but none who had my proportions and leanness. With a 78 inch chest, 30 inch biceps, a 38 inch waist, and 38 inch quads, I beggared the imagination. Most people couldn't quite comprehend just how huge I really was. Fortunately, Kel wasn't most people.

I stretched out over him on the bed, action he's likened to a total eclipse or being swallowed by a tidal wave, and looked down into his beautiful eyes.

"What's bugging you, babe?"

He looked to the side and bit his lip, then put his brawny arms around my Herculean neck.

"Am I big enough yet?"

I laughed, then blew in his ear.

"Big enough for what, babe?"

"Big enough to be your man?"

It was time for my jaw to drop.

"You gotta be kiddin' me, babe."

He shook his head and half looked like he was gonna cry. I rolled over onto my side, propping my head against my meat fist, playing with those still luscious nips of his.

"Babe, you've been my MAN from the get-go. Boy or no boy, the man's always been there. In your heart, in your soul, you've always been the man for me. And now."

He looked deeply into my eyes.

"And now.?"

I chuckled, then pinched his nipple hard.

"And now you are the biggest fucking musclestud of a husband anyone could ever want to have, that's what. 'Man' indeed. Yer a fuckin' monster."

He giggled.

"A monster? Or a fuckin' monster?"

I rolled onto my back and spread my monstrous legs.

"Come fuck me, Monster, and I'll let you know."

He loomed over me.

"My God," I thought, "That's what I looked like when we first met."

He read my mind.

"It was totally fucking awesome, seeing you like that. Do you have any idea how much more awesome you are now?"

There's a lot to be said for a mutual admiration society.

Especially when the admirer is Boy Kel. •

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