My Boy


By Richard Jasper

A year later.

I walked into the Ripcord kind of like an ocean liner pulling into port - the waves parted before, the little squat tugs floating in my wake. Kel's enthusiasm in the gym had spurred me to greater and great efforts myself. In a 12 months I'd put on 40 lbs. of solid muscle. At 6 ft and 340 lbs. I was as big as the biggest off-season pro bodybuilder and probably twice as hard - even at my heaviest my bodyfat percentage never made it above the single digits.

I paused on the patio before turning the corner for the far end. I knew that Kel had taken my spot and from what I could tell of the murmuring, whistles and "yeehaws!" he was givin' the boys a good show. I stood behind two big bears who were taking it all in, their eyes totally glued to Kel, completely oblivious to me, and listened in on their conversation.

"Who the hell is that sexy mo'fo?" Bear # 1 asked.

"You must be new to Houston," Bear # 2 speculated. "That's Boy Kel."

"Shee-it," Bear # 1 murmured appreciatively. "He's one built son-of-a-bitch, ain't he?"

Bear # 2 laughed.

"You can say that again. And that Boy Kel has the purtiest dick you ever did see."

Bear # 1 gave Bear # 2 a glance.

"So what is this 'BOY' thing about, anyway?"

Bear # 2 shrugged his shoulders.

"That's what they call him. He's got a master, ya know, who makes him look like a pipsqueak."

Bear # 1's mouth dropped open.

"And he's just as furry as Boy Kel is smooth," # 2 added.

"Sweet Jeezus," # 1 opined. "That must be nice. This Boy's a bit smooth for my taste."

# 2 replied.

"Oh, he's not naturally smooth, ya know. His Master makes him shave it all off.."

I decided it was time to set the record straight.

"Ahem!" I rumbled.

The two turned and looked at me, their mouths flopping open.

"That's 'husband,' not 'master,' and he shaves it because he WANTS to shave it. I'd just as soon have him rough, myself, but he's his own man."

The two gulped.

"Shee-it, Mister, he's one helluva fine man, too."

I laughed.

"Yeah, boys, he's comin' along right nice, don't you think?"

In the previous year Kel had exceeded all expectations, his and mine. He'd put on 60 lbs. of solid muscle and at 240 lbs. he was getting ready for his first bodybuilding contest, one that he had every chance of winning. And why the hell not? With no more than 5% bodyfat the Boy now sported a 55 inch chest, 21 inch biceps, a 30 inch waist, 30 inch quads, and 20 inch calves.

"Built like a fuckin' brick shithouse, Mister," Bear # 1 replied.

I dropped my thick hands on their beefy bear shoulders and gave them each a gentle squeeze.

"C'mon, fellas, let's go on over and meet Boy Kel, shall we?"

I used my BAR voice, the rumbly one that can penetrate any crowd, any sound system. Kel's eyes flew open when he heard it and he pushed away the big grizzly who was going to town on his crotch.

"See ya later, fellas," he said as he strode into my arms, his big beautiful cock poking out of the fly of his sweatpants. "Daddy's back in town."

Kel gave me the kind of greeting that causes grown men to cry, then said his howdy-do's to Bears 1 and 2, who we found out later were Frank and Jim. After we plowed both their asses, that is. Kel was getting' to be quite the top by that time. I'd had his sweet pecker up my butt more than once, just so's he'd get the hang of it, but off the time I had to do the driving, damned pushy bottom that he was (well, back then, anyway.)

We'd about worn Frank and Jim plumb out when one or the other of 'em (I couldn't keep the two sorted out, frankly, they might as well have been peas in a pod, for all the fact that one was a good ol' boy from Rosenberg and the other was Yankee Bear from Beantown) got all shy about wanting to ask something.

"Well, spit out, babe," I told whichever one it was.

"Well, we're, uh, like, wondering if we could watch the two of you make love."

I laughed.

"Without taking part.? What fun would that be?"

They stammered their reply.

"Oh, be-be-believe us, it will be LOTS of fun."

So we did it, or, rather, we did each other.

"You know the way I like it, Daddy."

I squeezed My Boy up in a big bear hug and then slammed him against the brick wall that was our favorite fuck spot. He wrapped his arms around my neck, having long since given up on getting them around my 68 inch chest, and I shoved his sweet man pussy down on my own big fuck tool. I thought Jim's and Frank's eyes were going to explode out of their heads, especially when I carried Kel - still impaled on my pulsating horse cock - back to our king sized steel framed bed and went to town on his sweet butt while he hung suspended from the bed frame, his massive arms drenched in sweat.

As for me.

Well, have you ever seen a 340 lb. furry musclegod get it doggy style?

The fellers said it was like watching Perseus do it to the Minotaur.

Who knew they had such a poetic turn of mind? •

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