Brothers, The


By FanTCMan

"Dude," Robby Mills called out. He and Sandy, his dad, were on their way into the center as the Callahan brothers were leaving.

Jace was already feeling a buzz from the shot they'd just all got and he was lost in thought, or at least sensations. Cory had walked out ahead of them all, the leader, as usual, getting his keys out of his pocket, and Jace had been noticing how Cory had to struggle to get his fingers into the pocket of his 501s, they were so tight on him now. Jace's own jeans were clinging to him in places where they'd hung loose just a week ago, and this little realization, as he watched Cory walk, seeing the faded denim hugging his amazing muscular legs and the bubble butt that looked like it had been molded into a narrow, thick, high-sitting ass to die for, stirred Jace's cock. Or maybe it was just that stuff working on him.

"Hey," Robby yelled again, "Jace."

Jace turned, finally, and saw Robby and his dad heading toward the center.

"Hey, Robby," he smiled.

He knew what was up, and he was, at the same time, very aware of how he looked right now, bulging jeans and all. They'd talked a few more times at school, and Robby confessed that he thought what he was seeing, the sudden muscle and genital growth Jace was only too proud to display in the locker room, was pretty cool. Even his dad, he said, had taken to wearing just his underwear around the house, and his mom was doing the same thing, the women's version, and she was starting to look really good too, and his dad really wanted him to do it. Jace wanted him to do it, too. He didn't even really know why, but he thought it would be great to see some of his buddies getting changed, too. Mostly, he thought it would be hot if other guys felt the way this stuff was making him feel. Especially right now, with his second shot hitting. Great, he thought.

"Hey, Cory. Hold up a minute."

All the Callahans stopped. When Cory saw who it was, he came back.

"So, Jace said to Robby, "you in, man? That's great."

Cory had come up. "Hey, Sandy," he said to Robby's dad, "lookin' good, man. So, you're getting Robby in? Cool."

"Yeah. I think your brother here has a lot to do with that, but we're glad." He clapped his son's shoulder. "And speaking of looking good. Man. How many treatments for you?"

"Just had my third," Cory said, almost reflexively reaching up to touch his pecs, making his arm flex with veined, hard, bulging muscle as he felt the size his chest had taken on. The formula was working in him, already, too, and being noticed for how good he looked revved up his own self awareness.

"Thanks," he said, unabashedly feeling the outer edge of his pectoral muscle, its width, thickness, how it distended the material of the T-shirt he'd worn.

"It really works fast."

"Yeah, sure does," Sandy answered. He glanced down at the swollen bulge straining the button fly of Cory's Levis. Already there was so much meat packed in those 501s that, even with briefs holding it, it pushed out forward and rounded down past the crotch seam, down the left side, although there was not enough room for anything in the jeans' leg other than the thick muscular thigh, which forced his heavy package to strain the denim outward in breathtaking display. The huge package bulged beyond anything that could be passed off as just a well hung guy. Even remarkably well hung. No, Cory was looking biochemically enhanced, now, in a way that couldn't be hidden and couldn't be explained any other way. Seeing this, Sandy realized he was starting to stiffen up.

In a brief moment of awkward silence, he realized, they all realized, that they all were standing there boning in front of each other, just from the mutual unvoiced acknowledgment of the incredible thing they were all sharing, and suddenly, they all grinned, and then burst into laughter. Even little Toby giggled, although his face looked like he might not have quite got the joke. Only Robby appeared a little uncomfortable, but Sandy saw it, and, looking at his watch, said, "Well, we'd better get in there. Great to see you guys. Cory, we should get together."

"Love to, man. Call me."

"That's so cool, that Robby's gonna do it," Jace said, in the car on the way home. "Kinda weird, though, seeing his dad get all buff and all."

"He looks great," Cory said. "Younger, too. And more handsome. I think a lot more guys are gonna be joining up."

"I know Ken Stormer is, and Ryan Jackson, and John Wilkes says he is, too. They all think it's so totally cool, and their dad's are talking about it. And some teachers, too." Jackie was sitting in the back seat with Toby, and he had his hand on his crotch, feeling how big his hard-on was already. Talking about other guys doing it was obviously exciting him.

"Jackie's got a boner," Toby teased in a singsong chant. Already his voice had broken and taken on the deeper tone of adolescence.

"Yeah, so? What's that pokin' up there in your jeans, little dude?"

"Okay, you guys," Cory said. "We'll be home in a minute."

"I don't know if I can hold out, bro," Jace said. "I feel so buzzed and so hot. My dick feels like it's gonna bust outta its skin, man."

The bulge lay across his groin and the thick firehose had pushed its way toward his hip, reaching its full nine and a half inches, in spite of its confines. At least it was nine and a half last night when they'd measured again. Jackie's was nine, even little Toby had hit eight inches, which looked huge on such a young guy. But more than the length they were all getting, the thickness, the girth of their cocks was astounding. That was what made the bulge in Cory's jeans so pronounced, that, especially, besides the fact that his had lengthened that week to almost fourteen inches and his balls were like jumbo eggs. The thickness of their cocks made them all feel the weight of the meat that hung from their groins, and even totally soft, was fast becoming something that distinguished them from other guys as some of the first to undergo this transformation thing that was being talked about more and more.

Something about the transforming formula, though, made them want the changes even before they happened, so that they looked forward, in some odd but exciting way, to having the changes become more and more apparent, to being looked at, talked about, and everything that went along with what they were doing, what was happening to them.

"I know," Cory said, "but you know that's just the feeling of making it grow more. We're almost there," Cory said.

"Almost ain't good enough, bro. Oh, god, man. This is too hot. Jeezus, look at you, man. You're not even gonna be able to wear those jeans anymore. You're like one of those total bodybuilders, man. Fuck. Sorry, Tobe. Oh, man. Does that feel good, man, do you like that, does it feel hot? Flex, man. Let me see. How big are your guns now, man?"

"Stop it, Jace," Cory demanded with a grin, "you're gonna make me blow. Yeah it feels good, man. You know it does. You'll be this big next week, man." He flexed his right arm, steering with his left. "Twenty inches, man. Full twenty."

"Hey, Cory," Toby said, "it's cool that you're a muscle man. Everyone thinks so. It looks really, really cool. Jackie and Jace, too. I'm getting muscles, too, you guys."

"Yeah, you are, little dude," Jackie said. "Make a muscle."

Toby flexed, and his arm showed the development of a young athlete. His biceps had measured fourteen inches just the night before, far behind Jackie's sixteen and Jace's seventeen, but it seemed that the younger the guy, the faster his development, as Jackie was catching up to Jace and Toby catching up to them all, relatively judging their growth.

"Shit, kid. No one would ever guess you're not even fourteen yet. You look like some sixteen, seventeen year old jock already."

"Really? Cool." He looked at his flexed arm, then he reached down and held onto the hard mound at his crotch. "You guys . . . I feel like . . . you know . . . what Jace and Cory said."

"Hang on. Let's just get inside."

Cory sped into the garage, slammed on the brakes, and they were all out of the car before the garage door closed. As leader of the pack, Cory tried to maintain his cool, sauntering in, his fat cock and huge balls straining in their confines, and the others followed suit, enjoying being together, now, in private, on the edge of orgasm, completely boned in their clothes, together, bonded by their mutual experience, their shared feelings, the arousal of being so aroused openly, in front of each other, together.

"Okay, dudes. Check it out." Cory posed, struck a double bi with his hips thrust forward to emphasize the immensity of his meat. "Let's see it."

They all imitated Cory, hitting the same pose, each thrusting his package forward, feeling the size, the weight, the strain on the material of their pants.

"Total fuckin' studs," Cory said. "Look at all that meat. Okay, shirts."

He pulled his T-shirt over his head. So did each of the others.

"Fuck, Cory," Jace said, "just lookin' at you could make me blow. You're so hot looking. God. Not just all that muscle. Dude, that hair is totally fuckin' hot, all over you pecs and abs, that trail. God I love that. I hope I get more. Even Jackie has more than me already."

Jackie had sprouted hair very quickly and had a nice swirl on his chest and a good, thick trail. Jace had just a patch between his pecs.

Cory was peeling off his Levis.

"You're right. I'm not gonna be able to wear these any more."

The others pulled off their pants, too. They let Toby join in, and he aped the older guys like any little brother would, but this little brother was looking more like a hot young bodybuilder already. They all noticed and shared a look that acknowledged what they saw. Toby had, maybe in just the past day, maybe since they'd noticed, maybe just now, become one hot looking guy. When he stood up from taking off his pants, his cock standing up proudly, thick as his wrist, from a heavy, thick patch of pubic hair with a trail running up to his belly button, balls to make any man jealous, legs sprouting dark hair, thick hair sticking out from his armpits, he saw them all looking at him.

"What?" he said.

"Little dude," Cory said. "You're not a little dude any more."

"Can I jack off with you guys, then?"

"I don't know. Whatta you guys think?"

"Yeah, let's let him in," Jackie said, always sticking up for his little brother.

"Yeah, okay. Why not, man. He's got the meat, man." Jace was holding his big cock, now, ready to stroke.

"Okay, but only jacking off," Cory said.

"Fuck, bro," Jace blurted, "I'm gonna shoot. Come on, dudes." He stroked his cock with both hands, enjoying the feel of its size.

"Oh, oh yeah."

"Oh, man, this is so good."

"Aww, yeah."

"Here it comes."

"Oh, yeah, oh man."

They each blew their loads onto the tile floor, letting it fly, stream after stream, with enough moans and groans and shouts and grunts of ecstasy that no one could doubt, upon just hearing the sounds, what was occurring in that house.

When they finally finished, with laughs of release, and Cory had thrown a cou ple towels to Jace and Jackie to help him clean up, Toby, who was still completely hard, watching them, and feeling the pecs and abs that were defining themselves so beautifully on his body, said, "Hey, Cory?"

"Yeah, Tobe?"

"What do you mean, only jacking off? What else is there?"

Jackie and Jace, concentrating on the floor, held back the laughs that almost burst from them. Cory looked sternly at both of them, then paused and looked at Toby.

"Never mind, little dude. Never mind. Why don't you go shower and get cleaned up?"

"But we'll probably just do that again."

"That's okay, get cleaned up anyway. Jackie will be right in, too, and Jace and I are going to get cleaned up. Then we can watch some TV or something."

"Okay," he said, reluctant to leave. "Can we watch muscle guys?"

"Yeah," Cory laughed, "we can watch muscle guys."

"You know," Cory said, when Toby had left, "They're probably right. We probably really should think about just closing up the house for a while and going to stay at the campus out there. It's supposed to be amazing. Just guys finishing up the program. All in like dorms together. And they would put Toby into what they call the nursery, for guys like him, from like ten or twelve to whatever age they think it's okay for them to mix in."

"Are they starting guys that young? Ten?"

"I guess they want to get guys as they enter puberty. Anyway, that's not the point. We'll talk about it. I'm gonna shower."

Cory was in the bathroom, admiring the muscle god he saw in the mirror, flexing, feeling his body, amazed that the feeling that this was happening to him, that this was his huge, incredible cock, and balls, and pecs, and guns, and legs . . .

"What do you mean, only jacking off?" Jace's voice behind him teased, imitating Toby. "What else is there?"

"Fuck, Jace." Cory didn't even turn around. He just continued to stare at himself in the mirror, to flex, feeling the growing, thick, veined muscle, the soft coating swirl of hair, the length and thick heavy weight of his c ock, so hard that it defied gravity and its own weighty mass by standing almost straight up against his hard, furry belly. "This is so fucking hot, man. Look at me. Do you know what I found out? Do you know why they're making us like this, making our cocks so huge?"

"Do I know?" Jace was looking his brother up and down, his own fat ten inches at full, throbbing erection. You mean, do I care?"

He walked up to Cory and began to feel the hard, furry contours of his brother's chest.

"Because you can't get it in a woman, man." Cory continued to explain, and at the same time, watched his brother touching him, feeling his beautiful mass. "It's about population control, man. Way better than a vasectomy, huh. And you not only can't get your monster cock in a woman, it changes you so you don't even care or want to."

"No, you don't, do you?" Jace stepped closer, his hands more aggressive on his older brother's chest, gripping the muscle, rubbing hard against his nipples with the heels of his palms, pounding the hard muscle. "Fuck, man. I only want muscle, and cock, man. Huge muscle. Big, thick fuckin' cock." He ran his hands roughly down Cory's hard belly, brushing the gigantic organ as his did, causing Cory to suck in his breath as he sank his fingers into the dense bush of his pubes and down past the base of his cock. "And huge fuckin' balls, bro." He lifted his brother's balls.

"Yeah, and the other change" Cory continued to explain and watch his brother getting off on his transforming body, "is that only guys like us can take huge cocks like these. Did you know that, Jace? Like a snake's jaws, man. We can open wide at both ends to handle all this meat. Keeps it among the guys, gives them the outlet they need. God, you are fucking hot."

"Am I, bro? Am I that hot? No, man, I didn't know that. You want to show me, bro? I need a fuckin' outlet right now man. Do you need an outlet, Cory? I'm nothin' like you, man. Hardly any hair yet. Just startin' to look like a bodybuilder, man. But I feel hot, bro. I feel myself changin', man. Am I hot yet, dude?"

"Oh, fuck yeah, man. Look at yourself."

"Show, me, Cory. Show me how hot I am."

He ran his hands across Cory's chest again, feeling the hair that he would soon be growing on his own, the muscle that would just get thicker and hotter. And then Cory reached up and gripped Jace's head in his hands, stared hungrily into his eyes, and closed his mouth over his brother's hot, anxious lips. •

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