Brothers, The


By FanTCMan

"Where's Toby?" Cory asked Jackie, who was sitting at the table alone when he and Jace walked back into the room. He'd put down the book he'd been studying and was leafing through one of the many bodybuilding magazines that Cory had started buying and bringing home during the past week.

"He went to the bathroom." Jackie looked up like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. "You know, these guys are pretty cool."

"Listen," Cory said quietly, "while Toby's not here, I don't know how this stuff is going to affect him, but we should remember he's just a kid."

Too late, and not quiet enough.

"I'm not a baby, you know," Toby said, zipping his pants.

"No, you aren't," Cory answered, "but you are still a kid, and this stuff they're giving us is starting to do some strange stuff. I just don't want to do anything we shouldn't, you know?"

"We won't," Jace said, acutely aware that he was standing there in his briefs with a boner so hard it looked like a small log, that a spot of precum was s preading where the head of it was lodged just under the elastic, pushing up the low-rise waistband to a peak, like a white mountain pointing to his navel.

"Oh, like standing around with a huge boner is okay, I guess," Jackie teased.

"I think it's gonna have to be," Cory said, indicating that his Levis were strained at the crotch to the point of pulling the buttons apart like a too-small shirt on a fat man's belly. "In fact, let's have a little meeting. We're all in on this thing, whatever it is, and pretty soon, it looks like it's gonna be real obvious. I'm a week ahead of you guys, but already I'm changing so fast I can't believe it, and it's more and more right out there for the world to see. So, here's the deal, guys. We Callahans have always been like the musketeers, right? All for one, one for all?"

The others all nodded in agreement.

"So instead of acting like nothing is going on, we should just do this thing, right?"

"Right." Jackie jumped to answer, then added, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, did you guys notice that Jace just blew a load in his pants just now?"

Toby giggled. Jackie shifted in his seat, like he was suddenly trying to hold back the same thing.

"Well, if this stuff is going to be making us do that, and making us get all turned on to getting real muscular, which it does seem to be doing," he nodded at the magazine still in Jackie's hands, "then I don't know why we should hide it. It's happening anyway, so we might as well go with it--like we have a choice--but I mean we might as well enjoy it, you know?"

Toby just stood and listened, but he also started to get a boner.

"Okay, cool," Jackie said, "but what do you mean?"

"Well, for one thing, Jace was just asking about how big my dick has grown, and I told him this morning it was already eleven inches long and almost eight around. It was only not quite seven when I started this. So we were going to measure it, and measure his, just to see. I mean, every guy knows how big his bone is. Right?"

"Yeah," Jace said. I'm just six and a half. How about you, Jackie?"

"Six. But I'm still growing."

Cory laughed. "I'll say. So, anybody mind if I get naked? I'm getting to where I hate wearing clothes. I hate not being able to look at my muscles and all. You guys, too. I think we should just start hangin' naked. Let's be able to see ourselves, man."

And with that, Cory undid his Levis. Before, he could have just let them fall, but how he had to bend over and pull them down over the thick muscle of his thighs. His briefs came down with the jeans, and he stepped out of them and pulled the wifebeater over his head. His cock snapped to attention, pointing almost straight up from the dark heavy bush that spread over his groin. He struck a double biceps pose.

"Check it out, guys. I'm starting to almost look like the guys in those magazines."

"Shit, Cory. You are getting huge, dude." Jackie was excited. He put the magazine down and pushed the chair back, leaning back so the tented crotch of his jeans was visible to all of them. "That looks so cool. I totally want to get muscles, man."

"I think that's the program, bro. Jace, get the tape. Let's see how big, man."

Jace went to a drawer and got their tape measure and brought it over to hand it to Cory.

"No, man," Cory said, "You do it."

"Really? You want me to?"

"What, are you afraid to touch my cock, bro? We're brothers."

"No, I'm not afraid, it's just . . ."

"What? afraid you'll be queer? Come on, man, who cares? It's that stuff, makes you want to look at other guys, touch other guys, I know, man."

"I know, too, Cory," Jackie stood up, now, his jeans sticking out sharply where his erection had slid to the center and was pushing for escape. "I've been feeling like that all week, in P E and everywhere, but I don't even care. I think it's cool. I think being a gay muscle guy with other gay muscle guys would be the bomb, man. I'll do it."

"I had a feeling about you, little bro. But I want Jace to do it. Go ahead, though, man. Get naked. Let's see that jock bod before it's a total muscle bod. Jace?"

"Okay, man."

"Wait," Jackie said as he dropped the last of his clothes on the floor. "You get naked too, Jace."

And like the kid he was, Jackie tugged at Jace's briefs, pulling down the elastic enough to make his stiff cock spring free and slap his belly, leaving a string of precum hanging between his abdomen and the head of his cock like the first thread of a spider's silk.

"Bro, you are getting bigger, too, man, already. Come on, let's see."

So they measured. Jace measured Cory, hesitant at first until he actually had Cory's meat in his hands to steady it. Cory's was eleven and a half and a full eight around, and Cory grinned at gaining half an inch since morning. Jace let Cory measure his, and he was already seven and three-quarters, and Jackie measured his own at seven and a half. They were all so proud, and proud to be standing around, the bros, naked, and hard. So proud of themselves that they had paid no attention to Toby. Each of them was proud to let the little guy see them, but hesitant to pull him into it. He was just a thirteen year old kid. But when they looked, he had taken off his clothes, too, and was standing with his little cock in his hand.

"Isn't anyone going to measure me?" he said.

They all looked at each other, waiting for the right answer to come from somewhere. Finally it was Cory who stepped up.

"Sure, little dude. So," he winked at the other two older brothers, "do you know how big yours is when you have a boner?"

"Yeah. It's almost five inches," he said proudly.

"Well, let's see now," Cory got down on one knee, and, handling it the way a doctor would, he ran the tape along its side. It was very, very stiff, he noticed. "Nope. It's almost five and a half, little dude. What you think about that? You're gonna catch up with Jackie, little dude."

"Wow," Toby said. His grin was the width of his face.

"You know what else? I think you already got a little more hair there. Yeah, definitely. You guys see that?"

They both said they did, and, in fact, Toby did have a darker wreath at the base of his penis.

Cory lifted one of Toby's arms. "See, there, too. You're growing up fast, now, little dude."

"Cool." Toby was almost giddy at the thought and the attention to it.

"Tell you what, guys," Cory went back to the others. "You know what's really cool? This stuff makes me so horned up I can make myself cum by just thinking about it, about getting big and all, getting just all totally sexual." He stopped. "I probably shouldn't talk about that right now. Toby, why don't you go watch some TV?"

"Aww, come on, Cory. I know about sex and stuff. I know about feeling horny, too, like when you feel like you gotta rub your dick and make that stuff come out or it'll just come out anyway."

The three brothers laughed so hard they didn't realize, for a minute, how much they had embarrassed Toby by laughing, but he laughed along with them, anyway.

"That's right, little dude. But why don't you go watch some TV anyway? You can hang with us when you get just a little more grown up, okay?"

"Okay," he said, disappointed, and went into the den.

"He might be more grown up pretty fast," Jackie said. Being the next youngest, Jackie usually took up Toby's causes in family matters.

"Probably right," Cory said. "Anyway, you guys feeling as horned as I am?"

"Man, I'm so horned I'm gonna blow," Jackie said. "At least Jace just got off."

"Doesn't matter," Jace said, "I'm still just as horny. It's like this stuff makes you totally horned up all the time, even if you did just cum."

"Dude," Cory said, looking at his own stiff cock, using his groin muscles to make it bounce and slap against his belly, "you have no idea. Okay, what is really hot? What makes you so turned on you can hardly stand it? Jace, you first."

"Thinking about getting a huge dick. Big fuckin' balls."

"Yeah, fuck. What about you, Jackie?"

"Oh, man. I told you. Getting big muscles. I so want big muscles."

"Yeah. Make you hot, man? Big muscles?"


"Big, huge, thick fuckin' muscles, man. Me too," Jace said, flexing an arm.

"Yeah. Fuck. Just talk about it, both of you. But don't touch your dicks. You can touch your bodies or anything, flex, show off your muscle, but don't touch your dick."

The three of them stood facing each other in a small circle in the kitchen as they continued, and they began feeling their chests, their abs, flexing, at first a little hesitant and shy, but the turn-on of it all slowly took over as they talked out loud.

"Yeah. Getting big, man."

"Fuckin' huge dicks, man. Horse cock. Big fuckin' balls."

"Huge muscle, man, bodybuilders. Big like the pros, man, huge."

"Bigger, dudes."

"Yeah, fuckin' so hot man. Aww. Gonna cum."

"Yeah, oh God, here it comes."

"Aww, yeah. Oh fuck, yeah."

And as they started to shoot, all three at the same time, Cory reached his arms around the shoulders of his brothers, and they reached around his, and each other, and as they shot their cream, spraying it everywhere as their coc ks jerked and recoiled with every spurt, they pulled together into a tight circle, shoulders to armpits, their heads together looking down into the center of the circle as they sprayed each other with their thick warm cum for over a full minute, until it finally played out.




They grabbed dishtowels to wipe up their mess, even though their cocks were still at ninety per cent full erection. While they finished cleaning up, Cory went to the door of the den and peeked in quietly. With a large smile, he turned and motioned for his brothers to come quietly and look.

In the den, Toby had put on a muscle model tape, and he was lying on the floor, propped against the sofa, jacking his own little dick for all he was worth. •

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