Master and Slaves


By johnd7102000

Well, the yeas seem to outnumber the noes. So here's Part 3. Your comments are appreciated.

Paul could hardly take his eyes away from the writhing, muscular bodies of the 9 year old wrestlers, but he looked across the yard and saw the 12 year olds starting to lift weights. He couldn't resist going over to watch. You see, the 12 year olds were Paul's favorite slave boy age group. They had all just gone through puberty. Their shoulders had broadened considerably during this transition. Big, broad shoulders capped with thick, striated muscle. Thick, muscular necks and traps. Yet their hips remained narrow and athletic. So they all had tremendous "V" shaped torsos, with incredibly big, slab- like lats tapering down to their narrow hips and shredded, washboard waists. Their pecs were big, round and bulging with striated muscle. Their arms hung at their sides like huge hams with writhing, vein-capped forearms. Every time they moved, the fibers of their big arms twitched and flexed. Their quads and calves were huge Their strong musclebutts protruded out proudly, the firm muscle dimpled and flexing with their every step. They now looked like very muscular young men rather than very muscular boys. It was hard to believe, but these boys looked even more buffed than the muscular 9 year olds Paul had just been watching. They were totally shredded. Yet they were also big. Really big. They had all gone through a pubescent growth spurt and had put on about 30 pounds of solid muscle in the last year. They weighed between 175 and 185 pounds, all solid muscle. One boy weighed 190. A 12-year old who weighed 190 pounds of solid muscle. Paul quivered as he looked at those huge young bodies. Those boys were now between 5' 10" and 6 feet tall. So they were now up to 4 inches taller and 60 pounds heavier than Paul. And they were only 12 years old. Their cocks had grown enormously during puberty and were now hanging proudly in a patch of new pubic hair. Just a little hair was starting to grow under their arms. Otherwise, their bodies were totally hairless. Their voices had changed. Now they sounded like men as they talked and laughed in a boisterous, jock-like way.

Paul walked up to the group. Two of the biggest boys immediately came up to him. "Welcome to the stud zone, Master Paul," said the biggest of the boys. "We saw you watchin' those little 9 year olds. Shit, they ain't nothin'. We're the studs around here. And I'm the biggest stud of 'em all." As the boy said that, he flexed his right arm right in Paul's face. Paul could smell the sweat emanating from the big slave boy's armpit, which was right at his nose level. That sweat smelled good to Paul. It smelled like real jock boy sweat. The smell of sweat made by muscular jocks as they pushed their big muscles to the limit. The boy's black skin was glistening with sweat. "Feel that muscle, Master Paul" said the big slave boy as he watched his bicep bulge. "That's 17 inches of rock. Seventeen inches of super-strong muscle that's stronger than steel. Fuck, I'm 190 pounds of solid muscle and I'm as strong as a bull."

Paul reached up and felt the big boy's flexed upper arm. He had to use both of his hands because of the hugeness of the kid's bulging bicep and tricep muscles. The bicep was the size of a softball, striated with muscle fibers and covered with several huge veins surging with muscle-building blood. The tricep formed a huge mass of solid muscle on the bottom of the boy's flexed arm, curving like a muscular football of hard muscle. Paul squeezed as hard as he could on both the bicep and the tricep. Both muscles were like rocks. He couldn't make the slightest dent. He rubbed his fingers over the hard, sweaty, black skin of the huge muscle boy. The skin was so thin that he could feel the individual fibers of muscle flexing underneath. They felt like steel cords. Hard, steel cords that had contracted into a ball of rock. "Wow," said Paul. "Your arm is incredible. It's huge and it's really hard." The boy smiled with supreme arrogance. "Yeah, I know. It's really big and it's really hard and it's really strong. I got 17 inches there. There ain't never been a 12-year old slave boy with a 17 inch arm before. The biggest arm before was barely 16-1/2 inches. My arm is way bigger than that. I'm the biggest, strongest 12-year old slave boy that ever lived. I know I'm gonna be the Alpha slave in my group," the boy said confidently. "There ain't none of these big studs that's bigger or stronger than me," he said as he waved his hand toward the big, buffed bodies of the other 12-year old boy slaves. They were all huge and incredibly muscular for their age. But John was the biggest and most muscular of all. And he knew it. " My name's John and I'm gonna rule these big studs for a whole year. They're gonna be takin' orders from me, the biggest, baddest 12-year old stud of all." The boy laughed and then punched his friend Nate standing next to him real hard on the boy's big, hard pec. Nate didn't even flinch, although that punch would have knocked Paul to the ground. This was the way these muscle boys communicated with each other. With pure physical aggression. Nate immediately punched John even harder in his huge, striated pec. . John just laughed. That pec was so thick and hard the punch felt like nothing to him. After the punches, the two boys flexed their muscles at each other, the way young buck male animals show off to intimidate their rivals. These were two young muscle bucks in their prime.

The boys then turned to Paul, stood in front of him and looked at him with kind of a superior look in their eyes. Even though he was the master and they were just slave boys, they knew they were superior to him. They were big, muscular studs and he was a little wimp. And they could sense that Paul was very interested in their big bodies. They were very proud of their bodies. They knew they were studs. They were both the same height at about six feet tall, four inches taller than Paul. At 190 pounds, John was 60 pounds heavier than Paul. His friend was only five pounds lighter at 185. They looked almost like twins. Huge muscular twin black boys standing so close to Paul that he could feel the heat coming off their rippling, shredded bodies. "Feel our muscles, Master Paul," said John. "Feel how big and hard they are." Paul placed his hands on the pecs of the boys, one hand on the mirror image pec of each "twin." The boys moved in close to Paul, so their bodies were almost touching him. He rubbed his hands over the mountainous pec muscles of the slave boys, marveling at their size and hardness. Their black nipples were standing out at erect attention, actually pointing at a 45 degree angle down since there was so much muscle in their pecs. Then he moved his hands over to their arms, hanging like big hams at the sides of their bodies. He felt their biceps, their triceps and their bulging forearms as they flexed each muscle for their master as his fingers touched it. They moved closer and closer to Paul, now touching his little wimpy body with their big torsos.

Paul moved his hands up to their shoulders, feeling the thick, hard delt muscle that capped their extremely wide shoulders. Their shoulders were a foot wider than Paul's bony little shoulders. Each of the boys had more muscle in one of his shoulders than Paul had on his whole upper body. He could feel the individual fibers of muscle twitching under the thin, black, sweaty skin of the slave boys as they moved their arms ever so slightly, causing their delts to respond to every movement with a rock hard precision flex. Even relaxed, the muscles were always flexing and twitching, ready to explode with power at their young masters' command. Paul moved his fingers over to their trap muscles, which bulged out from their thick, muscular necks. He squeezed the thick muscle and it felt like rock.

Next he moved his hands down to the outside lat muscle of each of the boys, pushing in as hard as he could, pushing the boys into each other, but not making the slightest dent in those big slabs of muscle. The boys flexed their lats and the V shape that formed from their 46 inch (47 inches for John) chests down to their 27 inch waists was incredible. Paul squeezed those huge wings of black muscle, but it was like squeezing warm, sweaty rock. Warm, sweaty black rock. He couldn't make a dent in those huge slabs. The bodies of these two muscular 12-year old black boys were now pressed up against Paul's little wimpy body. Paul moved his hands down from their lats and onto their firm, round muscle butts. He rubbed his hands over the hard muscle, marveling at how round and ripped it was. The boys flexed their glutes and Paul could feel the dimples on the sides of their asses and the hard fibers of striated muscle rippling under their thin skin. Then the boys relaxed again and Paul moved his fingers up to their assholes, all the while feeling the firmness of those solid, round musclebutts. He jammed his middle and index fingers into their assholes, but these boys had never allowed anything into their muscleboy assholes. They were the fuckers, not the fuckees. At the very moment Paul forced his fingers into their assholes, the black muscleboys flexed their glutes with incredible intensity, crushing his little fingers like grapes. Paul winced at the pain as the hard, rock-like muscle of those musclebutts closed in on his fingers like steel vises. He tried to pull his fingers out, but the vise grip was so hard that he couldn't do it. Finally, the two boys relaxed their iron grips and he pulled his aching fingers free. He continued his worshipful exploration of those solid butts as the boys flexed and unflexed their incredibly big and hard muscles, in a very real way silently bragging about how big and strong they were compared to him.

Then Paul moved his hands to the front of the boy's bodies, which were pressing against his own little body, and he started rubbing his fingers over their shredded washboards of abdominal muscles. Each of the slave boys had fantastic 8-packs, starting right under their bulging pecs and ending just above their crotch. Paul let his hands roam freely over the crevices and bulges of those shredded abs. Their black skin was like cellophane, so thin that it just flowed over the muscle as he pushed it with his fingers. These boys had so little bodyfat on their bodies that it was not measurable. They were all muscle, bone and paper-thin skin. Their obliques slashed from their narrow hips down to their crotches. Paul ran his fingers over these very sexy muscles, muscles that were developed from years of hard athletics and of course incredible genetics.

John and Nate pushed their bodies into Paul, getting as close as they could get without knocking the little wimp over. "Feel our cocks," said John with a very commanding tone to his voice. Paul lowered his hands and very tentatively touched the cocks of the two slave boys. To his surprise, those cocks were already erect and hard. The boys had been aroused from all of Paul's fondling of their muscles. And those cocks were huge. They were each over 9 inches long and very, very thick. They were standing at full erection, pointed almost straight up, almost pressed against Paul's little body. "Feel em!" ordered John. Paul wrapped his little fingers around the thick, hard shafts and let out a loud sigh. "Fuckin' big and hard, ain't they," yelled John. "Yeah," said Paul, almost overcome by the experience of feeling the boys' big muscles and hard cocks pressing in so close to his body.

Suddenly, John grabbed Paul by the shoulders and pulled him into his muscular chest. At the same time, Nate moved behind Paul and pushed his big body against Paul's back. John ripped Paul's shirt out of his pants and jammed his huge 9 inch cock up between the shirt and Paul's body. The big cock rubbed against the top of the wimp's flabby waist and the bottom of his chicken chest. Nate jammed his own huge cock under Paul's shirt in back, rubbing the hard weapon against the top of his flabby ass and his weak lower back.

Then the two muscleboys wrapped their muscular arms around each other's big chest and pulled. Paul was immediately crushed between the rock hard torsos of the two huge 12 year old slave boys as they grabbed each other's body and pulled. As they pulled with their incredibly muscular arms, their lats flared out from the sides of their backs. They looked like two giant cobras, totally enveloping Paul's little torso with the thick, wide muscle of their own huge torsos. However, their waists and hips were smaller and narrower than Paul's. So their huge upper bodies completely covered Paul's little upper body but Paul's flabby waist and hips stuck out at the sides from the incredibly shredded waists and narrow, athletic hips of the two muscle boys. Total muscle perfection crushing the life out of total wimpy imperfection.

As they crushed the little wimp, the two black slave boys started rubbing their hard pecs against his chest, John from the front and Nate from the back. Paul could feel the huge mounds of hard pec muscle forcing themselves into his weak, squishy flesh. Paul's little 130 pound body was being crushed between 375 pounds of solid muscle. "Geez you feel soft and weak," said John. "You're like a little piece of lettuce being crushed by two big black pieces of muscle bread-a muscle sandwich!" John laughed a deep laugh at the thought of the two pieces of musclestud black bread crushing with ease the squishy lettuce of the white man master. The force of Nate's big body hitting the back of his head smashed his face between the two bulging pecs of John's chest. His cheeks rubbed against the sweaty black skin that covered those big, round, striated, rock hard muscles. His nose was pressed firmly against John's chest, with the huge, bulging pecs crushing in on both sides. As he breathed, he could smell the sweat pouring off John's skin as his big muscles flexed and worked underneath. John could feel Paul's soft cheeks in between his pecs. He flexed his pecs, literally crushing Paul's cheeks between the two mounds of solid muscle Then he pulled harder on his arms, immediately forcing all the air out of Paul's collapsing lungs. He rubbed his hard, flexed pecs against Paul's smothered face. "Yo, this lettuce is getting flat," he laughed. Nate laughed in return as he heard Paul gasping for air. Then he pulled in on his own muscular arms, The combined power of the two boys' arms was almost breaking Paul's ribs.

The two muscleboys held Paul in this position and started thrusting their cocks up and down against his body. Their cocks were much harder than Paul's body, so those big weapons literally dug into his flesh. Paul could feel every thrust as the two studs forced their big cocks up and down against his warm, squishy flesh. Paul's own cock was as hard as a rock, but it was all bound up in his underwear and crushed against John's rock-hard body. It was nothing compared to John's rock-like muscles. The two 12-year old studs started breathing harder as their thrusts became stronger and faster. Sweat was dripping off their black bodies. Their muscles tightened even more as they pulled on each other's muscular bodies and thrust their narrow, athletic hips up and down, forcing their cocks into Paul's squishy flesh. As they thrust their cocks into Paul's body, they also forced their huge, round, rock-hard pecs into his body. Paul was completely overwhelmed by this display of muscle superiority and domination. Finally John let out a loud roar, and less than a second later Nate did the same, and Paul could feel gobs and gobs of warm cum being splattered on his chest and his back by the pulsating young cocks of the two musclestud boys. The boys continued thrusting their cocks up and down and gushing spurt after spurt after spurt of cum for over a minute. Finally they relaxed and loosened their iron grip on each other. They gently rubbed their cocks in the warm, slippery fluid they had produced, still rock hard and still ejaculating a few more spurts of genetically superior muscleboy jism on Paul's body. Paul was almost delirious. He was totally overwhelmed. In his mind, he had just had 1,000 fantastic orgasms. But his body was so totally crushed by the hard muscles of the two boys, so he had actually had none. But as the boys relaxed their muscles and let him breathe, Paul smiled as he thought about the 1,000 orgasms he had just had.

Suddenly his bliss was broken by the yell of one of the other slave boys. "Hey John. Time to stop playing with Master Paul. Get your big black ass over here and start liftin' some iron. It's your turn to show what you got." John turned and looked at the slave boys who were standing next to the weights. He and Nate both let go of Paul, who collapsed on the ground. They strutted over to the weights. Their cocks were still hard and cum was still oozing out of their piss holes. Their cocks wagged back and forth as they walked, in effect advertising that they had just had an incredible orgasm. John smiled confidently as he walked up to the weights.

Paul sat on the ground for a few moments trying to recover from the incredible experience he had just had. He reached under his shirt and rubbed his hand over the huge quantity of cum that John had just ejaculated out of his big, hard cock. It seemed like there was a half cup of the thick, white liquid all over Paul's chest.. Paul scooped it up in his hand and stared at the amazing quantity of jism the 12 year old black boy had deposited He thought about the millions of John's genetically superior sperm that were swimming around in that jism, itching to impregnate the egg of another genetically superior black slave and produce an even bigger and stronger black child. Paul brought his hand up to his face and smelled the pure, clean smell of the white liquid Then he placed his hand back under his shirt and wiped the cum all over his body. There was an equal amount of cum on his back, spurted out by Nate's huge, thick cock. Paul couldn't do anything about that, so he just stood up. The whole front and back of his shirt were wet with muscleboy cum.

Paul walked over and watched as John started lifting the weights. John was the last 12 year old slave boy to lift. He was the biggest and the strongest so he got to go last. He had been the Alpha boy slave in his age group since he was 8 years old. He always went last. And he always won. The boys did squats, bench presses, military presses and curls. John's body was pumped and dripping with sweat from his "playing" with Nate and Paul. He flexed his muscles at the other boys, just to show them how big and strong he was. "I don't need any warmup," he said confidently as he flexed. The first lift was the squat. He flexed his massive legs as he approached the squat rack, his big cock swinging in his crotch. The bar was already loaded with the heaviest weight the last boy could lift. "This weight is my warmup," he said. He put his shoulders under the bar and lifted it off the rack. Then he lowered his big body all the way down. He smiled, knowing this was going to be easy for him. Then he willed his big muscles to push himself up. His quads bulged in his thighs as they applied incredible power to John's strong bones. His neck was thick and bulging out at the sides. In a flash, his thick strong legs forced the weight up until he was standing straight and tall. Then he did it again for two more reps! This was the heaviest weight any of the other boys could lift and John did three reps with it. He crashed the huge weight on the rack and flexed his massive quads for all to see. They were shredded with fibers. Veins were crisscrossing everywhere. "Yeah!" he yelled. "More weight!" he ordered. "Gimme 20 more pounds than the record!" The loaders added 40 pounds of weight to the bar, making it 20 pounds heavier than any weight ever squatted by a 12 year old slave boy at the plantation. That bar now weighed 410 pounds. John put his bulging neck and huge shoulders under the bar and lifted it off the rack. Then he lowered his body all the way down. All the slave boys had their eyes fixed on John's legs. Paul's cock was stiff as a pipe under his tight pants. Then John let out a loud grunt. The muscles in his legs exploded. His neck and traps bulged. Veins popped out all over his black body. Slowly his legs started to straighten. The huge masses of muscle in his thighs were ripped and shredded and bulging to the max. Without any hesitation, his muscular legs lifted the heavy weight back up until those legs were completely straight and his knees locked. His quads were so big and shredded it was unbelievable. Sweat was dripping off his thin black skin and the fibers of muscle were pulsating, covered with veins. He crashed the weight onto the rack and then flexed his legs again in triumph.

"Feel these mothers, Master Paul," he said as he saw Paul staring at the shredded muscle with his jaw open. "Feel how big and hard they are." Paul came over and ran his hands over those huge, shredded thighs. "I'm the strongest 12 year old boy slave there ever was," bragged John. "Those are the strongest legs there have ever been on a 12 year old boy slave. I'm a total stud!" As he said that, he flexed his legs again and reached down and grabbed his cock which was already getting hard. Paul felt the enormous power in John's huge, shredded, tree trunk legs and looked at that big, thick cock and nodded his head in total agreement. Then he bent down and placed his hands on John's bulging calf muscles. The muscles formed two heads of solid rock, striated with fibers and covered with veins. John's big calves had helped push up that huge 410 pounds of iron and they were pumped and shredded. Paul ran his fingers over the bulging muscle, marveling at its size and hardness. Suddenly, as Paul was still bending over to feel his calves, John relaxed his legs, spread them apart, and quickly moved forward, enveloping Paul's head between his two huge thighs. The muscle felt solid and warm, actually hot, to Paul as it completely covered his head. The muscle was hot and pumped and surging with blood from pushing up the heavy weight. Even relaxed, the thick muscle felt firm and hard. Paul felt strangely secure as he felt his head being gently crushed by the warm, thick muscle of John's huge thighs. The sweat poured out of John's black skin, covering Paul's head and face. Paul could barely breathe as his face was enveloped by the thick muscle, but he could smell the sweat pouring off John's pumped body, the sweat that is made by a musclejock when he's working out his muscles. "How's that feel, Master Paul?" said John. "How's it feel to have your head between the two strongest legs of any 12 year old there ever was?" Paul could hardly talk, but he sputtered out "It feels good." John smiled. "Does that muscle feel hard on your little white face?" he said. "Does it feel thick and hard and strong?" Paul felt the warm muscle pressing against his cheeks. He could actually feel the hard fibers underneath John's thin skin. "Yes," he said. "It feels really thick and hard and strong." John smiled. "Oh yeah?" he said. "Well feel this!" At that, he flexed his thighs. The giant slabs of muscle instantly sprang to attention with cuts and striations everywhere. Paul couldn't believe it. The firm, warm muscle that had been gently pressing against his cheeks suddenly turned into solid steel. That steel was now pressing against his head like a vise. Slowly, John started moving his legs together. At his command, the huge muscles of his thick thighs forced themselves towards each other. The strong muscles started applying an incredible force against Paul's head as they obeyed the orders of their young commander to move together and crush anything in their way. Paul started hearing ringing in his ears as the incredible force of John's muscles closed in on his head like a steel vise. His head started hurting as the crushing became stronger and stronger. "That's what really hard and really strong muscle feels like," said John. "Your little white head ain't no match for my big, hard, strong leg muscles. My big black legs could crush your little white head like a grape if I ordered them to do it. They like to crush things. They like to show off how strong they are. They crushed the ribs of a big goat and it wasn't even hard for them. I jumped on the goat, wrapped my legs around his chest and squeezed. Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap! The bones of that goat were no match for these huge black monsters. They just blasted through his ribs. It was funny listening to the bleating cries of the goat as my big legs crushed the life out of him.. They smashed his chest into nothing in just a few seconds. That felt really cool. These legs like being strong and crushing things. They've been bred to be strong and they're the strongest." Paul was gasping as he listened to the Alpha 12 year old muscle boy slave brag about the strength of his big, muscular legs. The force of their crushing was unbearable. "Yeah, you are the strongest, you are the best," he gurgled, almost passed out. John smiled with an arrogant, superior smile. He relaxed his legs and Paul fell to the ground. John placed one leg on Paul's back and then flexed his 17 inch biceps in front of all his 12 year old buddies, who were staring in amazement. His big, thick cock was standing up at full erection. "Yeah, I'm the strongest. I'm the best," he yelled as he flexed his huge muscles in triumph. •

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