Master and Slaves


By johnd7102000

After a few more moments of this display of muscle superiority and domination, John strutted over to the bench press. Paul managed to get to his feet at follow the young muscle stud. His head was pounding from the crushing it had just received. The bench was loaded with the maximum weight any 12 year old slave boy had done so far, 325 pounds. John swaggered up to the bench and got under the bar He lifted the bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest. Paul watched the big muscles of the boy slave's pecs, delts and arms bulge as he lowered the heavy weight until it touched his chest. Then those muscles exploded as he willed his muscles to push the bar back up. His pecs bulged with shredded striations of rock hard muscle as they pushed the heavy weight up. The bar went up easily. That weight was no match for the power of John's young muscles. When he locked his elbows at the top, he looked over at Paul and said "Piece of cake." Then he took a deep breath and lowered the heavy bar back down for another rep. Paul marveled at how his big, muscular 47 inch chest tapered down to a shredded, rippling 27 inch waist. A 20 inch difference between chest and waist. Incredible. His trim waist didn't even touch the bench. It wasn't even close. It was raised about four inches off the bench by the size of his huge chest and the bulging muscles in his firm, round ass. His waist looked like the tiny waist of a wasp, connecting with 27 inches of solid muscle his huge torso and his muscular butt and legs. His big, thick cock was erect and sitting proudly on his shredded abs. His oblique muscles slashed from his hips to his crotch. His feet were planted firmly on the ground. His muscular butt was lifting his waist high off the bench. Paul just couldn't believe how much muscle John had in his chest and butt to lift his tiny waist up so high as he pumped out the heavy bench presses.

John pressed the bar up again, almost as easily as the first time. Then he lowered the bar and pressed it up again. This was a warm up weight for John. His 12 year old muscles were blasting the shit out of that 325 pound weight. By now, every muscle in his chest, his shoulders and his arms was incredibly pumped and shredded. Sweat was dripping off his paper-thin black skin. Every time he pushed up the bar, the striations of muscle in his pecs flexed like steel cords under that thin skin. Paul's cock was as hard as a pipe as he watched John's huge muscles pump the heavy weight. John pumped out a total of 5 reps with the 325 pounds. When he was finished, he jumped off the bench and hit a most muscular pose in front of the other 12 year old slave boys. "That's a fuckin' pussy weight," he yelled. "My muscles pushed around that weight like it was nothin'. I'm so much stronger than you guys it ain't even close. I'm gonna rule you guys." He raised his arms his arms and flexed his biceps in an arrogant display of superiority. The other slave boys just stared at his muscles. Each one of them was an incredible muscular specimen himself, but they could see that John was the most superior of all the muscular specimens. He was the Alpha slave boy. "Put on another 30 pounds," he ordered. "That's 10 pounds more than the record. I'm gonna set another record. I'm the strongest and the best."

The boys loaded 15 more pounds on each side of the bar. John put his big body on the bench under the bar and wrapped his thick fingers around the steel. He lifted the bar off the rack and slowly lowered it to he chest. Then he let out a loud, animalistic grunt. The his pec muscles exploded. His arms looked like they were flexing with steel cables. He the fibers in his delts bulged with power. Slowly the bar lifted off his chest. It went up at a steady, powerful speed. :John's young 12 year old muscles were in total control of the 355 pounds of solid iron. He crashed the bar onto the rack and jumped off the bench. "Stud!" he yelled as he moved his arms back and forth, flexing his giant pecs. He walked over to Paul and stood right in front of the skinny little 16 year old. He grabbed the back of Paul's head and rubbed his face all over his bulging, hot, sweaty pecs as he flexed them. "Feel that hard muscle, Master Paul. Feel how big and hard it is. Think about how strong it is. It just benched 355 pounds. How much can you bench, Master Paul? Thirty pounds? Forty pounds? Shit, I'm 10 times stronger than you and I'm only 12 years old. Feel the power of a real stud, Master Paul. Feel the power of a musclestud." Paul was overwhelmed by the feeling of John's massive, hard pecs rubbing against his dainty cheeks. John's nipples were fully erect and jutting out proudly. When John rubbed Paul's face over those nipples, the hard nubs actually pushed deep into his cheeks. One time a hard nipple was pressed into his mouth and for an instant Paul was able to suck on the big, erect thing. John rubbed Paul's face up and down and back and forth over his pecs, letting him totally take in the enormity and hardness of the bulging, striated muscle Then John forced Paul's face in between the two melon shaped mounds of pure muscle. His pecs bulged out at least three inches from his chest, so there was a tremendous crevice between them into which Paul's nose was forced. Paul could feel and smell the sweat pouring out of the stud's black skin. That sweat smelled good. He stuck out his tongue and tasted the pure, salty liquid It tasted good. All of Paul's sensations were totally aroused by John's hot body. "Feel my muscles crush your face," said John, as he flexed his pecs, crushing Paul's cheeks between them. John laughed. "That feels really cool. My big black pecs crushing your little white face." He kept pressing in on the back of Paul's head as he applied more and more crushing force. Paul moved his hands up and down over John's body, feeling his bulging lats, his shredded abs and his round muscle butt as the big black boy overpowered him with his incredible strength. If Paul's little cock had not been wrapped so tightly in his underwear he would have cum right then and there. Finally John let go of the back of Paul's head. Paul didn't pull away, however. He kept his head buried for a moment between the two warm globes of black muscle, reveling in their warmth and hardness. Then he slowly moved his face away from John's chest and moved his hands up to feel the solid mounds of muscle that had just crushed his face. John flexed each pec separately, back and forth, showing off his muscle control and showing how the firm unflexed muscle turned into solid rock at his command. John liked showing off his muscles.

Finally, John turned around and headed for a barbell sitting on the ground. "Time for the military press," he said, as Paul followed behind like a little puppy. The bar was loaded to 240 pounds, the maximum weight any of the other 12-year old boy slaves could press. John swaggered up to the heavy barbell with supreme confidence. "Stand behind me, Master Paul," he ordered. Paul did as told. John bended his knees, lowered his upper body and picked up the heavy bar. Then in one fluid motion he muscled the bar up to his shoulders. "OK, put your hands on my shoulders, Master Paul. Feel those big muscles work." John's shoulders were very wide, about a foot wider than Paul's, and they were capped with thick, striated muscle,. That muscle was twitching and flexing and bulging as John held the heavy bar at his shoulders. Paul put his hands on those huge mounds of muscle, rubbing his fingers over the thick striations of individual fibers that were pulsating under John's thin black skin. Then John willed those muscles to lift the heavy bar. Without hesitation the young muscles obeyed the command of their 12 year old master. They exploded, bulging out from his broad shoulders with even more size and hardness as they pushed up the heavy weight. Paul couldn't believe how much muscle John had in his shoulders and how hard and strong that muscle was. When John locked his elbows at the top, he said "How's that feel, Master Paul?" Paul was so overcome he could hardly talk. "The muscles feel really big and really hard," he said. "Yeah, they're really big and really hard," bragged John as he lowered the weight back down. "And they're really strong. This weight ain't shit to those big muscles. They laugh at this weight." At that, John powered his arms up and down with ease, pumping out a total of six reps. All the while Paul was feeling John's huge delts as they got even bigger and harder and engorged with blood as they powered the heavy bar like a toy. After the sixth rep, John let the weight crash to the ground. He turned around and faced Paul. His shoulders and arms were so bulging and shredded it was unbelievable.

Paul grabbed his shoulders again and squeezed the thick, hard muscle. "I got lots of muscle on my shoulders," said John, looking over at the thick, striated, throbbing fibers. Then he reached up and put his big hand on one of Paul's bony little shoulders. "Geez, you ain't got any muscle in your shoulders, Master Paul. It's all bone. No muscle there at all. You ever gonna get some muscle on your shoulders like me?" Paul looked at John's huge shoulders and then looked at his skinny little bony shoulders. "I don't think so," he said sheepishly. John smiled. "Of course you won't, Master Paul. I've been bred to get big, muscular shoulders. I've been bred to get incredibly big and strong. And I'm the biggest and strongest there is. I'm a stud! You ain't been bred to be nothin'. You're just gonna be a little white boy weakling the rest of your life. And I'm gonna be the biggest, strongest most muscular black stud that ever lived." John looked Paul in the eye with arrogant confidence as he said that. Paul kind of gulped, taking in the truth of John's boasts. John had more muscle in one of his 12 year old shoulders than Paul would ever have in his whole body. John was a purebred musclestud and Paul was a wimp. That's just the way it was. And the musclestuds always dominate the wimps. That's just the way it is.

"Put on another 30 pounds," John yelled at the other slave boys. "I'm gonna break another record. These shoulder muscles wanna kick some ass. Some big iron-weight ass. Your asses are next." The boys followed the orders of their leader, loading 30 more pounds onto the bar. That was more than 10 percent more weight than the strongest other 12 year old slave boys could lift. It was 15 pounds more than the record. John knew his big shoulders could handle it. He brimmed over with confidence. He picked up the 270 pounds of solid iron and muscled it up to his shoulders. He looked across the faces of the other 12 year old slave boys who were staring at him in awe. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled as he willed his huge, striated shoulders and arms to lift the heavy weight. His neck and traps bulged. His delts exploded. His triceps blasted out under his skin, shredded to the max. The heavy bar rose up over his head, no match for the incredible strength of John's muscles. He locked his elbows in triumph and yelled "Yeah!" Then he literally threw the heavy weight five feet away, where it came crashing down on the ground. He flexed his arms for Paul and the other slave boys. "Fuckin' strong!" he bragged as his delts bulged like striated mountains of muscle. Nobody challenged that statement.

"Bring on the curls," said John. "My biceps feel so fuckin' strong they're gonna fuck up that weight." He walked over to the heavy barbell on the ground, already loaded to 180 pounds. Again, that was the heaviest weight any of the other 12 year old slave boys could curl. One hundred eighty pounds is an enormous weight for a 12 year old boy to be curling with his young biceps, but these boys were so big and strong that every one of them could curl at least 150 pounds, six times more than Paul. Now the biggest and strongest of these big and strong boys was going to pit his bulging muscles against the heavy iron. John bent over and picked up the bar. He turned to Paul and said, "Stand behind me real close and put the tips of your fingers on the top of my biceps." Paul did as ordered. He stood real close behind John, actually touching his firm, round muscle butt with his crotch. Then he touched the top of the biceps on John's fully-extended arms with his dainty fingers. Paul was stunned by what he felt. It felt like there were steel cords straining under the thin black skin of the muscular slave boy. Paul could feel the individual cords of steel-hard muscle pulsating, ready to flex with incredible strength at their 12-year old master's command. "Time for some real muscle," said John. He slowly curled his arms, lifting the 180 pound bar. As his arms curled, the steel cords of muscle in his biceps contracted into rock-hard balls of mass, a mass of muscle still corded and striated and covered with blood engorged veins. Paul's cock twitched in his underwear as he felt John's huge biceps contract with awesome power as they easily curled to heavy bar. When he got to the top, John held his position for a moment and Paul ran his fingers all over the rock hard balls of muscle that were in his arms. Seventeen inches of rock hard muscle in the arms of a 12 year old.

Then John slowly lowered his arms and curled the bar back up again. All the while Paul was feeling the corded muscles extend and contract like a powerful machine. A machine of muscle. John cranked out five reps and then dropped the bar to the ground. "Yeah, fuckin' strong!" he yelled. He flexed his arms right in Paul's face and jammed his right arm right up against Paul's nose. Paul could smell the strong, heavy sweat coming up from John's big armpit. His black skin was glistening with sweat and drops of sweat were forming all over his big arm. "Lick my sweat," said John "Feel that big bicep with your little tongue." Paul stuck out his tongue and gently licked the huge mass of muscle that was John's bicep. The salty sweat tasted good. He could feel with his tongue the individual fibers of muscle in the flexed bicep. When he licked his tongue over the big veins that covered the hard muscle, he could feel the hot blood surging through them. Paul licked the bicep clean and then moved down to the tricep. John's huge tricep was also bulging in his arm, forming a huge mass of football shaped muscle on the bottom of his upper arm. Paul licked the hard tricep, marveling at the sheer size and hardness of the massive muscle. When Paul got to the bottom of John's huge arm, his face was very close to the huge armpit that formed the junction of his massive delt, lat, pec and upper arm. John had just a little hair in his armpit. Hair that had just begun forming within the last year, The hair of a very young teenager who had just gone through puberty. While the hair in his armpit was that of a very young teenager, the size of that armpit was as big as a fully-grown muscular athlete. And that armpit was very sweaty. Sweaty from a full day's workout of his huge muscles and sweaty from the heavy curls he had just done. Almost by impulse, Paul lowered his head and jammed his nose right into John's huge armpit. The pungent smell of John's muscle jock sweat was overwhelming. Paul breathed in deeply, reveling in the smell of the powerful male athlete that was before him, the smell of a superior jock, the smell of huge muscles working, the smell of a total stud. 'Yeah, smell that sweat, little man," said John, looking down at Paul's pathetic little body and his face buried in his huge muscles. "Smell the sweat of a real muscle stud. You've never made sweat that smelled like that, have you, little man. Your little muscles can't work out hard the way my big muscles can. Your little muscles can't work up a real sweat. Yeah, smell the sweat that only us big, strong muscle boys can make. We got muscle and we got muscle stud sweat and you don't got shit." John smiled arrogantly, grabbed the back of Paul's head and rubbed his face all over his armpit, rubbing the sweat all over his face. Then he lowered his arm and crushed Paul's head inside his armpit. Paul felt the rock like muscles of John's lat, his pec and his arm closing in on his head. Sweat was pouring out of the pores in the muscleboy's black skin and covering Paul's head. John laughed as he felt his big black muscles crushing the little white boy's head. Finally he relaxed and Paul dropped to the ground, looking up at John's huge body and his cock which was fully erect again, turned on by his domination of the little white boy.

While Paul was still sitting on the ground and looking up in awe, John ordered the other kids to put 20 more pounds on the bar, loading it up to 200 pounds. Ten pounds more than he weighed and another record. Then he picked up the bar and curled the massive weight, almost with ease, without any cheating at all. His big arms just curled the bar up and then lowered it again. He dropped the bar and stood over Paul, with his big, thick 9 inch cock standing fully erect on his muscular black body. He put his right foot on Paul's crotch and flexed his arms in triumph, gently rubbing his big foot on Paul's little cock as he flexed his big guns. "Fuckin' big and fuckin' strong," he said as he stood proudly as the victor. Not only was he the victor over the other 12 year old slave boys, he was the victor over his white master, who groveled at the physical superiority of the muscular black youth who was standing in triumph over him. The other slave boys hooted and hollered their approval as their big, muscular leader stood over the white wimp and flexed his huge, shredded muscles.

John was now the Alpha 12 year old boy slave. He was the biggest and strongest by far. He had won all his wrestling matches easily. He had one of the biggest cocks of all the 12 year old boys. He had thrown the ball the farthest. He was one of the top three finishers in all the races. He could do 420 pushups, 180 pullups and the maximum 1,000 situps. In these he was in the top five of all the boys. He was aggressive and dominant. He had absolutely no fat on his huge body. He was a totally superior boy, the product of 7 generations of great breeding. And he was going to rule the other 12 year old boy slaves for the next year. The strong always rule the weak.

He took his foot off Paul and turned to the other boys. "Get down and gimme 50!" he yelled. Instantly the other boys fell to the ground and started pumping out pushups. John smiled as he watched the boys following his orders. Then he jumped on the back of one of the boys, grabbing onto the boy's big shoulders and putting his big, erect cock on the boy's firm round ass. The boy didn't stop his pushups at all. In fact he didn't even slow down. John rubbed his cock on the boy's ass and started thrusting his hips up and down in a fucking motion, in a display of sheer male domination. A display of the strong young male dominating another male. This boy was going to be dominated by John all year. John was strong and he could do whatever he wanted. John smiled as he rubbed his big body on the body of the muscular boy. Paul just stood there and watched the incredibly muscular bodies of the 12 year old boys cranking out the pushups and watched the even more muscular body of John thrusting his big cock up and down on the muscle butt of one of the boys. •

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