Can I Be a Freak?


By falseyedee

I'm a muscle freak now. It's the end of a month of injections of the accelerated formula that Science guy developed. At 27 years old I'm bigger than any pro bodybuilder. I'm 5'-9" tall with 337 pounds of freakishly ripped and defined muscle. My 59" chest obscures my view of my comparatively small 35" waist. I don't have to flex my abs to display their every brick of rock hard muscle. My shoulders are almost two and a half feet wide. My arms are 24" twin peaked mountains of power. My quads sweep out from my narrow waist and dive into my knees forming tear drop muscles the size of hams. My bubble butt is higher and harder and rounder than the butts of even the tastiest of bodybuilders. My cock is 9" long and my balls look like two base balls hanging low in their sack.

Clothes don't fit. But who needs clothes with a body like this? As I've gotten bigger, the sexier I've felt. The sexier I've felt the less I've cared about wearing clothes. I'd never really wanted to be a big beefy guy. But then I'd met the muscle freak who is my sex god and I began to think, "well, maybe bigger might be better." As I look back over the last month I can see that the bigger and more muscular I became, the bigger and more muscular I wanted to become. The bigger and more muscular I wanted to become, the more intensely I wanted to worship and serve the gargantuan muscle man who'd inspired me. I've dedicated my life to be his muscle boy toy. I had to get bigger and more muscular in order to serve the muscle needs of the mind bending muscle freak that he is.

In my month of muscle growth, I've gained 150 pounds of pure muscle. In my state of muscle bound glory, other men have lusted after me and tried to worship at my muscular alter. I bring them home and introduce them to my muscle freak and they forget all about me. Muscles are an aphrodisiac of surprising strength. Strength is an aphrodisiac of surprising potency. Muscle is masculinity. Muscle is manhood.

My growth days are completed, however. My muscle god will continue to grow bigger and freakier every month. He will get taller and thicker and broader and more and more freakishly proportioned as the year goes on. He is over 410 pounds at 6'-0" tall with a 31" waist, 76" chest and 51" quads. His arms are as big as his waist. His fore arms are as big as my 24" guns. By the end of the year, at the age of only 24, he'll be 6'-6" tall and well over 600 pounds of pure masculine muscle. I will be dwarfed by his size.

Standing next to him, I will look like a normal man. He will tower over me. He will be able to physically dominate any man. He will be able to physically dominate multiple men simultaneously. The bigger he gets the more sexually insatiable he will become. He is insatiable now. I ingest enough of his cum each day to fill me up beyond the need for food. He fucks me for hours every day. His sexual needs and desires have begun to exceed even my desire and ability to serve him.

The man that made him the muscle super freak he is and will become, the man who has made me the muscle freak I am today, has joined us in the quest for freaky muscle. The man we call Poindexter is now giving himself the same accelerated muscle elixir that I was given. Last week, how long ago that seems, Poindexter had revealed his decision to us. He'd no choice, 30 pounds of muscle growth in one week is hard to hide. This week instead of our going to his place, he came to us. He wanted to show us his new muscles. He wanted to show us his growing physique.

He arrived at our Spartan studio apartment wearing lycra box cut shorts and a sweat shirt crop top that had the sleeves cut off. In one weeks time he has put on more muscle than I have in the same time. He has to be 50 pounds heavier! In only two weeks, he has the body of a competitive heavyweight bodybuilder. His physique is similar to our mutual muscle god. His chest is beautiful, 53" of rippling muscle over a 32" waist. His pec muscles form a deep shelf jutting out from broad shoulders the size of melons. His abs have long been trained hard so he can indulge in his lust for gut punching. The cobbled mass of rock hard muscle that now forms his abdominals is bracketed by huge python oblique muscles as big around as a normal man's arm. Poindexter's legs are as big as his waist already. His arms are easily 20" now, and his calves are even bigger.

Poindexter's growth so far has been faster than mine and it is clear that he'll soon out shine me in terms of muscle growth and freakish proportions. His cock and balls are already bigger than mine. He has base ball sized balls and a 12" long, and 12" in circumference. His gorgeous, steely meat demands attention. I look forward to his plunging it into my hungry ass to fuck me while he is fucked by our mutual muscle god.

I've discovered my hidden desire: to be the ultimate muscle slave to the ultimate muscle god. But I've discovered more about myself: that there is nothing my heart longs for more than being dominated, fucked and used by muscle men, the more the better, the bigger the better, the freakier the better. I want nothing else but to serve and service my ever bigger, every harder, ever stronger muscle god and his young growing muscle favorite, Poindexter.

My life is set and I look forward to endless days of endless muscle sex. I can't imagine a better life. I am a muscle freak! •

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