Training Buddies

Stage II


By MuscleTeen

Apologies to Fantcman for slight plagiarism from "Pleasureboy" - but that story is so good it needs to be repeated!

The morning after that awesome night with Ryan, where he jacked me off, and I sucked his cock and we spent the most fabulous time embracing and fucking our muscle bodies, I decided I had to dump the girl. Sex with her had become routine, in fact it was really only an aid to masturbation. I liked it because I was so huge compared to her - my body hurt her it was so muscular, but now that I knew what all male sex was like, well... the bitch had to be ditched. Anyway, Ryan told me to do it, and I always did what he said. I can't remember her reaction. My left pec was flickering was I told her, and i was enjoying rubbing it, flexing it hard and releasing. She was a bit upset, but I had to meet Ryan in the gym in five, so I left her to it.

When I got to the gym, Ryan wasn't in his usual gym gear (short lycra pants amd white muscle tee - it made me real horny and my workouts more intense). He was wearing sweats and a tight tee, arms bulging out the short sleeves. He was carying two bags.

"Come on bud - we're off", he said, grinning at my surprise. When I asked him where, he grinned and said about making our bodies huger. I could hardly concentrate, as I had caught a side profile of my body in the mirror, and was seeing how big I could flex my pecs. Ryan pulled me away, and out to his car. While we were driving, Ryan asked me to feel his body, make him hard. I did so willingly, letting my toungue roll over him. The taste of his huge cock in my mouth was still fresh and I wanted more, so blew him as well as he drove. His moans gave me great pleasure. Afterwards, i sat back and jacked off while feeling my own body over. I let my finger run lightly along my pecs, circling around the hard nipple, running along the abs, and then down to my quads, fingering each of the grooves between each head. Ryan kissed me as I came, moaning loudly.

We were driving about an hour. Ryan started explainging some things to me. He said the supplements we were using were given to him by some guy who saw him working out in the gym. The weren't steroids, but DNA enhancers. The changes we saw were permanent - our bodies were actually modifying. I listened, but was already getting hard again thinking of my body 'modifying'.

"So anyway this guy says to me find a partner, work on the supplements for a few weeks, and then call down to our labs for some tests. We have to go because I have ran pout of supplement", Ryan continued. I moaned softly while jacking and examining the thick vein on my left bicep, running down my arm.

We pulled off the main road and up a long driveway to a clinical looking building, which was surrounded by high fences. We come up to a gate, and Ryan buzzed and explained who he was. The gate opened, and we drove in. Ryan pulled the car up to the door, hopped out and took out the bags.

He stood by me for a second, looking into my eyes with his deep blue ones, looking over my body. He leaned over and kissed me.

"I've enjoyed working with you bud, more than most, but I gotta go now"

Before I knew it, he was back in the car, and driving away. I was in total shock. The door behind me opened, and out came a figure I intsantly recognised. It was one of the men who Ryan had a poster of - except one of the images I thought were morphed - and he was REAL! He walked down the steps and stood before me. I stood back a little trying to take it all in. His quads rolled around each other as he had come down the steps. His tiny slim waist v-eed extravaganlty up his torso - massively thick lats bulging out of his body. His thick pecs formed two mountainous lumps on his chest and his arms hung outlike machines at his side - pushed out by the lats. He had huge traps and a thick neck. His face had a steely expression, cold, dark eyes. His look was that of "don't fuck with me". I got hard, instantly. This muscle man was my ultimate fantasy. I wanted him. I wanted to be him. I wanted to feel that muscle and own that muscle. I wanted to suck his cock and fuck his huge muscle body. I wanted him to control me but yet I wanted to be huge like him and control him. While all this was going on, I was jacking off without realising and as I came I fell to my knees at this behometh. He turned away and walked back up the steps. I followed him, inside and into a room on the left.

The room had wall to wall mirrors. I could see every aspect of myself, and once more could not stop flexing. The massive hulk stood behind a desk, at which was sitting a smaller - "real" - man, very athletic, like an older version of Ryan. Ryan! He had brought me here - it was clear now - his job was to find people to bring here. My right bi could do with some work. I flexed it. The man at the table laughed.

"Ryan has chosen well", he said laughing still. I looked at him, but couldn't stop peeking back up, looking sat me and the morph and me and the combination of the two. I started stroking again.

"Welcome, Steve. You know why you are here?" He started explaining - about Ryan - most of which I had gathered. I drifted in and out of concentration, too busy examining the muscles. I wasn't sure which muscles were mine and which were the morph's. He was so huge, but I wanted his body so bad I could feel it on me.

I heard his voice again. "So now those supplements have made you a complete slave to your body and to muscle worship. Those were only initiation supplements however. Now the real work begins. We have to make you bigger. You will be our biggest yet!"

"Biggest yet" I heard those words and came again. I was going to be big - I didn't know how - but my body was gonna be massive.

"Can you make me as big as him?", I asked, feeling my pec and imagining his.

"Would you like that - would you like to be a huge muscle stud?"

"Yes! more than anything"

"You would be totally huge - a freak in the real world"

"I know - I would be so strong, so powerful so massive so muscular" I started jacking again.

"You would be a slave to your body and to the bodies of others. The only thought would be muscle and muscle-sex"

"I want it" My voice was clear now. I concentrated and looked in his eyes.

"I WANT IT - make me huge. Make me massive. Make my body so awesome that anyone who stands before it will beg to touch it, feel it, feel my strength, see my huge awesome muscles and want to absorbt heir power. They will beg me to flex for them and then beg me to stop because it will be so awesome. I will be so strong - I will take control of anything before me and my body will be the power. I will be a muscle God and I want it - I want it now."

"We will give you that. We will make you a muscle God. Your body will be awesome; will be all powerful. Yes, you will be our most muscular yet"

I was on my knees now jacking so hard. The morph (I think I heard him being called Trent) came over and i was on my knees and I reached up his awesome quads and shivered as I came grabbing onto these huge muscles. Trent injected me with a needle and I don't remember much more. I dozed off thinking of quads and vasuclar arms and awesome muscular power and.... •

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