Training Buddies


By MuscleTeen

Hi guys... It's been a long time since I have written a story, but Fantcman has got me all horny with Pleasureboy and Better than Perfect, so I thought I'd try one. It's a bit rough, and only the start. Would really appreciate any ideas.

"Training Buddy Wanted" That was the ad on the noticeboard that started it all. I enjoyed working out but felt I could do a lot more with a workout partner - safer lifting, more focus, better drive. My girlfriend thought the idea was a bit gay, but was convinced on the 'safety' issue. So I went down to the dorm building where Ryan - the poster of the note said he'd be. Knocking I went in on his call.


"Hey bud, come on through" Voice deep, friendly enough.

I went through his room. The walls were covered in posters of huge muscle guys I'd sneaked a look at in Flex and Men's Muscle when my girlfriend was somewhere else in the mall. Priest, showing a double bi - huge biceps, Moyzan a most muscular, Coleman lat spread, Cutler thighs, others i didn't know, all freakily huge - some pics were obviously computer generated - morphing i think it's called - the walls were completely covered in them, a lot of 'morphed' images surrounded a mirror at one end of the room. The room smelt slightly of sweat and I'm guessing cum (but hell we're all guys - we all do it), and in one corner was a weights bench. This guy was serious.

"Hey man - your here about the ad?"

He came out of the bathroom into his room. He was pretty built, looked a bit small in the presence of all these posters, but he was a typical 'jock'. Broad shoulders, dirty blond hair, awkward smile and gleaming white teeth. He was obviously just out of the shower, had a towel around his waist, and hair was dripping.

"Hi, yeah - I am.", I said.

I felt awkward. His pecs were nice size, nothing amazing, but you knew he worked out. Big nipples too. Nice smooth torso. Tanned. The water was trickling down in droplets. There was sort of an awkward silence, or at least seemed to be. He seemed relaxed enough, but hten this was his room, his territory. I kept looking at the posters. Priest's bis - it was a really good pose - they were huge!

"So you like working out then bud?"

"Yeah - I do - but could probably go a lot more with a partner, so when I saw your ad, I thought - cool"

He took off his towl and pulled on a pair of sweatpants, no jocks. His dick, though flaccid, was not bad size. I glanced away, shocked that I was even looking at it. He didn't even seem to notice.

"Yeah ditto that. Name's Ryan by the way" "Steve", I said "So Steve, you like bodybuilders? How big do you wanna get?" "Um, yeah - I like working out, want to be toned - look good in a tee as it were" "You don't look too bad as it is Steve" HE came up to me and felt my arms, asked me to flex them. "Wow not bad - what are they 17?" "Near enough", I said casually. I was secretly thrilled. My arms were my pride and joy. I worked hard on them, and my girlfriend liked them big - always asking me to flex them for her. "pecs ain't bad either Steve, what you bench?" "160 for 8", I replied. He nodded, I wasn't sure if impressed. "So you like these guys?", I asked, pointing to the posters and especially the morphed ones. "Yeah - I wanna get real big Steve, I wanna compete and these pics give me inspiration"

WE left it at that - arranged to meet the following morning for a workout. That night I met my girlfriend. We had sex, but instead of usual thoughts I couldn't stop thinking of those posters and Ryan's chest and the combination of it all. Her orgasm was a helluva lot louder than usual - she commented that my dick was steel hard. I nodded, saying I was just extra horny.

Workout was fun. Ryan brought supplement drinks that he said we should take during it - I knew very little about supplements so I was glad he did. It ws great having a partner, I was working much more intensely, and seemed to lift that bit more fo a bit longer. Ryan could lift a lot heavier than me, but he said he had been training for years. We did pecs and biceps that day, and I went around for the rest of the day feeling pumped up. I couldn't stop tinking about tomorrow morning, when we were meeting again.

We met 4 mornings a week. Ryan always brought supplement drink, and I couldn't get enough of it. After about two weeks of training, Ryan asked me to come around to his dorm and watch some training vids to get tips and stuff. I went that evening, lying to my girlfriend. She was getting a bit pissed about all the time i was spending at the gym and talking about workouts and training intensity and stuff that really interested me but seemd to bore her. I couldn't remember what we talked about before, all I could think of now was working out. Going into Ryan's dorm, I saw him flexing in front of mirror.

"Hey man - just checking out on results of our hard work - join me"

Reluctantly I pulled off my tee. Ryans mirror was huge and the two of us stood side by side. I was actually amazed. My body had really changed. THe muscle content had really increased, and I was really toned. My waist was slim, and my lats were quite broad, so i had gotten that v-shape you read about and envy. Except i had it now. Ryan stood behind me, and told me to flex different muscles. He'd measure them, praising me for the increase in size. He started using phrases like "fucking muscle stud" and "strong dude" and "awesome body" and to be honest I was getting off on it.

"Let's measure those quads stud", he said, tugging at my sweatpants. So caught up in it I forgot about my hard on and pulled down the pants, with my raging hard on bulging in my jocks.

"Hey man - seems all your muscles are growing", Ryan said grinning. He didn't know it, but he was right. My cock had grown about an inch in the three weeks. I pulled up my sweats, embarrassed.

"No need to be embarrassed stud, it's happening to me too" He whipped off his sweats - no jocks of course, and his 8 incher stood erect. His quads danced about as he flexed them. He was fucking gorgeous.He pushed me against the mirror.

"Come on you muscle bound stud - lets grow real big together... you want that don't you - you want it deep down and you want it BAAAD. To be the biggest guy in college, the most gorgeous musclebound animal, to be as big as these guys and bigger - you want to be fucking huge"

"Oh fuck man yeah - i want it. I want it more than anything. I can't stop thinking of you and these picturse and those morphed guys. I want to be fucking musclebound freak - bigger than a morph"

I hardly realised that I was saying this. All I wanted was for Ryan to keep talking, keep telloing me I was huge, keep flexing his body and keep pushing that cock on me. I wanted to be big.

"Good boy" he said, grinning. He jacked me off as I stood there, pinned against the mirror by his body, surrounded by images of men that I wanted to become. When I came, which was pretty quickly, I fell to my knees, exhausted, exhilerated, and happier than I had ever been. His huge cock was dancing around my mouth.

"I think, Stud-boy", he said grinning as I knelt there looking up at him, "it's time to move onto the next stage." •

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