Best Wishes and Regards

By Lemur

Tim was so glad to get to the gym. All day long he could hardly keep from bouncing right out of his shoes. Hank had told him the diet pills would give him a little extra pep, and boy was he right. He could hardly believe Hank had offered him the diet pills considering their past discussions about what Hank liked in a man. Hank had been hounding and hinting about how much he liked "Big Men" and wished Tim would consider trying to bulk up. He had even offered to buy him whatever supplements he would want. Tim liked having a more cut slender body. His car wreck six months ago had left him stuck in a wheel chair while his legs healed and he had put on a little weight around the middle. He was so thrilled when the casts came off, and was able to start going to the gym again. The whole thing really shook Hank up and he had finally backed off about having Tim "Bulk up."

Hank had told him to come straight home after work and not go to the gym today after taking the "diet pills" since it might make him sick. Tim could not disagree more. He felt great all day and even left work a little early to sneak over to the gym. He just couldn't waste all of this energy he had. He decided to warm up on the treadmill before hitting the weights. After just a few minutes he was practically getting a buzz from running and his legs felt lighter than air. Maybe he would start off with squats today. He got off the treadmill and went over to the weight area and right to the squat racks. He started off light since he was trying to be careful with his legs. After a few reps it just felt so light he decided to add a few more pounds. Wow, he was really getting a great pump, and added a few more pounds to the bar. He put had 200 lbs. on the rack which was damn good for him at only 5' 10'' and a 160 lbs. Again the weights started to feel very light so he added some more. At 250 he thought he would really feel it. He did a few more reps and again they weren't tiring him but the weights just started feeling lighter. He added more weight and now at 300 he could feel it at first. By the fifth rep his legs felt rock hard and his shorts felt tight around the legs. He finished off another ten reps, and turned to look in the mirror. He had to blink twice. His legs were totally cut and pumped up, and his shorts were riding up the top of his thighs. Damn his legs looked sexy. He decided to move on to the bench press and loaded it up to his usually 100 lbs. to warm up. After 12 reps he couldn't even fell it. He added anther 50 lbs. and pumped out a few, still too light. He added another 50 lbs. (his prior max) and after a few reps it felt like nothing. He continued adding weight and more weight and more weight. Then his tank top started to feel a little tight, like his shorts. He got up of the bench and went over to the mirrors. Seeing how his shirt was cutting into his shoulders he pulled it off. His pecs were bright red and pumped up like never before. They were round and swollen, veins pulsing across them, and it felt so good. Those diet pills gave him so much energy he was pushing himself way beyond anything he had done before, and with great results. He would almost be disappointed that the pump be gone in any hour or two. He had never wanted to big but seeing himself all pumped up made him think twice, maybe Hank was right maybe he should consider putting on a little more weight, not much though. He still wanted to look good in a suit and he's seen the big muscle types and how ridiculous in anything but posing trunks. He didn't want to go that far. He picked up some dumbbells and decided he was warmed up enough to start out with 30 lbs. each. They flew up like nothing so after a few reps he grabbed the fifties. The skin on his arms felt like it was getting tighter and tighter. He watched himself in the mirror as the pumped away. His arms were bright red and totally pumped. They felt awesome. His eyes strayed across the gym and happened to catch the clock, shit! Where did the time go? He should be getting home now. He told Hank he was going to bypass the gym tonight and he did not want to get caught after promising. He took a quick shower and could not resist getting one more look at his body before he put his clothes on. He looked the best ever had in his entire life. He hoped the pump would wear off before he got home or Hank would know for sure.

The forty five-minute commute home did nothing to get rid of his pump and his clothes felt tight. He tried to sneak in he back so Hank would not catch him before he could put on something loose. He walked in and the lights were out and candles were light making a trail to the bedroom. Hank's well pro-portioned hairy form was lying on the bed waiting for him. "Get in here tiger!" Hank growled at him. Tim slowly took off his clothes and hoped Hank would not notice his body in the candlelight. Hey, you look extra good tonight Tim. You didn't go to the gym did you? "Of course not Hank" Tim replied. "Good, it would ruin the little surprise I have planned", Hank responded. "What do you mean by that?" asked Tim.

Hank went on, "Well, I told you a little fib this morning about those pills I gave you, They're not diet pills, they are supposed to help you bulk up. I did not tell you that because I was afraid you might not take them, but I knew you were self conscious about the weight you put on during your recovery from the car accident, I thought they would help you get back in shape faster. It's a good, thing you didn't go to the gym. The guy that sold them to me warned me about not working out for at least a day after taking them. He said it may cause bad side effects." "Side Effects?" Tim questioned, worried. "Don't worry about it, you didn't so you got nothing to worry about although it looks like they are already starting to kick in for you. The guy said the best result were achieved during sex, so get in here mister 'cause I am gonna fuck your brains out! Tim climbed into the bed (should he tell him?), but some how he was speechless. Just the mention of sex and seeing Hank naked had him spell bound. He was rock hard in an instant to the point it hurting. He was driven to Hank and when Hank grabbed his throbbing cock, it was like electricity shot through him. His cock was hyper sensitive and all Tim could think about was releasing his load all over Hank. He grabbed Hank and lust driven flipped him over exposing Hank's taught, hairy, round butt. "Wow, take it easy mister, since when are you the top?" Hank was shocked by Tim's behavior. Tim couldn't believe it himself. He was driven like an animal he had to be inside Hank right now! He was leaking precum like crazy and with little effort slicked up his raging cock and thrust it into Hank. "Ouch! Careful there we got all night!"

"I can't stop myself Hank I have to have you! NOW!!!!" Tim was out of control, his lust and his cock were raging, and with each thrust Tim could feel his balls churning ready to release. He pounded away on Hank's ass mercilessly. His desire to cum becoming urgent and all consuming. Hank was getting into it to and was squeezing his ass cheeks hard on Tim's cock. Tim was thrusting faster and faster wanting release. His balls were on fire ready to explode but he could not reach orgasm. He pounded and pounded on Hank and Hank was growing crazy with desire. Hank's body was getting rigid and pumped like Tim's was from working out. Tim was caressing Hank's flexing muscles, grabbing his pecs and squeezing them hard. The more force he used the more Hank seemed to love it. His balls were churning like crazy, but still no release. Then he felt it! The pressure was so forceful it scared him. It was like his balls were swelling up. Then he felt their weight and their mass pushing him and Hank apart. They grew and grew, bringing his urgency to a fever pitch. Then the sensation spread from his groin as he felt his ass getting tighter and tighter. The skin on his butt was painfully tight. He arched his back and felt the muscles straining, pulling him erect. It was so strange, that pump feeling he had in the gym was coming back with a vengeance. Just when he thought his shoulders would snap back and break him in half he felt it. his cock was swelling inside Hank. He felt his balls drawing up finally he exploded into Hank releasing a torrent of cum. The orgasm just went on and on. His load felt like it would never end pouring into Hank. Then his pecs stared to grow perversely pushing him and Hank apart. Higher and higher they rose forming a shelf. Angry and red his pecs spread out like a volcano was erupting inside him. The growth quickly spread to his shoulders and down his arms. Clutching Hanks waist became more and more difficult as his biceps ballooned pushing his arms out and away from his body. Hank felt the pushing from behind and despite the feelings he was enjoying himself he pulled away enough to see Tim over his shoulder.

"What the shit! Why are you reacting to the stuff so strongly?" Hank shouted in a panicked voice. Tim fell back on the bed writhing back and forth as his muscles continued to swell even larger. He was twisting like he was having a convulsions and cumming all over the place. "Hank!" Tim spitted out. "I lied! I did... Go... to the...gym! My... body is... on fire! What... the hell... did you give... me? I feel... like I am going to explode!" Tim was getting huge now; his arms were easily twenty-five plus inches and growing. His pecs were like two brief cases side by side perfectly square. Bulging underneath them was his abs going from six then eight, Ten (?) pack in seconds. "You dummy!" Hank yelled at him. "I told you to come straight home! Why didn't you listen, and why didn't you then tell me."

"I just felt so good today... I had to work out my muscles were... were, begging for it!" Tim shot back. "I know I felt the same way too all day, shit I should have told you what the pills really were. I'm sorry!" Hank said on the verge of tears and scared as hell. Tim had to be at least three hundred and something pounds now, maybe closer to four hundred Hank couldn't tell with the way that Tim was twisting and writhing. Hank saw fine tears forming in Tim's skin around his pecs and was getting really worried. Then Tim finally stopped jerking back and forth and began to relax. Then he just lay there exhausted unable to move. Hank leaned in and listed to his heart. Thank God it was still beating. Tim was motionless. A huge, mammoth, muscled hunk breathing deeply. His chest rose and fell like a mountain. It had to be close to sixty inches around. His cock was still pumping out cum but going soft. It looked to be over 15 inches and incredibly thick. Hank was in awe of Tim's body. He then realized he was still hard and his cock hurt from being so tight. He stared to stroke it and the hot feelings returned. He stroked his cock faster and faster while staring at Tim's huge muscled body beneath him. The site was making him so hot he squeezed his cock even harder. Then he felt it. His balls began to swell and his cock grew before his eyes. His butt muscles pulled him up erect as the sensation worked its way up his back. Muscles pumped and flexed and his pecs rose up into his face. His arms were growing and looked to be close to twenty inches around then he exploded all over Tim's prone form. It was and endless torrent of hot jiz gushing from his now ten plus inches cock that was as easily as fat as it was long. He collapsed over Tim's body and lost consciousness. •

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