Ten Big Indians

Not By a Longshot


By John

Well, It's time to check out our muscle troop's progress once again. The countdown is well underway. Who gets the muscle and who is our next victim? Our mysterious host is as curious as you. Read on if you dare. Remember, if male muscle sex is your choice, then join us in our continuing mystery saga.

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Mike drew the extra dose that was Dwayne's at dinner that fifth night. That meant he was getting a triple dose each day. Not that any of them was complaining yet. They had all added at least 40 pounds of muscle at a minimum. By now the six remaining men ranged from Dan's 280 pounds up to Mike's whopping 335 pounds. They figured that by dinner tomorrow, not one of them would be under 300 pounds. Provided, that is, that they all made it through long enough to get to tomorrow's dinner.

Realizing that mere survival was becoming a real problem and that it would only be agitated by the fact that, by morning, most of them would have no choice but go around in the buff, they all agreed that they would work out separately. That was except for Dan and Rick who insisted that, after what had happened earlier today, they figured that if anything happened to them, it would be of their own doing with each other anyway and that was a risk they were willing to take. Each man (or pair) selected a two hour workout period, with no one scheduled at lunch time. They also agreed to eat all their meals at the same time, since this would minimize the chance for any one person to prey on another one during the day.

Expecting some sort of static, they told the camera what they were doing. The voice that had been pretty quiet of late merely chuckled and told them that he was a patient man who was enjoying the progress they were making and the show so they could go ahead and do as they pleased. He did suggest that if any one of them wanted to leave the island tomorrow with Dwayne or Ram, the boat would be departing at 1 PM sharp. If they didn't admit it out loud, with the now obvious benefit of this muscle gaining program, not one of them was willing to give up at this point. The voice accepted their silence as a willingness to continue, wishing them each the best of luck.

Another night of troubled sleep was the case for most of them. Rick, in particular, found the idea of being alone very discomforting. Four years of sharing the same bed with someone he loved very deeply was a hard habit to break. Especially now that Dan looked so damned hot. At 280 pounds, he may have been the smallest guy here at the moment, but the double dose he was getting now would soon change that. Plus, as with the others, each additional pound was nothing but pure, beautifying muscle. It had all fallen on Dan in just the right places as far as Rick was concerned.

He wanted his man and he wanted that muscle and he wanted it now. Then the lessons of earlier today would reach back into his mind and fill him with a tremendous sense of guilt. Dan had been so wonderful, so accepting and so forgiving. He told Rick how he understood the raw animal forces that were driving him now and how the sexual prowess of his youth probably only made it that much more difficult. Rick had known he loved the inner man that was Dan from the beginning, but now he was discovering that Dan had even more reasons to be loved than Rick had given him credit for before. If only he could show that new, deeper affection - in the best way he knew how. But, as Dan kept saying, that was out of the question, at least for the time being.

Things went well and without incident on the next day. Everyone seemed pretty focused on three things. First, staying away from each other, except at meals. Second, their workouts. And, third, their own wonderfully developing muscles. By that night, none of them was wearing any clothes at dinner. They all sported fully erect penises which, thankfully, none of them talked about, but all of them enjoyed seeing. These cocks were as magnificent as the men carrying them. Each one was different, but each and every one was a beauty.

Chen had the most trouble getting into and from the table as his 16" bat kept hitting against the underside of it, often with an accompanying loud thump. Steve's lust for that growing "third leg" almost pushed him over the edge and he excused himself from the table early. Chen enjoyed the obvious effect he was having on the man with the even amazingly tighter, sharper ass. No one knew how Spike could manage at all. His cock was certainly special in it's own way. It was almost 13" long now and, they guessed, had to be more than 5" across at the base. It virtually grew out the top of his upper legs. Where its' growth would take it was anyone's guess. Dan was proud of hitting the 11" mark. He had witnessed the look of concern in Rick's eyes yesterday when they had taken on Dwayne and Rick had seen it fully erect at just 10". But they would deal with those issues all in good time. Rick's continued to be as beautiful to see as he was. At just over 14" his cock gave away nothing to Chen's. It was just as thick around and seemed as if it had been created by the world's greatest sculptor just to give visual pleasure to anyone who saw it.

Mike had set his alarm to be up by 7 AM. He had selected the earliest workout slot. He had always been a "morning person". There was nothing better than getting up early, especially on the weekend; getting to the health club; then being able to go enjoy the whole rest of the day. Here, it was even better, he would get that amazingly deep pump that this program had as a benefit and then be able to carry that pump through most all of the day. The downside now was that the pump usually included the one in his giant of a cock.

Fully hard, and it was usually fully hard now, meant working around an amazingly rigid 14 ˝" (today). Arms were the worst as the weights fought for some of the same space his man-tool demanded to occupy. He had given up on barbell curls, there was no way that his stiff prick would permit the bar and weights to afford him a full range of motion. In fact, his cock seemed perfectly capable of supporting enormous amounts of weight all by itself.

Yesterday, when it was "only" 13 ˝", he had been able to balance a 25 pound plate on it and hold it there for a full 10 count. Part of the reason was probably that his equally huge, cream-stuffed balls would not make any room below his cock to give it a place to go. At the end of the 10 count, the weight slipped slightly, pushing itself into the underside of the ridge of the head of his cock. The accompanying pressure to this highly sensitive part of his penis sent instant shivers of pleasure and desire for release coursing through his whole body. Yanking the weight away from his tool before it got a mind of its' own, he pledged not to try that again (too often).

God knew what it was capable of today. But Mike had no intention of trying to find out (well, maybe not). His cock had become as sensitive as it was big and hard. He was afraid that just touching it too much could set it off. After all, look what some of the others had gone through already. As he looked in the mirror this morning, Mike was insistent that he was not about to let his momentary desire for the servicing of his sex tool get in the way of achieving the respect and admiration his body deserved.

Just look at this body, all 360 pounds, he said to himself as he brought his arms up extending them out parallel to the floor. Every muscle shot out into sharp definition as he consciously tensed.

Then he bent both arms up at the elbows as he watched the biceps move into mountainous peaks. The balls of muscle gathered tighter and tighter, rising so high that they looked like they were heading right for the underside of his fisted hands. Then, about half way through the movement, the bundles in each arm began to separate into two distinct masses as the split between the front part and the back part of each bicep identified itself. The rear bundle closed in to form a smaller second peak rising behind the still growing front one. Mike tensed tighter as he pulled each arm closer to a right angle bend. The swell of forearm muscle touched the lower front ball of bicep meat and closed off any space between them. He could feel the hardness of each muscle pushing to keep him from finishing the movement. Using the force of his own raw muscle, he forced the forearm to be straight up. This last push shoved the bicep meat even higher as it yielded upward in the only direction left to it.

The even larger volume of the triceps arched smoothly downward, starting almost at the elbow and curved just as definitively back up to point toward the high rounded shoulder caps. Mike consciously tensed the triceps as he turned his wrists forward slightly, but without giving away any of the height or fullness of the completely contracted biceps. Shit, just look at me, he thought proudly as he eyed all 27" of dense, hard muscle on each arm. Now, these are "guns"! Hell, they're god-damned cannons". Keeping the left arm fully flexed, he brought the right hand over and moved it to the top of the twin peak that remained. He applied more and more pressure as he tried to sink his own hand into his own solid muscle. Even he could not get that giant to give. His fingers began to hurt as his hot, human arm meat refused to yield.

Now, this is what it's all about, he announced silently to himself as he allowed his right hand to caress every inch of surface area of the victorious bicep. Veins stood out in a triumphant display of victory. He fingered them lovingly and felt the warm, full pump of blood moving through the largest of these muscle feeding cords. He thought he could actually feel the blood delivering new nutrients and feeding new growth to this still demanding monster. Today, he would start with arms. He had 15" of equally hard meat elsewhere that agreed.

The schedule of individual workouts still seemed to be going well on this, their second day under the current agreement. Dan and Rick were, indeed having a harder time. Just watching the multitude of muscles on each other's body contort and contract through the various body part workouts would have been difficult for anyone, let alone, two deeply committed lovers. "Look but don't touch" became there spoken motto as they passed by one another between individual sets. They had had to agree not to do exercises together nor to help spot one another. Spotting didn't seem to matter anyway - muscle just grew. The weight movements seemed to mostly intensify the density and definition.

Even now, at 325 pounds, Rick had not lost one iota of his beauty. His body, while astoundingly sharp and dense, still maintained a balance of proportion. It was just that all the proportions were extremely large. The flow of his wide, high shoulders worked perfectly to sweep between his 24" arm mass and over to the semi- circular globes of the pecs that moved back around to take the eye toward the outward flare of the broad lats. His 61" upper torso stepped down and around smoothly to work with his sharply cut abs as they finally terminated just below Rick's still small 30" waist. The legs were bigger than Dwayne's had been by a good 2" around both the thighs and calf muscles. The sweep was even more defined because of the supple, delicate ankles and knees.

Dan dared not focus on that cock and balls of Rick's any more. It was way too much for any man to resist when seen, so he just forced himself not to look. Not that Dan's new tool at 11 ˝" was something to sneeze at. By today, Dan guessed that Rick's had to be past 14". It still announced itself with that beautiful gentle upward curve. One would think that gravity would have demanded otherwise by now, but it seemed to be getting as strong on it's own as the rest of Rick's muscles. Rick balls still looked like two perfect globes pushed together in one lining. They were now the size of two small cantaloupes and promised quite a wallop of man-juice whenever they were finally squeezed dry.

Inevitably, one of them would announce that he needed to leave the gym workout before the two hour period was up in order to avoid the growing desire to pounce on the other's meat and seek pleasure in securing the contents of the bulbous ball sacs. Even very cold showers took longer to have a reasonable amount of effect. You dared not to look at or wash your own cock in it's constant state of arousal. All you could do was to stand in the shower and shiver under the cold water until the numbness in your body displaced your immediate sexual desire.

No one went down to the pier this time either to help see Ram or Dwayne off. They thought it might be considered offensive to the defeated men in view of the vast size difference that had now formed. Also there was the issue of the giant erections those still in the competition would be sporting in front of those who could not get a twinkle of response from their own drained, shrinking crotches.

As with the night before, Steve stayed long enough to receive his dose of spliced testosterone; ate just a little; and then excused himself. The sound of Chen's 17 ˝" long by 10" circumference man- tool was entirely too much for him. He had even moved over one seat so as not to have to see it disappearing in an endless line of hot flesh into the shadow of the table. But the continuous thumping of it as it pulsed under the table kept reminding Steve of his commitment to himself on that first day to enjoy what was a marvelous instrument of pleasure then. It had, in his mind only been made more desirable with it's subsequent growth.

After the meal, Chen was the last to leave and returned to his room like the others did before him. As he started to push the door shut behind him, it swung back open and Steve quickly darted in, pushing the door shut and locking it behind him himself.

"What do you think you are doing here?" Chen demanded.

"I'm doing what you want!" came the obvious reply. "What we both want."

"We can't do this! It'll ruin everything. We've worked too hard. I don't know about you, but I haven't come this far to give it up now." Chen said with growing determination. "Please get out now, before you regret it…before we regret it."

"I thought you were a superior eastern arts expert. Isn't that what you've been saying all along? Telling us how you can control this whole situation by just focusing your mind." Steve countered.

"Yea," responded Chen. "But there's no way we can do anything at this point."

"Sure we can!" insisted Steve desperately. "Between your mind control and my ass control, we can, finally get some pleasure out of this. Look, I've already been able to prove that with Ram. He just didn't have the mental capacity in the situation that you obviously have. I'm convinced that we can actually help each other by reducing our levels of frustration with a little foreplay. It worked for me with Ram. I need another fix and you need the mental release."

"You want this!" Steve added turning his invitingly gorgeous ass toward Chen.

Then he continued, "And I want that!" Pointing at Chen's rigid cock.

It pulsed visibly, jumping noticeably higher as if to signify it's own agreement.

"No, it won't work." Chen responded with little force left in his voice.

"Here, it's yours to use. Any way you want." Steve insisted as he took one of Chen's hands and placed it on his butt, flexing the muscle into the hard, striated defined mass of sharp lights and shadows that he knew Chen loved to see.

It felt as good as it looked, thought Chen to himself. Steve seemed to sense this as an opportune invitation. He helped Chen move his hand up, down and around the swells of rounded meat that had been his desire these past several days. Steve alternated between flexed and relaxed just as he had with Ram. Only now, he had more to work with, but more that was just as defined and inviting.

Yes, it felt so good. Chen moved his hands over the pulsing globes. Steve worked both mounds rhythmically. Taking Chen's hand again, he removed it from his butt, turned slowly so that he was facing his handsome Asian and put both of Chen's hands back on his ass, wrapping his arms around his waist. He began the undulating flexing that Chen enjoyed so much. Chen began his loving massage once again. Then Steve took his own hands and reached out to the object of his desire.

The cock was so long that, standing face-to-face, it was pressing against his own chest. It applied an amazing amount of pressure as it strove to assume it's now "normal" position parallel with the floor. The bright taught cock head pressed hard into the cleft between Steve huge pec muscles ending only about 2" below Steve's mouth at the top of his chest. He relaxed the pecs as best he could letting Chen's cock sink in under it's own desire. He tensed his pecs alternately as he continued his ass maneuvers. He feared that if he would flex both thick pecs simultaneously, Chen's cock, no matter how mighty, could be hurt or crushed between these massive pectoral mounds with all their new-found strength.

Chen was absorbed by all the action he was experiencing. That ass was meant to be handled as much as it was meant to be visually enjoyed. It was made for it. Steve, certainly knew exactly what to do and how to do it. And his cock! The feeling of being massaged by and between those thick, hot balls of pec muscle was indescribable. Yet, even now, Chen knew he was in control of himself. Pleasure was just another sense to be experienced and to be led by the mind.

Suddenly, he felt something wet causing great sensual pleasure at the end of his cock. Opening his eyes and looking down, he could see Steve's tongue lapping lightly at the very tip of his enlarged piss slit. Oh, no, this wouldn't do, Chen thought to himself quickly.

That would be too, too much pleasure.

"I want to fuck you." He said. "I want to fuck you now. I want to slid every one of my 17 plus inches into you ass. I want you to feel my cock pushing up against pleasure points inside you that no one else has ever gotten to."

"And I want you to try." Steve responded being both challenging and inviting at the same time.

There was only one way to handle this, and they both knew it. Chen laid back on his bed with his shaft sticking straight up far into the air. Gravity had no affect on it at all. It was stiff, hard and perfectly vertical.

Steve stood over Chen, straddling him. The monumental cock reached halfway up between Steve's own huge thighs. His equally rigid 12 ˝" cantilevered out over Chen's 58" chest. His heavy balls were being pulled down a good 5" by the weight of the filled sacs. His, unlike most of the others, had always hung very low and had expanded in the same way. As a result they waved at Chen with each movement from Steve as if to invite him to try to secure the quantities of pleasure juice they held.

Slowly Steve lowered himself down, bending his knees until that most special of sphincters was positioned just above the waiting, unmoving, glowing cock-head. This part shouldn't be too hard he thought to himself as he was reminded that Ram's had been a good inch wider and thicker. But the length, the amazing length - that would be the trick here.

Steve paused for a moment to put his mind into relaxing all the muscles along the proposed route, starting with the ring of muscle immediately surrounding the ass hole. At the same time, Chen began to put himself into his own eastern mind-control set. Both felt ready. Both knew they could do this.

The head of Chen's cock gently pushed the waiting hole more and more open as Steve slipped down. First ˝", then a full inch, then another ˝". The wide collar around the base of the head moved up to the ring of the opening. In it went. It felt good to both of them. No pain at all for Steve, this was the easy part. The warmth of the inside of Steve's ass was felt immediately through the head of Chen's cock. Another inch disappear into the soft, surprisingly-moist cave. Another and another inch penetrated the inviting shaft tube. Now 5" were gone and soon it was 6" and then 7". Steve paused momentarily as the putty-like walls of the lower colon sensed the strong hard meat of Chen's prick. It felt good, yes, very good. Steve took another 2" in the next squat.

By now Steve's waiving balls were in easy reach, hanging only a few inches above Chen's already heaving, massive chest. It looked as though they were going to come down just below his navel. He reached out and found them. He began to knead them lightly. A grateful, soft moan originated from Steve's throat automatically as those eastern-trained hands began their own special massage. Since the balls hung so low, Chen could work his magic around the entire central nuts, applying just the right amount of sensual pressure to the top, sides and bottom. The size of the ball sacs combined with the huge amount of stored semen made it harder to find the nuts themselves, but Chen's work induced more pleasure than Steve could ever remember.

Eleven inches had been absorbed by now and, as he continued his slide down Chen's endless man-pole, Steve returned the favor by beginning his own specially learned massaging technique. Chen, like Ram, couldn't believe what he was feeling. Stimulating pressure was being applied up and down his inserted cock meat as if a series of gloved hands were all working on it at once. Soon 13" were inside the muscleman experiencing this unique phenomenon. This was an inch more than the most Steve had ever had the opportunity to experience. He took another inch and felt as his colon shift inside him to encase the invading sausage.

At 14", he felt it as more of his inner tract was forced from it's normal horizontal course in his system to meet the new vertical demand. He was sure he could feel it as other organs were asked to yield to the invading member. Again, he had to stop for a moment. He put more of his mind into concentrating on relaxing and, yet, continued working the messaging motion on the lower part of the beast inside him now. In the meantime, Chen kept one hand dutifully manipulating alternate nut sacs while the other hand moved to the tip of Steve's piss slit as he tickled and pinched it into excited response. The combination of both movements only served to increase Steve's sense of arousal and his desire to return the pleasure by swallowing all of the huge meat being served him.

Gently now he pushed over one more inch inside him. As he moved to start to take inch number 17, he could feel the pressure that had formed on the underside of his diaphragm as it was pushed unnaturally upward by the unforgiving, intruding cock head. This was it! I've done the impossible, Steve thought to himself. Without regard for what could prove to be a dangerous situation. Steve brought himself down to where he was actually sitting on Chen's lower stomach..

"Oh, yes!" he shouted in his lust. "Can you feel it Chen? Can you feel all the heat inside me on your dick?"

"Oh, yes!" Chen shared with equal joy. He squeezed Steve's ball playfully in response and ran his index finger around the large, tender piss slit. This only served to push Steve's passion further out of his control. He, too, responded in his own way. Using his mightily muscles legs, he pushed his torso up raising it 3" or 4" and then lowered it again. He repeated the motion in longer strokes and with increasing rapidity as he became more comfortable with his body's ability to sustain the accomplishment of taking in and holding almost one and a half feet of hot human dick.

Chen began to sense the same rumble of responsive passion within his own overly inflated balls that Ram had known.

"Time to stop." He announced to Steve.

"Not just yet." Steve pleaded in his lust. "No, no, not just yet."

"Yes! Now!" Insisted a more frightened Chen thinking, so this is what really happened to Ram? How stupid could I have been?

Steve showed no sign of letting up. This was more pleasure than he had ever known. Fuck the money! Fuck the glory! This was glory and he was going to ride it out to victory!

Chen reacted as rapidly as he could. He reach his one hand around and grasped the loose drape of skin between the base of Steve's cock and his balls. He pulled down hard. Steve screamed - as much in joy as in pain. Next Chen did something that would not have been possible with a "normal" man, he actually inserted his index finger into Steve's piss hole.

The combination of the 17 inches of manmeat up his ass with the never before experienced finger actually stimulating his piss hole from the inside pushed him over the edge.

Chen felt the cream pumping and pushing against his clamping hand above the ball sac. He new it was over. He knew he had won. He released his choke hold, letting the volume of semen escape into the tube that led to where he had inserted his finger. The pressure of the massive quantity of white cream forced his finger from the hole as it showered his chest and face with the thick, sweet, salty liquid. He automatically opened his mouth and reached out with his tongue to catch what he could. It was warm, silky and tasty.

Steve had not stopped his pounding drive on the crankshaft stuck inside him. He was completely lost to himself. In fact, as he let loose with his own cum, he continued to move and clench even faster. The momentary let-down of Chen's mental control as he lapped up Steve's cum caused Steve to feel that final sensation as Chen's own body let loss with it's equally large volley of thick, wet cum into the upper part of Steve's large colon. He felt the warmth of the liquid as it flowed endlessly into him.

It was an amazing and wonderful experience for both of them … and now it was over. •

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