Ten Big Indians

It Takes Two, At Least


By John

Time moves on for our trapped muscle gods. As they grow bigger, restraint grows harder (so do other things). So let's see who can handle it today. Remember, this is a mystery involving muscle growth and male sex, if this offends you, please do not read it.

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Steve told the guys in a way that almost sounded like bragging about how he and Ram had gotten it on, leaving out many of the details since, in his mind, it really wasn't much their business anyway.

A few initially wondered how they could have even thought to do that in light of everything that had and was going on. Then, they found that they each had to admit to themselves that they all wanted the same thing, too. Muscle and sex, that was what it was all about. To achieve greatness, you either had to be strong, get strong, or fail.

Chen, actually, felt a sense of jealousy at first hearing about the encounter, but moved that thought aside as he realized that this just left less competition for Steve in the future. He thought about just how inviting Steve was looking these days and wanted to be sure that Steve understood just how amazing it would be to have the chance to experience Chen's even mightier pole.

For some reason, the mysterious voice was in a relatively complacent mood. It simply congratulated Steve on a mighty fine show and congratulated the men on the muscle progress they were making. He indicated that Ram, like Todd, had elected to take his meals in his room for the next two days until the boat came again. He assured them that special attention was being given to keeping and eye on Ram and, also, that Todd had made it back and been given the antidote. Nothing else was said about Ivan, or Todd for that matter, by them or their host.

Dan drew the favor of getting Ram's dosage. Rick reacted with silent excitement. He had begun to become worried about the muscle difference between them and the rate of progress he was making. He was also concerned about how it could affect their relationship all too quickly. This would handle that problem, he thought. If only Dan would "handle" Rick's need for sex now.

He knew Dan had been right when he suggested that they not sleep together until this was over. Dan was a smart and caring lover. He always had been. Rick had learned early on that, when in doubt, trust Dan's instincts. He didn't like this one bit, especially the part where Dan thought they should each work out alone, too, but he felt a need to accept it. He would rather try to deal with this than to loose Dan. Yet, he believed there had to be a way to get the relief he yearned for so desperately now. It was too damned hard to go from wonderful sex twice a day to nothing. If he couldn't have sex, he at least needed a taste of Dan's cock. That was his special pleasure. There just had to be a way!

Maybe the voice had dismissed Todd, but Mike's mind sure hadn't. Sure, Mike had surpassed Todd now in every dimension, but that was one gorgeous hunk that he had wanted to have so badly.. Mike now boasted 60 solid inches around the chest with pecs a good inch deeper than Todd's had ever achieved. As he watched his own workouts in the mirrors in the gym, he could see that his pecs were denser than he had ever imagined possible. His waist had held at 30". Another day like today, and he, too, would break the 2:1 taper ratio. The arms moved through the meal showing all 23" of dense meat - cold. He had had to cut the sleeves of his shirts just to fit them over his massive biceps and tri's. Like Dwayne, slit shorts were the only option he, and the rest, had left for their pants. His cock and balls were so big in their semi-soft state (completely soft was no longer an option) that they forced the front of his pants down to sit just over the top of his cock meat. The scale told him he was going to break 310 pounds by morning - all of it lean, defined muscle. Maybe then he would begin to get some respect!

As before, the meal was pretty silent. Filled mostly with longing and inviting glances. There was less and less pretense about this now. Control was, clearly, becoming harder and harder. Only the drive for this additional pure muscle they found themselves with every day seemed to balance out the pressure in their huge balls for animal release through raw sex. Some were a little better at handling this than others, but all of them knew the feeling.

Chen had developed a habit of waking up without the alarm each morning and the next morning was no different. In his semi-wakened state, he rolled over onto his stomach - or at least he tried to. The quick stab of pain in his groin brought him back onto his back as the cause of the discomfort rose straight up to greet him.

His cock had to be 15" long now. It was still thin, but not too thin compared to the length. Maybe it was 2 " across, but it, like the others were experiencing, was hard as a rock. Even at this length, it remained virtually unmoving as Chen mentally contracted the surrounding groin muscles, pinching the base so that more blood remained trapped within. It was so long now that even the swell of his 56" pecs could only block a small portion of it's beauty. Veins began to define themselves along the length. Yet, it was not too vein covered. It never had been, but those that were there pushed through the thin, sensitive skin to announce their presence and readiness to be of service.

Reaching down, he touched the tip and marveled at how good just a touch felt. Using his teachings in the martial arts, he forced his mind to let go of some of the desires that now tried to drive this instrument of pleasure. Control was in his mind. It always had been and always would be. Moving his hands to his balls, he found them to be as hard now as his thick, semi-relaxed muscles. He couldn't imagine how much semen was waiting in there for the day when he could let it out. There had to be more juice in them than there was in the two navel oranges whose size they matched.

Spike loved the progress he was making but, admittedly, was envious of the double-gains those with the extra doses were getting. He figured, he would just work out that much harder. He had finally given up on his workout shorts and cut the legs off his old, out-of- date, draw-string, baggy sweat pants. These were the only things that fit over his cock and balls now and his legs just about reached out to embrace the circumference of the leg openings. At 275 pounds, his arms had become what he had prayed for. Not as big as some of those others, but a sharp 23 " with triceps definition that bounded on unreal. They looked like he had taken them right off of that German bodybuilder who had allegedly died from steroid abuse. All three heads were etched onto the bone beneath.

When he straightened out his arm against his side the arch created by the back of the fullest part of the triceps muscle caused a huge shadow to form in the hollow of the horseshoe. He found it impossible not to pause just to run his fingers over each bundled ridge that separated muscle strand from muscle strand. Inserting his fingers into the hollow, they almost disappeared in between the three protruding, voluminous heads. Each time, his pants warned him to either stop the self-admiration or pay attention to his cock's demand for equal time. He knew he dared not do this. In fact, as it, too, continued it's amazing growth pattern, Spike found himself at a lose as to how to service it any more. He would probably, literally rip Steve's beautiful ass in half if he tried to put it all in. Now there was a thought!

In the afternoon, Dwayne showed up for his typical leg time work out. It didn't seem to matter to his muscles any more if they got time off or not. They wanted to be fed all the blood he could deliver carrying the enhanced tissue-building nutrients. They felt constantly hard and hungry for growth. His tight shorts were now only connected around at the waistband. Most of the material was being pushed out and around into the cleft between his thick, bulbous ass cheeks as the giant leg muscles fought to occupy more and more space. At 260 pounds now, his upper legs and butt had taken on much of the gain.

While his chest had grown 3", his thighs were 5" larger than his waist at 35" each. He marveled at the growing road map of veins that appeared and disappeared into the deep, dark valleys between each individual muscle on his upper legs. If it weren't for the fact that he was already a deep chocolate color, his kneecaps would look pale since they seldom saw any sunlight due to the thickness of the meat just above them. His calves were as sharp as his upper legs and flared out quickly from below the back of the knees to their 22" ultimate thickness. He loved doing sissy squats now just to feel the calf muscle fight with the leg bicep to occupy the same space. How they rubbed together was almost sensual.

Dwayne dove into the workout with his usual relentless resolve. His legs were the master of all weights. Gravity was his friend in continued growth. Loading it up immediately, he put six 45 pound plates on each side of the squat machine. That should be enough for a warm-up he thought. Sure enough the 540 pounds felt easy, but got the muscle hungry for the real meal. He added another 90 pounds and did two full sets of 10 reps. It gave him the initial burn he wanted to feel and forced his legs to assume the state of striated definition that, obviously, drove the other guys wild. Two more sets at 680 pounds brought on a warm and tingling light sweat. The final set, 730 pounds!. He forced his way through 8 reps before his legs demanded a break. Tomorrow, he thought, we'll be of the way to half a ton or break the legs trying.

Next he came to leg curls. Dwayne liked mixing up sets between the front and back leg muscles. It made his whole leg feel full and hot. The leg curls had the added benefit of putting that big-muscled ass into motion, too. By setting the bench parallel to the mirror, he could watch himself as the rear bicep formed a tightly rounded arc leading down into the base of the thickly protruding mound of ass muscle. It, too, formed the series of clefts and ridges through the overly stretched fabric like it's brother muscles on the front of the legs. Dwayne watched his legs and ass flex through the motions with absolute delight over the vision in the mirror before him.

This is what an ass should look like, he thought to himself. Big and meaty. Not that little thing that Steve called an ass. Why so many white guys thought that small was better was beyond Dwayne. This was meat, real meat. Meat that took two hands to do justice to each huge globe. He had the same hardness and definition of the tiny-assed white-boy, but he had so much more to offer.

After six gloriously hard sets there, he moved on to do extensions. Dwayne loved these best. The way his front thigh muscles visibly tied themselves into competing knots of intertwined muscle meat under the rice-paper thin skin set him on fire. He locked his way through his first set. The pump was amazing. Muscles rose, collected and knotted with the veins seeming to act like ropes keeping the massive meat from bursting out of the skin.

As he was just finishing this first set, the gym door swung open and Dwayne's weights dropped like a rock with a loud clang at the image before him. Rick had become quite a sight with that additional 60 pounds of muscle pushing him near to 300 pounds total. While he had made great gains in mass and density, he still had that wonderful aesthetic flow and the sweeping proportions they had all noticed on the first day - it was just much bigger and, if possible, even more becoming on him now. Those features and that dense mass would have stopped anyone on their own but, on top of that, the boy was stark naked!

"Nothing fits anymore." He offered as an immediate explanation to the obvious reaction of surprise that had greeted his entry.

"I figured, I might just as well give up on clothes now since I would have had to without any choice by tomorrow." He continued as he strode in and moved toward the free weights.

The cock attached to the body was equally beautiful. It appeared to be about hard and must have been approaching 13" long. It draped in a gently downward curve flowing out over the top of two perfectly rounded apple sized balls. The sacs showed lines of gently visible veins running around to service them just like the cock. All three tool elements bounced rhythmically as the body walked (no, flowed) across the expanse of the gym. Each large, shapely muscle drifted endlessly into it's own supporting tendon which, in turn, blended it into the next transition into full muscle meat. Nothing was out of place in spite of the obvious size of each muscle.

His waist, like Steve's, had grown tighter and smaller and now held it's girdle of muscle in no more than 30". The dark shadow under the side muscles on top of where the legs began, traveled in one sweeping movement to point directly to that stupendous cock.

"That's good enough for me." Responded the awestruck black man as he reached down to the thin piece of elastic that kept the remnants of fabric up around his basket and ass.

With one quick snap, the material gave way. Dwayne, taking full advantage of the opportunity, stood up off of the extension machine and tore the last parts of his shorts away from his body, thus giving Rick a good long look at his thickly muscled ass, clenching it so that it stood out sharp and pronounced in the process.

Rick's cock responded immediately making an upward leap toward further hardness. This did not escape Dwayne's attention. Continuing the taunt, he bent over, almost in a full moon pose to swipe the tattered shorts off the floor. He brought his torso upright again very slowly so that the boy could get a good view of what a real ass should look like in action. He tensed his legs as he turned around again and Rick couldn't help but follow that quantity of huge hard muscle right around with his eyes transfixed.

Thank god it had been four full days. The doses he had taken so far had pushed Dwayne's cock from 5" to a respectable almost 8" hard - and it was. Only the fabric had been holding it back and now the combination of pure freedom and this pure, white beauty pushed it straight out to it's new limit.

The boy's cock made another quick jump to virtually full erection. Now it stood pointing and curving slightly upward at 13 " with it's bright red head serving as a perfectly sized cap. At this angle, the balls were hanging fully visible and totally filled hard and ready with cream. The back of them stood just slightly out away from the crotch so that nothing disturbed the perfect, smooth, shaven roundness of their volume. Just enough light shown through between the base of the cock and the top of the balls to give them the effect of having their own halo of light accenting their desirability.

In an effort to redirect his attention, Rick grabbed a pair of 80 pound dumbbells and started into a heavy set of curls. He surprised himself with his own strength by doing 18 reps without really feeling too much of an initial burn. As he went to exchange them for a pair of 95 pound weights, he couldn't help but use the mirror to watch as Dwayne sat back down on the extension machine and started pumping out a series of movements that both caused his leg muscles to swell up into giant, flaring teardrops and deep shadows while, at the same time, the sheer mass of muscle pushed up against his balls making his hard cock move back and forth as if in an inviting wave to Rick.

Rick grabbed the new dumbbells but, as he pumped out his second set, his eyes were virtually locked onto the view through the mirror to behind him. Dwayne smiled and locked out another tight flex at the top of the movement knowing that he had the full attention of this perfect, naked muscle-boy. Rick wanted that cock. Dan's was already too big fit his mouth anymore and just kept getting bigger and he had never tasted black meat before. Dwayne's cock was just about the perfect size for Rick right now. In a day or two it, too, would be too big.

Dwayne smiled again. Rick needed to concentrate on his workout. What would Dan think of him languishing over someone else. They had had everything together. So what if he couldn't suck his dick anymore? There were other ways to get off (though he was at a loss as to exactly what they were at the moment).

Rick had moved up to the 110 pound weights and struggled through 10 reps in a third set as he forced his energy into the weight training. Damn, his oversized prick made it a lot harder to do curls as the bigger and bigger weights bounced it's stiffness from side to side as they knocked into it on the way up and down. This just kept the damned thing excited from the feel of the rubbing metal and caused Rick to sweat harder as the heat of arousal mixed with the demands of the workout.

He started his fourth set. At the sixth rep, he forced his way through. On the seventh he felt two strong hands wrap themselves around his wrists.

"Come on boy, you can get it up there." Dwayne encouraged as he watched the long mighty biceps form into perfectly rounded balls much larger than the size of softballs. There was a clear light line defining the split of the muscle near at the top of the rep and the big thick veins running from shoulders to elbows took on meandering routes as the hard balls of muscle pushed them around under the smooth, silky skin on each arm. He forced Rick through an eighth rep just so he could watch that motion in action. Then there was the show the cock gave him as it was pushed from side to side by the dumbbells.

"Thanks." Rick responded as he lowered his arms straight after the last rep. Dwayne remained there with his hands around Rick's wrists as if waiting to see if there would be another set soon. Rick could feel Dwayne's cock laying on the crack between his ass cheeks and his hard balls pushing into each one as Dwayne's hips closed in on the boy. It felt good. Any cock would feel good right now, Rick thought, but this one was just the right size and the hardness and heat against his glutes of someone's cock and balls was just too hard to resist at the moment.

He had wanted something like this to happen. Maybe not exactly this, but it felt damned good. He had actually hoped to find Dan here. They had usually worked out around this time. He thought that if Dan could just see how beautiful he had become, he would welcome him back into his bed and, maybe, even let them do some foreplay for a while. They could always stop if it got too dangerous.

He could do the same thing with this hard, black muscle giant. Here he was - waiting, ready and, certainly, willing. Rick was willing, too. He turned, he smiled, and gently bent slightly to put the weights down. As he did this, his ass cheeks parted slightly and let the rigid cock slip a little deeper into the valley between them. As he straightened up, he crossed his hand over and, taking Dwayne's hands from his wrists, moved them to the top of his cock where he did his best to encourage them to stay.

Dwayne began to undulate his hips so that his cock ran up and down, partially enveloped between the generous ass muscles on each side of it. His hands knew what to do. One closed as far around the hard fleshy pole as possible and started sliding up toward the crimson crown. The other moved back, down and under cupping one of the full, heavy balls in his palm. He squeezed the ball tenderly but firmly eliciting a joyful moan from Rick as his head drifted back onto Dwayne's shoulder in restful, excited anticipation.

Dwayne began to stroke the cock, eyeing the overall beauty from close- up now through the mirror. It was a glorious instrument indeed. Heavy, yet hotly rigid. His fingers found the underside of the crown and began to manipulate it. It yielded thickly to his fingering and brought forth more moans from his muscular boy-toy.

Rick was in a dream world all his own and enjoying every sensual second of it. He tried to return the pleasure he was receiving by meeting the hip gyrations behind him with alternating flexing and relaxing of the ass muscles engulfing the underside of hot black cock. He wanted that cock in his mouth. He would have that cock in his mouth. Please don't let it cum before he was done, he prayed. He wanted to taste it, to tongue it, and to bring it to a completely satisfying release inside his moist, yearning mouth.

Those hands on his cock and balls were almost as good as his own lover's Rick thought as he drifted deeper and deeper into the feel of his balls being gently prompted to deliver their waiting load into the cannon that he knew would shoot volley after volley of liquid fire far across the room. The hand on the stiff shaft moved in longer and longer caressing strokes from pole to cap and back again. Each time, the sensation of the fingers tripping by the super sensitive underside of the cock helmet became more intense.

Oh, yes, he thought, just a few more strokes! "Knead my balls" He heard himself begging. "Make me cum! Make me cum! Then let me suck you off."

"OK, lover boy. You first, then we'll hook up with your other half and show him the same pleasure." Dwayne whispered.

It was going to happen, Rick could feel it in his balls. They were ready. It was now.

Then, all of a sudden, it wasn't! The hands were gone, the cock was gone.

He snapped his head up and spun around. There was Dwayne lying back on the floor with his huge lower legs doubled up under his massive upper legs. His chest was stretched as his arms were locked above his head on the floor with Dan sitting back, feet on Dwayne's shoulders, holding back an arm with each of his own strong hands.

"So, you think you can take out my lover that easily, huh?' he shouted at the prone muscleman. "Then you thought you were going to get me that easily next? Well, your attempt to take advantage of his youth and body stops here and now."

"Go ahead, Rick, suck him off" Dan said forcefully. "Lay down across his legs and suck him off - now!"

"What?" cried Rick. "I'm sorry, Dan. So very, very sorry."

I'm sorry, too." Dan said beginning to breathe heavily as he tried to hold Dwayne in place. "I should have known that this would be so much harder for you. Dwayne should have known better, too, but I guess this is his way to make sure he wins. Well, not if we can help it. We'll talk about this later, but, for now, get down there and do what you do best. We're going to put this one out of commission ourselves."

Rick did as he was told. The cock fit his mouth just as perfectly as he thought it would. His tongue began fondling the piss slit, just like he did with Dan. The moans of arousal from Dwayne mixed with the demands to stop. Rick kept going. Sucking, licking and constricting in the way he had perfected on his own lover. His mouth was as useful as it was beautiful.

Disappointingly, in Dwayne's enhancement induced, super sensitive aroused state, it didn't take long. Rick could feel as the cock tighten and ready itself for the inevitable explosion. He let it plop out of his mouth with a loud pop just in time. The thick, hot cum shot several feet into the air as the pressure that had grown in Dwayne's balls pushed volley after volley with tremendous force. Huge quantities of cum fell back onto Dwayne's own massive legs.

They watched as it ran into the still visible valleys between each of the massive leg muscles.

As Dan and Rick clasped hands and walked from the gym together, they left Dwayne exhausted, sore and defeated. •

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