Gift, The


By ParisPhoto

Now that he had them growing, they were less concerned about Erik's whereabouts. And although each was growing less fast that Ian had at the beginning, their combined production of fresh muscleboy spunk was doing wonders for Ian, who started growing afresh. All their training and sex parties were being observed by the imprisoned Erik via the video link, and now that Ian had less use for him, he was getting less attention, less food, less stimulation. In the moments when Ian replaced his feeding tube, Erik would beg his captor to get him off. Ian would laugh and show the new muscle his own protégés had enabled him to put on, and would leave the shrinking muscle man with his swollen cock unrelieved.

Now that Ian was growing and sure to beat Erik's weight for Olympia, he entered the circuit to get his pro card. He had sweatsuits made up with "Erik Leas' Boys" written on the back, and when they hit a show, the young champion and his three muscle buddy boys were quite a sight. He planned to enter the boys in their own shows soon, and the competition among them as they posed and flexed for Ian's attention and approval was great for the quality of their cum.

To keep this juice for himself, he had given them strict orders not to play with themselves or each other. He knew that it was an impossible order to obey, since they were getting so hot and so energized with their muscle growth. Ian was forced to resort to male chastity belts for the three of them, at least when they were home in the warehouse, a decision that would prove fateful.

Ian had taken two of the boys to his latest show, leaving Andy, who had sprained an ankle trying to use weights as heavy as Ian, alone in the warehouse. God, he felt horny. He wasn't used to going more than a few hours at a time without getting off, and the place was full of mirrors where he could see his own hot musclebody, naked but for the belt. Damn, he would kill to be able to come. There had to be an extra key to these contraptions, he thought, so he began searching the place. Ian had forgotten to lock the door to Erik's office, and after carefully searching for more than an hour, Andy finally found an extra set of keys. Yes! He recognized a small key as the one for the belts, and soon was free. His cock was not out of its prison for five seconds before he had grown hard and cum.

He cleaned up his mess, and was going to put away the keys, but instead had a thought. Maybe one of the keys would open the door next to the door to the gym, from which he would sometimes see Ian come? Indeed, it did. And his eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim light. He gradually made out the shapes of gym equipment. He heard a metallic noise, metal against metal, and grunting. He managed at last to find the lightswitch and saw the outstretched body of… someone familiar, yet barely recognizable – Erik Leas!

The reigning Mr. Olympia was strung up naked on this metal frame, his muscles gone, almost skin and bones. A few patches remained on his skin and were connected by wires to a console. A feeding tube entered his mouth. There was the stench of human waste. Andy didn't know what to do. Obviously Ian knew about this, since he had been seen coming out this door. He had to talk to Erik. Andy rotated the frame to a horizontal position and gently unstrapped the tube. Fortunately the tube only fed a mouthpiece and did not go down the esophagus, or Andy would not have dared remove it. Erik could barely speak, but he managed to tell his story in a series of whispers.

Ian was not expected back with the others for two more days, so Andy carried Erik back to his room, limping with the pain of his sprained ankle. Here he was carrying Mr. Olympia! But Mr. Olympia's phenomenal physique was no more, and instead of seeing his intercostals lined up in a row, those were the actual ribs! Andy was confused and worried. He cared for Ian who had given him this gift, but how could he have done this to his mentor? He cleaned up Erik, who was too weak to move. Andy saw Erik try to move his arm, with little success. He asked Erik what he needed, and was told that he needed to come.

Indeed, Erik had gone for weeks without an ejaculation, and he was in great pain. Andy gently licked and sucked the tip of the still- powerful cock, and in an instant his mouth was filled with cum that tasted even better than Ian's. He felt the stimulation throughout his body, he felt the pain in his ankle disappear, and when Erik whispered to beg him to feed him, he was ready with some juice of his own for the fallen giant. Erik greedily sucked it up, and begged for still more. Andy was not able to immediately oblige, and instead prepared a liquid protein meal for him. By the time Erik had finished three glasses, Andy could feed him more juice. Revived by this food and stimulation, Erik was able to sit up in Andy's bed. •

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