Gift, The


By ParisPhoto

In a few months it would be time for Olympia, and Ian wanted to be sure that Erik's title would go to him. He began stimulating the giant more and more, but with disappointing results. When Erik began to have trouble providing his juice, Ian resorted to sticking an electric probe up his ass to stimulate his prostate. Unpleasant, of course, but effective, and Ian was all about getting results. Yet without the return stimulation of Ian's juice, Erik was shrinking, and his semen had lost most of its kick. Ian was furious when he saw that he was stagnating. Even if he was huge, he needed to be bigger than Erik ever was in order to wipe him off the pages of history. He needed more stimulation.

Here too, he had a plan. He went to Erik's office and looked through the carefully filed fan mail. Erik received sacks of it daily, and now that he had announced his hiatus from competition and personal appearances, worried fans were writing more and more. But those were not the letters Ian was interested in. He was looking for the boys that wrote daily to ask for advice, to ask Erik to train them as he had trained Ian, boys who were willing to do anything to become champions.

He looked at the young men trying to look as big and tough as possible, read the endless paragraphs of admiration of Erik and his training of Ian, the promises of eternal devotion for the gift of Erik's skills. Ian felt a pang of guilt, but it wasn't as if Erik had shared some skill or knowledge with him. All he gave to him was his cum, in every way possible, and he had certainly enjoyed the results of his gift. Ian wrote to a dozen of the most promising 18-year-olds sending them tickets to come and train with Erik.

When the boys arrived, Ian explained that Erik was on a retreat and had left him in charge. He had isolated his private gym, in which Erik was kept enchained, from a new larger area where he had them work out. A video camera allowed Erik to view this scene and permitted Ian to keep an eye on it when he would have his sessions with Erik.

Ian was so used to living in the nude in the warehouse that he felt a bit uncomfortable wearing clothes. He had intentionally ordered some very light nylon shorts for them all to wear. By doing so, he was able to observe the boys' reactions as they worked out and especially as he did posing demonstrations for them. He quickly chose three of the most responsive and sent the others home at Erik's expense.

Andy was a redhead, a farmboy who was full of energy. Bobby was from a town up the coast, and had dark Latin looks, while Charlie was a smooth Asian boy. All were fairly short. Whatever happened, Ian did not want to create a rival for himself, and made sure they were much shorter than him.

Now that there were only the four of them, Ian decided to quickly use the shower technique on them after their first workout. He started flexing and posing for them in the shower, and was pleased to see the three embarrassed boys soon sporting hard-ons. In short order they were caressing him and working his muscles over with their young hands and soft tongues. He missed the sex he had shared with Erik, and was pleased to honor each of them with a bellyful of cum in short order. Just as he had been revived by his first dose of Erik's super semen, they were too, and hit the weights for their first growth workout. •

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