Bull's Strength

The tip of the Iceberg…


By Muscl4life

Bryan arrived at home just in time to catch his grandma finishing her meal:

“Bryan, dear! I thought you wouldn't catch dinner, you want me to make a plate for you?

“Yes, PLEASE! Bryan said as he sat at the dinner table and literally vanished with all the food prepared for dinner and he ate for desert, the whole cake Martha baked this afternoon. Of course, she was more than happy to see her grandson eating the way he was. Bryan was still feeling the bliss from his wild afternoon with big Josh, he was beginning to fell sore from the training and the "hard work" Josh gave him. He went to his room and turned his computer on, still chewing the cake he checked his e mail. Surprisingly, he received an answer on the email he sent sooner “ "Already?" Bryan opened it and read the short answer, mostly containing hyperlinks from where he could obtain more information about Chem Tech. Bryan spent the entire night looking over the net for any clue, but mostly he found commercial stuff about the company, which, by the way, went to bankruptcy ten years ago, but nothing over "Richard Holdar", he was almost calling a night, when he got the sound of incoming e mail, the address was an IP number and there was no sign of sender. Even though he knew it was dangerous, he opened it:


Bryan smiled nervously "Those geeks really got carried away", he decided to print the files and just play along, he hasn't much to do really. The files weren't much bigger, and there were many left parts, he waited for the end of the printing and started reading. But he got shocked. Mostly because he couldn't believe such nonsense crap. Back at the Cold War times ChemTech labs was a private laboratory which worked under Government supervision in order to develop state of the art weaponry. But it wasn't just that. Apparently ChemTech worked researching the human organism endurance and how could it be enhanced. Some sectors of military forces planned to "show the world the excellence of its soldiers over the enemies of democracy". That was the motion of "Morning Star" project. But that was just the cover up story; ChemTech researches were much "deeper". The files contained parts of the so called real goals. "Morning Star" operation intended to develop much stronger human soldiers, or better, to "enhance" human standards in such manner, the results couldn't even be compared to human standards anymore. At least it was their main goal of the whole study. The whole process had many stages, since harvesting the candidates, passing by the many try outs and testing. But the main stage was HbE treatment. HbE standing for, Human body enhancement, but Bryan couldn't retrieve details on the results of such treatment. The rest of the files only told that the scandals involving ChemTech which lead the company into bankruptcy were not the reason for the failure of ChemTech. According to the document, ChemTech had a terrible incident in which the main HbE subject was severely hurt, due to the explosion of the company laboratory. The document failed again and the last part was about the so called "monster". It had many testimonials of the local residents reporting the so called "monster". A huge human-like creature, and many drawings made apparently by police artists. The descriptions of the monster seemed to be copied from an B-movie: over eight feet tall, and seeming that wide, hairy, enormous bulk, the funniest part was about the "endowment" of the creature, many reports skipped that part but then one young man swore it was "as big as its arm", and there were many other things like that referring to the cock of the monster "which was never soft all the time I saw it", and the thing went on and on…

“It's the same thing I've read before! Exclaimed Bryan as he finished report. He prepared to tear the papers, when he read the bottom of the page, written in very tiny letters mixed with the address – "If you want to find more, follow the link bellow and use the password "sunrise". Bryan smiled – "what the heck? There's no address to follow" he went through all the pages again, then he noticed the numbers on the pages were all fucked up, the first page had the number 5, the second, 8 etc. Then, Bryan noticed the quiz, the numbers revealed a strange IP he never thought could be possible. Bryan typed the IP and then his computer seemed to fade out, he checked the systems and tried to reset but then the message appeared: "YOU'RE BEING SECURELY CONNECTED, DON'T WORRY BRYAN, IT'S JUST FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!" – The jock felt his own spine freezing:

“WHAT THE FUCK! Bryan turned the computer off quickly. Then he breath deeply and turned it on again. It showed another screen he never saw before, and this dialog box in the middle of the screen:

“I AM SORRY I HAD TO INVADE YOUR MACHINE , BUT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I COULD MAKE SURE YOU WERE NOT ONE OF THEM! Then Bryan noticed another window where he could type the answer: >>Who the heck are you? And why you the fuck you invaded my PC? >>I am here to answer your questions! >>And who said I have any fucking question to do to you? I'll shut this shit off! >>You can do this, but you'll never know the truth? >>What truth? >>About ChemTech and the Morning Star project! >>You're just another lunatic, you fucking crazy bastard!! >>And why did you start looking for it anyway? Bryan did not have an answer for that question, he couldn't tell anyone about Josh, who knows who this guy was, so he decided to play along: >>It doesn't matter, what do you have to tell anyway? >>Everything >>So when do we start? >>The download is completed, I'll let you alone with all the truth. I only hope you can handle it! The screen went black and appeared some icon named "MSop". Bryan clicked on the thing and then the program started running. Bryan couldn't believe his eyes. It showed with the ChemTech logo and then a movie appeared on the logo, then a man appeared on the screen, he was tall, had this dark brown cascaded length shoulder hair. His eyes were brown, and the man was very lean with average built even though he was wearing this lab coat. "Good afternoon General Hammer, my name is Doctor Richard Holdar, and I am in charge of the HbE stage of this operation. I'd like to explain the whole treatment at every detail, and you'll be receiving the material along with this video. (The camera faded out and showed the laboratory with many strong men performing lots of physical tests, and many other workers scanning the results) As you can see, the HbE program consists of many stages, on the first stage we gather physiological and biochemical of the candidates (many strong men were being measured and being tested about, body composition, blood test). Holdar walked to another installment and there showed another men lying on hospital beds and being injected some solution – In this area we start the enhancers elements treatment, gradually, on the subjects selected in the previous phase. This is the phase where we can study the behavior of the enhancers in each host organism. As we've seen we only take those subjects who showed above average results.(camera cuts to another room, where very built men train with heavy weights and running on treadmills) In this stage, we may see the excellent results we have achieved with the subjects in this area. (shows the body and the muscles of three huge subjects, they look pretty impressive, but just like every good and strong mariner. The subjects showed some very nice, but not extraordinary muscles but Holdar insisted :

“This three subjects showed the best results of our entire staff, they are entering the fourth stage of the program in which we'll increase the amount of enhancers solutions on their organisms, and pretty soon we'll have the first subjects who finally made to the fourth stage (the image is cut, and then finished with a black screen). Bryan closed the window, and then he noticed another icon "surv.1", he clicked and the screen appeared again. This time, the image seemed like those surveillance cameras. It showed what seemed Holdar arguing with a bunch of generals. They seemed pretty mad, and Holdar was not any less. The military staff left the room and he punched the wall and started crying. Screen went black again. When Bryan closed it he noticed two more icons "RhHbE" and "surv.2". He clicked at the first, the image was made by a home camera: "Those bastards! They can't take it away from me! I am so close! The results were not very optimistic? I'll show them optimism!

“Rich! Are you sure you wanna do this? The voice of the camera man spoke.

“Yes, I'll undergo the treatment myself, but this time I'll use the original concept of HbE!

“Original? But we never tried to test the original formula…

“I don't have time for this, we gotta show them!(camera faded out and it seemed to be edited) . When it went on it showed Holdar and his associated, appeared on the screen and Holdar was being injected something.

“Hello, my name is Zackary Feldens, and I've just gave my colleague Dr. Holdar the HbE enhancement at full capacity, we didn't dilute on purpose, in order to achieve better results and since the army subjects were recalled we had to test it by ourselves.

“How do you feel, Rich? Asked the short blond man to his tall comrade.

“Pretty fine, the results shall appear in a week or so… Rich looked at his friend:

“Zack, you think you can help me here? I am sort of dizzy the enhancer is too much strong. Camera faded out once more, then it showed another part of the video, seeming to be another chamber.

“This is Richard Holdar. I am taping this alone, because I don't want my associate knowing about it, because he would never approve it, but I have total confidence about my enhancement solution. It is basically a super stimulator of the hormonal glands, getting the organism to enhance the standards itself, the way we were applying to the other subjects was only two percent of the original dosage, and we never got to use the second element of the HbE – the genetic catalyser, this compost was part of the original composition, but it needed to be tested before we could apply in the subjects, in theory it can magnify the results of the formula intake, by adjusting the enhancers specifically to the genetic receptors of the host. We never calculated the magnification potential but it sure is really "bombastic", because the augmentation is made within the genetic code of the receptor. I intend to take the catalyser on my own, and then we'll resume to the treatment, my partner won't know until it is the right time… Camera faded in again and showed Holdar injecting what seemed the catalyser himself. He reached for the camera, a little dizzy and turned it off.

“That shit can't be real! – Bryan smiled as he watched to the rest of the recording. (Camera shows Zack standing in front of a board full of complicated equations and formulas) "The results of the HbE treatment on Rich are better than we expected, he's showing the signals of enhancement the very next day he was injected, and we got the data of his initial stage: height, 6'1", 168 pounds, 36" chest, 14"biceps, 31" waist, 32" thighs, 15,7% body fat. Richard Holdar was submitted to a 100% enhancement goal treatment, which means he'll be able to duplicate his normal standards for his endurance tests which were already measured. Our previous subjects never experienced a 100% full enhancement solution before, so the results have no standard to be compared with" (camera zooms out and shows the rest of the room)

“Dr. Holdar come here and we'll show the very early benefits achievable with our treatment – Zack said and pointed to the right corner of the room. There came Holdar dressing only a kind of jock strap. You could really tell he was more built, his body showed real progress… "This thing must be forged"– Bryan thought as he kept watching the video.

“Rich please tell our viewers how are you feeling today? Zack asked like he was following some kind of script.

“Very well, Dr. Feldens! I am feeling the very soon improvements of the treatment.

“Any side effects?

“No, there's nothing wrong with me!

“Shall we get your measurements now? Rich nodded and Zack started taking his stats. After each reading Zack took his notes :

“After just 19 hours since the beginning of the treatment and Dr. Holdar already increased every stat in at least ¼ inch – His actual weight is 173 pounds, and his body fat dropped to 14,8% . Thank you Dr. Holdar. The camera faded out. Bryan went to the next icon "surv.2". Again it was the image of surveillance camera, but this time it was much closer, Bryan could actually see the face of Holdar as he entered the laboratory and reached for more enhancement solutions, he injected it on him, then he injected more, then it was kind of edited because the dates on the screen changed every now and then, each time it showed Holdar coming back at the lab for more and more solution, due to the poor quality of the images, Bryan couldn't notice straight but he was sure Holdar was indeed growing bigger each day. After the short trailer, the camera faded out. Then instead of the usual icons, appeared a dialog box, asking for the password code. – Bryan typed "sunrise" but it went ACCESS DENIED. – What? This is the password he gave me! Bryan typed two other times and it went the same message. Bryan was mad – Who the hell is that guy anyway? He gave me a fake password? Why? Bryan looked at the clock – 3.30 am – Fuck! I'd better hit the sack! He turned the computer off, and went sleeping. In his dreams, he could only fantasize about Josh and his imperial proportions, his figure filling the completeness of his vision, his shining smile capable of seducing him to do absolutely everything. And his face, so tender, so masculine, so virile, so powerful, and yet so childish, and then Bryan focused on the face of his lover and it hit him, he saw perfectly the face of Holdar matching perfectly Joshua's one. Their figures melted into one, and they've merged into one astonishing look, and this made Bryan wake up, he was sweating and his cock was at full mast. He got up and went to the bathroom and splashed some cold water in his face, in his way back to bed he checked his weight on the scales – 177 pounds:

“177? I must be fattening! Bryan checked his ripped figure, there was absolutely no apparent fat in his sculpted lean body – This scale must be fucked up! Bryan turned off the light and went to bed. •

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