Bull's Strength

Joshua's many other talents


By Muscl4life

Bryan woke up at 10.30 the other day. His grandma practically had to drag him out of the bed, he was tired, after all, he hadn't slept well the last two days. After breakfast, he went to the living room and grabbed a magazine, Martha came along:

“Bryan, dear, you look so, so… - Martha poked him in the chest – You look so "buffed".

“Hey, hey, hey! Stop with that poking finger! You know I have tickles! Bryan got up of the couch.

“Grandma, is that scale of the bathroom good?

“Yes, of course, you know how I feel about those stuff! My balance is just as precise as all the clocks and watches in this house!

“It said I am weighing 177 pounds! My weight is actually a little bit down 170!

“I told you, I would put some meat in those bones! I knew right when I saw you eating last night, I've never seen you eat so much! You looked like Joshie! Martha laughed and disappeared into the kitchen:

“By the way, let me know when you're heading to Clara's, it's time for Joshie's deliver… Bryan felt uncomfortable, he wasn't sure if Josh wanted to see him again, it could be awkward…

“Grandma, I don't feel like going there… - Bryan tried to persuade his grandmother into dropping the food herself, but the old woman was irreducible:

“Bryan, you said you and Joshie became friends, why don't you wanna come back there? Martha said as she prepared the "cargo" for Joshua.

“No, I am just not in the mood – Bryan was a terrible liar, and his grandmother could really tell when he was lying. She looked into his eyes and asked:

“Bryan, did you get Joshua angry with you? You screwed it all didn't you? Bryan laughed by the inside, he sure did screw, but he had to control his mouth:

“Grandma, we are not that close, he won't even miss me…

“The same guy who had already phoned three times while you were at sleep? Bryan's face lightened like the sun itself, he kissed his grandma and grabbed the food in his way to the car. Martha smiled. She remembered the sad tone on Clara's voice as she told her about their boys. In a certain way she could tell Bryan was gay, of course she would never wanted him to be this way, but it was his choice and his choice only, she could only remember what a wonderful grandson he was, and everything he suffered living with his step uncle, and she wanted him to be happy. Martha's smile opened even more when she heard the car rushing down the hill. If there was one boy in the whole world she loved just like her own grandson it was Joshie, and if they belonged to each other, what the heck! Martha was always ahead of her time, and this whole situation would only confirm it. Bryan arrived at Joshua's a.s.a.p. He parked the car and rushed into Clara's kitchen carrying as many bags as he could. Clara smiled surprised at Bryan's rush:

“My God! Where are you going in such a hurry! Bryan returned kissed Clara's forehead and vanished towards the barn, he knew Josh would be there. He always were there.

“Josh! Josh! Where are you? Bryan said and entered the barn, he saw his lover's immense back turned at him Bryan just lost it, he jumped into the hugeness of his man's back and grabbed it as he could, with arms, with his legs, the way he could manage to hold on his beloved. Joshua turned himself, oddly serious, and lowered Bryan at the incline bench. The smaller boy tried to kiss him, but he gently avoided it, he smiled and showed the thing in his hand. It was a guitar, an old one, but it was sure in good condition, then Bryan remembered the same guitar hanging on the wall of Joshua's room.

“I didn't know you can play guitar! Bryan said surprised. Joshua gently put his finger on Bryan's lips and silenced his lover, he grabbed the guitar, it was so tiny in his hands, like he was holding a banjo or something. He looked into Bryan's eyes the way he knew he could melt his little beloved and started playing:

"Come stop your crying It will be all right Just take my hand Hold it tight"

Joshua approached and sat in front of Bryan, his voice was so masculine, but yet so hypnotizing. Bryan never thought Phill Collins' You'll be in my heart could so meaning at that time, he saw Josh playing so beautifully, even with those enormous fingers, how did he managed. The guitar was so tiny in his hands, and yet he sounded so comfortable at the music, his voice was sincere and he really was getting the way of singing with such a low voice:

"I will protect you From all around you I will be here don't you cry"

Bryan felt weird, he was so focused in that song, he never thought but it was their relationship, their story :

"For one so small You seem so strong My arms will hold you Keep you safe and warm This bond between us Can't be broken I will be here Don't you cry"

Bryan realized. Joshua could never be mad at him, just like him could get mad at his giant teen lover. They belonged each other and then Joshua stood UP in all his glory and sang the first chorus:

"`Cause you'll be in my heart Yes you'll be in my heart From this day on Now and forever more"

Joshua kneeled in front of Bryan, keeping their eyes almost at the same level:

"You'll be in my heart No matter what they say You'll be here in my heart, always"

Bryan felt his tears coming down his face, and then he kissed Joshua's forehead so gently, warmly, and delicately. Joshua stood up suddenly, his voice carried a little angry:

"Why can't they understand The way we feel They just don't trust What they can't explain I know we're different But deep inside us We're not that different at all"

Josh calmed his voice a little, but he kept singing his protesting song

"And you'll be in my heart Yes, you'll be in my heart From this day on Now and forever more

Joshua dropped the guitar and passionately grabbed Bryan in his arms, but he kept singing:

"Don't listen to others `Cause what do they know We need each other To have, to hold They'll see in time I know"

Joshua was crying himself, his thick tears rolled down his pretty child/man face. His voice was heavy and he couldn't keep with the song anymore:

“There's one more part, but… - Now it was Bryan who silenced his giant lad lover putting his finger in the full lips of the teen behemoth:

“You've said it all, I love you, and you'll be in my heart – always! They kissed so passionately even Josh felt he could suffocate. Then he lowered his lover:

“I'll be ready when you are, not sooner, nor later! Josh brushed Bryan's hair.

“I didn't know you could sing and play so well – Bryan said trying to change the subject.

“That's nothing! I just got the lyrics and played for you! Josh hugged Bryan strongly:

“ "Estava com saudades de você!" It sounded so hot and sensual, the sound of "s" felt like hot breeze in the ears

“What? – Bryan asked smiling

“That's Portuguese for "I missed you" – Well it could mean that but, "saudades" is a word which only exists in the Portuguese idiom, it came from the language spoken by the slaves back in Africa, it means much more than missing, it is the feeling the slaves felt when they were away from their beloved things in their homeland, it is like the empty in a hurt soul…

“Since when you speak Portuguese? Bryan asked astonished

“I've learned it reading. I've got lots of books in Portuguese, My uncle Greg bought them for me, when I was 11 and Father Mathias taught me in the beginning, but then he moved to another parish, so I learned by myself! It was tough but since you get the hang of it…

“Amazing! How many languages can you speak? Bryan smiled as he rubbed the immensity of Joshua's biceps.

“Only six! Seven if you count English – Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Russian!

“You speak Russian?

“Of course, most of the best mathematics books are in Russian, and they are pretty good too!

“But, why would you need Russian books for Math? Asked Bryan each time more impressed.

“To learn Calculus! Joshua said as he caressed his lover

“CALCULUS! You've learned CALCULUS! Alone? In Russian books!

“No, I've learned in english, I've learned Russian when I studied Advanced Calculus! Joshua spoke normally as it would perfect usual.

“Josh, do you have an idea of what we study in High School?

“Look Bryan, you don't need to brag, I know I will never be able to go college… Bryan grabbed Joshua's chin and spoke:

“Josh, if you studied those things, you've already graduated form college! High school is way down those subjects! Did you have any difficult at all?

“Nope! I've made all the exercises in all the books I have, and I've aced all the tests on them!

“So you just gave up studying?

“Of course not! I am studying Biology and Chemistry, but my books are very old… Bryan was just astonished, his lover was not just the muscle in person, but also one brilliant mind, to rule the ultimate body…

“You're not just BRAWN you're BRAIN AND BRAWN! Bryan smiled and attacked his lover, kissing him and rubbing himself over the giant lad

“Come on let's go lunch! I am starving! Bryan said and launched in the kitchen direction.

“Hey I am the starving one! Joshua protested as they rushed to the food!

Two weeks have passed since Joshua and Bryan met each other. They became each time more connected. Everyday, Bryan came along, to help Josh at the farm, and then they trained, and "other stuff". Very often, Bryan slept over, and they've managed to share Joshua's bed as a real couple. The oversized bed was already tight for Josh's proportions, but at night, Bryan squeezed himself and slept together with his boyfriend, he accommodated himself between the mattress and the bulk of Joshua's chest, enjoying his slabs of muscle. But little they sleep, that's truth, every night, Bryan and Joshua engaged into the night sucking and licking each other. As the days flew by Bryan noticed two things. First was the incredible capabilities of Josh, he wasn't just BIG, he was BETTER in just everything! His average record for 100 meters was 10.12 seconds! And he should be weighing more than 500 pounds now! His legs can do much more than be ultimate veined, they are indeed more powerful than they look! He wasn't just muscular he was OVER muscular and his strength was no match not even for his size, Josh was training with huge amounts of "MEGA J- plates" as he called the 1000 pound dumbbell made out of concrete! And each day he felt they were getting lighter and lighter. His muscles grew in a rhythm that surprised Bryan each day. And such amazing records were not just in the physical area, Josh could resist to cold, Clara told him he uses to work on the farm shirtless during WINTER! And he resists HEAT pretty more than anyone else! But his mind is as sharp as his body. Bryan found out Joshua had a total recall memory, he remembers exactly everything he read or saw in a very long time, and not just that, he is auto teachable, he can learn by himself, whatever he wants. His reading skills are rather amazing, he can read faster than any one you could came up with, and his vocabulary is over 3000 words just in english! Joshua's mind surprised Bryan everyday. The finances of the farm were held in very good and big hands – his calculation skills were so developed he could perform complex operations faster than any computer. Just for testing, Bryan started bringing very kinds of reading with him, he brought magazines, newspapers, and the big lad devoured them as Clara's food. And each time Josh asked for more and more things to read, he understood complex economical theories on the international markets, he could discuss on the most polemic issues with extreme ease, everyday he seemed to be growing not just in his imperial proportions but also in his clever mind, he was sure much clever than Bryan, and little by little his naivety became less and less noticeable, and his personality blossomed into a very wise, intelligent, bold, and also gentle, lovable young man. And such transformation intrigued and yet dazzled Bryan. His Joshua was no longer his "boy toy" but most of all he was his MAN, in every sense you can possibly imagine. The second thing Bryan noticed was his strange and sudden gains; Bryan credited most of this to his training with Josh, mostly during sex, when the lad behemoth gave him hard work, but even this was too little to explain how Bryan had gained almost 16 pounds over the past times, going from 177 he already couldn't believe to a whooping 193 pounds. Of course Josh couldn't notice such gains in his petite lover, after all he was 506 pounds at 7'8" ¼ tall. Bryan looked at his image in the mirror, he couldn't believe how big he was getting. His figure was so much wider, his arms, his abs, his chest, every thing was much beefier than he never dreamed in his wildest hardcore days. He kept watching himself squeezing and stroking his growing muscles without noticing the HUGE vulture entering the room and grabbing the narcissist lad and literally devoured him as he was made out of sugar. Bryan barely had time to breathe in as he felt the enormous hands lifting him from the ground. After the kiss, Joshua played with his hair:

“And they say that I am vain! Joshua whispered in his lover's ears. They played a little bit and Bryan finally rested in his lover's enormous arms, playing with the giant nipples in his fingers:

“I still can't believe, Josh! Bryan said a little sad. He got on the ground and once more showed his beefed body to his lover – Look at me! I just don't know how come I got this size! Joshua smiled and hugged his boyfriend, eclipsing the jock:

“I think someone is getting a little carried away, let's not forget who's the BIG one in this relationship! Josh joked and hugged his lover a little tighter:

“No, Josh I am serious! Why don't you pay attention on me? Bryan seemed upset with his bigger boyfriend behavior

“Bryan, you've gained what? 20 pounds or a little more, big deal! Josh said as he looked to the part of his immense body which appeared in the mirror?

“Well, let's not forget that normal men don't gain 23 pounds of MUSCLE in just two weeks! Bryan exploded and Joshua looked at him, with the same puppet eyes and for one moment, Bryan forgot all about his strengthening personality and his character, he returned to the same sad big boy he met two weeks ago:

“I am sorry Josh, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings – he jumped on the arms of his beloved – But I am really worried, it never happened to me before!

“Maybe, it's a good thing! Imagine that some day you could handle me… Joshua's voice carried the sadness he felt at the moment, remembering that he never get to fuck Bryan, fearing he could hurt his lover, after all his cock was almost three feet long! The smaller jock kissed his sad giant lad – Don't worry, it doesn't matter to me as much as you do, you big lug! They kissed again and Joshua's joy seemed to have returned.

“You know that we could take the chance – Bryan said, willing to finally convince Josh to fuck him, but the giant lad refused it once more:

“I can't take the chance to hurt you, You know how BIG I am, no one can handle my business! Bryan let that go, he had tried to fuck Josh, but it didn't feel right for him, he was always a bottom, and he couldn't picture of him fucking a 500 pound musclefreak! •

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