High School Reunion

By myoder

I was surprized when I heard from Dave Sanders. We were in high school together, both of us misfits, geeks and interested more in studying than sports and girls. I was actually never interested in girls, but not many people knew that- even Dave.

Now 20 years later, the phone rings and there he is. He said he wanted to meet me again. After all this time, I wondered why. You know when you grow apart from high school friends, you never expect to see them. I'd been openly gay in my community for as long as I'd been out of high school but I was curious about what had become of Dave. I remembered him as a tall, chunky, dirty-blond haired kid with thick glasses and the start of a fuzzy mustache. Not cute by any stretch of the imagination. At 36 would he still be the same nerd?

I invited him to my house. We made the date for 3pm, because he said he wanted to spend some time at the gym.

"Gym?" I said, "You haven't gone and turned into a jock now have you?"

His voice was much deeper than our younger days, sexy and rich and husky. "Not exactly, but I think you might be a little shocked."

Now my curiosity was piqued. I'd always watched the high school football guys and gymnasts (on the sly) and found big hard bodied guys a major turn on. As three o'clock approached I waited in anticipation.

The door bell rang and I answered it. I couldn't believe what I saw. This guy wasn't the Dave I knew - but it was!

He filled the door. He stood about 6'7" and he was huge! His hair was thinning a lot, still dirty-blond but he was bald on top, wispy strands of hair at the sides of his head. He still wore thick glasses, making his brown eyes seem large. His mustache was now a full fumanchu, and dark brown. He had 70's side-burns. His neck was massive stretching his shirt collar. His traps were like mountains and the shirt could barely contain them. Tufts of brown hair spilled over the top of the shirt which hugged his massive pecs. Pecs so large they looked more like pumpkins than any chest I'd ever seen. His arms were massive and thick and spread out from his huge torso. The sleeves of the shirt were barely able to shift around Dave's gargantuan biceps. His sleeves were rolled up revealing thick meaty forearms covered in brown hair. His hands were huge and veins snaked over them. He wore jeans that stretched overhis massive quads and hugged his calves. And his basket was heavy - very heavy.

"Dave?" I gasped. "Is that you?"

"Sure is, Buddy. Can I come in?"

"Uh - yeah! Sure."He stepped into the house and I closed the door. I was speechless, and Dave knew it. I also felt my cock starting to harden at the thought of this giant muscle manin my living room. "You want a beer?" I finally asked.

"Yeah, sure!" he said. "I had a good workout today, could use a beer." He sat on my couch and filed the thing. His mass was incredible. "I guess this is a shock," he said. "Didn't expect to see such a change in me."

Nonchalantly I stuttered, "well - I - I guess not. You're a fukin monster, Dave! What happened to you?"

"After school I started to work out a little to get rid of the excess weight, and I met up with a few guys on an experimental program to build mass. I started working on the project and found errors in the doctor's formula. So I worked on that part- you know how much I was always into chemistry - and I found the key ingredient to building more mass than has ever been possible before. After taking the first dose, my size increased by 20% and my strength increased by 30%. I started getting so big, but the bigger I got the bigger I wanted to be."

My mouth was dry. "How big are you?" I asked.

Dave read off his stats with pride. "I'm 6'8", 700lbs, Pecs measure 70", neck 25", my biceps are about 36" now and my forearms are about 28"." He madea fist and the muscles in his mighty forearm bunched and swelled under the covering of fur. "Can't get my waist below 36" but I need that size to hold up all this bulk." He casually flexed his massive hairy pecs and the shirt stretched dangerously toward tearing. "My quads are about 40" and my calves are 32". He drank the beer tilting his head back and showing off his thick bull's neck.

Man! That's incredible," I said. "I'm curious though - why get in touch with me after all these years? I didn't think anyone remembered me." My cock was aching sitting so close to this massive mountain of muscle, but I didn't want to let on.

"Well, you were one of the few friends I had in school, and --" he hesitated, seeming almost shy now. The effect of this massive monster blushing was almost comical and sort of sexy. "Well - I -- I'm gay. I hope you're not offended."

I almost choked on the beer. "Offended!? I'm gay too! When did you figure that out?"

"Not till a few years after school. I tried it with women for a while, but didn't like it. When I started getting huge like this, I found that women didn't appreciate it. They just wanted me to fuck them. I need to have more than that. I need someone who can appreciate what a giant man has to offer."

He spread his thighs open and I could see his bulge was expanding stretchig his pants. Now I knew where we were heading.

"What exactly do you have to offer?" I asked.

Without speaking he stood up in the middle of the room. Then he started to tense and flex his huge muscles. His pecs were bouncing and popping with mass and the buttons on the hirt started to fly to cornersof the room, the fabric ripping over the mountainous haiy muscle. His neck andtraps expanded forcing the collar open more and more. His massive 36" biceps seemed to grow another few inches and the sleeves tore open exposing the veined and thick twisted steel of his arms. His back and lats spread further and further until the flimsy material of the shirt fell to the floor. He stood there every muscle pulsing and hard. I was openly stroking my cock in my pants longing for release.

"Why don't you get naked?" he said.

I immediately moved toward this massive freak and took off my clothes, my 7" cock hitting my stomach.

"Mmm, nice," Dave moaned, his huge hairy hands roaming over my body, cupping my pecs and stroking my sides. He leaned down and our lips met our tongues exploring each others mouths. His fingers found my asshole and gently started probing. I was in heaven as I ran my hands over all that hairy freaky size and felt the power in his muscle. He stood up and started posing. First a double biceps the peaks rising nearly hitting his massive fists. Foerarms twisted with massive thick cords of muscle. I licked the bowling ball sized biceps and ran my fingers over his huge shoulders. He groaned. Then a lat spread his lats like huge thick wings of muscle. Then a most muscular pose every massive freaky muscle bunched and twisted.

"Fuck! You're a monster, DAve! You are the biggest freak on the planet, man!"

"Yeah, Buddy! Feel my muscle! Get into it! It's all for you, little man!" He flexed his pecs, making them pop and bounce, together then separately, to show his superior muscle control. My tongue licked his erect nipples my hands explored all that hair. I licked his sweaty armpits, tasting his mansweat. "Oh fuck," he moaned, "I gotta let my cock out, Buddy." He unzipped his pants andI helped pull them down. The top of his cock appeared under a thick bush of dirty-blond hair and the shaft kept coming. When it sprang free it had to be 12 inches long, as thick as a beer can and hard as steel.

"Holy shit!" I said and starting licking and sucking the massive man's cock. I could barely get half in my mouth it was so huge. I sucked him while he stood there for about ten or twenty minutes, while Dave continued to pose and flex. Finally he picked me up under my arms and lifting me like a child carried me into the bedroom. He laid me on the bed and leaned over me.

"Fuck, I gotta make love to you, little Buddy. All this fucking muscle is gonna make you feel real good, man!" He kissed me deeply and his fingers probed my ass. He licekd his way down my body, gently sucking each nipple, teasing my hole with his huge thick fingers. He sucked in my cock in one breath and continued sucking me till I thought I was goingto explode. The he lifted my legs in one giant hand and rimmed me. I loved the feeling of his thick stache against my hole, his fingers rubbing and probing me at the same time, loosening me up for his huge cock. "Yeah, you need a huge maneating your boy pussy, huh? You need me fucking tha thot hole, Buddy?"

"Yeah!" I gasped. "God, Dave! I need a fucking giant muscle freak in my ass. I wnat that huge cock in me."

Dave grabbed the lube from the bed table and lubed his mammoth cock iwth one hand while lubing my hole with the other. I lamped down on his fingers which made him crazy. "Yeah, gonna be my big cock in there, Buddy. Gonna get fucked by all this muscle!" He lifted my legs again and the head of cock was pressed against my hole. Then he kissed me really hard and pressed forward. The head slipped in easily as my ass relaxed around the monster dick in me. He fucked me slowly, alternately kssing me deeply and then sitting back on his knees and flexing his biceps and pecs. I reached up and fondled the massive muscle while his huge cock pistoned in and out of my spasming asshole.

"Feel my power, man! Gonna fuck the cum outta you, Buddy!" he said and flexed his cock deep in my ass while hehit a double biceps shot. The strength of his cock actaully lifted me off the bed.

This was too fucking much for me. "I'm gonna shoot, man!" Without touching myself, my cock started spewing endless streams of cum. As my ass contracted around Dave's massive pole, I felt it get even larger.

"YEAH! GONNA SHOOT, BUDDY! BIG UCKIN' MUSCLE MAN GONNA SHOOT IN YOUR PUSSY! AAAARRRGGHH!" his muscles seemed to expand even more ashe hit a most muscular pose right over me in the bed. I carressed every inch of his massiveness as his cock exploded in my ass.

With his softening cock still in my asshole, we lay there kissing.

"Man! That was great, Dave," I said.

He smiled. "You haven't seen anything yet." •

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