High School Threesome

By Diablo11d

I walked into the locker room and found my friends Gabe and Jeff. We've been friends for a while and played soccer for the school team.

"Hey" i said to them

"Hey, where you've been? Practice is almost starting," said gabe. Gabe was a little older then me but he was still shorter. He was around 5'4" and around 115 lbs. He wasn't the most muscular kid in school, but he was cut.

"We wont be late cuz of you," said Jeff. Jeff was also older then me and he was taller then both of us at 5'6", and he weighed around 125. He also wasn't the most muscular person in the school, but you couldn't say he wasn't in great shape.

I was the youngest of them and in the middle in height, about 5'4". I weighed around 120 and was pretty defined, but i still had some fat around the edges.

"Well hurry up, todays supposed to be a short practice and we dont need you to be late and make everyone stay longer," Gabe practically screamed at me.

The two of them left, and i quickly got my equipment on and rushed outside.

We finally got out of practice and walked into the locker room.

"Man that was a really hard practice for such a shrot one," complained jeff

"Yeah i know what you mean."

I didnt say anything, they knew i had the least endurance of them all and was really tired from the practice. I relaly didnt answer them though because a few hot guys had walked by with no shirts on and i was checking them out. This was one thing i had never told them, I was gay. I didn't check gabe or jeff out, becuase we were such close friends, but i still didnt admit it to them because i didnt want tto ruin our relationship.

"Come over my house today," Gabe said, " Its the closest and we haven't been to my house in a while."

We took the bus to gabes house and walked inside. It was a big house really for where he lived. " Im gonna go turn on the computer, why don't you guys go get a drink or something from the kitchen?"

Me and jeff walked into the kitchen and grabbed some sandwhichs. I swear i saw something weird poking out of a draw, but i didnt think anything of it. We walked into the room where gabe was on the computer. "Damn computers so slow, and i barely have anything saved on the memory."

"Here let me see," i said. "Sometimes even if you delete stuff, it still takes up space if its in the recycle bin." I clicked the recycle bin and it popped up. There were so many things in it, and all the words popped out clearly to me and Jeff. GAY PORN..... MUSCLE MEN..... HOT ORGY....

"YOUR GAY TOO!" Jeff and I screamed at the same time.

There was an awful dead silence in the room. " Wow... so we're all gay and we didn't know about..." i spoke silently. "You guys into to hot, huge muscle men?"

"yeah" "yup.... WAIT! THIS IS PERFECT!" Gabe ran into the kitchen and grabbed some things. He was talknig to us while he got it. "I got these things off a magazine i found. They are supposed to make you grow huge and hot. I didn't want to try them alone because then i would have been an outcast, plus people would know im gay. But now that we all know, we can all try them." he held out three needles in his hand. It must have been what i saw before. The liquid inside was a transparent red color, and it swayed around calmly. We each took one.

"Well, how are we supposed to do it?" i asked. "Just stick it in a vein and shoot the stuff in?

"I guess so" said gabe. We counted to three and then shot ourselves up with it. I put it in my vein in my bicep because i could see it the best. I didnt check where they put it in. As soon as i shot it in, i started feeling hot and incredibly horny. I suddenly felt a cramp in my neck. I went to rub it, and i felt my muscles starting to cramp and twitch. My biceps, previously small at about 12 inches, shot up. I couldnt believe it. I flexed my bicep and it shot up way higher then ever before!. It must have been 14 inches already. I flexed my other bicep and it peaked to atleast 15 inches. At this time i was so turned on i was about to cum. Then my other muscles started to grow. My pecs became huge. Before being practically flat chest, and now my pecs were shooting out. I stuck one of my hands under my hot pecs and i got really turned. My pecs kept growing and growing, they seemed bigger than any bodybuilders I had ever jerked off to before! My forearms grew to new sizes and tris grew large and detailed. My delts grew to humongous proportions and my thighs did too. My legs started to get too large and i had to adjust my stance so i could stand. My calves grew and became so large that they seemed like they were way too big for my leg. And Finally my abs. They were never visable until i posed, and even then they weren't that clear. My abs grew in and left huge crevaces inbetween each one. They grew and hardened almost the size of bricks.

The growth had stopped. I couldn't stop flexing and checking out my self. All of a sudden, it felt like my heart stopped, i didnt know what was happening. I looked around and finally saw what was happening. My dick used to be fairly average, about 6 and a half inches hard. Then it started to grow. I couldn't believe this was happening. In atleast 30 seconds my dick had grown atleast an inch. I couldn't help from moaning. It felt like my whole body was having an orgasm, i was in pure ecstasy. It stopped two minutes later. I couldn't believe what had happened in after it did.

My new stats has to be at least 28 inch bis, 65 inch chest, 36 waist, thighs 40, and calves 30, not too mention a huge neck and lats that pushed my arms up practically horizontal to the ground. And by the look of it, my dick had to be over a foot!

I looked up and stared at Gabe and Jeff. They too had transformed into the biggest, most muscular guys in history! I stepped towards them and notices we grew also. We all must have been around 5'11" now. I then noticed that i was slightly bigger then them. The beauty of us all was too good for words. Gabe walked up to me and said " Oh my god, we are the sexiest people in the world at least!" and with those words he started to kiss me. The kissing became intense and he then started to toy with my nipple. i couldn't help but to moan.

"Hey wait for me guys!" Jeff joined in and start to lick my cock. he wrapped his tongue all around, picking up all the pre-cum my huge dick leaked while transforming. I had never had any sex before this and i couldn't explain how great it felt. He slowly started to shove my dick into his mouth, even though im not sure how because it was so big.

With Gabe sucking on my nipple and Jeff taking down my whole meat, i was in pure ecstasy and i blew my load into Jeff's mouth. Wave after wave of intense pleasure hit as i blew load after load of cum into his hungry throat. A kept Cumming like there was no tomorrow. Almost half and hour later, jeff could barely keep his grip on my cock as i finished my last load. my body was drenched in sweat from having the longest orgasm of my life. i couldnt believe i had enough energy even to stand after it. i stepped away from my hungry friend as my cock started to become soft. i looked into a mirror and saw my new body, my new form. Freaky muscle, Freaky huge cock, drenched in sweat, it turned me on soo much.

Then i noticed, my cock started to get hard again. I couldnt believe! I jsut came in one of my best friends mouthes for over half an hour and i was already to go again. i stared at my new giant friend and noticed it looked larger, maybe an inch or so bigger. It turned me on even more.

I walked over to gabe and said "lean over," he did, and i knew it was because i was bigger than both of them. he leaned over and i started lubing my dick with the precum already streaming out of it. I touched my head to his ass and he almost jumped because he was still a virgin. I pushed the head in his ass and slowly pushed in. He started cursing from the pain. I then kept pushing in and found the spot and he moaned in joy. his ass was incredibly tight around my dick and i felt like was gonna cum again. But this time i would hold it in for as long as i could.

i started pumping my hips and shoved my cock in and out. Mean while jeff shoved his dick ( which was atleast 3 inches shorter then mine) into gabes mouth. I pushed my dick in all the way and pulled it out almost to the tip and quickly shoved it back in. After 10 minutes i couldnt help it and released my cum into his hot ass. Jeff started cumming into gabes mouth at about the same time and Gabe at it hungrily. Jeff had finished cumming in about 3 minutes and fainted onto the sofa with a delightful smile. But i wasnt done. I kept cumming and cumming like there was no tomorrow again! Gabe was screaming in pleasure and so was I. I finished cumming after about 15 minutes and i slid my dick out. gabe fainted immediately onto Jeff with a smile also. i was standing there, thinking how i became my dream man and had the best sex anyone would ever have in only about 2 hours of my life.

I looked on the floor and found a whole puddle of my cum that must have overflowed from gabes ass. I knelt down to it and started lapping it up like a dog. It tasted so sweet and so wonderful. I ate it all up.

My eating my own cum got me so turned on my dick got hard again. "Holy Shit! Again?" My dick looked even bigger now then when i fucked gabe. i couldnt believe it. After the transformation, it looked just over a foot, which was still incredibly huge, but now, it had to be atleast 16 inches! i couldn't help my self, i finally had the chance to do my most desired dream.

I sat down and moved my head forward. I reached the head of my dick only a couple inches away from my head. i licked the head and was delighted with the pre-cum on it. i started to shove the head into my mouth (which wasn't easy) I slowly brought my head down on my cock and start to move up and down. it was too big to take all the wa couldn't help my self, i finally had the chance to do my most desired dream.

I sat down and moved my head forward. I reached the head of my dick only a couple inches away from my head. i licked the head and was delighted with the pre-cum on it. i started to shove the head into my mouth (which wasn't easy) I slowly brought my head down on my cock and start to move up and down. it was too big to take all the way, so i started jerking it off with both hands. Even with my mouth as far down as it could go, and my hands on it, i didnt cover it all. I brought my mouth and my hands up and down on my huge member for a while. Finally i felt a rising pressure and i started to cum into my own mouth. Wave after wave hit my hungry mouth and i couldnt get enough of it. Cum kept flowing into my mouth and a few times it almost overflowed from it. But i wouldnt let that happen, i would take it all in. This time i came for the longest time, almost 44 minutes. i took all my cum down and layed back with a grin on my face.

I fell asleep. After a while Gabe and jeff woke me up. it looked like they had some more sex while i was asleep. i felt my self just to make sure i wasnt dreaming. my Bis were huge, so was my neck and delts, my legs were bigger and pushed each other apart even more, my waist was small compared to everything else, and my 10-pack abs were as big and much harder than bricks. Than i started to grope my pecs, my huge mounds of over developed muscle that turned my on so much. I started to play with my nipples and i started a small orgasm. Amazing.

And then i simply said to them, "Wanna order some more of that liquid?" And i though of the even huger muscles and better sex we would have later on. •

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