Hold It

By F.R.Eaky

I'm not sure I can remember how I got into this position. Dancing at the local club, I saw him enter. No, actually he seemed to have appeared from out of nowhere, as if he developed out of the blackness from one corner of the club, fading into view. Approaching the dance floor, he didn't walk, it was more like he glided, but I couldn't tell as he turned just before the dance area and headed towards the bar.

Slowing down, the beat told everyone the next dance was a couples dance, and I of course was a single. No one in my life right now and maybe there never will be. Face it, I'm a milksop in the looks department, the ultimate average, bland, wallflower, but hey, I'm alive so I keep doing and going and trying, I just don't really get anywhere. So I calmly made my way to table, in a corner of course, not hip enough to have one up front and center, and ordered another beer.

Tilting my head back while sipping the beer, I glanced over the mug towards the bar to watch the man who "appeared." He was kind of tall, about six one or two maybe, peppered gray black hair that was long and feathered, a goatee, eyes that looked dark, deep, but comforting and wise, dressed in a suit that looked cool, but somehow looked out of date, Renaissance, almost like he was trying to be a mix of hip-hop and goth. He reminded me of a younger Richard Harris. I wondered who he was and where he came from, but I didn't have time to ponder as I noticed, putting my glass down, that he was staring at me. Sauntering over he pulled up a chair, never taking his eyes off of mine, and sat down slowly and gracefully as if it were some type of ritual.

"Greetings," He said. "You look odd all alone."

I laughed. "No, I don't. I usually am. I look odd now."

"But you're such a beautiful boy."

"Uh-huh… I'm not a boy. I'm grown, but I look like a boy and not that beautiful. I'm not an ugly duckling, but I'm certainly no swan. You've had a few too many."

"How would you like to be?"

"Hmm? Be what?"

"An ugly duckling that turns into a swan, or more appropriately a kitten that turns into a lion."

"Now I know you've had too much…."

"Seriously," he said with a cold hard stare. "You spend a lot of time looking at the buffest guys on the dance floor, and the BIGGER they are, the more of your attention they capture. You look at, what you do not have. You desire to be huge and you know it." Who the hell was this guy? Smug son of a bitch. He was right, of course. I have desired to be huge for… forever. Always being the small frail one, it isn't always a burden, but it's not always fun either. So what does he want with this bit of trivia anyway? It's not like he's huge and built, like I'd go with him.

"Yeah, I've hit the gym a few times." I said. "What's it to you?"

"I can make your wildest dreams come true. I can make it so YOU are the big bodybuilder."

"And you can do this how?"

"Take my hand, if you wish to know."

I don't know why I did. There was just something about him that drew me. Reaching out, I clasped his hand and suddenly there was a burst of stars, lights, streaks and it seemed as everyone, everything, in the bar became frozen in time and shimmered just before they blurred out of view.

When it stopped I was in what appeared to be a stone room, as if in a castle. Glancing around I came upon the man, dressed a little more like a wizard right now and he had a delicate vile in his hands that he was waving in front of my eyes.

"This little bit of magic can make your wildest dreams come true… that is to say, C…U….M….. Cum true, or they can give you a week's worth of working out. The choice is up to you."


"I am a wizard, young man, a wizard who has a taste for young men. Usually, they are tall and built, but I find lately that most of this age who are built such as that normally have an ego or temperament or great size and pride. That means they need lessons in how to be humble. I don't appreciate that type of personality in my bed. So, now in this day and age of the `me' crowd, I search and find those of a pure and noble heart and give them the chance to be built, stalwart, and strong in exchange for me having one night with them."

"So, if you want me to become a hulking mass, and then have sex with me?"

"Well, that's the general idea. You can walk away from the relationship and never need hear from me again, but you get to stay as strong as you make yourself."

"Ah, the point I don't understand."

"The potion I give you, will make you grow, depending on how much arousal you can keep within yourself. The more you can hold back, the more you can hold it, before you cum in joyous ecstasy, will determine how large you can grow. But, before you think you are very strong willed, I warn you, I shall be performing all sorts of physical acts to ensure you erupt. I am controlling the spell and I must have it break you at some point or it will break me."

"Okay…" I said no hesitating. "I'm game to get rid of my boyish looks, 5'4" 85 pound frame. How do we start this?"

"First like this." He spoke and waved his hands. Instantly my clothes disappeared and then I was lying on a bed. Unseen hands rolled me over face down and I felt the wizard approach and place his fingers upon my ass. Suddenly I felt a sensation in my ass besides his fingers, like he was placing peas or something up my butt!

"You certainly didn't think I was going to make this easy do you?" He laughed almost maniacally. I felt some other things appear around me feathers, oil, candles, incense, then he spoke. "Here, drink this and we shall begin. Once you have drunk it, the idea for you is to keep from cuming as long as possible. My job will be to encourage you, up to a certain point, and then to break you. Are we ready?"

I slammed the potion back like it was a tequila shot, threw the vile across the room, and said, "Yes."

Growling, the wizard threw himself down on the bed, grabbed me by my hair, pulled my head back and locked his lips with mine, while trying to feel my tonsils with his tongue. Without lifting his lips, he glided his way down to my abs going over my chin, neck, shoulders, chest, like he was going to begin by sucking my dick. His head jolted up to meet mine. Staring eye to eye he breathlessly whispered, "Oh, not yet my master-slave. We shan't get to the goods just yet."

Jumping down to my feet, he began to kiss them and then lick them, causing a tickling sensation to begin, as he proceeded with one long lick up my ankle, then to my knee, across my inner thigh. Approaching my ball sack, he popped up to my neck and began to nuzzle and nibble at my throat like he was a vampire.

"Your already becoming hard, my sweet. Are you so easily fulfilled? Have you had many lovers? Do you reach your apex so soon?"

The whispers were drowned out by the sound of his breath as he moved his face into my ear and began to chew on my lobe, while his hand began to pull and stretch my cock.

"Oh! We must be stressed out, dear boy. You're so stiff!" He giggled. "But you're not the right color. Let's see if we can make your head mad and purple!"

"Shut up you fucking, tease!"

"Oh naughty, naughty, mustn't talk like that." Ha ha ha…..

His arms grabbed my legs and raised them up, exposing my hole to the world and he laid down beside me, straddling my leg, nuzzling my neck again, with one hand massaging my dick and the other making circles around my derriere.

"Where is thumbkin? Where is thumbkin?"


"Hahahahahahaha. Here I am. Here I am. How is mister prostate? Very well thank you……. I think you are a little dry…." Rolling me face down, he reached up and grabbed a bottle of oil. It was scented of strawberries, and he began to drizzle it around my but.

"Ooh… what a tasty salad you'd make, oh and let's not forget a little dressing on the cucumber shall we?"

Rubbing oil over my log, he began to slowly stroke it up and down, up and down, squeezing tighter as he went down, all the while taking his other hand and poking in and out my glory hole. I felt my abs begin to quiver slightly and he suddenly looked up at me, and said harshly, "Hold it!"

I tried to turn my thoughts to things that weren't passionate. I was standing naked in the Arctic Circle during the winter season. Long Dong Silver is standing by the bed pointing at my cock, laughing and asking me, if I had a dick or and extended pussy. I had a spider crawling on my abs. ….Yes a spider, crawling up my abs. Tracing the outlines of where individual bricks should be. Gliding over all my stomach. Sli….sliding down to my throbbing dick.

"You like your taught, skinny, belly rubbed?"

NO! No…. Mustn't give in. Must not succumb.

"Hold it….. Hold it. You don't want to let go just yet do you? No… not yet. Daddy…. Daddy, I'm hungry. Feed me."

Putting his face down to my cock, he kissed it and slid up to lay his head on my chest, then found one of my nipples and began to suck loud, long, and hard on it.



He sucked and sucked and sucked and then nibbled on it. Biting lightly, sending a shiver across my right pectoral muscle. Every once in a while he glanced up and starred at me while sucking. Making some type of comment about my chest being drained he slid over and began to suck on the left nip, all the while groping, massaging, and tickling my sides.

"This will feel so much better when you're beefed up…" It was about this time that I began to realize that I could move with him. That is according to natural movements to his actions, his advances, but I couldn't move if I felt I was going to peak and try to push him away. This was a game of wills.

"Your teats are drained, young master, perhaps I need to find my nourishment someplace else."

And with that he seized the base of my cock, wrapped his lips around its head and began to suck up and down, ever so slowly, flicking his tongue this way and that as he went about the shaft. He stayed at this a good long while and then beginning to speed up his strokes, his other hand found his way to my balls and began to fondle them. He began to take his thumb and press it firmly, but not hard, on one nut and stroke it across its circumference. On and on, his head bobbed and thumb stroked. Over and over again. I began to feel it, that feeling that starts in one's balls and works it's way up into one's stomach and then spread out across the spine, only to be released as the valves of the penis open.

"No!" I thought to myself. "No, if this is going to make me big and strong, I should take all I can grab. I am not spent yet. This has not aroused me…mmnnnn.. Huh huh… No! I won't. Hmmmm….

"My parents are having sex in the next room. Ugh. This wizard has a smiley face tattooed on his dick head. Ha ha ha ha….

"My penis is shrinking, to nothing. It can not feel anything…."

"Oh cum on!" The wizard said to me. "I've been at this now for almost twenty minutes. You've built up enough energy now that you'll be quite striking. Release your tensions."

"I….I'm not…. A…aroused, yet…."

"Your words do you credit sir, but your panting gives you away. You can't control it for long. Hiya!"

And with that he shot straight into the air and his ass came down firmly on my prick.


"Alrighty then pilgrims, hold on tight as we're gonna ride this bronco `til he busts!"

And up and down and up and down he began to ride my dick. The pleasure, filling up in my stomach. The pain was sending stars to my eyes and filling my head with a void.

"Mustn't black out…. No. Not yet."

"What's that you're mumbling lad? You think you can hold out past me? Let us see."

With a flick of his wrist, he set forces into motion. Forces that were the pleasure and scorn of every man who had been here before in this bed.

At the bottom of my feet is where I felt them trying to rock my world from the start. Little bundles of fur and feathers, like small rollers of this silky soft touch, spinning round and round ever so lightly grazing the edge of my skin. Starting at the balls of my feet, these devilish pads slowly, creepily, worked their way round my heel, up my ankle, across the back of my calves, to the inner notch behind my knee, spinning, touching, caressing, almost breathing across my skin.

It was building up inside of me. This monumental feeling caused by this damnable soft, furry, treasure. It took all I had to hold it in as that pad made it's way to my inner thigh and pressed harder against it, just below my ball sac. My leg twitched violently in spasms as if trying to send a signal to my dick as to what it should be doing now. Running up the nerve endings was a harsh wave of tickling that shot straight to my lower lip and made it quiver, and numb, and tickled as well. Oh dear god! I'm going to pee myself if I keep holding this in! Uhmnnnnn that Wizard is still riding my cock!

"Ooh, it seems as though you have a fondness for the tickle, perhaps we should double the dose…."


Another one of those padded things came outta nowhere and began its ascent from my toes up to my left inner thigh. My whole lower body was beginning to convulse for release, but I was staying the course.

"It is time, Mr. Lover…. You must release now. Come on, let it go. You'll be a fine striking man. …..LET….IT….. GO!" "Hmmnnnnnnnn…..H…..H……HOLD! HOLD IT!"

"You are a stubborn one aren't you. Perhaps you want more of the same… triple the effect, quadruple…. No, quintuple the effect like so?"

My arms we flung up above my head as I lay on that bed. The wizard, still, was bobbing up and down on my shaft with his butt, pouring more and more oil on my member. Three more of those pads came out of nowhere. One went straight for the center of my crotch, right in between the two on my thighs and began stroking my balls. The other two split off and found their way to the underside of arms, right where the triceps join the armpit and began spinning their silky touch across my skin.

My back arched. My belly went into the air, pushed by all the force my butt muscles could muster. Five spots. Five ticklish, sensitive, private spots were screaming with pleasure and sending it all to my soul, making my stomach do flips. Ragged became my breathing, and I felt like my pelvic region was beginning to spasm. Focussing my eyes on the wall, I thought of a slow dance and used its rhythm to time the beat of my breathing. Yeah, I was ashamed, I was thinking stupid thoughts of "In with the good air, out with the bad." But I had to. I had to do whatever I could to hold on. To hold out. I wasn't going to release, not yet.

"Maybe we need to touch your obliques to get that feeling out of there, hmmmm."

Hands, multiple hands. They weren't his hands, but hands from somewhere six, seven, eight…. Ten, twelve hands were groping, massaging, and tickling my abs. Rubbing the areas of where contours would be, if I had a six pack. Gliding over the sides down near my waist, causing me to shift, shimmy, and shake from side to side as if dancing trying to get away. All the while the ones under my arms, inside my thighs, at my balls, never leaving, never stopping, all rubbing, stroking, beating, my body in rapturous pleasure, and the great wizard still screaming at the top of his lungs and squat thrusting himself on my prick.



The malicious merlin hopped off of my prick and smacked it between his hands. The pain caused a wild tremor inside of me I never thought possible. Stars and tickles at the same time, while my body was screaming at me "Praise him, for what he has done, release! Shoot! Cum! Bathe him in your spray….."

"Mmmmmm-hmmmm. I see your whole body is nearly as purple and angry, a….a…..assssssss…. As your penis is. Do you know how angry your John Thompson is? He is extremely pissed you're not letting him CUM out and play.

"But I can tell you're almost there. Yu….yu… you will break, not I. Oh you will be a marvel of the day won't you. So big. But you won't be that b….b….b..ig."

What was wrong with him. He's stuttering now, like I am. Is he going to fail in breaking me?

"I know what yu…yu…you need. Here it is."

Another set of hands came into play and this time it was it. They meant business. One hand started down from my arched shoulders and traced my spine all the way till it met my butt hole and then began to make small, weightless circles right there where the two came together. Another wave of pleasure started being sent. The other hand began to stroke, pinch, and grab my buttocks, then point, insert, and slowly press down into my hole.

My balls shook. I could feel them rumble. They were churning copious amount of cum and were making sure I had enough to flood the whole damn room. My body was shaking in time with my pulse and each pulse I felt the tickling sensations from around me in my balls, in my dick, in my stomach, in my lower lip. I had begun to bite my lip to stop the sensation and I was now tasting blood….

"Y….ya……you you… you must give in. Your b.bb.b…balls are shaking and quak..k…ing they need to shoot so bad. No man has held out this long and you will d..d…d…d…do..oo… no better!"

I groaned and moaned as I told my brain to tell my body that I must hold on. However, my body had decided to take matters into it's own hands so to speak. I felt a pull, a tugging at my dick, and the tickling sensation moved towards my proud member and began to push it and my balls out. It was almost too intense what I was feeling. The caress of the pads gently kissing my balls and inner thighs were joined by a rubbing from my penis as it took on the extra cum and stretched out to hold more. My raging hard. My scarlet helmeted member grew out and up for its cause getting longer, growing thicker, stretching farther, till it reached my knees and it was still soft, limp, and spongy. The only reason it came up to a certain degree, was my balls had blown up with it, as if they were balloons and I just blew them up. No man had balls like these for they would get racked every time the man simply walked. They would cause my python to sick out a bit from its base and when I walked, the knees would play tag with it bouncing it to and fro…

"H….huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..hu..hu…hu…hold…holdit! Hol….hol….hold….it"

"Hmnnnnn! In…nu…nu…nu….ncredible…nu…nu…nu…no one can go to this level. No….no….no one can go past th…th….this…."

With a wave of his hand my ass caught on fire. He had placed love beads up my butt and slowly, surely, methodically they were coming out of my ass, each one caressing, massaging, tickling, and licking my prostate as they came out. My mind went spinning out of control. Black was the day, the room, my sight, and stars shot across my eyes. Tickling under the arms. Tickling inside my thighs. Caresses under my balls. Pokes, prods, gropes, massages in, out, through my butt and at the base of my spine! Warm kisses now being made at the base of my neck and behind my ear! SOMETHING IS KISSING AND LICKING MY FOOT! UGH! HUH HUH HUH…



The wizard attempted to start stroking my pole again, but it was in slow, staggered pulls that matched his jagged breathing that was now as choppy as mine. Fumbling, his hands could no longer hold the grip and tighten at the base, they just loosely glossed up and down my shaft. His gaze fell upon me with an utterly blank expression. Waving, the free hand gestured in the air, but I'm not sure he was even aware of it but two more unseen hands came in and began to massage my pecs and pinch, rub, and twist my nipples. Completely lost was I. A rapturous ecstasy of its own space and time. I was nothing but the soul feeling sex and my body was bucking like an unbroken horse.

"Waaaaaa…….aaaa……E……..EEE……IMMMMmmmmmmmm..possible… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………… ……"

The wizard cried out so meekly and helplessly. Gone was the authority, the control, and the sense of life in his voice. A blinding flash filled the space before me and was gone by the time his voice dissipated into nothingness.

Violently my body bucked and thrashed. The wizard gone; it was time to release and release I was going to do whether my mind, now numb, wanted it or not! I could feel every sensation gather in the center of my body. Tighten in that in between area of my stomach, my abs, and balls. Expanding my balls readied for their task of emptying themselves and then contracted with a force I felt in my sack, up the shaft of appendage, shooting through my spine and stomach and into that bottom lip that had quivered thousands of times since this ordeal began. I began shooting my load!

But this is an understatement. I wasn't just shooting a load, I was creating the universe; I was giving a big bang. This was the way a god got off! My balls contracted in one great huge push that sent a torrent of cum up my shaft, into my head, which contracted and expanded as well, causing the great spray of seamen to shoot, soar, all the way across the forty foot room. But it wasn't one blast. No, my balls made this push, this contraction, as a great act. The sensation of this one release, this one push, went on for ten minutes! So great was the need, so hard was the push, so heavy and sensual the sensation of this the longest lasting first feeling of orgasm, that it caused me to be overwhelmed and another orgasm was created and placed on the back burner for release when the first was spent. My dick, was a fireman's hose and it sprayed a continual, constant spray of cum as a fire hose spews water.

And if I thought that was the extent of it, I was wrong, so totally wrong, for the rest of my body began to waken, arch, contract, and pump. I felt it first in my calves. A deep warmth which spread slowly, evenly across the whole of the muscle fibers until I could feel the great diamond section as if it were separated from my body. I could feel the blood rushing in, the muscle flex and contract, and begin to swell. My shins began to feel heavy, quite heavy, so much in fact I could tell that if I was thrown, I would always land on my feet because my calves, grown into full blown raging God-bulls, were heavier than my torso. I felt that muscle group lift my lower legs and feet off the bed as they grew. I felt them tense, flex and become harder and harder, stronger, thicker, I felt the veins plump up as they ran up and down the calves, gracefully gliding and moving the sheets beneath them. My calves looked more like ham hocks, like other people's thighs. Speaking of thighs, I felt a tightening behind the back of my knees. A tautness that started from the expanded hearts that were my calves and ran up and connected my thighs. Steel chords were being placed in my body. Massively thick lines of bridge building support cable were being laid. My hamstrings, they could on their own be used as a whip and break anything they touched. But they touched my thighs and they began their contractions in a slow beat that allowed me to feel their expansion traveling up the hamstrings, to the base of my butt. And as they pulsed, they rolled, so that each flex caused them to touch and stroke my sac and log, nearly sending me into yet another orgasmic rapture needing to be placed in queue for experience later. Each pulse they expanded. Pulse – they rose thicker. Pulse – they pushed out away from another. Pulse- they began to push my butt of the bed. Pulse – they forced my legs to spread out widening my stance, wider, Wider, WIDER, FARTHER! So large they became, at some point they couldn't push my legs out anymore and began to rack my balls. My hands roamed and attempted to grope what I had as my new set of legs and I swear that these thighs were twice, maybe three times the size of my waist.

Still spewing goo everywhere my dick had not even begun to become flaccid yet. Five ten minute ejaculations were still the norm at this point, and as I glanced around I could see that there was no way this room was ever to be clean again. The floor was already flooded, completely covered with at least and inch to two inches of cum.

I had thought that I was on the verge of ending my orgasm as the feeling gathered strongly in my pelvic region, but I soon began to realize that the space between my butt and the sheets was become smaller and smaller. I knew that I could move those legs now. Bubble shaped was the form my ass was taking, yes it was growing somewhat bigger, but it wasn't the lard ass spread, it was that hard muscular firming. The type of butt that could take spanking after spanking and squeeze any thing tried to enter it.

The sensation now moved to the front and began to roll up my abs, or rather my abdomen began to roll and flex with the sensation. Melting, I felt and saw the fat disappear and ridges rise, gather, and bunch in clumps over the area my stomach laid in. Slim, skinny, taut, small ridges, outlines, deep cuts, four, six, eight tiny bubbles, stones, big bulging bricks that collected and gather from the front down the obliques, across the side and behind and up the back where they began pumping blood and strength into my lats. They communicated with my back and shoulders and I felt them work as one to bunch, release, flex, stretch and spread, wider, broader, spanning, expanding. The lats told my arms to get the hell out of the way and I felt my back grow and grow into narrow v, then to a larger expanding v, a w, and finally becoming more like a bracket. My back was a freakin' box, not a pathetic "v". And my shoulders capped them off beautifully, fully round, dense and huge. It appeared as though I had bowling balls joining my arms and back together. Round, firm, bunching globes of muscle that could take any challenge of any fist blows into it, and break the fingers of the challenger upon impact.

And now the veins thickened and gorged up over my shoulders and spread like mighty rivers on a map across the expansive flat lands that was my chest. Slowly, surely, with each breath I could see those plains rising, rolling, getting thicker, mounding higher and higher, into hills. A valley appeared between my pecs where once it was flat. This in turn became a crevice and then a fissure as my pectorals rose and grew. Thin lines criss cross the mounding flesh showing striations were beginning to form, as my chest grew bigger, heavier, rounder and stronger.

I saw a copper kettle on the bedside table and I looked into the reflection. My chest was mounding so thick and huge, I think it came up and away from abs by four, five, maybe even a six-inch ridge. I looked down my torso and I couldn't see my abs, waist, thighs, calves or feet, as my chest now loomed in my vision so hard, dense and thick. Making it even thicker, the blood coursed down and around the muscle until it hit my nips and I felt a sensation as though the were being pinched. I couldn't see it, as my nipples were now pointing down due to the immense size of my chest, but it felt as if even they too, stretched and grew bigger and thicker.

Another volley of ten minute release and I felt the warmth creep and spread back up the chest into my neck, causing it to expand its circumference and become a hard massive column that supported my head. I think it became thicker than my head, so thick, hard, and taught it was. Well I guess it had to match the shoulders and back it was attached to.

But the warmth didn't stay long with my neck; it shot down the shoulders and into the arms quick as a wink. I felt the blood fill and flood my biceps and tri's and this sensation and realization was so intense I thought, again, I've reached orgasm and will spew another load later for this moment. Rising, my arms moved off the bed as my triceps began to mound and engorge with blood, causing a peak to form in the back of my upper arms. My arms then began to push out, fighting further for space with my lats as my biceps began to take shape and flush full of strength and size. Nothing… then the flat surface firmed, then a small ridge began to form. A tiny ball. A baseball. A football. A basketball. A bowling ball. Higher and higher it mounded, matching the peak the triceps had made, until I swore that my arms were bigger round than my head! And finally my forearms…. I saw the crimson pythons rise up and over my biceps, slithering down into my forearms and when they touched the swelling began there until my forearms looked like someone's thighs. Popeye had nothing on me; his forearms were toothpicks. I was gargantuan.

I lie there on the bed, thinking inwardly, feeling myself from the inside. I was huge; there was no doubt about that. I could move now, but as I tried to, my brain screamed of the impossibility of it all as I weighed too much. My arms felt as though they weight 200 pounds each. My lungs cried out in protest at the amount of work it took to push my chest into the air, so that they could breathe. I felt my chest too, like two large slabs of meat that were so thick they were separated from my torso. Two gigantic pillows that bunched and flexed somehow attached to my body. I felt the curve of my back by the space between it and the sheets. The top of me with a expansive spread of shoulders and back that felt five feet wide, moving down to the bag at the base of the spine and then the firm support of the round bubbled butt that was the bottom. I went to move my legs, I couldn't at first, they were so heavy, too thick; I didn't know which way or how I should move them. So plump and strong the muscles of my legs were that I could feel each group separately as the air kissed them with a soft breath; each mound, each cut, each rolling hill and crevice. And all up and down my body I could feel the warmth of the pump and the outline of each and every vein in my body so engorged with blood they were, they stuck out from the top of my skin by at least two to three inches….

Throbbing, my prick still was spewing cum by the gallons and I began to wonder if and when this was going to stop. Had I pushed it too far? I felt a jingle, a rumble in my balls and realized once again that they were expanding. The shaking started in my sac and spread out over my body, once again as if I were having a fit. Like before, another large push came and my dick rose to the occasion, spreading another milky white shower of spoo across the room. I felt my entire body tense, become stiff and rigid with this shoot, and then I began to feel it swell! No, not just swell but reach and stretch. Not just my skin and muscles stretching, I could feel my bones stretching. My fingertips, my toes, reaching out to grasp something, anything, and my muscles lumped, bunched, mounded higher and higher as I felt myself spread across the bed. Banging the headboard, my head told my body tough luck here boys, you'll have to continue this down near the feet. I felt a warm rush of air surround my shoulders and come under parts of my back as I became wider and broader. I felt my leg muscles be used for the first time to hold my legs up in the air, as I felt the edge of the bed greet my feet, then brush my heel, then my ankle, then my calves, finally stopping mid- way. I knew now I was a giant among men. I was the extreme body builder. Too thick even for my size, to broad for my height, and I released again once more and everything became white as I was lost in the orgasm.

Upon waking up, I sat up in bed, which nearly felt like a chair and looked around. I was in my room, in my apartment. I placed my feet upon the floor and felt something under them, it was my tennis shoe. So tiny! It looked like a child's shoe next to my feet. I looked around, trying to judge my size, seeing if I should stand up. On the table next to me, I saw two pieces of paper. The first one was a note from my landlord, Jake. He was a great landlord. Always got things fixed when needed at the time asked. Looking for ways to improve the building. Got to know his tenants…. He wasn't to bad looking either, but he'd never go for me.

"Hey," the note began. "You didn't report for work the last couple of days so they called about you and sent the police around to come in and check. We don't know what happened to you but you looked totally wiped and exhausted, although like the hulk would after a rampage. Jeeze you're huge!

"Anyway, we weren't sure we could get you out of the apartment, so we sent for a doctor. He said you were fine just suffering from exhaustion and that rest would be what you need and plenty of food when you woke. I'll help get the food when you wake up, give me a call then. Didn't want to get it before then, might have spoiled.

"After they all left, I took the liberty of calling in a tailor, as it didn't look like any of your clothes were going to fit and I don't think you wanted to wait longer before greeting the world because you had no clothes. So, they've come in and measured you and are making clothes right now.

"Hope you're feeling alright when you read this. If you need anything give me a call. – Jake"

Jake is such a great guy. I set the note down and looked at the other piece of paper. It was left from the tailors and I looked in shock, then amazement, and then ecstasy as I read the numbers:

Height – 8' Neck – 29.25 inches Shoulder Span – 132.25 inches Chest – 117.25 inches Upper Arm – 40 inches Lower Arm – 35.25 inches Abs – 46.75 inches Waist – 41.5 inches Thigh – 63.5 inches Calves – 38.25 inches Foot – 21" long, 8.5" wide, shoe size: American 35 Inseam – 46 inches Approximate weight: 1,344 pounds

I read these numbers and my mind was completely blown away, and I was lost in sexual fantasy thoughts. I was the biggest, baddest, mother in the world, and the very thought of it made my dick climb and climb and grow and rise from it's flaccid state. Oh, shit! I've got to jack off!

As I laid the piece of paper down I noticed and arrow marked on the bottom of it as if to say "turn over", so I did out of curiosity. There in Jake's hand writing I saw the words: Penis – 23 inches flaccid 36 inches erect

Just thought you'd like to know this too, when you woke up. I don't know how you got this way. I don't know how it'd work. But if you wouldn't mind, I'd love for you to tell me how this happened, and….. Show me how it works. – Jake.

He'd like to see it work? I never knew…. My dick throbbed ever harder, and felt like it grew at the sight of those last few words. Picking up the phone, I stroked my member its entire long length, and then dialed Jake's number. I got up and paced the floor. My head grazed the ceiling and loomed over the top of my bedroom door. I noticed that there was no way I could walk straight out either as I was broader than the doorframe. Oh shit. … The phone rang a number of times and then he answered.

"Hello, Jake….. Yeah it's me…. Yeah my voice does sound a bit lower doesn't it?

Hmmnnnn I'm gonna spew before I get started….

"Yeah, I saw your notes. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate all that you did, but I was wondering. I, uhm… I'm having a problem here with one of the PIPES in my apartment and your note said if I needed anything to give you a call. Think you could come up here now and help fix the problem for me?"

I don't think he set the phone down. He just dropped it and ran for the elevator. Hmmmm this is going to be a very fun and interesting night. I wonder how long I can hold it…………. •

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