Home Gym

I have been working out almost six months now. My next door neighbor Michael and I work out at his house. He doesn't have a wife or kids and his family have money, I guess, so it's not really surprising that when he gets something he goes all out.

Well, when he decided to put in a home gym, he didn't go to Walmart and get a 4-box take-home barbell set. Nope. He had the wall between two of the extra bedrooms torn out and bought himself a very complete set of professional equipment. So when he asked me if I'd like to join him as a workout partner, I said sure. After all, what could be more convenient than a gym next door and it was free to boot.

Of course, with a set up like this, you could guess there'd be a personal trainer somewhere. Michael insisted that I come over and join him for those personal trainer sessions since he wanted to make sure that I learned everything right. I told him ok, and then when I tried to offer to pay for part of the trainer's fees, he refused. For what all this equipment cost, I made them thrown in a dozen personal trainer sessions for free.

Tuesday night was the first session. I went over about 6:30 and the trainer was already there. He actually looked vaguely familiar, probably from some bodybuilding magazine I guessed, since he was a good bit bigger than most personal trainers you see. It turns out that Micheal had requested this, since he wanted not only to get in shape, but to get big. The sessions were pretty uneventful the first 4 or 5 nights -- we only did this every other night at the begining. Tom, the trainer, was only there for half an hour each night, and then after he'd go we'd do one more set of each excercise he'd shown us.

We were, of course, just beginners, aching to start showing some progress. Michael is not one to be patient about things, and mentioned a friend of a friend of his who'd done some steroids and gotten a lot bigger very quickly. I told him that I didn't think that would be a good idea, since they can cause liver cancer and even death, and that besides, they were much too expensive for me. You guessed it, he offered to pay for my drugs too. I still said no, thanks, but I will keep working out with you, unless you get too big for me to spot or something.

Well, that seemed to put an end to that isssue. Or so I thought. We took off a couple of days when he went out of town on business, and I really didn't think anything more of it. But then the next week after he'd gotten back in town, I got there a little early. He had left the door open, so I walked in and headed to the wieght room, where I caught him with an antique perfume bottle with a spray nozzle on it. Just as I walked in, he was srpaying perfume into his nose. Startled, he nearly dropped the bottle, but managed to catch it just in time.

Don't you still knock?

I'm sorry, the door was open and I called out your name, but when you didn't answer I figured you couldn't hear me over the music.

This is not what you think.

Looks like some kind of poofey perfume bottle to me--so what is it?.

Well, it is, but it's more than that, actually. I bought this a couple of days ago when I was in Peru on business. I was in the market and there was one stall in the back where a little old lady was working all by herself. I watched as she sprayed the perfume bottle, not on her hand or neck as you'd expect, but into her nose. Then I watched as she quietly set up her stall, carrying in her merchandise all wrapped up in cloths. Once she'd piled the table high, she sat down and waited a while. In a few minutes, when she uncovered the merchandise, I was amazed to see that under the clothes she had large cast iron pots--big enough they must have weighed 50 or 100 pounds a piece. She had been carrying them stacked 3 and 4 high. I couldn't believe it. She looked like your ordinary little old lady. Then I decided they must be made of aluminium or something like that and painted to look like cast iron, so I went over to check it out.

"Hello senora, how are you?"

"Very fine, thank you", she said in a polite tone.

"These are lovely aluminium pots you have here, how much are they?"

"Oh, senor, these are pure cast iron--very fine quality. You do not want aluminium pots. They do not last."

I leaned over the bench the pots were sitting on, taking one by the handle and tried to lift it. She was right--they must have been cast iron. They were even heavier than I'd guessed.

"You have to have a strong back to carry these, senor. I am lucky that my grandson helps me set up this stall." She didn't realize that I'd been watching the whole time.

"They sure are heavy", I said, not quite believing what I had just seen. The perfume bottle was sitting there on the bench next to the pots. I don't know what came over me, but I picked it up and srpayed it right into my own nose while her back was turned. It smelled like almonds and burned at the same time. I felt flushed, and then worried that she might have seen me, and after all if she could carry four of those pots at the same time, I sure didn't want her mad at me.I put it down quickly and quietly. Still feeling flush, i started to step back with my hand still on the handle of the pot. It lifted right off the stack like it was made of aluminum, it felt so light. I couldn't believe it. The woman saw the astonishment in my eyes and guessed what I must have done. She looked me straight in the eye.

"That's awfully strong perfume senora. I really like it."

"You do, do you?"

"Yes. What is it called?"

"Tres veces. Three-times. It is not yours and you should not have taken it. But now that you have, you have. It is the secret to how I have held on in this trade since my husband died. I could not have moved even one of this pots without this precious perfume. My grandmother taught me how to make it, but she swore me to use it wisely."

After some negotiation, I was able to obtain a pretty good quantity of the perfume. It is really quite remarkable. Would you like to try it?

I was really overwhelmed by the whole incredible story, and stood there silent.

"Let me show you what it has already done for me" Michael said. "I've been taking a puff of this three time a day since I got it" he said as he took off his loose lightwieght sweatshirt. I couldn't believe my eyes: he was almost as big as the personal trainer.

"Here, watch this," he said, as he loaded up three plates on the bench press bar. Last week we were struggling with one plate and a 25 on each side--a mere 185. He lay down on the bench and easily popped out a crisp, clean set of 12--with 315 pounds on the bar.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew I wanted to be that strong, really wanted it badly, but I'd made a pledge to myself no steroids. But then again, no steroids could have made this much change in Michael in just 5 days. Hell, whatever that stuff was, it couldn't be a steroid. I suddenly realized I'd said yes. Michael handed me the bottle and sprayed three puffs into my nose.

It smelled sickly sweet, like almonds, alright, but more intense. And I started to feel flushed. I felt apprehensive, thinking what the hell have I done? But then a wave of calm spread over me. "How quickly does this stuff start to work, Michael? I feel kind of warm."

"It seems to start right away, and then it seems like the effect builds for a while. I don't know how long it lasts, but the lady said that it depends--in some it never wears off. She herself only uses it occasionally, and she said that its mostly in women that it wears off. She sprayed eash of her eight grandchildren with it, and it wore off entirely in the three women. It also wore off in all the boys except one, who was a maricon, she said. And what's more, it no longer works on any of them excpet the gay grandson.

"Michael, let me see if I can do two plates."


I lay down on the bench, and taking a grip on the bar, pushed it up with ease. I couldn't believe it. I pressed out another 15 reps--this felt so light.

"Way to go, dude" Michael said. "Here, try this" he added as he put another plate on each side.

"No way. You better spot me close." But I needed no help at all. I pressed the 315 pound barbell up with perfect form, once, twice, three times... twelve times--and still good form. I sat up, reached over, and sprayed the bottle again.

"Hey, wait a minute!!" Michael cried. But it was too late. I srayed it again. I could feel the pump in my triceps, my pecs, even in my bi's and back and legs. I don't know how, but i looked and felt heavier, more massive. I turned to look in the mirrored wall: to my amazement, I was even bigger than Michael. I must have wieghed 275, and at my height of just 6 feet, thats a lot of muscle.

He got excited, took the bottle and sprayed himself again. he looked like he was still getting bigger too, but for some reason, still not quite as big as me. I leaned over and picked up the tape measure and wrapped it around his bulging arms. 22 and a half inches. chest--53 inches. Shit, he looked hot.

"Man, you're even bigger than me--let me measure you now."

"Yeah measure this massive body, Michael."

"Geez, your arms are 24 inches and your chest 58. Your waist is 33. God damn it. We're gods."

"Yeah. This stuf is awesome."

"I hope it lasts" Michael said.

"She told you that the only one it didn't wear off on was the gay grandson, right? Well, look a little closer at this muscle, Michael" I said as I struck a terrifying most muscular pose. When he leaned over, I grabbed him, he started to struggle but I held him firmly. Enourmous as he was, I was definitely the bigger and stronger of the two of us.

"I'm built like a fucking god now,and I'm gonna make your wish come true Michael." I ripped off his shorts, exposing his throbbing 10 inch hard on, and turned him around to look straight at his asshole. My own cock was just as hard as steel and a good 10 inches too.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me with your superhuman body. Push your hard hot dick into me. Make me feel you inside me."

I pulled an extra large double magnum condom from my pocket and rolled it onto my hardon, just barely getting it over the throbbing flesh. Then I picked up his chiseled body--must have been 250 punds of him by now--and slid him onto my pulsating cock. he pushed his butt down over my dick, taking it all the way, his tight anal muscles squeezing down rhythmically over the shaft of my stick. We pounded and pounded, until finally my cock burst open pumping hot cum into the condom, pulling out just as he shot his load halfway across the room. •

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