Jared Comes Home

Keenan's Time


By FanTCMan

"Looks like you don't mind the effects of that formula they got you on there, Keen."

Tyler took a sip of his coffee. He stood by the kitchen counter mixing up breakfast protein drinks with the formula that Jared had given him to take, and to give to his son, Keenan, who had just come to the kitchen. Ty had taken to wearing just his white briefs around the house most of the time, now, since it was summer. Kate, his wife, had stormed out when she found out about his relationship with Jared and his partner Ronnie, the two overly muscled queers that were taking over the Sanderson Properties business and her husband. With just his son, Keenan, around, who had also, at the age of fourteen, already started to show effects from doing their formula, Ty had grown less circumspect about his interest in his physical development, and the sexuality that went along with it. Especially when he began to see his son start to develop the same way. He would have to admit that he was enjoying the effects and the feeling he got from showing them off, and he recognized the same feelings emerging in Keen.

"Mind? Are you kidding?" Keenan flexed an arm, and while his biceps weren't huge, they had become, in the past few weeks, more than just decently muscular. Already, Keenan was taking on the look of a worked out young athlete. Mimicking his dad, he wore extra-low-cut white briefs around the house, now, most of the time, and they showed the other ways the formula had started to affect him. He had developed a wispy trail of hairs that started above his belly button and ran down into his briefs where the package he proudly displayed would compare well with any fully matured high school senior. In fact, he'd measured his dick with that guy, Sean, at Jared's place, and it had already grown from four inches totally hard to a respectable six, and had thickened up nicely. Even better, at least for filling out his package, was the fact that his balls had grown, and so had their sac, to accommodate them. He was proud.

He was also pretty much thrilled with the hair that had sprouted. When they started him, he'd had a few barely noticeable hairs under his arms. Now, he had pit hair that the kids would be able to see from all the way across the pool or in the locker room. And his pubes had filled in so fast he could hardly believe it. From day to day he could see them spreading and getting thicker. That little ring of hairs, so fine you could barely see them, had become heavier, darker, and then, suddenly, were real pubic hair. He checked it out every day. Some even grew out, now, past the leg holes of his briefs onto his upper thighs, and that was totally cool. And then there was that trail, thin as it was, that seemed to one day spring out of his new pubes with a few hairs and then run right up past his navel.

It had also taken only a few days on the formula before he'd had to shave. The peach fuzz got heavy, then dark, then it spread, first on his upper lip, and then the sides of his face, and his chin. Soon he had whiskers down to his jaw, covering his lip, and all over his chin, and day by day they spread until his neck was covered, and the sides joined up to his chin along his jaw and spread up his cheeks. Every day his whiskers filled in more. He'd shave as close as he could, and still you could see the dark shadow of the stubble. Everyone commented about how fast it was growing in, and Keenan felt so cool that after about two weeks he'd grown sideburns down to his earlobes, and they were full and thick and looked great. In fact, they looked better than some of the ones the older guys grew. When some girl commented about what a heavy beard he had, he'd felt his dick get a little hard in his pants as he realized it was true. A heavy beard! Wow!

Then, just this morning, when he'd been looking at himself in the mirror, getting ready to pound his morning boner, he'd noticed a few dark hairs in the middle of his chest where his pecs were starting to take shape, and a few around his nipples. He wondered if his dad would notice when he went down for breakfast.

Even at the table, as he flexed, he wondered if his dad would notice. He seemed to notice everything. His dad had grown so muscular he looked like a hardcore bodybuilder already. Of course, he'd had a good start before. That was how he'd come to know Jared and Ronnie, after all. Keenan loved how his dad noticed what was happening to him, and how he seemed to like it.

"Keenan, you're starting to look like a real muscleboy there, son." Tyler came over and squeezed his son's flexed arm. "Solid as a rock. Hey," he said, a big grin spreading his mouth wide, "what's that I see? You getting some hair on those pecs now? Well, isn't this stuff turning you into the young stud. Let me see that."

Keenan stood up so his dad could see his chest more closely. It excited him that his dad saw the hair. There was something so unbelievably cool about growing up like this so fast, turning into a man at fourteen. Tyler touched the hairs growing in the center of Keenan's chest.

"Amazing. How long has it been? A month? Not even. Look at you. Full beard, full equipment, and now he's getting hair on those muscles. Nice, Keen. Very nice."

Keenan felt his cock stirring with the compliment. It was still a little odd, getting a boner in front of his dad, but this formula stuff made all the guys who took it such horndogs that boners were popping up all the time.

"Here," Tyler said, reaching for the blender, pouring the drink into glasses, "drink up. You're gonna be one hell of a spokesman for that product when they're done with you, if they ever take it public."

"So are you, Dad," Keenan said. Truth be known, now that he'd had a taste, Keen couldn't wait to get really muscular like his dad was now, and maybe really hairy, too. And he'd probably get a really big dick, like his dad and those other guys at the big house. And those guys were so big, everything about them, dick, balls, muscles. That would be so hot. "And those other guys, too, Jared, and Ronnie . . . and Sean."

Tyler noticed the look in Keenan's eyes when he mentioned Sean. He'd watched as Sean had seduced his son the first time, and he had to admit that Sean was so amazing looking he could seduce anyone, even him. In fact, he had. Many times. Sean seemed to be the perfect sex toy, and that was probably what Jared intended. He was astoundingly handsome, hung like a porn star's fantasy, and built like a musclebound god. He was made for sex, and would do anything with any man, anywhere, any time. But Keenan had a special thing for him, and Tyler didn't know if it was simply a boy's lust for his first real partner in erotic pleasures, or if there was more to it. At the very least, it was a crush of monumental proportion that his son had for Jared's perfectly engineered sex machine of a houseboy.

Tyler had met Sean when the guy first came to live at Jared's place, and he'd seen him change from a nice, good looking, regular guy to the magnetically attractive freak they'd turned him into. The change had been extremely hot to watch and to enjoy physically, along with Jared and Ronnie and the few other guys that had been admitted to Jared's bodybuilding club. The formula assured their total devotion. It also released them from any trace of sexual inhibition, and so all the guys in the club had enjoyed the effects of the extreme dosages that Jared gave Sean in the course of testing the efficacy of the formula at high doses.

Now, as he watched his boy, Keenan, going through similar changes, although more slowly, he had very mixed feelings of being turned on by seeing his fourteen year old son mature rapidly into an extremely attractive, highly sexual muscle boy, and fear that the fact that he was turned on by it was also allowing them to use Keen. But, he reminded himself, he'd asked them to take Keenan into their program, and Keenan had been more than excited to be admitted to the bodybuilder's club. So what, then, if Keen was turning into one of them? So was he, and he knew how good it felt, and how much he was turned on himself by growing thick hard muscle, by seeing his cock lengthen and thicken and his balls grow to pump out the hormones and fill his briefs. He only had to look at Keenan, standing there in his briefs, getting a boner over the hair growing on his chest, to know how much he was loving it. So what if he'd never be "one of the kids" at school after this? It was what they wanted, what Keenan wanted, and it was hot as shit. Yes, this was Keenan's time.

"So," Tyler raised his glass with its formula laden protein shake, "here's to your muscles growing big and thick, your balls taking up more and more room in your briefs, and your cock becoming a true python."

"Thanks, Dad," Keenan said. "Cool." He tipped up his glass and they both downed their drinks. By the time he set his glass down, the thought of what his dad just said combined with the thought of drinking down a dose of the formula had Keenan's cock as hard as it could get while still in his briefs.

"You know, Keen," Tyler said, seeing his son's excitement so prominently displayed, "no one would ever believe you are only fourteen. You already look like a sixteen year old guy. And it's not just because you're so much more muscular. It's that heavy beard you've got now, and that full growth of pit hair and pubes. Shit, the way that's coming in on your chest, now, you're gonna look like a seventeen, eighteen year old in a matter of days."

"Really?" Keen's excitement at the prospect was apparent in his voice, and his enthusiasm, and his arousal. He could already feel the formula starting to hit. It always made him feel so hot. His dad had to be feeling it, too. It sure looked like he was. While he said that about Keen, his own briefs clearly showed the boner growing in them. "That is so cool," Keen said, feeling the new hair on his pecs, looking at his dad.

"Yeah it is," Tyler said. "It's so cool for me, and I'm thirty-six years old. I can only imagine how cool it must be at fourteen. Man, if I could've grown what you've got now when I was fourteen, I'd've been standing in front of the mirror jacking off all the time."

"I do," Keen said. The formula was feeling stronger, and he felt a spot of precum wetting his briefs. He had to either jack off or work out, pump his muscles hard. Pumping his muscles was like sex. He would go to Jared's and do that. He couldn't wait. But he was feeling so hot now.

"I know you do," Ty said. "I've seen you. I've seen how you get into your body. That's good. I've seen you with Sean, too. You knew I was watching, didn't you?"

"Yeah." Keenan was feeling so hot, now, with this conversation and the formula in his veins, he wanted to feel his dad's big, hard muscles like he felt Sean's.

"Does it bother you, me watching you?"


"You kind of like it, don't you?"


"You want to pull of those briefs and show me what's in there right now?"

"You want me to?"

"Only if you want to show me. You're getting quite a hairy groin, aren't you? Bet you're proud of that. And how big your penis is, now. How big is it, I mean hard? I know you've measured it."

"A little over six inches. You want to see, really?"

"You want to show me, don't you? You feel funny because I'm your dad?"

"Not really."

Keenan pulled off his briefs and stepped out of them.

"Damn, Keenan. You are growing into a stud fast. Look at that. If I wasn't your dad, I'd tell you to come over here and put it in my mouth, like I've seen you do with Sean."

Keenan stepped up to his dad. He had to feel those huge, thick pecs with their sleek hair. He put his hands on them and looked up.

"You mean like this?" He said, letting his hard cock graze the white, tented Lycra of his dad's briefs. Then he reached down, put his hands on the elastic waistband of those briefs, and slid them down his dad's big, muscular legs, going down on his knees as he slid them down all the way, pulling them off his dad's feet. Then he looked up again. His dad's cock was rock hard and oozing precum, and it stood out a full twelve inches of hot manhood, and getting bigger all the time. Soon his would be this big and bigger. And with his hands on either side, in the thick tangle of his father's pubic hair, he held the beautiful rod while he slid his mouth over it and took it all the way in, his throat opening to take it in with no gag reflex at all. He sucked it down to its root, burying his nose in the thick hair, smelling the masculinity of his father. And then he stood up again, looked into his father's eyes, and put his hands on his shoulders, pushing him down to his knees, where his father made him feel like the man he was becoming. He grabbed his father's head by the hair, and a loud ecstatic groan escaped him as he shot his seed deep where the seed that had created him originated. Even his father knew what a stud he was becoming. No, what a stud he was. And he would get bigger, and hotter, and no one would be able to resist his magnetic attraction. He would rule. Keenan knew this was his time.

When he arrived at Jared's, Ronnie answered the door. He was wearing a pale blue poser, the usual house uniform, and he looked more incredibly hot than ever with his magnificently muscular body tapering to the impossibly narrow hips that sported the poser, distended with the enormous package it carried. Ronnie took him down to the gym, where Jared was working Sean, forcing him to complete reps of decline flies with a hundred eighty pound dumbbell in each hand. Jared wore a poser, like Ronnie, and Sean, as usual, was naked, his eighteen inch cock so hard that even in decline position, it stood several inches off his hairy double row of brick-like abs, leaking strings of silvery precum.

"Okay," Jared said as Sean let out a scream and pushed the weights together above his chest for the last exquisitely torturous rep. "That's enough for now. Keen is here."

Sean got off the bench and stood up, grinning, his pecs, already more massive than any known bodybuilder's, swollen from the pump, the veins distended so they were easily seen through the hair. He looked at Keenan they way a boy looks at his pup, only this was a pup that could satisfy his most animal needs, which, right now, were on full display.

"Keenan, gonna work your ass to death today. You ready?" Jared said.

"Yes sir," Keenan said.

"I mean, we're going for a whole new level. You sure you're ready?"

"Yes sir."

"Good boy. Even your dad doesn't know about this yet, but I think he'll approve. Here, drink this."

Jared handed Keenan what looked like a small bottle of water. Keenan knew not to question Jared, and he suspected it was some more of the formula, and the way he was feeling, that was just fine. He looked over at Sean, so massive and so unbelievably hot, grinning, encouraging with a nod of his head, and he drank down the contents. It was slightly medicinal, slightly sweet, and it went down like liquid fire, starting to burn all the way down just as he finished it, burning like flames fanning out from his stomach through his blood and muscles, into his brain. He couldn't even speak. He was stunned as the fire spread, then he felt himself explode inside, and the explosion was something so intensely sexual and masculine, he took off all his clothes, without being told to, and he felt his muscles, so hard and hot, while his cock began to convulse with orgasmic spasms, shooting uncontrollably.

"Sean," he heard Jared say, "don't you want to give him your juice too, while he's peaking? I think he needs all he can get."

And while he continued to quiver and jerk, his whole body alive with a continuous orgasm, he felt Sean bend him over and enter him. He held on to a bench and felt every powerful inch of his hero-stud plow into him, fill him, ram him so hard his head was pounding against the bench, over and over, until Sean shot deep inside him, shot such a load that his thick cream spilled out and down Keenan's legs. Only after Sean pulled out did Keenan finally stop ejaculating. The roller coaster train pulled into the station. He was panting and sweating like he was in the steam room, but he regained some equilibrium. He stood up, and they were all smiling at him.

"Ready to lift some weight now? Ready to see how Sean here felt?"

Keenan felt like he didn't just want to lift, he needed to, and he needed to lift heavy. He needed Jared to push him the way he'd seen him pushing Sean when he came in. They didn't have to even tell him any more. When Jared asked if he was ready to seen how Sean felt, he knew what they were going to do. He watched Jared load the weights on a bar, and he could see himself like Sean. Oh, man. He already felt like a musclesex machine. This was definitely Keenan's time. •

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