Jared Comes Home

Tyler's Boy


By FanTCMan

"Dude," Sean leaned against the doorframe, flexing biceps while absently feeling the deep crevice between his massive, hairy pecs, "Jared sent me to get you, man. Something's happened to Keen."

Tyler 's shock at seeing Sean at his front door doubled at the thought that something had happened to his son. It had been several hours since he and Keenan had taken their morning formula drink, and he was still very much feeling the effects. He'd been flexing in front of the mirror for God knew how long, watching the subtle but intense growth of muscle mass, feeling himself being changed by the powerful surge of hormones his swollen testicles were flooding into his bloodstream, his cells, his consciousness. He could stand, transfixed, sublimating his extreme desire to ejaculate, just experiencing how strong the change felt, how it overtook him, how it made him, degree by degree, feel more potent, erotic, sexual.

When the doorbell rang, he had pulled on a pair of shorts, cotton/Lycra boxcuts, which was about all he could fit into these days, and all he really wanted to put on. His inhibitions had slipped away and totally vanished under the sway of this drug, and, feeling as hot as he did, it was no sad loss. But, answering the door, he opened it slowly at first to see who it might be.

When he saw Sean, he opened it all the way. They didn't send Sean out very much lately, since he'd grown so impossibly massive. But there he stood, in all his masculine glory, in Lycra shorts that made Tyler's look conservative, holding, as they did, the largest pair of balls and the most enormous cock imaginable. Sean was only half hard, and his cock stretched the material above the right leg seam into a sling that held its weight and bulged from his groin halfway around his huge, hairy thigh. He leaned on the doorframe, obviously posed to seduce. Everything Sean did, every move he made, every sound he uttered was contrived, manipulated by the effects of the formula, to seduce. He couldn't help himself. But he enjoyed it completely.

Usually, Tyler enjoyed it just as much, and seeing this hunk, this walking sex organ, standing there loving his own beautiful muscles, made Tyler's own cock instantly harder than it already was. But, hearing that something had happened to his boy set his adrenaline flowing into a different mode. All in the same instant, he was turned on, panicked, and reassured, when he sensed that Sean, who he knew liked Keenan, wasn't at all upset.

"It's cool, man. Don't worry. Jared just wanted me to come get you."

"Well, let's go," Tyler said, grabbing his keys and wallet, not even bothering to put on a shirt. He jumped into his Porcshe and followed Sean, who was driving Jared's Jag convertible. Both cars had their tops down. It wasn't far to Jared's and Ronnie's, but even in his anxious state, Ty realized that he was being stared at by everyone who saw him. So was Sean, in a big way. Word was getting around about the guys in Jared's bodybuilding club. Even his concern over what might have happened to Keenan didn't quell his arousal at the notice his physique attracted, and a dark spot of precum stained his shorts.

When they arrived, Sean led the way to the downstairs gym, stopping in the changing room before they entered to strip off the shorts, grab a poser, and hand one to Tyler.

"Rules," he shrugged.

Tyler looked at the posers. They were almost laughable, if the reason for them wasn't such a turn-on. Especially Sean's. It looked almost like a satiny turquoise produce bag with a waistband and leg holes. The one he held wasn't quite so exaggerated, but the pouch would have drawn comments in the gym he used to attend. But when they put them on, those pouches would be filled and bulging with their manhood, and, right now, would have to stretch more to hold their unrelieved erections.

Sean knocked on the door to the gym, and threw it open. Tyler walked past him into the room. There, on the other side, near the incline bench, Jared and Ronnie were standing on either side of his son, who, as though he'd be waiting for his dad's entrance, stood proudly between them, naked, grinning, his entire body flexed to quivering in a double biceps pose.

Tyler knew in that instant what had happened to Keenan. They'd given him the kind of dosage that had turned Sean into the prototype of the total musclesex package. Keenan had, in the hours since they'd had their little morning exchange, added poundage that had swelled his muscles into those of a young but advanced bodybuilder. He'd probably gained twenty or twenty five pounds, and it all seemed to have gone to fill the shape of his thick, heavy pecs, arms, lats, delts, traps, quads, and, yes, obviously to his balls and his cock. The kid was gorgeous. The few hairs he'd been so proud of that morning had spread to cover his pecs in fine, dark swirls that climbed up to his throat and swept down his abs. He stood there, flexing, displaying the masculine magnificence that they had thrust upon him, his delight and excitement made evident by the string of precum that dangled from his twitching rod.

"Hey, Dad," he said, his voice a step deeper and more resonant.

"Hey son," Tyler said.

Tyler entertained some fleeting thoughts of being angry that they hadn't asked him first, of distress at the idea of his son being turned into the kind of creature they had made of Sean. But those thoughts vanished in the surge of pride, excitement, and uncontrollable arousal he felt overtake him.

"Hope you're not mad," Jared said. "Keen was getting so beautiful, we just had to start taking him all the way. And Sean here needed a companion that's his equal. Look at him. He's already magnificent."

"What do you think, Dad?" Keenan turned to strike a side chest, single bi, back to double, then let his arms drop to show Tyler how he looked relaxed. "I feel so great."

"Yeah," Tyler said, walking toward his boy, who had few traces of his fourteen years of age left behind by his sudden thrust into manhood—the boyishness of his grin. "I bet you do."

"Look at my pecs, Dad. Aren't they getting great? The hair's all over them. They're so big already." He felt them, looking at them, as he talked.

"Yeah, they sure are, son."

The others watched. The boy seduced without trying. He couldn't help it. His essence exuded erotic attraction over which he had no control, its power stronger than his own awareness of it. The man, already aroused by the drug to insatiable attraction, was hit below his awareness in a place where the animal in him lived as instinct, driven by desire.

"You can feel 'em if you want."

"Go ahead, Ty. He's gorgeous." Jared gave Keenan a small shove toward Tyler. "Just like his dad."

"Yeah, just like his dad," Sean said, coming up behind Tyler, now, almost whispering in his ear from behind, his huge cock flopped out of the poser, sliding between Tyler's legs from behind.

"Come on, Dad," Keenan said.

Keenan licked his lips, licked his right finger and thumb, and twisted his right nipple, which was now almost pointing down from the mass of the pectoralis major that it decorated. He looked up at his dad, his wet mouth open.

Sean stepped forward again behind Tyler, forcing him a step closer to his son. Tyler could feel the hard mass of Sean's pecs against his back, the giant cock between his legs, lifting his sensitive balls, all pushing him toward the beautiful young muscle god that was his son. Sean's hands reached around him, one rubbing up and down the ripples of his abs while the other rubbed circles on the contours of one pec, ruffling the silky hair, sending shocks of shivering stimulation straight to his balls.

"Don't you think I look good, Dad?" Keenan taunted. "My cock even grew an inch. It's only seven, but it's gettin' big, like yours. Gonna get like Sean's. Don't you think that's hot, Dad?"

He reached down and lifted his cock as he talked about it, and when Sean stepped forward again, forcing Tyler still closer to him, Keenan took his dad's cock out of the poser which had stretched to the point of looking like a slingshot, and he put their two cocks together, side by side. And when he'd squeezed their two heads together, forcing precum to ooze, making them slide against each other, both their abs tightening and pulling in at the rush of sexual sensation, he looked up at his dad again.

"Feel how hot my pecs feel, Dad. I want you to."

Sean nipped Tyler's neck, nuzzled into the spot where trap joined neck, and said, "Go for it, hot man. He's not just your son anymore. He's ours. He needs you to let him go."

"Like this," Ronnie stepped up to them. They were all gathering, step by step, into a bunch of exquisite, overdeveloped muscle, touching where their mass couldn't avoid touching. He reached in between Tyler and Keenan and put a hand on Keenan's pecs, feeling, squeezing, lifting the mass, rubbing the hair, and when Keenan responded to his touch by looking, he kissed the boy, and the boy took his kiss and his tongue and gave back the same. Then Ronnie looked at Tyler, his full lips open, his pale blue eyes drawing him in, and he kissed him as he had kissed Keenan, transferring the hot saliva from son to father, and while he probed the recesses of Tyler's mouth, he took Tyler's hand and placed it on Keenan's chest.

Tyler succumbed as to the sirens of lust and desire. Both his hands found the muscle of the godlike youth that was his son, felt the hair that had sprouted, changing him from his son to their musclegod, and at his touch, the young god pressed against him, opened his mouth to receive him, and their bodies melded together in a passion born of muscle and masculinity. He felt Sean, the magnificent monster, all over him from behind, and on either side, Ronnie and Jared joined the melange of muscle, hands flying across bodies, each feeling the unbelievable flesh swollen hard, mouths moving from mouth to mouth, until it was hard to tell who was touching, being touched, kissing, being kissed, and, as they began to explore the dripping, throbbing organs that searched for release, probing, stroking, sucking, Tyler watched Keenan draw them into his irresistible erotic utterly masculine aura, and he knew that Keenan no longer belonged to him.


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