By Also_KnownAs

I had purchased time with Augments before but this was my first time with a Grower. Ever since science managed to break down the physical limits of the body and the cosmetics industry had latched on to that discovery and come out with lotions and ointments and balms to apply to skin and muscle to firm up, build up and bulk up men and women everywhere began to change in sometimes subtle and sometimes drastic ways.

The really amazing stuff was still experimental and mostly illegal or, if not, extremely expensive and from what I heard pretty damn painful. It was the sex industry that had the dough and the need for those kinds of alterations. These were not merely improvements like so many commercially available products. Not the wrinkle cream that removed years from your face or the lotion you could apply to remove hair permanently or the other stuff to put hair back on wherever one might want it. This was stuff that changed a person's physical make- up in drastic and unusual ways.

Bigger tits? Three injections and you could have melons bigger than any bra could hold. Bigger dick? Now you were really playing with fire and a few early adopters ended up with monstrous tools that didn't do much of anything but lie there and look big, or stay hard forever and make taking a piss a painful adventure. But things improved, they learned the intricacies of the human body, discovered that not only what was injected but where and how much would yield different results in every body.

The human genome was a bigger mystery than anyone realized.

Still, those that succeeded in realizing their own (or others) idealized versions of physical human beauty were in great demand and could basically ask any price they wanted. Some just wanted to look. They wanted a show, a live peek at perfection. Others wanted to see and feel, and that cost more. You could always get the vids but there was no telling whether what you were seeing was real or CGI. Computer artists were better than any air brush, and they could make those visions of beauty move and bend and bulge at will.

Getting them live was the first step. And depending on your fetish of choice, getting the best ones could cost as much as your mortgage for a few months or even years. After all, they had to pay for their operations, didn't they? And in the end one could never tell whether they'd benefit from the next injection or find that all their careful development was down the drain.

I'd seen a few muscle monsters. Some were very impressive, but the results were usually localized. Huge arms. Huge chest. Huge legs. Bulging masses of incredible size and evident strength they would bulge larger and larger as you watched, sometimes so big you'd swear the skin would split. Once or twice a real choice model might come along, some guy with all the goods arranged in perfect symmetry. Usually the body was great but the face showed some of what was called Genetic Garbage. Make an injection in the belly to flatten and build it, all the fat had to go somewhere, didn't it?

Then they solved that, too. The old models needed more cash to get upgraded to keep up with the latest beauties making the rounds. Now the guys were almost too amazing to be believed. Everything honed to perfection. Long, fat dicks dripping sex. Broad bulging chests with plump, lickable nips pointed at the floor. High, tight asses and moist, rosy holes. Long legs cabled with power. Perfect skin stretched tight against their mountains of strength, bronzed and gleaming. They would smile with their mouths of perfect teeth and their clear, sharp eyes would sparkle. But the prices went up with the quality, and actually managing a little time to not only look, not only touch but to actually take these men by the hand and lead them to the bedroom for an hour of play was something most could only dream of.

Luckily, I had the money to make certain dreams a reality. I wasn't so rich that I could have anyone I wanted, of course. So I was careful. I did my homework. I asked around, I checked the tablets, scanned the net, talked with those who followed the circuit and knew the names and one came up more and more often recently.

This guy, it was said, was something beyond what anyone else had achieved. If even half the rumors were true, my mind and body would be blown tonight. He went by a single name Titan and he was something new among the Augments. He called himself a Grower. That, in itself, wasn't new. Guys had been calling themselves growers ever since the first super erections came on the scene. Dudes with cocks that looked like any other pornstar member but when they got going, they grew huge. Mammoth two-foot long hard-ons covered with thick veins and throbbing with sexual promise. Growers were very popular, naturally, even though for the most part they were practically worthless for anything but a never-to-be-forgotten hand job. Watching a guy's dick swell larger and larger and larger still was enough of a turn-on for some, and they were content to watch and wish. And there were guys who could accommodate the super cocks, of course.

Titan, like I said, promised something more. "He gets big," I was told. "Yeah, so?" "No, I mean he gets real big all of him." "Big enough to be worth the price?" The guy shrugged, making me think he hadn't actually seen it. So I checked some more, and the stories were close to impossible to believe.

How was he doing it? No one got big all over. Some said he was taking double or triple doses, abusing the injections meant for big digs and using the chemicals all over. But I also heard that he was beautiful to behold, a man of such overwhelming attractiveness that he really didn't have to do any special tricks to be worth the price. And there was no way a guy could keep all his looks if he was abusing the carefully managed injections. It was all monitored or it could go bad - very bad. Others suggested he was a genetic anomaly and his body was simply reacting in a different and very positive way to the treatments.

The more I learned, the more curious I became. So I tracked down the contact information and initiated the transaction, getting on the waiting list and putting up a sizable down payment to prove my intentions.

So here I was six months later waiting for my date to begin. Titan, and I still laugh at that name, arrives in 10 minutes. I'm both excited and doubtful. Titan doesn't allow images to be produced of his face or form so I have no idea if his reported beauty is real or advertising. •

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