Misha, the Russian Muscle Kid

The Bond is Formed


By MuscleBoy27

this chapter is a little more sappy and not quite so filled with Misha's dominance. Apologies to those expecting more of that, just be patient tho.

I looked at the clock on my desk. It was 5:30, so I knew we’d be eating soon. “I think my mom will have dinner ready around 6:00. I’ll go find out how soon she’ll be ready. Maybe you’d better take a shower.” Misha was sweaty and his perfect hair had been messed up, so he turned and headed toward the bathroom. I told him where my towels where and which stuff was mine in the shower. He turned to me and grinned, “maybe your pretty sister Shawn will walk in while I’m showering! I laughed and headed down to check with my Mom.

She was in the kitchen and told me that we’d eat at 6:00. She said that she was cooking steaks in honor of Misha moving in next door. I headed back to my room and shortly after I walked in, Misha came out the bathroom trying his hair with a towel. He was totally naked. As I saw him my mouth dropped open again. He had nicest looking cock I had ever seen. It looked somewhat bigger than mine and it was definitely thicker. It appeared to be semi-hard and definitely couldn’t wait to see what it looked like completely erect. While his cock was comparable to my own, his balls were clearly bigger. The looked like two racquetballs and his incredibly muscular legs pushed them out in front of him making his whole package appear even larger.

He looked over at me with a bit of sideways smile. “Why is it that you always have your mouth open whenever I see you?” I was sitting on the bed, still watching him – no I was starring at him. I had no idea what to say. He walked over to me standing maybe six inches away from me. “It was fun giving your brother a little lesson. Beating him got me excited.” As he said it, he dropped the towel and grabbed his dick. “I think I need to get some relief before we eat dinner. Would you like to help me, Aaron?” My eyes slowly moved upward from starring at his crotch to looking into his amazing eyes. I couldn’t believe how this fourteen-year-old kid had me totally under his spell. I nodded at him and he put his hands on my shoulder moving me off the bed and on to my knees in front of him. “I thought you would, Aaron,” he said softly.

I gently cupped his balls and then put his incredible eight-inch cock in my mouth. My free hand reached around and grabbed one of his granite like butt cheeks. He tasted incredible as his pre-cum started to ooze into my mouth. I felt his hands softly cup the back of my head. He was running his hands through my hair as I sucked him. I looked up to see if he would give me an approving look. His head was leaned forward but his eyes were shut. I kept working and his head slowly leaned back like he was looking at the ceiling. “Oh yes, Aaron. That is perfect!” he said as I swallowed his perfect cock as deeply as I could. It didn’t take long before I felt his balls moving in my hand. They were tightening to his body; I knew he was close. His hands went from holding my head lightly to strongly controlling me. He pushed his huge dick deeply down my throat and began to cum. Wave after wave pulsed down my throat. I’d never swallowed anyone’s cum before and I loved the sensation. Misha’s body pulsed with power. I clutched his butt as his body jerked and his muscles tightened against me. His body jerked so violently that I thought he might fall over, but he kept his stance.

Finally his body started to relax and he released my head. He slipped his cock out of my mouth and as he did, I looked up at him. I stayed on my knees waiting for him to give a sign that I’d made him happy. At that moment nothing in the world was more important than knowing I’d made this teen muscle god feel good. He looked down at me and saw that I needed his approval. He stroked my hair and told me that I’d given him the best blowjob he’d ever gotten. He pulled me to my feet and kissed my lightly. “So now, when did you say we’d be eating?” he grinned at me.

“Ffff, ffff, five minutes” I stuttered. He started getting dressed and I sat back down on the bed, my head was still in a fog. It finally started to clear and got up and told him that we’d better head down for dinner. “Aaron?” he said laughing a little. “I think you should change your shorts first.” I looked down and realized that somewhere in the process of giving Misha his blowjob, I’d blown a load of my own. “Oh. Oh yeah. I guess do need to change.” I quickly put on a different pair of shorts and off we went.

We went into the kitchen and I noticed that there were no dishes on the counter where we usually ate. My mom told us that we were eating in the dining room tonight. “Wow, Misha! You’re getting special treatment, we usually just eat here in the kitchen,” I laughed. My mom sent us into the dining room where we found my Dad just sitting down. I introduced Misha and they shook hands. My Dad smiled at him, “I can see you’re a very strong young man Misha and you’ve got quite a grip there too.” Misha thanked my dad and we all sat down. My mom brought out the steaks and baked potatoes. As she passed them all out, she called to my brother. He walked in and told my mom that he was going to eat with some of his friends from college. “Are you sure, dear? We’re having steaks!” He told her that he was sorry but he had to get going. “OK, dear. But are you sure you should be going out? You don’t look all that well.” My dad chimed in and said, “Yeah, Shawn. You look like you were hit by car.” Misha and I couldn’t help laughing as Shawn assured my parents that he was fine and quickly made his exit.

We all ate and talked. Misha told us all what it was like to live in Russia. He told us that he almost never had meat as good as my mom had made. He went on to tell her how wonderful of a cook she was. Of course she loved to hear that. By the time we were about half way through our meal, Misha had cleaned his plate. My mother asked him if he wanted more since she’d made a steak for Shawn. He nodded politely and she brought him Shawn’s plate complete with more potatoes and veggies. He ate the entire thing barely stopping to breathe. He complemented my mom again on, as he put it “her most excellent cooking.” She thanked him and told us that we could have our desert later.

We headed back up the stairs to my room. As we climbed the stairs Misha asked, “do you always eat like that?” He told me that he’d never had steak before. “We don’t always have steak, but mom always cooks pretty good meals. My Dad’s a meat and potatoes guy, at least so he says.” “I am too!” Misha eagerly agreed.

When we got to my room, I grabbed last year’s high school yearbook. “Hey Misha, you wanna see what your new school is like?” I laid down on the bed and opened the book. He crawled onto the bed, but rather than lying down beside me, he climbed on my back and looked at the book over my shoulder. I loved the feel of him on top of me as we looked through the book. I had to explain the concept of yearbook first but then he really got into seeing the school. Of course I showed him pictures of football team and the swimming team and the gymnastics team and power-lifting club and then finally the wrestling team.

I was hoping he wouldn’t notice, but he did. “Hey is that you in the second row there?” “Yep, that’s me,” I replied. “I did not know you were a wrestler. Maybe we will have to have a wrestling match sometime.” He said that he’d never wrestled that much, but even so I wasn’t going to challenge his incredible strength. I’d been on the receiving end of a Misha beating once. I wasn’t eager to tempt fate again. “Maybe I can show you some holds, Misha but I don’t think you and I should wrestle all out.” He knew what I was talking about and didn’t say anything more. I appreciated that since anything he would have said would have sounded condescending.

I closed the cover on the book and he rolled off of me. “It looks like will be one of the strongest at this school.” I nodded in agreement. “Maybe we can build some muscles on you so you are one of the strongest too.” He was complimenting me in the best way he knew how. I was more than happy to accept his compliment. I went down to the kitchen and got us each some ice cream. We ate it and he talked about how we’d be training. There was never a question about who would be in charge; it was Misha – 100%.

Misha yawned and stretched. “It has been a long day. I was not expecting to have to work over your brother like that, and with your mother’s big meal, I am feeling tired. Perhaps we should go to bed.” I agreed and offered to let him use the bathroom first. He took off his clothes and went into the bathroom to get ready. He came back out a few minutes later and jumped into my bed. “I hope you don’t mind, but I don’t like to wear anything when I go to bed. I laughed to myself. Mind!?! How could I possibly mind, this was a dream come true. I brushed my teeth and jumped in naked next to him.

As strange as it might seem, I was totally unsure what to do once we got in bed. I was almost four years older than Misha, but I knew that he was running our relationship. When I got into bed a just sort of laid there on my back. A few seconds later, Misha rolled over on his stomach and put one of his legs over mine. I couldn’t resist, I had to feel his powerful leg. I had to know what felt like. I ran my hand slowly across it. The first thing I noticed was how soft his skin was. There was no hair on his leg, and it was immense. His hamstring muscles were so big; they gave his legs incredible depth. His quads were huge too. I remembered noticing the way Misha’s legs curved up from hip to his knee. The huge muscles made a noticeable hill across the top of his leg. As my hand continued to wander, I could feel the valleys and ridges that were formed by his incredible muscles.

Suddenly I felt his arm reach across my body. It was heavy and since he wasn’t flexing, the muscles just seemed to spread across my chest. He slowly hooked his leg around my closest leg to him and at the same time he flexed his arm some, raising his hand up so that his elbow was now at the base of my chin and his hand was gripping the top of my head. He used his incredibly strong arm to lightly squeeze my head and then to pull my face closer to his. By using his leg and his arm against my leg and my head, he had slightly bent body toward him. I felt just a slight pain from the way he was holding me. He wasn’t really hurting me so much as getting my attention. I whispered softly in my ear, “Aaron? Do you fear me?”

I don’t know what I expected him to say, but this certainly wasn’t it. The question seemed impossible to answer. It begged a yes or no response, but giving one just didn’t seem adequate. I took a calculated risk and decided that I’d try to explain my thoughts on his question; I hoped his translation would hold up to my intentions. “Well, let’s see Misha, when I met you, you gave me a black eye and almost broke my nose. You tried to bust my head open and my ribs still hurt from where you kicked me. Today, you almost effortlessly came within inches of making my bigger and stronger brother pass out. I think it wouldn’t be surprising if I was afraid of you.” I paused for a second to see if he’d say anything, but he didn’t. So I continued, “but even with all that, I can see that you like me and that we’re getting along very well, I don’t feel like you’d ever intentionally hurt me, so the answer is No. I don’t fear you.”

He used the arm holding my head and his leg holding my leg to pull himself on top of me. “I am so glad to hear you say that, Aaron.” He was looking into my eyes as he said this; I think he was looking to see if he could see signs that I was lying. “I’m very sorry for what I did to you when we met. The truth is that when I saw you training, I thought you were so handsome. I wanted to get to know you, but you did not want anything to do with me, and I got very angry.” He put his hands under my head and then leaned my head up and kissed me. “Right when I saw you, I knew that I wanted you to be my boyfriend. So now that I know that you trust me, and that you are not afraid of me, I am still hoping you will be my boyfriend. Will you?”

I was amazed. One thing I’d learned about Misha, he was very direct, very honest and didn’t waste any time. I thought about everything he’d said and as I did, his eyes probed mine looking for his answer. He wasn’t used to handing over control of a situation, not even long enough for an answer to a question. It made him uncomfortable and nervous. I knew I already had the answer. I’d never met anyone like him; there hadn’t been a second since I met him that I’d thought of anything but him. Of course I wanted to be his boyfriend, and so I told him just that.

The joy I saw on his face unmistakable. I was happy to see that this really was so important to him. I was also a bit relieved to see that could act like a fifteen year old and express his happiness so freely. He kissed me deeply and as he did, his arms and legs wrapped their way around my body. He squeezed me into his body and for a moment we seemed to be one. I had never felt anything like that before, nothing even remotely close. We continued to kiss for a while and then he slid off me with his back to me. I was surprised because I thought he’d want to be holding me. I took this as another sign that he trusted me, so I pulled him into my body.

Even though I couldn’t see his face, I could almost feel him smiling. “I am glad we are going to be boyfriends, Aaron!” I pulled him a little tighter and said “Me too Misha.” I paused briefly and continued, “but if you are going to be my boyfriend, we’re going to have do something about your clothes.” He tried to sound hurt, “What’s wrong with my clothes?” As he said it, he never moved a muscle, not even slightly; and I knew he wasn’t even the slightest bit hurt or angry.

“Your mom dresses you just a little bit funny, now go to sleep muscleboy,” I told him. Within seconds he was sound asleep, and so was I. •

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