Misha, the Russian Muscle Kid

Muscleboy's New Clothes


By MuscleBoy27

The next morning Misha awakened me. I opened my eyes to see him starring at me. “Aaron? Are you awake? Aaron?” I opened my eyes are glanced over at the clock. “Misha, it’s 6:00 a.m. I'm awake now, but why are you awake?”

“Oh, is this too early? I m used to getting up around now.” He said, looking a little worried. I stretched and yawned and pulled myself into him, resting my head on his beefy chest. He was clearly happy for the contact as he cradled my head and shoulder with his well-muscled arm. I paused for second and enjoyed the smell of the two of together in the early morning. Misha smelled so good. I swear he even smelled muscular. “No, no, I suppose it’s not too early to get up, but how about we lay here for a while before breakfast?”

“That sounds good to me Aaron,” the hunky musclekid said. He reached around with his other arm and pulled me on top of him. Almost spontaneously my cock got hard and pushed its way between our stomachs. I felt Misha getting hard too. He had me pulled up a bit high on his body, and his rock hard cock was now stiff between my legs. He held my chest against his tightly with one arm. His other arm had worked its way down my back and now was holding my butt. He pushed so that my cock was pressed even harder against Misha’s incredible abs. Slowly he started to move my body back and forth against his. “Maybe Aaron is a little horny this morning?”

I couldn’t reply. My mind was filled with the incredible feeling of my cock trapped between our bodies. The ridges of his beautiful abs stroked against me and within a few minutes I was blowing my load all over both of our stomachs. “Whoa Misha. That was too much, where did you learn that?”

“I know several tricks, Aaron. If you’d like sometime I will do that standing over on your bench. It feels even better then.” The image of Misha holding me against him while standing, rubbing my up and down against his incredible body as my feet dangled in mid air was totally intense. Without saying a word, I got up to my knees and moved back to I could give my Russian musclekid his morning blowjob. He just laid back and let me do my work. His hands were clasped behind his head as I sucked his incredible dick and played with his monster balls. After a few minutes the balls began to churn in my hand. I worked faster and as I did his hands came around my head as he again took total control of me. “Ahhh, Ahhhh, ahhh yessssss!” I heard him say as he pumped his huge load down my throat. It felt so good! I was fighting my gag reflex as best I could while trying to tilt my head so I could see his face. He look of ecstasy was what I needed, and that’s exactly what I got. I laid back down on top of him and kissed his neck softly.

He turned his body slightly so that I was again lying with my head on his pec. “Good morning, muscleboy!” I said softly. “Good morning, Aaron,” he said as ran his hands through my hair. As he moved his arm, his bicep expanded and contracted and my head slowly moved along with it. I could have spent the entire morning like that, but Misha was ready to start the day.

We jumped in the shower together, and I started to wash him up. He flexed every muscle as I ran the soap over it. When I came to washing his legs, I lifted each foot to completely clean it. Misha balanced himself by grabbing my head and pulling me into his other leg. I ran the soap through each toe and that tickled him. He giggled and almost doubled over as I finished each foot. When I was done, I looked up at him and just marveled at the sight. His abs stood out in stunning relief and his chest curved out beautifully from his body. It appeared from my vantage point like his nipples were pointed down toward me. He was looking down at me with his hand holding my head. In his other hand he had picked up that monster cock and was slowly stroking it. I instantly knew what he wanted and I was more than happy to give it to him. This time I soaped up his muscleboy butt crack and slipped my index finger down his hole. I think this may have been the first time anyone had done this to him. He jumped at first, and within seconds was blowing a load down my throat. I slowly pulled my finger out as I removed his dick from mouth. With every little movement his body jerked involuntarily.

I looked up at him and smiled; I could see his face untwist from the ecstasy of the experience. “WOW, Aaron! That was so amazing!” He pulled my up to my feet. “Looks like you aren’t the only one who knows a few tricks, huh Misha?” His face still had a look of awe as he was recalling the feelings.

We jumped out of the shower and dried off. We headed down for breakfast, but my parents still weren’t up. After all, it was only 7:30 on a Saturday. We ate cereal and made protein shakes and Misha talked about our next workout. We were going to do back, shoulders and abs. I asked him if he wanted to go clothes shopping with me in the afternoon, and he readily agreed.

The workout was more intense than anything I’d ever dreamed up for myself. Misha pushed me on every set to go further and work harder than I thought I could. He pushed himself just as hard and used huge weights compared to mine. The whole experience was humbling and inspiring at the same time. We worked for three hours, with a twenty-minute break so that we could eat some more. By the end of it, I was tired, even hungrier and totally wrung out. We got cleaned up and ate a huge lunch and I asked Misha if it would be OK if took a nap before shopping. To my surprise he, he agreed. I think he wanted to mess around some more, but I was ready for sleep. I was out cold just seconds after my head hit the pillow. As it turned out, Misha wasn’t far behind me.

We woke up at about 3:00 and headed to the mall. Misha found it very cool that his new boyfriend had his own Jeep. I knew he’d see it as quite a perk. We put the top down on the Jeep and rode off. Misha had his Dad’s charge card, so he was ready to shop like an American. We were both wearing tank tops and baggy shorts. Misha’s were particularly baggie since they’d come out of my clothes drawer. The shirt was another matter. It too came from me, but it fit Misha like a second skin. As we drove out of the subdivision toward the main streets, a few girls whistled at Misha – who obliged them by flexing his right arm for them. Lots of heads turned as we drove along. We both smiled at each other loving the attention.

The mall was only about ten miles away, so the ride was short. I parked and we started walking toward the entrance. Misha looked at the size of the building. “This is a clothes store?”

“No, it’s actually about eighty different stores. Probably a third of them are clothes stores, but there’s only a couple where you can get cool stuff. As we walked by three girls they all started calling out to Misha, “hey muscleboy! You’re so cute!” As we entered the store, two guys almost wet themselves at the sight of my muscle bound boyfriend. Misha was loving it too. He told me that he usually wore the baggy sweats like I’d first seen on him because in Russia people would often react to him like he was a freak. “Well you are a freak,” I told him, “but in a good way. Most people here will love it.” At hearing this, his shoulders went up a little higher and his chest puffed out a little further. “But don’t over do it, OK? A little modesty is a good thing. Ummm, except when it’s just you and me together.” He started giggling as he translated and understood what I said.

We entered the mall through Macy’s. “So are we shopping here, Aaron?!?” His head was spinning around like he’d never seen anything like this before. As it turned out, he hadn’t. He was from a part of Russia that fairly rural and poor, so there wasn’t anything even remotely resembled a mall there. “Maybe on the way back.” I said, as I grabbed his hand and pulled him out into the main mall. I surprised myself by taking his hand. I’d never do anything like that with another guy I public, but it seemed OK with Misha. We started walking down the mall and Misha gawked at every store.

First he noticed Banana Republic. “Here? These clothes look nice.”

“Nope, not here.”

Then he saw J. Crew. “Here?”

“Nope, not this one either.”

He was starting to look confused. Then we walked by the Gap. “Here?”

“Possibly on the way back.” I took his hand again and pulled him with me. “Come on!”

Finally we came to Abercrombie and Fitch. “This MUST be it!” He said as his eyes popped out at the giant posters in the store window and on the wall.

“Yep, this is it.”

We ended up buying him everything from socks to pants to shirts to baseball caps. Misha was drawn to everything florescent orange. I kept telling him to look at how the guys in the posters were dressed, but it wasn’t sinking in. I found that it was best to hand him outfits and have him try them on. Then while he was changing, most of the store clerks and I looked around for the next ensemble for him to try.

This method worked very well and the clerks were almost too helpful. Three of the store clerks nearly fainted when he came out with really hot gray tank top and red baseball cap on. When Misha came out of the dressing room, he’d run over and show me what he was wearing. We’d decide if it was right and then I’d hand him some new stuff I’d found for him. One particularly tall, thin clerk was helping me. He was a little on the stereotypically gay side, but totally fun and had good taste too. As Misha trotted back to the dressing with the next set of clothes the clerk said to me under his breath, “please tell me that you two are gay lovers!!!” As I kept looking down at the pile of shirts I was exploring, I smiled broadly and nodded my head. “Oh good lord you are a lucky boy!” Then he handed me a small mesh shirt. I didn’t even think A&F had anything like it. As he handed it to me, he said, “If you can get him to try this on, I’ll put all your stuff on employee discount.”

Of course I had Misha try it on, and of course the clerk made a bit of a scene over Misha in the shirt. “Lord, take me now, I’m as happy as I’ll ever be!” he said as he pretended to faint on my arm. As he collected himself, he walked over to Misha and ran his hand across Misha’s abs. He mouthed the words, “OK, the shirt is on me – just as long as he leaves it on.” Misha was drinking up all the attention like a thirsty puppy.

I smiled at him and asked, “You wanna wear that shirt out of here?” “Uh huh!” he said as he nodded his head eagerly. “OK musclestud, just remember, a little modesty!”

By the time we were done, we’d found nearly $400 worth of clothes for him, even with the clerk’s discount. As we left the store, the clerk was waiting at the front. Misha was still wearing the black mesh shirt and the red baseball cap. “Oh please!” he said to Misha, “turn the baseball cap around just for a minute.” Misha did, clearly making the clerk’s day.

I told him that I thought we’d done enough damage to his Dad’s charge card for one day, so we started to head back to the other side of the store. We again walked through Macy’s and as we did, Misha stopped when we got to the young men’s department. He shoved the two bags he was carrying into my hands and looked at a display case of chains of necklaces. A woman who I’d guess to be about 45 or so came over to help him. He was eagerly pointing at something. I arranged the bags by our feet and looked to see what he wanted so badly. The clerk had taken out a fairly heavy chain with a small padlock on it. Misha took it from her hands and showed it to me. “What do you think Aaron? Are these not cool!?” I was about to say that I wasn’t so sure until he put the chain around his neck. The combination of the red backwards hat, black mesh shirt and thick silver chain were completely sexy on him. I nodded that it was pretty cool.

“Let us both get them Aaron! It will be cool for us to both wear these!” Uh oh, I thought. How was I going to explain this to him? There was no way I was ready to start my senior at high school by wearing the identical jewelry as my musclebound freshman boyfriend. “Misha, I don’t know about that. Would you wear something like this with a boyfriend back in Russia?” He’d taken off the chain and was now putting it on me. “No, I would not wear this there. Someone would maybe kill us. But we are not there, we are here, and it looks very good on you too! We do many things here that I would not do at home. You held my hand here in the mall before – I would not let you do that at home in Russia.”

He turned me toward the counter so I could see the chain in the mirror. It did look pretty damn good, but I had to stop him on this one. The poor store clerk was standing in front of us pretty much frozen in her tracks. I figured since she had heard the whole exchange I’d enlist her help in talking Misha out of the idea. “Ma’am, can I ask your opinion? If Misha here were your son, would you want to see him and his boyfriend going around with matching necklaces like this?”

“If he were my gay son, I’d have a lot of explaining to do to my husband because nothing like him could ever come from husband’s genes.” I smiled, but the joke was completely lost on Misha. “I’m sorry, Misha,” she said, looking so sad for him, “but your friend, I mean boyfriend is right. Even here lots of your schoolmates won’t be ready for this. You two are so cute together, just give it a little more time.” She tried to smile, but found she couldn’t. I gave her back the chain and we both saw that Misha had a tear hanging on his cheek. “Please don’t be so sad,” she said. “How about a longer necklace that you could both wear under your shirts?” I gave him a look that told him I was totally up for her suggestion. He nodded as he brushed his hand over the chain and lock. He still desperately wanted THAT necklace. She found us a basic silver chain with little dumbbell charm on it. He was now much happier as we both put them on. I paid and thanked the clerk and we headed out to the jeep.

“You got a lot of cool stuff today bro. Are you happy we came?” He nodded that he was. I took his hand and held it as we drove back home. •

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