New Neighbors

Eric Figures It Out


By MuscleBoy27

“More sex?!?” Justin and I said in unison. We were looking at Mike like he had three heads. We’d worked out hard, played around for an hour or so already, and stuffed ourselves silly with food. We were tired. This was probably the first time in our lives that we’d ever turned it down, but we did. Mike looked disappointed, but he went along with us. We decided to watch a little TV and then go to bed.

After an hour of watching ‘Jackass’ – Justin’s favorite show – we decided to call it a night. Mike was going to stay over with me, but Justin headed back home. Mike and I said goodnight to Justin and climbed the stairs to bed. We were both exhausted. We got ready and fell into bed and within minutes, we were both sound asleep.

About 4:00 in the morning, Mike got up and headed for the bathroom. He had to climb over me, and so woke me up too. I watched him walk across the room toward the bathroom; I started to drift back asleep, but something kept me awake. I watched as the pale light from the bathroom spilled toward me. I couldn’t see Mike, but then after a bit, I saw him walk over and stand in front of the sink. He stood there, looking in the mirror, not flexing, not moving – just looking. At first, I was in a bit of haze, somewhere between awake and asleep. As I noticed what he was doing – or in this case, wasn’t doing, I started to pay closer attention.

After what must have been at least a minute, he took his right hand and started to trace out the cuts in his leg muscles. Slowly – very slowly, he moved his finger up his leg. When he got just above his leg, he traced the vein that went up toward his abs. His head never moved, and his expression never changed. He just watching in the mirror as hand moved across his body. He played with the vein for second – pushing it to one side and then back the other way. After a bit, his hand started to move again. He slowly traced the outline of each ab muscle. It was almost like someone had given him a new body and he wasn’t used to seeing it. Slowly his finger worked its way around each muscle.

Finally, when he got to the top of his abs, he used his whole hand to feel his pec. I lifted it slightly, and then let it drop. Then he traced the deep crevasse that formed between his pecs. Still, no other part of his body moved. His expression remained blank. I wondered what he could have been thinking about. I also noticed that his dick was getting hard. It had started out flaccid, but by the time he’d touched his pecs, his dick was standing straight out – yet still there was no change in his facial expression. His right hand slowly wandered from left pec onto his left shoulder. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; he was getting off on his own body. Then I realized that I was too. I was rock hard just watching Mike.

He traced the vein on his relaxed bicep. Still no expression change, still no other part of his body moved – save for his stiffening dick. His hand retraced it steps and found its way back to his left pec. Then, very slowly, his left hand moved from his side. It moved as though it was glued to his body. It moved across his leg and then grabbed his rock hard dick. His right hand started to massage his pec as his left hand stroked his hard dick. His eyes closed and both hands moved faster. His head fell back and his mouth opened. His hands moved faster still. I had all I could to stop myself from grabbing my own hard cock and joining him. Then, just seconds later, I saw him shoot his load. The first blast flew into the air; from my position it looked like it flew at least to Mike’s height and then down the counter. Three more shots were visible, and then he moved toward the counter so that the rest would hit the sink. His head came forward and his eyes opened as he regained his senses.

He stood motionless again for a few seconds; the blank expression was back. Then he cleaned up and turned off the light. He waited a minute for his eyes to adjust and then found his way back into bed. As he approached, I rolled onto my stomach so he wouldn’t feel my hard-on. Mike crawled into bed next to me, and in a matter of seconds, I heard the slow measured breathing that told me he was asleep. It was another matter for me; sleep wouldn’t come easily. The scene replayed itself in my mind a dozen times. Something about it really bothered me. Mike was changing, and it wasn’t the problem he’d had with his parents. It wasn’t just that he was getting more into his workouts. Something else was going on. I had to find out what it was.

The next morning we got up and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. “Are you making protein smoothies?” Mike asked. I nodded. “Make mine a double, OK?” He asked.

“You want double protein powder?”

“No, I want two smoothies. I’ll get the cereal.” I didn’t question it any further. With the way he’d been gaining weight, I knew he must have been eating a ton. He walked behind me to get the cereal boxes, but instead of going into the cupboard, he turned toward me and wrapped his arms around me. “I love you Eric!” he said as he hoisted me into the air. He set me down and kissed the back of my neck.

“What’s that for?” I asked grinning broadly.

“I don’t, I just felt like doing it.”

He turned and started rummaging for cereal. He brought out a couple of boxes and we sat down to eat our breakfast. We started talking about what we wanted to do for the rest of the day. We decided we’d go over Iron Mike’s gym for a change. We knew Justin would want to go too, so Mike went over to get him while I cleaned up.

When we got to the gym, Carl, Jonathan and Iron Mike were all there. Carl and Jonathan were working out together; big Mike was in his office. We walked over to say hello to Carl and Jonathan. As we said hello, Jonathan punched Mike in the arm and commented on how big he looked. Carl had a sort of funny look on his face. “You definitely look bigger Mike, how much weight have you gained?” Mike told him and Carl’s only response was, “Impressive.”

About then, big Mike joined us, standing behind Justin. “So what are you going to train today, kid?” He was talking to Justin as he placed his huge hand on the back of Justin’s neck. “Back and Bi’s” Justin replied, turning his head just enough to see big Mike’s expression. “Good, kid! That’s just what I was going to do, you can train with me.” Mike led Justin away and Justin looked back at us as if to say, ‘looks like I don’t have a choice.’ He probably didn’t. Big Mike clearly saw Justin’s potential and wanted to help him fully attain it.

Mike and I started our workout, and about ten minutes into to, we noticed Carl and Jonathan arguing about something. Actually, they weren’t arguing. Carl was doing all the talking and he was angry. I’d never seen him close to angry, only mildly annoyed when I drove over a curb trying to parallel park. Considering his size, that scared me plenty. But now, he was yelling at Jonathan - his face was bright red, his muscles were tensed and there was real fear in Jonathan’s eyes. From my time with Carl, I knew he wasn’t the type of guy who would hit anyone, but intimidation, that was another matter. Carl didn’t mind using his size to intimidate. Big, hunky, gorgeous Jonathan now looked like a scared little boy about to cry. I wondered what could have gotten Carl so angry.

Mike was watching too, in fact he watching more intently than I was. I asked him what he thought they were talking about. He just said, “I don’t know” without even glancing away from looking at them. They eventually stopped talking and left. Jonathan followed Carl out trying to explain something to him. We went back to our workout, and as usual Mike was unstoppable. He was now lifting heavier weights than I was, and it really made him happy. In a way it made me happy too. It felt like the natural order had been restored. In my mind, Mike was supposed to be the stronger one, and while it was fun for me to be the big boy for a while, I was happier this way.

While we did our workout, we also watched big Mike and Justin. The man would not give Justin even the slightest break – he pushed him constantly. Justin never complained and never failed to do what big Mike asked. There was a look of seriousness on his face that was never there when he trained with Mike and me. I realized he needed a real coach to bring out the best in him. If he kept training with big Mike, he would be amazing; there was no doubt in my mind about that. Eventually the three of us walked out to the car. Our muscles were fried, but we had that post-workout high that can’t be gotten any other way.

On the way home, Justin told us he was going to work out with big Mike after school for a while. Mike and I shook our heads in awe of the thought of what Justin might become if he kept working out with Mike. “He’s a pretty good coach, huh?” I asked Justin.

“Yeah, definitely. He gets me to do stuff I didn’t think I could do.” Justin paused for a second. “He says he thinks I could be one of the best natural bodybuilders he’s ever seen.” There was pride and possibly a little amazement in his voice.

“Go for it, bro!” Mike said. He was happy for Justin, but there was still the brotherly competitiveness in his voice. I don’t know whether it was out of sense of competitiveness, or something else, but the next four weeks were amazing. Every day after school, Mike and I would meet at the garage gym and workout more intensely than we ever had. I couldn’t keep up with him. I was getting over trained, my joints were hurting and I wasn’t really progressing. Mike, on the other hand kept growing. He was up to 210 pounds and was lifting incredibly heavy weights. Every day we had sex. Well actually every day Mike had sex, it was almost like his was using me to get relief from his sex drive. I mean, I loved it – he was so intense and so strong. I was in awe of what was happening to him, but I sometimes got the feeling it wouldn’t have mattered to him whether he was having sex with me or someone else, just as long as he was having it.

His body was getting huge; he almost didn’t look like the same guy anymore. Big bulky muscles were replacing his tight defined muscles. In gaining size, he was losing some of his definition. He’d started breaking out too. He blamed it on sweating so much during our workouts, but I was starting realize that all this couldn’t be happening naturally. Mike had to be getting some help.

But what was he taking, and where did he get it? •

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