New Neighbors

Mike goes animal


By MuscleBoy27

The rest of the week continued very much the same way. Mike practically molested me every day before Justin joined us for our workouts. I definitely wasn’t complaining at seeing Mike this horny. Actually, I really liked it, because he wasn’t just horny, he was aggressive. He was very forceful about the way he wanted to have sex, and when he saw that I was getting into him being that way, it only encouraged him more. It was Friday and Mike had just gotten done shooting his third load in our short forty-five minute session. He was standing in front of me with his legs spread wide apart. He had both hands on my head and was strongly controlling my head as he got off on my blowjob.

He looked down at me grinning intently. “God, Eric! That felt so good. I can’t believe I just shot for the third time!” I had one hand still on his butt and the other on the back of his knee - just above his calve. I let my hand slide slowly down on his calf and looked up at him. He was sweaty and energized and his muscles looked so much bigger to me. I must have had a look of awe on my face, because as he looked down at me and sly smirk came across his face.

“Looks like you enjoyed that too, huh?” Mike grabbed my hair and playfully pulled my head back. “Didn’t ya? Didn’t ya? Didn’t ya? He said louder each time. “Um, yessir, I liked it a lot!” I meekly answered back. We were just playing around, but honestly, this was a side Mike that I’d never seen – but definitely did like it!

We’d gotten cleaned up just as Justin walked in. He immediately knew that we’d been having sex. He looked at us and rolled his eyes. “Again?!? What is with you two,” he laughed, “and why don’t you ever wait for me?” Mike smiled at him, “because we need to workout hard, and you workout best when you are HUNGRY, bro! Hungry for sex.” Justin shook his head and started putting on his straps to do pull downs. “Whatever, let’s get going psycho-brother!”

All through the workout Mike was intense and hyper. More than once Justin and I looked at each other as if to say, “what the hell got into his cheerios?” Sweat was pouring off of him, but he just kept pushing himself harder and harder. After the workout, Justin was stretching out on a mat. He’d taken off his shirt to allow himself to cool down after the workout. Mike had peeled off his own drenched shirt and then picked up Justin’s and used it to wipe the remaining sweat off of himself.

“Mikey”, that’s my shirt you sweatball!” Justin protested. Mike just grinned at him, “You want it? Come and get it!” Justin shook his head, and then a sly grin appeared on his face. “No mercy this time!” Justin yelled as he reached over and grabbed Mike’s foot. He jerked it as hard as he could; knocking Mike to the floor. They began to wrestle, laughing and exchanging taunts.

“Is that all you got, junior?” Mike laughed as he got Justin in a headlock.

“You sweat like a fat girl worried she won’t get the last piece of pizza!” Justin mocked as he slipped out of Mike’s grip and took him down on the mat.

Gradually the taunts subsided and were replaced by grunts and labored breathing as they wrestled harder and harder. Mike was giving it his all, and Justin had everything he could do to control Mike. Eventually, Justin managed to turn Mike on his back. He pinned him and finally asked Mike if gave. Mike did and Justin rolled off of him panting and sweating. The two of them were on their backs; their incredibly muscular chests rose and fell as they tried to catch their breath.

Mike finally regained his breath, and without a word, rolled toward Justin. Mike’s hands slipped under Justin’s shorts, pushing them down past his knees. Mike immediately began sucking Justin’s cock. At first there was a look of shock on Justin’s face, but within a split second, he laid his head back down on the mat, and rested his hand easily on the back of his brother’s head. It had been a while since we’d messed around Justin, and he wasn’t going to argue with the unexpected gift of a blowjob.

Watching the two of them was more than I could stand. As I walked toward them, I ripped off my own clothes and got down on my knees next to Mike. I pushed his hips lightly and he rolled on his side – never missing a beat with Justin. I removed Mike’s shorts and gave him the same treatment he was giving Justin. The two of them were still soaked in sweat, but it smelled good to me. We were laying a sort of triangle, with Mike and I slowly sucking. We weren’t in a hurry to get anyone to cum. Suddenly I felt two hands grab my legs just below the knees. It was Justin re-arranging me so that that he could get in on the action too. He rotated my torso so that my legs draped over his head. My dick entered his mouth and his hands found their way to my butt. He was slowly sucking my dick and stroking his hands across my leg muscles.

This was the first time the three of us had done this; in my fog of sexual ecstasy, I wondered why we hadn’t done it before! Since Mike had started the whole thing, we followed his cadence. I could sense how fast he was going by the movement of his body. Gradually we increased the speed. Justin was the first to blow. He body shuttered and his hand clamped down on my butt so that he wouldn’t knock me off of him as he came. His teeth lightly grazed my dick causing me to jump. Without really intending to, I automatically started sucking Mike faster and the combination of Justin shooting and my working Mike faster sent him over the top. Wave after wave slid down my throat and I happily swallowed every drop. Justin had regained his composure and had grabbed my hips. His powerful grip easily lifted me up and down, faster and faster, and within seconds, I was shooting too.

We all finally rolled to the side and sat up. Justin’s face was bright red because of the energy he’d exerted repeatedly lifting me. I shook my head trying to loosen the sexually induced cobwebs that fogged my thought. Mike was grinning from ear to ear. He turned and looked at us, “Now THAT was a workout! I’m starving – let’s eat!”

My parents were already gone for the weekend, so we decided to cook for ourselves. My Mom had left a note saying that there was surprise for dinner. I opened the fridge with Mike and Justing standing just behind me. We saw two huge buckets of Nate’s Ribs, a big jar of sauce and another box with potatoes other stuff. “RIBS!” We all yelled at once.

The microwave ran steadily for the next hour as we heated and ate everything my Mom had left for me. Ninety minutes later, the three of us sat stuffed, staring at a mound of picked-clean bones sticking out of one of the buckets. I smiled, and starting laughing to myself, “That was supposed to last me the whole weekend. You two pigs ate all my food!” I got up and started putting dishes into the dishwasher. “So what am I supposed to eat for the rest of the weekend?” I laughed. It really wasn’t a big deal, I knew Mike and I would end up going to the store and buying whatever we needed.

Mike stood up and smirked at me. “Don’t worry, big boy. I’ll feed ya!” He said grabbing his crotch.

Justin rolled his eyes. “You’d think he just discovered he had that thing. Give it a rest Mikey!”

“Ok, ok,” Mike continued, “how about we take those measurements?” The three of us headed up to my room. I brought up our spreadsheet and we started by checking weight. Justin went first. He jumped on the scale. He had been 170 a month ago, and now it read 175. “Oh yeah! Justin is growing huge!” he said as he read off his own weight. We high fived him, and then I got on. I had been 190, but I knew I had dieted off about five pounds getting ready for my contest. The scale read 188, which pleasantly surprised me. I hit a most muscular pose and said, “Yeah, just call me ripped man! Grrrrr!” I definitely was more defined than I’d ever been.

Then it was Mike’s turn. He had been 183, not just for the last month, but also for the last two months. He got on the scale and it stopped at 200 lbs. Justin and I were speechless. “Read it, boys! That’s right 200 big ones. MIKEY IS BACK! He yelled.

“Bro, that can’t be.” Justin frowned. “It must be all the ribs you ate, or something.”

Mike grinned broadly, “Wait till we get to the measurements and see!”

We took our measurements. Justin’s had gone up about a quarter inch on his arms and legs, and not quite a half on his chest. His waist was a tiny as ever. My measurements were up about the same as Justin’s except for my waist. It was down a full inch. Both Mike and Justin commented that I had more of a V shape to me.

Then we did Mike. Everything was bigger! His arms were up almost three quarters of an inch. His chest was up a full inch, and his legs were up over a half-inch. His waist was about the same. As he flexed for us, his muscles looked different - bigger, but not as defined. His eight pac looked more like a six pac, yet he still had a sexy firmness to him that made my mouth water.

Justin looked at his now very big, big brother. “Mikey, how are you doing this?”

Mike grabbed me in a headlock and started talking to Justin. “You’ve seen me workout the past few weeks. I told you, I’m throwing myself into this. Isn’t that right Eric?” He was squeezing my head a little harder. I managed a muffled ‘uh huh.’ “So, little brother, lets keep turning it up, huh?” He kept holding me there, not really squeezing to the point of pain, just holding me in the headlock. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to resist, or just let him hold me like that. His biceps where digging into my head and neck. Although I had no idea why he was doing it, it was turning me on. I realized I had a raging hard-on.

Justin smiled, “OK, bro. But I think you’d better let Eric go. His face is getting kind of red.”

“Oh, yeah… I almost forgot about him.” Mike released me, and I stood up and looked in the mirror. My face was almost purple from his hold. Mike came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Looks like blood was rushing to your other head too!” He whispered in my ear. “I think it turns you on when I play rough with you.”

He released me and turned so he could see both my face and Justin’s. “Who’s up for more sex?!?” •

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