New Neighbors

Basking in the Afterglow


By MuscleBoy27

Mike phoned his parents and told them he and Justin were going to stay the night. Since I was the sweatiest of the three of us, I headed for the shower to get cleaned up for bed. The memory of our first real threesome was still fresh in my head. While I showered, my mind drifted off to thinking about how different I�d become since meeting Mike and Justin. I had been painfully shy and scared that somehow someone somewhere would guess that I was gay. Now I was having sex with two of the coolest guys I could imagine and I wanted to tell the world about it.

Well, maybe not tell the world, but I felt like I knew who I was. I was in love, and I was learning to have sex � and I was pretty fucking good at it. My two boys were giving me new experiences like I�d never imagined and they were definitely good at it. All in all, my transformation was pretty amazing even to me. I�d gone from being scared, self-doubting and unhappy to happy and self-confident. I knew I owed a lot of it to Mike and Justin.

Justin�s birthday was just a week away and I wanted to get him something special. I wanted to get Mike something too, but I was having a hard time coming up with something that would say what I wanted to say. I jumped out of the shower and walked back into the bedroom with my towel. �OK, who�s next?� I said as I dried my hair off.

Justin jumped up off the bed. �I am! And what the hell took you so long, we just had a shower an hour and a half ago.� He trotted past me and disappeared into the bathroom. As he passed me I spun around to look at the clock. Mike was sitting at my desk playing a game on my computer. I looked at the clock on the desk. Justin was right, it was now almost two hours later than when we�d first started.

�Wow, I guess time really does fly when you�re having fun.� Mike was concentrating and managed only to grunt an �uh huh�. When he got serious, this look of concentration came over his face that totally melted me. He was like a little boy with a look of determination on his face that said, �I�m not sure I can do this, but I�m trying�. I dropped my towel and headed over behind him. I put my arms around his neck and rested my chin on his shoulder. After a fraction of a second, I turned my head so my mouth was by his ear. �I love you Mikey Williams!� He turned his head involuntarily because my breath was tickling his neck. I heard the familiar sound of the computer game declaring his last player dead.

�Yeah, sure you love me. Look what you just made me do! I almost got in the top five. You don�t love me, you just didn�t want me erasing your scores.� He was smiling and as he talked he turned his head so we were facing each other. We kissed deeply. �Mmmmm� he whispered, �you�re nice and clean� But I stink like sex.�

�Ah, you still smell pretty good to me, Mike.� I was in such a state of euphoria, he could have been covered in pig shit and I probably would have overlooked it. Well, maybe not pig shit. �So this was one intense evening my man. Did you imagine we�d do all the stuff we did?�

�Nope. I had no idea all this was going to happen. It was damn fun though.� He kissed me again. �We do need to be a little careful about J-boy. He might be getting the idea that we are a permanent threesome.� He paused for a second. �We aren�t a permanent threesome are we?�

I really didn�t have to think about the question, but I took a second. There was a part of me that was interested in finding out how a relationship like that might work, but I knew I felt very differently about Justin than I did about Mike. �Nope, we�re still the dynamic duo, Butch and Sundance, Hanz and Franz, Bonny and Clyde��

�OK, I get the idea, enough already.� Mike laughed. �And you are definitely Bonny to my Clyde. But seriously, just talk to him about it a little while I�m taking a shower. He�ll appreciate it more coming from you. Just be good to him.� We kissed again. The feeling was so amazing. I felt like we were a team � we handled shit together � I never imagined doing that with another guy. Our concentration was broken by the sound of Justin clearing his throat.

�You two weren�t talking about me, were you?� He was toweling off his head. �Because I hate it when people talk about me behind my back when I�m still in the room.� He�d moved to drying his back.

�Well if it bothers you,� Mike mocked, �then go back in the bathroom, moron!�

�Careful Mikey� You wouldn�t want me to embarrass you in front of your girlfriend�.� He was joking, but he clearly was in quite a mood too. Justin had that, �I just had sex and I�m invincible� feeling. Mike got up and headed toward the bathroom without saying a word. As he passed Justin, he smacked him on his ass hard enough to leave a bright red handprint. �Asshole� Justin frowned.

�Baby boy.� Mike laughed. Baby boy was term that Mike used fairly rarely for Justin. It clearly was a reference to the difference in their age, but I thought there must have been more to it. Justin always got very quiet when Mike called him baby boy. Whatever it was, I�d have to wait until later to find out. I went over to the bed. It was an incredible fall evening. The kind in southern California where you opened the windows and enjoyed the cool night breezes while you slept. With the three of us in bed, I figured we wouldn�t need much more than the sheet, so I pulled the comforter and blanket back. Two strong hands grabbed me by my waist and lifted me off the ground. Justin threw me onto the bed and jumped on top of me.

�Eric, bro, this was the best evening of my life. You guys made me see god, I swear!� We were grinning at each other and he was waiting for me to say something. I did the only logical thing. I put my hands on his butt and felt him for a bit. Ooof the kid had such a good body.

�J-boy, this was definitely the most incredible night I�ve ever had too. Mike and I have had some amazing times together, but this was definitely a new level. I�m glad you�ve decided you�re playing for our team, bro.� I squeezed his butt a little. As I did, I realized something. We didn�t line up quite the same anymore. A couple months ago, I remembered be in the same position. We were eye to eye, pec to pec, cock to cock and knee to knee. Now we weren�t. �J-boy are you growing again?�

He giggled at me. ��could be, bro!� He flexed his pecs against me. I couldn�t believe it. The little monster was starting to grow again. By the time he got to his freshman year, he�d be bigger than me. I thought to myself that I was glad he was my best friend. He�d be hell on my ego if he wanted to be. I knew I was nearly as tall as I�d ever be. My Dad was 5�10� and now I was too. I probably only had another inch or so to go. Justin though. He was at least 5�10� now, and he was maturing quickly. God, I thought, how big will he be by the time he�s my age?

�Geeze mutant boy. I guess you won�t have any trouble finding your own boyfriend, will you?� It wasn�t too subtle, but I thought if I combined a compliment with a comment about him finding a boyfriend, maybe he�d be OK with the inference.

He pulled away just for an instant. �Boyfriend?� he said sadly, �I thought I had you and Mikey.� He rested back against me, but I could tell he wasn�t happy at the thought.

I ran one hand across his hair and with the other I held him at his lower back. �Justin, Mike�s your brother � and in a way you know I am too. We�ll include you a lot of stuff with us, maybe even some more fun evenings like this, but you deserve your own Eric.� I kissed him lightly, but he really wasn�t ready for that yet.

He sighed heavily, �I guess you�re right bro.� He paused and thought for a second. �So, how about, I get rid of Mikey; can I have you then?� He tried to sound serious, but his smile gave him away.

�Nah, think about it. You�d be the obvious first suspect. I mean after all, Mike had me � and you didn�t, then all of a sudden Mike�s gone and you have me. It�s a textbook unrequited-love murder case.� I did my best to sound scholarly.

�Unrequired what?� he asked. Before I could answer, he continued; �It doesn�t matter, I guess. The way I see it, you�ll probably be too little for me in six months anyway.� He wrapped his arms around my head and squeezed me playfully. His bicep was peaked right over my mouth.

�Fugh ooo Juffin! I kno ur weakneff� I started tickling him and he immediately let go of me.

�No� NO� Please! Not That!� He was pleading with me. It seemed the stronger he got, the more ticklish he got. Without much effort, he could be turned into a mass of quivering Jell-O, and that was exactly what I intended to do.

�You got it comin� mutantboy.� Within seconds tears were streaming down his face and he was begging me to stop. Just then, Mike came out of the bathroom.

�Justin! Stop picking on my boyfriend!� He mocked.

�Mikey, MIKEY please PLEASE make him stop!� And off he went into a laughing jag.

�You�d better stop Eric. He�ll wet your bed.� I immediately stopped.

�You�re kidding right? I tried to look horrified.

�Oh, fuck you Mikey! I�ve never wet the bed and you know it!� Justin really looked a little pissed off.

�Calm yourself J-boy. I got him to stop, didn�t I? That�s what you wanted, isn�t it?� We all laughed a little as Mike turned out the lights and joined us in bed. �So I hope you two were talking about me!� he said as crawled in behind me.

Justin laughed. �Yeah, we were talking about how I�m going to start growing again so I can take Eric away from you!� Justin pulled me toward himself, squeezing me against his body.

Mike reached around and grabbed both of us. �What makes you think I won�t start growing too little man?� He started squeezing back.

�Oh yeah?� Justin squeezed harder.

�Yeah.� Mike squeezed back.

�Oh yeah?�


And back and forth they went. �Hey, I� I� I� Stop it, you two I can�t breathe!� It wasn�t true, but that�s what they wanted me to say, so I said it.

�Ah, Eric�s too much of wimp anyway. You can have him Mikey� Justin grinned. �Cuz I think I am growing again, I can feel it. So I�ll need a stronger boyfriend than Eric.�

�Good luck finding one stronger than Eric, J-boy.� There was obvious pride in Mike�s voice.

�Do you two know I�m still here? Stop talking about me like I wasn�t!� The conversation was getting a little embarrassing. Even though Justin was saying he wanted someone bigger we all knew what he thought. �Besides, I�m tired.�

We finally all went to sleep. The cool fall night allowed the three of us to sleep huddled together. Being between the two of them had to be the best thing in the world. As I fell asleep, my mind wandered back to finding something cool to get Justin for his birthday, but what? It was coming up in exactly a week. It hit me like a lightening bolt. I knew exactly what to get him � and I knew how to show Mike how much he meant to me. I had a plan, but I would have to get help from Carl to make it all happen. •

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