New Neighbors

Justin's Audition


By MuscleBoy27

Both Mike and Justin smiled broadly. "It's time to show him what the Williams boys can do, J-boy. Eric, let's have you lie down on your stomach here. I want you to be quiet - just let me and Justin do the work. Justin, you start massaging his shoulders, I have to look for a few things."

I did as I was told. I relaxed into a pillow as Justin climbed on me and started massaging my shoulders. He was straddling me with his butt resting lightly on my lower back. Just the feel of his warm skin against me felt great. I turned my head trying to find a little more comfortable position and noticed that Mike was going through my drawers looking for something. "What are you looking for?" I asked lazily.

"Eric, just relax and be quiet. Enjoy the massage, Justin and I will take care of everything." There was definite-ness to the tone of Mike's voice, but I really didn't pay any attention to it.

"Well if you tell me what you are looking for, maybe I can help you find it faster." I protested.

Mike kept looking and without looking over at us said, "Justin.!" A heartbeat later I felt Justin's hand smack the back of my head, and it was by no means a light tap. Mike continued, "Now let that be a lesson to you. Justin and I will take care of things." Mike finally found a bandana that I occasionally wore over my hair when we worked out on hot days. Justin was really working on my traps and it was feeling great. I had my eyes closed and I felt myself starting to really relax.

I heard Mike's voice next to my head. "OK, J-boy." he said softly. Suddenly I felt Justin's hands reach around my neck. He lifted my head up by pushing under my jaw with his index fingers. I opened my eyes to see the bandana coming around my head. Mike was tying it over my eyes.

"What's this for?" I asked calmly enough. Justin was clearly in control of me, so there was no point in getting upset or trying to change the situation. Mike finished tying it around my head and Justin dropped my face back into the pillow.

"For the last time - be quiet and relax. Justin and I will take care of you. The bandana is to help you really relax. Don't worry about what we're doing - just do what we say and enjoy." There was a tone in Mike's voice that told me I'd end up with a gag in my mouth and my hands tied if I didn't shut up and do as he said. We'd actually talked about this - how we might do things to give total trust to each other. The blindfold was one thing we'd talked about, but I had never thought about doing it with both Mike and Justin.

The experience was pretty amazing. As Justin dropped my head back onto the pillow, I felt him lean toward my head. He whispered, "Mike and I have talked a little about this - enjoy it - I would!" He laughed a little and went back to massaging my traps. He was digging his hands way into my traps and neck and it was feeling so good. Suddenly I felt another pair of hands on my calves. I loved having my calves massaged. It was obviously Mike, but even if I hadn't known which hands were Mike's and which were Justin's I think I could have guessed. Justin's touch felt new too me, but Mike was so familiar. He knew exactly what to do to make me feel relaxed.

The combination of the two of them along with the blindfold was in a word, erotic. I had always heard that when you lost the use of one sense, the others became heightened. I always closed my eyes when I was getting a massage, but I'd never had my sight completely blocked. For the first few minutes, I found myself concentrating on the fact that I couldn't see anything even if I wanted. Then suddenly I found myself concentrating on my remaining senses. I could hear Justin's breathing. I'd never noticed anyone's breathing before like that. I could feel the occasional brush of someone's leg against my skin as both Mike and Justin moved themselves to continue their work on me. I could even smell them. God they smelled so good to me.

Mike was now working on my feet. I didn't remember him ever massaging my feet, but it felt good. Justin was working his way down my back. The kid's powerful hands were making mush of muscles and it felt great. It was almost a painful pleasure - so intense. I could feel his butt occasional graze my lower back and as he worked lower down on my back, I could feel his butt touch mine. That was an incredible feeling. Our two hard butts touched, but the feeling wasn't hard, it was soft - incredibly soft.

I suddenly felt Justin move. It was hard to tell what he was doing. I knew this is where I normally would have opened my eyes, but of course I couldn't. I eventually realized he was turning. He'd switched his body the other way so he could work on my lower back. First I felt his incredible legs against my lats. I could tell he was being careful not to squeeze me. He just confined my body. That alone was a good feeling. Mike was doing the same thing now to my calves. His legs were against them as he'd moved up to work on my hamstrings. For my enjoyment, they wouldn't have had to massage me at all. Just the feeling of the two of them using their bodies to surround mine would have been enough.

As Justin got situated, his hands found their place just below the mid half of my body. He sat back and his butt was now my upper back and slightly grazing my head. I could feel the separation of his hunky butt cheeks against my head. That totally sent me into another world. His hands slowly worked my lower back. That was the spot that still was sore from our workout with Carl and his friends. Justin seemed to sense where he needed to spend extra time, and if I'd been allowed, I would have thanked him. He never ceased to amaze me. For his age, he knew so much about the human body. Maybe it was just instinct, but every movement of his hands worked magic on me.

Mike was working my upper hamstrings now and he was paying a lot of attention to that spot where the hamstrings tie into the glutes. I always went nuts when he did that and he knew it. I was losing track of time as I was lost in their efforts. After who knows how long, I felt four hands on my butt. They'd both moved at the same time and I couldn't tell who was doing what. I heard Justin laugh a little and immediately heard Mike's "shhhhh". I could tell just by the sound he made that he was smiling intensely. My mind pictured the two of them exchanging looks, imagining what they were doing to me. I'd been careful not to moan, but after what must have been a few minutes of their work on my butt, a soft moan escaped my mouth.

All of a sudden, WACK! I felt a strong hand slap my butt. No words were spoken. I knew what I'd done wrong and now I'd been punished for it. Just the knowledge of that fact made the whole experience even more intense. After a few seconds, I felt some baby oil on the crack of my butt cheeks. Then I felt a hand slowly massage it in. The hand didn't enter my hole, but it found its way completely around it. I found myself wanting it to enter, but even as it grazed my butt hole, my body involuntarily tensed. Suddenly the hand was gone - and so was everything else. No legs pressed against me. No hands touched me.

I heard both Mike and Justin moving. They were off the bed. I felt four hands, two on my shoulders and two approximately on the backs of my knees. Suddenly I felt myself in the air spinning. They were turning me over. I tensed and sucked in a quick breath just as my body landed back on the bed. I heard Justin laugh again and then Mike immediately "shhhhh"ing him again. It all happened so quickly; I couldn't tell where Mike and Justin were. I was lying there again alone. They'd stopped touching me. Then suddenly two hands grabbed each of my arms.

They started at my delts, using what I assumed was their thumbs to massage the muscles. I could no longer tell which was Mike and which was Justin. They must have been watching each other, because every move and touch on one arm was repeated simultaneously on the other. I became aware that my mouth was open and that I was breathing out of it. I rarely did that - Mike did a lot, but I almost always breathed through my nose. For some reason, I was now using my mouth. Short breaths entered and exited. As I felt myself begin to relax again. Slowly my breathing became slower and the four hands found their way down to biceps and triceps.

The hands on my left side seemed to be more strongly massaging me. Was it because that person was stronger? Was it because I was right handed and maybe my left arm was weaker? I didn't know. It was the not knowing that made the experience all the more intense. The hands worked their way down my arms to forearms. Then down to my hands. I'd never had my hands massaged, and that felt so good too. Why had we never done this? They worked each finger by itself. Who knew fingers needed massaging? Mike and Justin apparently did.

My arms were gently laid at my side and I was alone again. I heard them moving, but for some reason, I wasn't capable of discerning where the sounds were coming from. Now two hands were on my pecs and two hands were on one of my quads. I was relatively certain that Mike's hands were on my chest, but I honestly wasn't sure. They continued to work every muscle carefully and completely. It must have taken more than an hour, but finally every inch of my body was relaxed. I'd forgotten very urge to be involved in the process. I let them have me, and they took me to a place I didn't even know about.

Suddenly, just as I was coming to the realization of how intense this experience was, they left. No one was touching me. Nothing - it was almost scary. Then I heard them. This time I could pick out the direction. They were heading for the bathroom. Now what? Was I supposed to follow? I immediately dismissed that idea. I was supposed to be beyond participating in my own pleasure. I was supposed to wait - but for what?

I heard them come back after only a few seconds. They must have been discussing strategy I thought. But what strategy did they need. I knew the drill. This was the part where I got a blowjob and I wanted it! I laid their waiting. I felt someone straddle my chest. Then I felt someone spread my legs apart and crawl in between them. Then I felt two hands on my dick.

Finally! I needed this so bad. I was relaxed and yet I was totally anticipating this next part. While Mike and Justin were gone, I almost grabbed my dick and finished the job myself. I knew that would have met with severe discipline, and the two of them together could have given it to me. It even crossed my mind - just for a second - to jack myself off just to find out what they'd do to me. But this wasn't about that. I was supposed to feel what they could do to me, and I honestly didn't know. I wanted to find out they'd planned.

The two bodies were against me. I tried to imagine who was who just from the feel of their bodies, but I couldn't figure it out. Then I felt two hands grab my dick. I knew those hands. It was Mike; he must be the one between my legs. It felt so good. He was slowly stroking me the way he'd done dozens of time before. I was so hard; I could have blown a load if a breeze hit me the wrong way. But then the hands were gone.

Now I felt two hands on either side of my head. The thumbs started to massage the base of my neck right where it attaches to my head. I loved that so much. It felt just like Mike doing it. He knew how much I loved that. So how could that be? Had he told Justin where to massage my neck and how to do it? I suppose it could have been. But maybe he told Justin how to stroke my dick. Now I had no idea who was where.

While the hands kept massaging my neck, I felt a tongue gently licking the tip of my dick. It was warm and soft. The motion was constant and regular. The hands on my neck slowly moved further up my head. The hands were now grabbing my head more completely even lifting it off the pillow. As they did, they continued to massage up the back of my head. And as that happened, the tongue became a mouth. It took the top of my dick to its inside. It was warm and soft and strong. Was it Mike? It didn't really feel like it, but it could have been Mike trying not to do what he usually did.

The mouth swallowed me further. Very slowly I started moving back and forth on my dick. It didn't feel like Mike. Then one of the hands disappeared from my head. I split second later; I felt something at my mouth. Something was trying to push its way into my mouth. It was dick!

The second hand returned to the back of my head. I instinctively opened my mouth and the dick pushed deep inside. As it did, the mouth on my own dick swallowed me deeply. Now I knew who was where. I'd had both of their dicks in my mouth before and this was definitely Mike's in my mouth now.

Justin began to suck me more intensely and as he did, he cupped my balls with his hand. Mike's hands firmly controlled my head and his butt came off my chest as began to thrust himself deep down my throat. My first reaction was to reach up and grab him. I moved my hands just slightly and suddenly they both stopped. My dick was deep down Justin's throat. Mike's was deep down mine - but there was no motion. I felt myself begin to gag, but I managed to suppress it. I relaxed and put my hands back where they'd been.

Slowly the motion started again. Justin tugged at my balls as he sucked my dick. He was really good at this - I couldn't believe it. I later thought to myself that it was a good thing I'd never had a blowjob from him before this. I might have been tempted to try to form a relationship with both Justin and Mike. But I wasn't thinking thoughts anywhere near that deep now - I was just trying to absorb everything that was happening to me. Mike pumped faster and faster - and deeper and deeper. His hands where squeezing my head a bit just enough to control every movement of my head. Justin worked me faster and faster. Damn I was getting close.

I didn't want to cum. Damn I didn't. I wanted the feeling to last forever. I stiffened my body to fight the orgasm, suddenly I felt Mike's dick exploding in my mouth. He was cumming. Shit! That was all I could take. I started to spasm and Justin took his hand off my balls and put it under my butt. He drove my dick deep down his throat as I blew my load. He swallowed every drop. I was amazed he could do it.

I realized that as I was cumming, and I couldn't breath. My body moved involuntarily and for the briefest of moments I was terrified. What if Mike didn't realize he was choking me? I couldn't control myself anymore. I reached up with my hands and grabbed Mike by the waste. I pulled him off me slightly and gasped for air. As I did, Mike flipped away from me. His dick ripped out of my mouth and Suddenly he was on top of me. He kissed me deeply. Justin still held my dick deeply in his throat and he had begun to massage my balls with his thumb. Slowly, very slowly we all stopped moving. Mike pulled his head off me, and his hands removed the blindfold from eyes. His grinning face greeted me, but he said nothing.

Justin had jumped off the bed and came around next to my head. He looked down at my grinning just as intensely as Mike. He bent down and kissed me deeply. Then rose up and said softly, "so, studman, did I pass the interview."

My eyes darted from Mike's gaze to Justin's and back again. "hammana hammana, hamma aaaah, yeah. you passed bro. You passed with straight fuckin' A's."

The two of them climbed on top of me together. "Fuck that was fun!" Mike said. We all grinned at each other and giggled a little. We exchanged kisses too. For the first time, I saw Mike and Justin kiss deeply. It was beautiful. Their wavy bleached blond hair and perfect jaw lines met in pose that Michael Angelo could never have dreamed. They were so beautiful, I was in love with them both.

They broke their kiss and looked back at me. My face got a little more serious for a second. "Please, you both have to stay with me tonight, OK? There's no way I can be without you two tonight." My face must have been pleading with them, because without a moment's hesitation they both eagerly nodded. •

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