Belazar and the Pulse Ray

By jumpingbassflash

Frank Belazar was depressed he just had another birthday go by and another year as well Frank was getting older and older, and now the years ahead were less then the years that had passed him by, Frank had dreams like most of us do, at one time in his life he wanted to be a body builder, but that never happened, he lacked the fortitude and he simply didnt have the body for it.

Frank was a very thin guy and always had been, he would never have been able to build a body with the frame he was given, and now he was 55 years old and way beyond hope as far as haveing a great body goes, he figured he would never know what it felt like to be big and strong, and now that he was as old as he was, he thought his chances had all but passed him by with the years.

Frank was a wealthy man though his family had invested heavly in american military reasearch, and now Frank was the CEO of one of the largest reasearch facilitys in the country! The company was called Bio Tech, it was a division of the Nano Tech corp. The company did reasearch in the feild of genetics, for the army, the army wanted something that could imobilize an advancing army and render it a "Non threat". In essence the army wanted to be able to weaken a foe without actually killing the men in it,

Frank was very intrested in one of his companys inventions. "The Pulse Ray." It was a device that could be held in your hand and aimed, it was desighed to sap the youth from its intended victom and then transfer the energy to a holding tank and then if it worked right the energy could be transfered to someone else. If it did indeed work Frank was going to be the guy it was transfered to.

So far the test werent that sucessful. It was first tryed on death row inmates. The inmates were told that their lives would be spared if they partisipated in the experiments, it was all clandesitine and real hush, hush, with only a few people knowing about it at all. The army wanted it to be top secrete and it was.

The first experiment was tryed out on animales of coarse and they seemed to work fairly well, and then the first human subject was choosen, his name was Dave Clark, Dave was a mass murderer and openly admitted guilt over his sinister acts on the girls he had raped and then killed and then dismembered. He was the perfect canidate for the Pulse Ray.

Dave was the right age he was twenty five years old well built and musculare, he was a handsome man, thats why he was able to lure the young girls he later raped and killed into going with him. Dave was about to pay for his sins in a way he would never have concieved!

Dave wasent told what was going to happen to him, he was placed in a very nice secure room for two months and told all he had to do was build up his already powerful body, the army wanted him to be in the best of shape for the test, and Dave was in the best of shape now. Dave had no idea that the test was designed to rapidly age him and at the same time steal his streanth and muscles!

Dave was told that to get dressed, Dave figured he had better do as he was told after all his new cell was more like a house then a cell and he even had a yard to go out in, escape was impossible though, but Dave didnt want to escape anyway, things were just to good here, and being in a few test to see how well built a guy could get wasent a bad thing at all!

Dave was wearing a tight fitting pair of jeans and a muscle tee when they came to get him for the test, Dave looked great in the jeans and he had sculpted his body to that of a greek gods, his pecs encumpassed his chest area and his abbs were as tight as they could be, he'd worked his legs into thick musculare appendeges that carried his 195Lbs frame quite nicely, Daves arms were totaly vasculare and well developed his bicepts were !9 inches around by then and he was pumped up for the test. They told him it was a streanth test, and that the army wanted to see how far along he was comeing.

Dave was escorted to a large room with weight lifting equiptment every where in the room, Dave was told to remove his shirt they then took measurments of his weight, height and muscle mass. Dave was proud of his young body, he only wished he could get out and show it off to the world.

Dave was then told to start to lift some weights, he did as he was asked, and he went over to the free weights and started to lift the 175Lbs on the bar, Dave had no problems with the weight at all.

It was then that the ray was introduced, every body in the room cleared out and left Dave all by himself in the room, you could tell he thought something was up by the look on his face. Then the ray was turned on, Dave heard its low pulsateing hum and looked around the room for it source, all he could see was the equiptment and a large possing mirror that covered the wall in front of him

Dave was aware of the fact that it was a two way mirror and that he was being watched, Dave did some impromtue posses for the people he knew were behind the mirror and smiled when he did it, he figured they must be pretty jelouse of his body, after all he was young and strong and handsome to boot, they just had to be jelous, he thought.

Dave was told through the speaker to go back to the weights and contiue to lift the weight till they told him he could quit, Dave didnt care he could lift that much weight all day if he had to! Dave picked up the weights and started to lift them, he could feel a pulseing vibration in his body thoguh and he wondered what it was, it was then when weights started to feel heavyer to him, at first he just blew it off as him getting a bit wore out. But he just kept lifting the weights anyway, there was no way he was going to let these poeple see him fail to lift the weight.

But on the tenth lift he fould himself struggling to get it up over his head, now Dave was worried, he tryed to get it over his head but couldnt, no matter how hard he tryed, he couldnt lift the weight, and his back was begining to ache he finally put down the bar and rubbed his broad V shaped back, Dave was told to take 50Lbs off the bar and to lift it again, Dave laughed out loud at that request, a lousy 125Lbs, he could do that with one arm he thought as he lightened the load and began to lift the weights again!

Dave did the first few lifts with ease but on the fourth lift he found himself struggeling again, he couldnt beleive this shit this is an easy lift for me he thought, but the more he tryed to lift it got harder and harder for him to lift the weight, Dave was freaking out, he didnt know why he couldnt lift the weight! He was told to lighten it to one hundred pounds and to try to lift it. At frist he was insulted by the infrence to try to lift it! What did these people think he was some little wimpy guy who couldnt even lift a hundred pounds, He did as they asked and began to lift the weight!

He fould it heavy to him and his back was acheing even more then it was before, he was freaking out as he lifted the easy weight, but it to became hard to lift, and then much to his own dismay it became to hard to lift, he had made only three lifts and he struggeled to lift those lifts. Dave was humiliated he had just failed to lift a lousy hundred pounds, Dave put the weight down and glared at the mirror, it was then that he saw what he looked like now.

Dave was freaking out his abbs were turning into a roll of fat, he quickly looked down at his stomach and his eyes got as big as quarters and visable wrinkles formed on his forhead and between his eys brows, "WHATS GOING ON HERE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?" Dave demanded, there was no answer, Dave ran to the mirror to get a better look at himself. What he saw shocked him, Daves thick head of hair was thinning and his hair line had receided and the top of his head was now covered only by a thin coating of greying hair, he looked at his face and he looked like he was in his late thritys and big bags were now under his eyes and wrinkles formed at the sides of his eyes when he squinted them.

He looked at his bodys reflection and was tripping out, his jeans were now baggy and loose on him and his once firm huge pecs were begining to look flabby and were actually sagging over his now fatty looking stomach, his big bicepts had shrank down to only 10 inches and when he raised his arms they fell and hung down in fatty rolls under his arms! Daves handsome face contiued to change and get older looking he was rapidly looseing his youthful good looks to age, he now looked to be in his early fiftys and his body was thinning fast as his muscles turned first to flabb and then shrank down to just saggy flesh he contiued to get older and soon he was balding badly. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? STOP THIS PLEASE!" Dave screamed in an old mans crakleing voice soon he was holding up his jeans and look of panic was premanently stuck on his now 6o year old face Dave fell to his knees and the excess fabric form his jeans that had been filled with his powerful legs pooled to the out sides of his body, the waist line of both his underwear and his jeans now no longer even touched his now bone thin old waist, it hung in folds from his waist line as Daves weight droped to below 98Lbs and he threw his old looking face in his old bony hands and wept openly!

Daves days of being a young stud were behind him now and an early death awaited him now! This part of the experiment was deemed a sucess and Dave was taken from the room and put back in his cell! The energy they collected from Dave was stored in a speacial containment unit till it could be used, Frank watched the whole thing and he realized that his wish to be young and strong again was now with in his grasp!

Frank Belazar was very pleased with the test and was very ansious to see if the energy from Dave could be transfered to another person, Frank threw an impromteu meeting with all the heads of the research team and told them what he had in mind. At first they protested against the idea of him being the test subject for the energy transfer, but he quickly reminded them of who signed their checks! And the decision was made.

Frank was taken to an area of the compond that very few people saw, the head of the research team came in and told Frank that the hand held unit that he wanted them to make was done. He showed it to Frank, it looked like a typical TV remote control, there were several options on the device, it could just take size or it could be used to prematurely age its intended victom, there were four units in all and the one the researcher was holding was for Franks personal use, and the small box that was about the size of a typical breif case was the containment vessel for the extruded energy of the victom.

Frank was shown how it worked and then told to go and get undressed, he was to just wear a pair of baggy underwear, Frank was a little emberrised about this but did as he was told, Frank came out from behind the curtain and stood there, Frank could hear snickers and slight laughs coming from some of the wittness's in the room, his skinny narrow shoulders slumped, Frank looked positively bony in the underwear and he had to hold them up to keep them from falling off.

Frank told the researcher to hurry up and get on with the transfer. The remote was aimed at Frank and the button pressed, in seconds Frank felt the pulsating vibarations running through him, his arms, legs and torso began to feel like they were tighting up on him and top of his bald head tingled as well.

Soon Frank started to feel really energized and vibrant and hair began to grow on the top of his head, his legs began to enlarge in size and Frank found he could let go of the underwear and they stayed up on there own. It was working his arms were getting more musculare and soon his veins began to show more clearly on them Frank brought his arms into veiw and watched as they got stronger and tighter soon his legs filled out and massive quads formed on them his chest expanded and got tight strong pecs replaced his sunken old chest and the hair that was grey turned into its old youthful brown color.

Franks hair was now thick and brown as well and his face slipped back in time, he could feel it tightening and firming up, he was getting younger and younger, at the same time he was getting stronger and more musculare. After a short period of time Frank was a young handsome stud, he was totally vasculare and musculare, Frank smiled and did a muscle poss for his audience and laughed loudly Frank was now bigger then Dave was, and his underwear that were so loose on him before now threatened to rip right off of him. the experiment was deemed a sucess and Frank was told he would have to go through a battery of test and measurments, Frank was more then happy to cooperate with the researchers.

Dave had been given a sedetive when they first brought him back to his cell, and he had fallen asleep quite quickly, but now it was wearing off and he was begining to wake up, Dave thought that was the worst nightmare he had ever had, as he laid on the bed with his eyes still shut, Dave did feel weak though, he figured he must be coming down with a cold or something, Dave finally raised one of his arms up and went to rub his face and the top of his head, when his hand got to the top of his head he felt his scalp and not the thick brown hair he knew he had, Daves eyes opened wide, and his frail old arm came into his veiw!

Dave tryed to sit up in his bed but found it hard to do, Dave was just stairing at his wrinkled old arms and skinny sunken stomach, that was covered in fine white hair, he wipped his blanket off of him and staired down at his thin wrinkled legs and groin area all of his hair was white, and his dick was a thin wrinkled looking thing that just barly resembled the massive member he was used to looking at! Dave screamed and even his voice sounded old he knew it wasent a dream then it was real he was now a skinny old man, "WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO ME?" Dave screamed as he got out of his bed and walked with his shoulders and back slumped over, Dave went to the miroor and looked at himself, "AHH NOOO!!!GOD NOO!" Dave began to cry and scream and soon a nurse came in and easly brought the now ancient Dave back to his bed and she gave him another shot and he soon found he was falling asleep again.

As the days turned into weeks Frank found himself enjoying all the perks that went with both youth and a strong body, Frank wasent bad looking either and found that he was quite sought after by the young ladys as well, Franks sex life was back with a vengence and life was great for him. Dave on the other hand wasent doing so well, he was dyeing of old age and wasent expected to make it for another week, Frank didnt give a shit about that he was a murderer and this was just ,justice at work on him. No one pityed Dave but Dave.

Another week passed for Frank in his new body and old Dave had passed away. Frank was told about it and just blew it off his feelings in the matter were known. So Frank went on with his day like he had for the last three weeks,enjoying his new body.

Frank woke up the next day and found his back was killing him, he figured he must have strained it when he was working out the day before, but the pain was incessive and even asprin didnt help. Frank felt weaker also and his new clothes seemed to be a bit loose on him too, Frank went to a mirror and looked at himself, what looked back though wasent the twenty five year old he had gotten used to looking at, he looked to be in his early fourtys, and his big muscles looked like they had shrunk down considerably, Frank was panicing he was getting old again! And weak as well. Franks mind was realing he had to find a way to reverse this from happening.

Franks body aged quite quickly through the rest of that day, and by nine PM he was older and skinnyer then he was when he first took part in the experiment, Frank knew if he told the research team about what was happening to him they would try to do all kinds of experiments on him and he could die of old age before they came up with a cure for him.

Frank found some of his old clothes and got dressed he would use the remote to get back his youth. He would need a victom though, and he racked his brain for the perfect subject, then it hit him, his new personal trainer, Carl Dems, he was both young and strong and Frank knew where he would be!

Carl worked out in the evenings at a local gym, Carl didnt have time to do it during the day because he had to many clients and not enough time, so he worked out in the evenings and Frank knew that he would be at the gym, Frank went to the gym and saw Carls truck parked outside, Frank knew he would have to do this quickly, he was getting older by the hour and time was running out.

Carl was in the middle of a lift when Frank walked up to him, Carl put down the weights and turned around and smiled deep dimples formed on his handsome angular stong face and Carl reached up and brushed his long blonde bangs from his face with one hand,"Can I help you sir?" Carl asked, "AHh no just watching thats all, I remember when I could lift that much weight. But that was then and this is now, do you mind if I just sit over here and watch?" Frank said with a faked smile. Carl thought it was weird, but the guy seemed harmless and so he told him it would be alright.

Carl felt weird haveing this old guy watching him as he worked out, but he had to work out so he could at leist place in the next contest, so he went on with his workout and ignored Frank as he did. Frank took out the pulse ray and looked at the commands window that poped up. The remote had a sensor that had to be aimed at the subject, it told body weight, height, age and body fat! Carls weight was 220 his height was 6'3 inches, age 27, and his body fat level was an impressive 6%.

Frank quickly programed the device and aimed it at Carl again. Bam it was starting, Carl was working out his legs and calfs when the pulsing sensation hit him, his whole body tingled a bit at first and then, it seemed to just subside, Carl was haveing trouble all of the sudden with his leg lifts, the weights seemed to have gotten heavyer to him and a curiuos look came over his face. He stoped the lift and went to brush his bangs out of his face, with both his hands fingers spread to cover both sides of his head as he did it. Carl began to feel weak as well , and his stomach felt bloated, he broaght his hands back down in front of his face and there was hair sticking out between his fingers, alot of hair, his hands were covered by it.

Carl was freaking out his presious hair was falling out in gobbs, Carl shook the hair from his hands and jumped up, when he did he felt his gut swing as he stood up! "What the fuck!" Carl said the he looked down at his stomach and saw his tight 8 pack of abbs was now a very big roll of fat that hung over his waist line, Carls eyes were glued open in fear, he started to feel like his arms were gtting smaller so he brought them up into veiw, they were! They were getting smaller right in front of his eyes, his whole body began to feel like it was thinning and he was begining to shake uncontrolably. He screamed as he got thinner.

From Franks point of veiw the poor guys hair was just falling out, and clumps of it surrounded him as his big well built body first became flabby and then as it aged the same muscles sagged and grew wrinkled, and then they began to dwindle down in size as poor Carl got older and older, Soon he was in his late fiftys and his arms that were once strong and vascular just wrinkled up and got thin and skinny. Carl collapsed on the floor and seemed to have passed out.

Frank quickly programed the remote and began the transfer of Carls youth and energy to him, in minutes Frank was young and strong again and poor Carl was old weak and thin, Frank went to him and took his shorts and put them on Frank had to strip to keep his old man clothes from ripping right off of him, Frank was lucky that Carl was alone in the gym that evening. Frank dressed the now old as hell Carl in his old clothes and picked him up, he felt light as a feather to the now massive Frank and Frank took him to Carls truck and drove it to his house, he figured he could explain his car being there alot easyer then someone finding Carls truck and no Carl!

Carl was put to bed and Frank went to bed himself, he deal with Carl tomarrow!

Carl woke up and was tierd for some reason, his mind wasent clear and he felt weak for some reason, he tryed to rememeber last night but couldnt, it all seemed like a blure to him, he slowly opened his eyes. Nothing looked farmilare to him though, he wasent in his own bed, the roof was all done in wood panels, expensive wood panels! He closed his eyes and opened them again, it was still there.

Carl looked around the room with his head still on the comfortable pillow and he did'nt reconize anything in the room. Carl tryed to sit up but found he couldnt or at leist it seemed real hard to do, he forced himself up to a sitting position and went to rub his strong abbs, his stomach hurt and he felt sick.

What he felt when he got his hand up scard the hell out of him he could feel his ribs and his abbs were gone! What he felt was a wrinkly soft stomach! He looked down to see why he did'nt feel his abbs and screamed, his arm was bony skinny and wrinkled and his body looked old and his stomach was sunken, he could see his pelvic bones, he screamed again and threw his blanket off of his body, his legs were weak and old looking with none of the pumped up muscles he knew he had!

Carls eyes filled with tears of shock and horror as he tryed to climb out of the big four post bed, he was struggleing just to get to his feet. Carl finally managed to get to his feet and he tryed to walk towards the mirrror that sat on top of the big dresser across the room from him. Carl finally made it to it and looked at his reflection, he was an OLD MAN!

Frank got up and felt great he was now even in better shape then when he took Daves youth and muscles, he got dressed in some of the clothes that were in Carls gym bag in his truck, and went to the mirror to see how he looked, he looked great!

Frank ordered the cook to make two breakfasts and told him to make one gereactric and palatable for his older guest, then he took a shower and went down to see how Carl was doing. Before he even got to the room he could hear the sound of breaking glass! He knew Carl had woke up and now saw that he was an old man now!

Frank ran towards the room to stop the old guy from hurting himself, he wanted to help him get back his youth, he never meant to hurt him but he did'nt have a choice, he would have died of old age if he waited to long!

Frank unlocked the door and quickly ran to were the now anceint Carl was standing, Carl had thrown a bottle against the mirror and it layed in shards all around his bare wrinkled old feet. Frank ran to him and lifted him off the floor with ease and carried the crying old man back to the bed, :CARL! CARL! Settle down, I can help you!" Frank said as he had to hold the old guy down, he was remarkably strong for such an old man, and Frank was amazed by him.

Carl looked up at Frank and this time he reconized his face, but his body was as big as his used to be, and he was wearing his clothes! "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!" Carl creeked out in an old mans voice. "WHY?" Carl creeked, Frank sat down on the bed next to him, he did'nt know what to say to him,how would he tell him what happened to him.

Frank picked up the phone next to the bed and walked away from Carl, and got out of ear shot from him, he then told the cook to put a heavy dose of sedetives in a cup of orange juice and told him to send it to the guest room right away. Frank waited sitting on the bed next to Carl who looked so frail and weak now, Frank covered him back up and told him he would be alright. "ALRIGHT! YOU CALL THIS ALRIGHT!" Carl screamed, Frank did'nt know what to say he just held him down till the maid brought the drink, Frank forced Carl to drink it and just waited for it to take hold, Carl was crying and screaming all kinds of things before it finally took hold and he passed out.

Frank was tripping out he would have to do something for the guy and quick, Frank made a phone call to the lab. And after about an hour two vans pulled up to the estate. Three gaurds got out of one van and went to the back and got someone from the back of the van. It was one of the prisoners, Frank looked him over and was somewhat disapointed by what he saw. He was a rather short thin young man of about thrity five, he wasent what he had asked them to bring him.

"WHO"S THIS?" Frank asked angerly, "I WANTED THE OTHER ONE!" Frank said he was pissed. The other guy was at leist as big as Dave had been and younger then this guy was. The gaurds told him that the army wouldnt let him use the other guy for personal experiments, and that he was goverment property and not company property!

Frank was mad but what could he do, he couldnt leive carl as an old man, he had to at leist give him back his youth, even if it wasent as young as he was, or as big as he was for that matter. Either way this guy would have to do for now, at leist until he could get a better subject for poor old Carl.

The guy was dragged kicking and screaming in to Franks home laberatory, and straped down, Carl was brought in and put on the next gurney next to the younger convict. Carl was still out cold and wouldnt know what Frank did to him for quite sometime. The transfer was done quite quickly and Carl was now a thrity five year old man in a rather short and some what skinny body, he was 5'8" and weighed only 125Lbs now. Frank felt bad but it would be worse for the convict then it was for Carl, at leist he had some of his youth back!

Carl woke up a few hours later, and Frank was there when he did, he did'nt want anymore broken mirrors, and he would have a lot of explaining to do as well, Poor skiinny Carl sat up in the bed and looked around he thought it must have been a nightmare or something because he felt stronger, but something wasent quite right though, he looked down at his arms and was in shock! whos arms are these, they werent his he knew that much, "WHERE AM I?" Carl said in a shaky voice, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?" Carl was looking down at his sunken stomach and stairing at his arms, they were young looking but they were so small and thin. "What did you do to my muscles?Give me back my muscles!" Carl said as he threw the blankets off and jumped out of the bed.

Frank just let him rant and rave for awhile and then as Carl ran to see how he looked in the mirror Frank followed him and restrained his arms, Carl couldnt beleive how thin he looked and he had to look up to see Franks face. "Whyed you do this to me? Whyed you make me skinny? YOU BASTARD!" Carl said as tears rolled down his thin face.

Carl didnt know why Frank had done this to him! He'd always been real nice to Frank, and he thought they were actually becoming friends, but not now somehow Frank had stolen his muscles and left him as a weakling!

Frank tryed to explain that it wasent permenent and told him he was going to restore his old muscles as soon as a subject could be aquierd, Carl couldnt make any sence out of what he was saying and he just wanted to be returned to his old size and now!

Frank told the gaurds to take Carl to one of the more secure rooms and watch him, Carl fought them as best as he could but he was just to weak now! He was humiliated by this these guys did'nt even come close to the size he used to be and now he was being draged around by these two skinny gaurds easaly now!

Frank would need to do some thing about Carl real quick things were just getting worse by the moment, and he still had to find out if the transfer would even last now! •

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